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7:00 PM
just to reiterate, I don't think there's any ambiguity in the fact that the change will require 2/3. As per wiki.php.net/RFC/voting#required_majority
All Most of the cool people living in Chicago... and I'm five hours south :(
I need to get out of this rural shithole
@pmmaga The second vote had a 2/3rd majority approving of a change to the syntax used. One could make an argument that ONLY the specific choice of syntax need be voided. One could make many arguments though... :)
@MarkR Is there a source for that I should link to?
@Tiffany Five hours south == .... St. Louis?
((four hours the way I drive))
/me waves from 8 hours south in Memphis :D
7:09 PM
Also, Chicago now has Federal Kidnapping Service vans, so I wouldn't get too excited.
@joepferguson Not that I could readily point you to unless you want to quote Nikita in the mailing lists basically saying the same thing.
@MarkR No worries, I just wanted to avoid plagarizing anyone :D I'm going to add that block and mention it came from here.
@Sara ~2.5 hours north of St. Louis
But I do live near the Mississippi
I have to drive east through Springfield and Jacksonville to get to Chicago
Intentionally not naming the town because it's not very big, but I've pretty much placed myself, heh.
@Sara D: stay safe, same as you @Crell
@Tiffany All very reasonable on the internets.
7:37 PM
@pmmaga the point of 2/3 is about introducing any new change. Not about amending new changes (at least as long as it is clearly within the scope of the change).
We are effectively doing secondary votes on existing RFCs
8:01 PM
@joepferguson I just saw this now. Cool! Thanks for the work you do, makes my life a lot easier
8:24 PM
Anyone know what the best way to concatenate two files in PHP would be, without putting the entirety of one in memory (or without using command line)?
like merge them?
nevermind vvv
I think I'm going to bookmark that for future reference...
@MarkR Exactly what I'm looking for. I don't know why all these answers on SO were using file_put_contents
@NikiC I pushed 3 more tests to the nullsafe branch. I'll fixup the PR into 2 commits (one of my stuff, one of yours) and merge that when I get your approval.
@MátéKocsis Eagerly awaiting your match benchmark results :D
8:48 PM
@IluTov Ahh, I've been trying to pull the most fresh docker images for at least half an hour, but they are not fully uploaded yet. :/
@MátéKocsis Haha ok ^^ Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately I never had it.
@IluTov Do you know about git's Co-authored-by feature, right? When Nikita helped me out with code, usually we used this
@MátéKocsis But won't e.g. blame still show me as the author of the code? Nikita has rewritten a significant portion of the PR.
Either way, that works for me (y)
@IluTov I think it's mostly up to the git client how it displays the author. E.g. The mixed RFC was committed with co-authored by Dan, and PHPStorm shows me as the author indeed, although Dan's name is also there in the description
yessss, images are there, benchmark starts! :D
@MátéKocsis Ok cool :) I didn't know about it. It looks like it's just a convention, it doesn't have actual meaning in Git. So GitHub just displays it in a special way.
9:03 PM
Yes, most probably you're right!
@MátéKocsis I'm nervous, I'm happy with anything except significantly slower :P
9:35 PM
@IluTov Done! I'd like to inform you that the benchmark ended with the following result...
Drum rolls...
there a tiny little bit of speed up according to the first run :) I'll try to verify it with a second one :D
I'll show you the results soon
@MátéKocsis Nice :D
@MátéKocsis Ping me, I'll maybe use it for a performance slide
- Results on alpha 1 without match expression:https://rawgit.com/kocsismate/php-di-container-benchmarks/5afe02bb9e2cb16bafdd70f10eebc236ba2755cd/var/benchmark.html
- Results on alpha 3 with match expression:https://rawgit.com/kocsismate/php-di-container-benchmarks/b45b50d651142d3f33114706c43d6b672d17bc65/var/benchmark.html
Zen is the DI Container to look for :)
9:44 PM
@MátéKocsis Not bad :) Could there be some other difference in alpha 1 -> 3 accountable for the performance difference? It would probably be most comparable if you reran the first test with alpha 3 and the old Zen implementation.
@IluTov Yes, probably I can try it. Although the other contenders' results didn't consistently improve (although I usually only follow the first few results in each test)
those are tiny tiny improvements
@Girgias Size doesn't matter ok? :P
@IluTov Sometimes smaller is better too you know :P
> those are tiny tiny improvements
yes, that's true. Probably they are not too far from insignificance.
9:54 PM
@MátéKocsis Looking at the results again, it does look like most of the other benchmarks also improved (in the other DI containers). I think a side-by-side comparison of the same php-version could help.
But yeah it's most likely going to be insignificant. Kind of expected. What actually happens under the hood is very similar anyway.
@bwoebi I disagree TBH. The short syntax RFC was also an amendment to attributes and it needed 2/3. And currently, the decision is @@. So if we want to change that, I think it's only fair that it needs the 2/3. I don't see this as only a secondary vote. Only if there would be another primary vote like "Can we pleeeease change it again?" and a secondary vote for which syntax. If the RFC only has one vote, that's the primary vote. And primary votes need 2/3.
@IluTov I'll do a few more benchmarks on the weekend!
I thought that completely eliminating a (dynamic) function call will result in a larger gain, especially when the iteration count is larger (e.g. 10 000-100 000).
@MátéKocsis I think what Nikita said is that method calls will be slow too. Can you potentially get rid of that method call?
Essentially inlining the contents of DiContainerBenchmarks__Fixture__Class10
10:13 PM
@IluTov Sorry, I meant a dynamic method call, rather than dynamic function call :)
- Without match: https://github.com/kocsismate/php-di-container-benchmarks/blob/78093d315072700416b0254a5da224d07644ac71/src/Container/Zen/Resource/CompiledSingletonContainer.php
- With match: https://github.com/kocsismate/php-di-container-benchmarks/blob/5afe02bb9e2cb16bafdd70f10eebc236ba2755cd/src/Container/Zen/Resource/CompiledSingletonContainer.php
in the latter version the DiContainerBenchmarks__Fixture__Class100 method could be inlined in the get method(), but it's not possible to do with the DiContainerBenchmarks__Fixture__Class10 because it's a singleton service, so I have to ensure there's only one instance of it
OK, so that's the point when I realized that the match expression won't be executed more than once when a service is singleton, so probably it's a bit overzealous to expect a big perf improvement ^^
however, in case of prototype services, match is triggered each time, so those test results should show more change.
10:30 PM
@MátéKocsis Wouldn't this work? $this->singletonEntries['DiContainerBenchmarks\Fixture\Class10'] ??= new \DiContainerBenchmarks\Fixture\Class10(...
As inlined code
@IluTov Nice! :) Yes, it would, but if the container contained a lot more services, then code size would go out of control very soon. :/
@MátéKocsis There's always a trade off I guess :)
@IluTov Yes :) But since it's a synthetic benchmark.. I don't want to sacrifice real word usability.
Maybe you don't know, but Symfony's container has 2 very nice tricks (OFC Nicolas was the evil genius who came up with them):
- generating include_once-s into the container so that autoloading - which is much slower - can be eliminated
- splitting the container into files so that loading the container into memory takes less time. Effectively the parts of the container are lazily loaded
10:46 PM
Hotfix release available: 2018-04-22c "Greebo". upgrade now! [50.3] (what's this?)
@Andrea The most annoying part of having a proper php.net account :P
@MátéKocsis I don't know much about the internals of the Symfony container :)
@IluTov T_T
@MátéKocsis I mean, sometimes that's a valuable trade off. Compilers inline stuff all the time that can lead to larger binaries, but make the code run faster. Whether that trade off is worth it depends on how much it is larger/faster and how whether you value a lower memory footprint of faster execution time.
In your case, I can imagine that the code bloat isn't worth it in most cases :) Maybe you can check how many times the given service is used and only inline it until a certain threshold is reached.
@IluTov Or you can just force stuff to be inlined using C macros (looking at FastZPP jiiiiii)
@MarkR Yeah, I saw that showing up... do you have any links about that?
11:11 PM
@Derick spacecom.mil/MEDIA/NEWS-ARTICLES/Article/2285098/… it's a satellite that destroys other satellites, not an orbital weapons platform.
Way to go increasing the chances of Kessler syndrome
India did an ASAT test last year or so...
so much extra debris
@pmmaga I think the other RFC could have been just the bare STV. I mean, the main driver between 2/3 votes is for introducing new changes to the last version.
@Girgias tbf, the problem with old style zpp is that variadics cannot be inlined in general
If there were an easy way to inline this, we would've, I guess.
@bwoebi true, however stuffing variable and other stuff ain't ideal
@Girgias yeah, but it sort of is an opaque API, there is no external magic to it, you don't use values defined by fast zpp, it's self contained
11:27 PM
@bwoebi That's true :D also only way we've got some ZPP union type support
@Girgias Oh, I'm sure we could have extended the zpp string format to support unions...
not that it would have been nice
Well I imagine something with parens but yeah...
I am very derpy
is shell_exec() insecure?
How dangerous is shell_exec();
11:47 PM
It can be dangerous if you are doing it with dynamic inputs.
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