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12:40 AM
I have code that uses get_magic_quotes_gpc and I'm trying to divine what it was actually doing to remove the function call, but I'm somewhat baffled by the return value in the documentation, did it really ever only return false?
@FĂ©lixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier Don't think so
Refer to the Zend legacy docs tho
As in PHP 7 it only returns false as the feature was removed
And the php.net docs only document behaviour from PHP 7+
oh, nice, I wasn't aware of that, this makes more sense
is this art? ((!get_magic_quotes_gpc()) ? addslashes($_POST['Slab']) : $_POST['Slab'])
my goodness if (!@$fd = fopen($path, "rb")) {
I have no idea what this does
I mean I have an idea, but this is wild lol
That's alright
Unusual placement of @, just pretend it's in front of fopen.
12:55 AM
It assigned the file descriptor to $fd, checks it isn't false, and suppress warnings
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8:09 AM
morning all
Can anyone tell me if composer.json#/type="symfony-bundle" is still relevant for Symfony Bundle? There is no reference to such string in composer/composer nor composer/installers nor symfony/flex. Nothing more come to my mind to check, any ideas?
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12:26 PM
A: PHP 7.4 deprecated get_magic_quotes_gpc function alternative

DharmanYou need to remove every mention of this function from your code and do not replace it with anything else. get_magic_quotes_gpc() has been useless ever since PHP 5.4.0. It would tell you whether you have magic quotes switched on in the configuration or not. Magic quotes were a terrible idea and t...

@brzuchal can be useful to filter packages in packagist.org when doing a search, but nothing else.
@SaifEddinGmati great thank you
@JRL, is this the compile issue you have with ext/sockets? If not, consider to file another bug report.
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