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12:48 AM
@MateKocsis Both PRs look good to me aside from those two comments.
1:02 AM
Any other thoughts on github.com/php/php-src/pull/6172 ? On the linked ldap issue, the author is pushing back on $connection as being too long.
1:19 AM
@Crell I left a comment and a suggestion.
Surely link is only more common for the documented parameter because that's what it used to be, which it soon won't be
I guess it's between connection, link and instance ... which has more crossover for other extensions?
1:55 AM
Uh, I'm pretty sure $self is a good name.
Creating a "good name" for every procedural $this is not really a good use of time. I say set it to $self for all such cases and be done.
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4:41 AM
@StatikStasis any chance you will be playing gta online at some point? :D if you stay well away from cheaters and little kids in overpowered weaponized vehicles, it is still enjoyable :D
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6:07 AM
hi can anyone answerthis question,
6:32 AM
hi team, Have a nice day,
can anyone please suggest ur comments, for this ticket
Q: How to handle Error Checking in PHPExcel code

Muthusamy the number in cell is formatted as text or proceed by an apostrophe But by using getNumberFormat i changed that format to number, u can see that in image. I don't want to show that icon in Excel sheet, Is it possible to handle that in Code itself. Using PHPExcel version 2.1 Can anyone please sug...

can anyone please suggest some comments
7:16 AM
@LeviMorrison Should be unambiguous because types are used in different contexts than arbitrary expressions. I haven't actually tested it though.
For the same reason union types don't clash with binary or.
folks, i know nothing about the == operator and i can't figure it out right away..... with its recent php 8 changes, does it fully implement the transitive property of the equivalence relation or not?
it was already symmetric if i recall correctly
@Alesana Hi
@MateKocsis Oh sh*, tell me what they are and I'll try to find some time this week to finish them :)
@Sara Super. On Monday I'll email internals asking about it and let's see how it goes
7:48 AM
@Danack It took some time to check the testsuite fails and I've reported some of them. But not those with failing hard link, softlink and lchown since they only fail on docker for mac shared filesystem and are most likely result of bugs in dockers osxfs.
8:04 AM
@GabrielCaruso I've labelled them as "Waiting on Author". One of them had already been approved.
@cmb Thanks! I see it now. I'm adding a ZEND_UNREACHABLE(); macro there
Datetime::createFromFormat('c') fails with c formatted string ・ Date/time related ・ #80141
8:38 AM
@Jeeves Knows it's a duplicate but creates a new ticket anyway… ಠ_ಠ
1 hour later…
9:57 AM
10:07 AM
@salathe says it's different actually :B
1 hour later…
Seems like great WP feature.
does anyone still use IBM DB2?
@cmb That's... great
there's a message "to the moderators" in the comments
or maybe within a few weeks it would be full of nonsense ;)
11:33 AM
@NikiC @Sara @GabrielCaruso how controversial would it be to promote the Array to String conversion warning to a TypeError?
Today in language shenanigans, I had to sit through an hour long "refresher" video about how to drive, in a language I barely speak, and have even less chance of understanding someone else speaking it to me, much less a prerecorded video that doesn't understand blank looks as "say it again slower".
And no this wasn't some court ordered "well clearly you can't drive so you go take a course" thing. I just wanted to renew my local drivers licence.
apparently they believe people will forget how to drive over the course of 5 years, and need to be told again about checks notes keeping a safe distance, and obeying speed limits.
@Stephen lol, which country is that in?
@Sjon land of smiles. Thailand
11:50 AM
@Girgias This one 3v4l.org/4OdfK?
Yes, but I forgot it was a Notice in PHP 7.x >_>
the craziest part is when I think they were detailing the fines for speeding or drink driving. I've lived here... close to 8 years, and I've been stopped by police... I think 3 times. once they wanted a bribe, another time I dont know what he wanted originally he got so excited seeing a foreigner he just smiled, asked where I was from and then waved me on, and the other was a checkpoint I believe checking for drug traffic, saw me, decided it was too hard to check anything and just waved me on.
saying you have fines for breaking the laws is meaningless when no one ever enforces the laws.
@Stephen this is done in my state as well, I had to do it too... but they give the option for the test to be in English or Spanish
@NikiC Do you have an idea what github.com/sebastianbergmann/phpunit/issues/… is about?
granted, I didn't have to watch a video, but I did have to do a written test that asks questions like "what do you do when you see this sign?"
12:48 PM
@SebastianBergmann nope. best guess is that some other package defines T_ATTRIBUTE to something weird
@NikiC Thanks.
@Girgias quite controversial ;)
@NikiC I forgot it was a Notice >_>
1:37 PM
Good morning everyone. How do I include another table that contains another value for this select? The table is called locations and the valor column.

$rs = $mysqli->query("(SELECT descricao, planoDeConta, data_venci, valor as Receita, null as Despesa From financeiro)
				                UNION ALL
			         (Select descricao, planoDeConta, data_venci, null, valor*-1 From financeiro  ORDER BY data_venci ASC");
@Tiffany I bet they also enforce the laws they teach you about
1:54 PM
@Girgias You made the mistake of asking! Just commit it and move on. :-p
^ also, morning all
@NikiC is == transitive now, with the php8 changes? i tried to figure that out but there are so many magic casts it's insane
who the heck needs that stuff :(
@Girgias Was it approved in a prior RFC which passed before beta1? If so, do it. If not, then moderately controversial.
@GabrielCaruso Sounds like a plan.
2:26 PM
> In short, I’m proposing a fixed schedule in which every PHP version is supported for five years. Additionally each WordPress release will receive security updates for four years. In effect, this means that users, at a stretch, would be able to run on one specific PHP version for nine years.
Coworker just showed me that... sigh
@Wes unlikely
Possibly a dumb question, are there docs for pear's throwError method? Trying to google for it, but I'm finding examples of how to use it and pear's error stack. I want to see what parameters it accepts. I'm in the process of refactoring out its usage from some classes.
Rather, switching throwError to throw an exception instead
2:42 PM
Are there any plans to deprecate libmysql in favour of mysqlnd anytime soon?
according to dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/php-mysqlnd As of PHP 5.4, the mysqlnd library is a php.net compile time default to all PHP MySQL extensions
Yes, but why keep the dual mode at all? The license is not compatible so the only way is to compile it yourself which seems pointless because you are losing some functionality.
@Tiffany I think I found it, nevermind.
@Tiffany You lost me at "Are there docs for PEAR"? :P
PEAR? What is pear?
Nikita said that my PR is failing when built against libmysql but I have no idea how to compile it against that lib. I have downloaded it and I got stuck there.
I don't know how to debug it with libmysql
2:47 PM
@Dharman PEAR. Kinda a forerunner of Composer, but without the installer/dependency part
@Machavity This is just irresponsible. It's ok if this is personal blog that you are ok with being hacked every month and redeploying it again, but if it is anything serious why would you not upgrade?
What are we updating PHP for? It's not just for fun. There are security and stability fixes
This is just ignoring hard work of all the PHP contributors.
I feel guilty for having been stuck with PHP 7.3 for the time being
but who in the right mind would keep on using PHP 5 on externally exposed systems?
@Dharman libmysql-client is not supported on Windows
That means I have no way of debugging this problem
3:03 PM
well, you could use WSL
3:18 PM
I use virtualbox for most stuff. I only ever use PHP on my host machine (Window) for quick testing in PhpStorm and xdebug configuration.
Setting up a MySQL database in WSL is kind of a pain
what's a pear
@NikiC crap. any plan to do that? i can see why people would want null to evaluate as false, but the other stuff good lord above
how did it even begin
3:49 PM
I really should have eaten breakfast ...
@Wes see also UTF-8, PHP 6.0, etc.
fun fact after i used pecl for years, had to use english for quite a while to finally get the logo
Funny thing is I pronounce it "peck-el"
Me too
3:58 PM
also congrats for the mod promotion :O damn quite a lot of things changed while i was away
or maybe you were mod all this time and i forgot. also a possibility
No, I became a mod in July. Thanks :)
@Wes No in 8 false == 0; '' == false; both are true but 0 == '' is false
@Sara I forgot it was a Notice in 7.x and Nikita's Warning reclassification RFC bumped this to a Warning
@Machavity Nearly everyone does.
4:13 PM
@Girgias @NikiC sorry on my bad reply ratio on your issues, this week is a bit much on many fronts, haven't gotten time for anything else right now.
@beberlei It's fine I merged it already :p
I had already made the change beforehand lol
hi Team, Can anyone please suggest your comments for this ticket
look at the PHPExcel documentation @Muthusamy
hi @SalOrozco
Yes I have check the PHPExcel documentation, but there is no document to clear the Error checking value,
But by default, We can clear that Error checking, in the Specific user Excel setup,

But i need to rectify that issue in PHP Code itself,
4:59 PM
5:19 PM
i don't speak ds9 and i barely remember voyager :B
sort your life out w.r.t ds9 :-P
I watched voyager recently, better than I remembered it
currently watching ENT
I have a full and well rounded life :-P
@DaveRandom I am in that picture and I don't like it :p
@mega6382 you are Morn?
well I resemble him from various angles, for sure
I hesitate to ask which angles...
5:35 PM
I wish I were happy.
shouldn't haved used so many for sweets as a kid
sorry :-/
is there anything I/we can do to help?
I’ll probably be happy again next Wednesday.
cool, and the intervening time?
I’ll be sad.
5:41 PM
PDO provides no way to get number of rows in result ・ PDO MySQL ・ #80142
idiot, seriously
proper arsey tone
@DaveRandom ;D
can't even be bothered explaining that rowcount+unbuffered results is meaningless anyway, and that it is a function of rdbms and not PHP that makes that the case
see, I can even be bothered typing it out
5:45 PM
I wish pgsql copied function names and behavior 1:1 from libpq.
But at least it’s a thin enough layer than it’s nice to work with.
lol, also
first result
in incognito as well so not biased
@rightfold have you used pecl/pq?
it's <3
oh you really shouldn't it's delicious
thin OO wrapper with a few extra niceties like an OO iterable Cursor class and stuff
I have a few dozen variations of this in various repositories: github.com/chloekek/atelir/blob/master/software/lib/Utility/…
I should change the query method to execute the query regardless of whether the generator is consumed.
the ext/pg API used to be a bit leaky, there were a few things you couldn't do with it in terms of polling and stuff, but I think that was all ironed out in the last few years
I've not used it for a while though, possibly not at all in 7.x
it's pecl so it's not 100% universally portable but it's available pretty much everywhere in practice I think
basically it should work pretty much everywhere except shared hosting :-P
is that still a thing?
5:54 PM
I use Nix and it’s easy to add new PHP extensions.
There’s a Nix function phpWithExtensions and it takes a list of exactly those extensions you want to load into PHP.
Then it returns a path to a PHP installation with those extensions.
Oh yes shared hosting is certainly a thing, but if you write custom software then you probably won’t be using that anyway (unless you’re either on a very tight budget or very inexperienced with system administration).
E.g. here are the extensions I use: github.com/chloekek/atelir/blob/…
6:15 PM
@rightfold interesting
It works by generating a php.ini file and then wrapping all the php executables by bash script that set PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR and then exec.
I've been toying with the idea of doing something like that for windows using docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/projfs/…
I basically haven't had time for non-work code since the start of lockdown though, been so unbelievably busy
The only problem is that if you set PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR yourself, that will be ignored. But I don’t, so it’s fine.
yeh it's a bit mental the way the ini search thing works, I seem to remember it's kind of chaotic and very inconsistent across systems
iirc it checks some random registry locations on windows :-S
Ideally PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR would be colon-separated list of directories, and then load php.ini files from all of them.
6:19 PM
and there's an issue with precedence something about env vars vs baked in where you can end up in a situation that pleases no-one, I forget the specifics
@rightfold yeh
I also had a problem where php would blatantly ignore my php.ini syntax errors.
I don’t know if this is intentional or not.
oh php.ini is pretty loosey goosey I think
php-fpm also doesn’t complain if the file passed for the -c argument doesn’t exist.
Which is a massive footgun lmao.
My build script generates a wrapper for php-fpm that points it to the correct config files.
it should be consistent with cli, and yes I agree that behaviour should be to bail, but I cba checking what actually happens atm
I checked, it tries to open the file and if that doesn’t succeed it silently continues.
It’s in the common sapi code.
6:22 PM
that is... pretty shit
Afternoon... first time I have had a chance to check in today. Hope everyone is doing well.
can anyone be arsed raising that on internals?
@StatikStasis I have toothache and no money. How are you? :-P
(the toothache and financial difficulties are unrelated, money would not assist with the toothache)
actually tbf ibuprofen is making a satisfactory dent
@DaveRandom No toothache, some monies... I guess I am doing okay. =)
heh :-P
@DaveRandom My god, this horrendous code: github.com/php/php-src/blob/…
6:24 PM
@DaveRandom is that actually useful? twitter.com/another_clue/status/1308757280524034049
@rightfold oh I thought you were going to point me to that arg parsing function that's longer than my house is tall
kind of reads as ....not useful to me.
yeh I think he's treating you as an async n00b possibly
I get the same thing when I ask people how they are benchmarking their code.
I mean I am an async noob and I don't understand what he says means or is relevant
6:26 PM
I mean @Danack tbf I'd probably just set mem and CPU alerts at 80% and forget about it, and when I start getting emails buy more powah
I probably wouldn't give it a lot more thought than that, because it seems like one of those "I'm not facebook" problems
i.e. by the time this actually matters in a meaningful way I will be able to employ someone who knows more than me to deal with the problem
maybe set a warning if utilisation is <30% for a solid day as well to avoid paying for shit you don't need
@Danack unless you expect to be network I/O bottlenecked (I doubt), just follow @DaveRandom advice and monitor memory / idle usage
digging into the app for perf monitoring seems academically interesting but unlikely to be pragmatically sensible
@rightfold yeh whatever or that, this is generally not my problem to deal with these days as you can probably tell :-P
Does PHP scale? If so, how much do I weigh?
@Danack also the number of sockets in queue is not really a reliable indicator - usually good to correlate over a longer timeframe (like minute), but not an instananeous (or like 5 sec accurracy)
@bwoebi you're missing the question. With php-fpm, it's possible to have a sense of i) how close a server is in general to hitting the limit ii) whether there have been any bursts of requests that didn't fail, but were queued up and took a while to process due to the server being near the limit of what it can process.
The question is, how to do that in reactphp (or in amphp)? Waiting until the server has gone beyond the limit of how many requests it can serve, and is falling over, is not as good as being able to monitor whether it's close to the limit.
@DaveRandom I am currently running everything with docker-compose in production. so same.
6:54 PM
@Danack getting this value is OS specific and not every OS exposes it - for freebsd it's SO_LISTENQLEN, but otherwise you're out of luck, the standard TCP_INFO (linux) is not exposed in PHP
that tcp_info struct has quite a lot of info possibly interesting to you
A quick PR to add it to socket_get_option() is welcome
writing a distributed MapReduce function in Erlang like typing detected
@MateKocsis @NikiC Thoughts on a convention of $type_of_connection for connection parameters? ($mysql, $ldap, etc.) I think it's either that or $connection everywhere.
@Crell $connection_type > $type_of_connection
@bwoebi Read the parenthetical. :-)
ah okay
I think the specific names are better
7:10 PM
They're all better than $link, IMO.
I prefer $link over connection though :-D
Is is_resource tied to the "type, but not really a type" resource?
With the push to change resources to objects or other, less ambiguous things, will anything happen to is_resource in some distant future version of PHP?
7:23 PM
I've seen several usages of it today :S
@Crell I did suggest that, so I'm in favor ^^
so yeh @Danack I finally found out what's going on with the Bristol jobs (turns out there are 4 over the course of 2 weeks), it's been pushed back to Nov
I'm going to liverpool tomorrow to do one there that I've never seen before, even though I've already planned one of the 4 in Bristol. Yay.
I just want to make sure we're all on the same page before I change it again. :-) I can live with it, although

mysql = $conn,
string = $str,

Isn't quite ideal for me. connection or conn still seem better in context.
> mysql_real_escape_string
Fixed. :-P
7:27 PM
@Crell Nice to see you use a $str variable there
WTF, have I been transported to 2012?
however tbf the guy who was mismanaging the job into the ground has now "left the company" and the new guy is really good, and he has good reasons for getting all the northern ones done first, I can't really complain, he's only been dealing with it since Mon and he's already complished more than the last guy did in like 6 months (waaay before lockdown)
Can we go and use that as a parameter name now?
@NikiC Hmph. Just trying to not repeat string.
I am getting quite annoyed at the use of unnecessarily long parameter names
7:28 PM
I am sorry this letter is so long. I did not have time to write a short one.
7:44 PM
I think my brain has turned into mud for the day, but not finished yet
Having fun at the new job then?
@Crell lol
@Tiffany how is it going so far indeed? :-)
The majority of my week went with code reviews so far.
8:20 PM
@Tiffany How is the job so far?
Just noticed I am the third person to ask that... =D We just really want to know.
@NikiC ;-)
I won't ask again because that question is so last season (as is describing things as "so last season")
@Crell try using i's and l's, they're at least shorter in sans-serif fonts
@DaveRandom damn you asked 4 hours later!
I was also at work, tbf :-P
8:31 PM
@DaveRandom no excuse to not slack off a bit! :-P
also worth noting that due to time zone differences she sent me that message at 6.30am her time because she is weird and gets up at stupid o'clock in the morning for no reason /cc @Tiffany :-P x
@DaveRandom voyager was never my thing. i struggled to watch it all
the cast was weak as f
not a data, not a picard, not a riker, not a worf
largely yes, except 7 of 9 though so it really is worth getting to the end
both her and the storylines based around her are really good
ds9 i have never tried, i have a prejudice that a star trek with no star ship must be sad as death
Can someone explain me wtf does that comment mean: github.com/oracle/graal/issues/361#issuecomment-697377242
What on earth is " a managed memory environment"
8:38 PM
@Girgias They're basically saying that aside from performance, key/huge benefit of phpGraal would be running in a managed memory environment.
I am just picturing you reading that sentence only to be left with the same feeling.
that's evil
@Wes it's basically a meditation on the aftermath of what would happen if earth was occupied by a hostile alien force (bajor is I think a pretty thin analogue for the earth), it also has this slightly weird mystical element woven throughout but I quite like it
the pilot double ep is really weird, as with basically all star trek ever S1 is a quite shaky in places
Hi, is it possible to check if an image is original or not using Google Image reverse search?
8:42 PM
define "original"
@StatikStasis I was like, huh that was fast, oh no it's just trolling me...
the first episode is the only episode i watched, the flashbacks were pretty cringy
angry face
my interest died there
original as in never uploaded or indexed by google
8:43 PM
@Girgias Sorry- 15 minutes before I can leave work and I am bored. =)
It's fine
I'm trying to read up on GraalVM
I have no idea how the image indexing thing works but I imagine it can probably be fooled pretty trivially, probably just by resampling/resizing/adding a watermark etc in some cases
I do wonder how much of the performance comes from the limited implementation and not needing to check a bunch of assumptions
I don't know that for certain though, and I doubt you can know it for certain unless you can find someone who works in that dept at google and ask them, afaik google keep their cards pretty close to their chest when it comes to how their indexing system works...
8:46 PM
I know what you're talking about, small modifications causing the image not to be found by reverse search
that's why most websites use manual moderators for image uploads
I dunno, it's possible to do all sorts of clever things, I just can't imagine how you could possibly boil that down into a search algorithm that returns a full set of results with guaranteed accuracy in 0.1 seconds...
not without more computing power than is going to exist for quite a while, anyway :-P
@DaveRandom yes, also google intentionally made image search less accurate
probably because was used for bad stuff, like finding people. don't know
similar image search used to work incredibly. now it barely does anything
yeh it seems like the sort of thing that's got lawsuits written all over it
8:50 PM
google images right now is just free ads for stock images sites
@DaveRandom why?
in the US? "My boy/girlfriend found pics of me cheating because you indexed it without my explicit consent" :-P
bye bye functionality
not worth it, google haven't figured out how to monetise it (yet)
I see
(I am not a lawyer but that feels quite strongly like it's approximately correct)
@Anelito that does look like more the sort of thing you are looking for though, yes
I imagine it costs money but nothing in life is free :-)
pictures of you indexed.
8:56 PM
oh there are loads of those, just search the chat history for "nsfw" when said by me
(fair warning: prob don't do that)
banana hammock warning
@Crell Uh, I think I would be fine either way. Maybe I like $connection a bit more. It seems to be a nice way to tell users what the purpose of these kind of parameters is.
@DaveRandom (not that bad actually)
yeh at least there's no full frontal nudity, some of those do exist from irl incidents but that's not really my vibe on the internet :-P
@bwoebi i admire your bravery
still have a couple of mental images that i'm sure i will never get rid of
9:04 PM
@Wes I am just probably quite ... impervious? to that?
can't wait to become senile
@Wes you already are, you just forgot
who are you
them images burned in on the inside man, ain't no dementia getting rid of that shit
/ticks another item of daily todo list: annoy @Wes
9:08 PM
@DaveRandom what would be your annoy @bwoebi?
you are irritatingly hard to annoy
@DaveRandom :-P
it's hard to take the piss out of you in a way that would get to you and isn't just plain mean
you can't be mean, you don't do that to friends, you have to find something that doesn't matter but they really care about
suggestions welcome :-P
I need to shower and bed, got to be in liverpool at 9am
catch y'all on the flip side
@DaveRandom I'll gladly keep quiet :-P
9:12 PM
I'm headed back to the 90s where I belong
9:31 PM
@MateKocsis Yeah, I like connection. Nikita favors $mysql/$ldap. :-) (I think so does the person doing the ldap conversion.)
My PHP 7.4 version on the host doesn't have ZipArchive anymore. Should I replace it with something else?
9:47 PM
I've heard golang is good.
Or maybe install the zip extension if you want it back.
But that would mean I need to recompile PHP which I can't do
Man, the trolling is strong in this room today...
So for the moment I am stuck with PHP 7.3
@Dharman What OS do you have?
I am not sure. I don't have much access to the internals
I have it installed on the DEV with no problem
9:54 PM
Alesana meant are you on windows mac or linux?
it's deployed on linux
if you do 'apt search' there should be a package named similar to php7.4-zip I would think....but maybe talk to whoever looks after that server.
apt-get is not there
The command “uname -a” will tell you your operating system.
Linux is not an operating system, it is a component of many different operating systems called Linux distributions.
I did uname-a and it says linux
it's some priopriatary distro
10:02 PM
apk maybe?
@Dharman check /etc/os-release or any thing like /etc/*-release
How to install PHP extensions depends on the package manager that manages your PHP installation. (If any, otherwise ask the administrator.)
if its not ubuntu/debian then it might be centos or opensuse those are the most common nowadays I think
I will create support ticket. Seems to be the simplest solution. For the moment I keep on using PHP 7.3 which is not EOL yet.
@Dharman did you check what I said?
10:05 PM
yeah, there are 120 files in /etc/ but none of them are called release
where did you get the server from? also check if the yum command exists
There is dpkg
then go crazy with it
configure repositories for it or find the deb files and that should do it
Just to confirm, but these security issues are false posiitives right? gitlab.com/Girgias/csv-php-extension/-/pipelines/193736595/…
It's basically complaining about lines like enclosure = zend_string_init("\"", strlen("\""), 0);
Why is putty so famous? Do any of you use it? why?
@StatikStasis just imagine that being your arm, rip
@mega6382 because it's only a couple years that windows has native openssh basically
and everything else was just inferior to putty
10:40 PM
yeah, it was still experimental the last time I saw it, but I really hate the default shortcuts in putty especially the copy and paste, also I think mobaxterm and termius are much better for regular use than putty, I switched to linux for my desktop a year ago, but I still see many people using putty on windows and when I have to do anything from their system it just bothers me too much.
@mega6382 sure, but the real alternatives are still quite young
nowadays I just use windows terminal with builtin openssh
hmmm, makes sense, I guess
11:03 PM
@bwoebi did you work on the MySQLnd driver?
@Girgias I had to change code in there a couple times and have a bit a high level overview there
@bwoebi I don't imagine you would know why there is a /* TODO */ comment in a duplicate if branch in mysqlnd_ps.c, I imagine it is meant to handle another sort of result type (result->stored_data->type) but it's currently totally useless
Found that by adding some compiler flags, think I spot some legit bugs too: github.com/php/php-src/compare/…
@Girgias supposed to be type_c at least I guess
Right, that would make sense
11:49 PM
@Girgias I think there are legit bugs in there too -- you should exercise them if you can see how.
@LeviMorrison There are, otherwise the compiler wouldn't complain :)
I've just opened the PR

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