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1:11 AM
Don't you mean exorcise?
I mean, I suppose insects need a good workout now and again, but...
Incident on 2020-09-24 01:18 UTC ・ Git Operations has Partial Outage
1:34 AM
Can anyone please suggest your comments for the below ticket:
But by default, We can clear that Error checking, in the Specific user Excel setup,


But i need to rectify that issue in PHP Code itself,
2:32 AM
All issues have been resolved!
2 hours later…
4:34 AM
syntax is not working correctly! with comment something crashing. can you look? ・ *General Issues ・ #80143
@Tiffany also I should point out that it wasn't tested. it was "watch this video for an hour". No followup.
1 hour later…
5:58 AM
I am little bit confused about PHP execution cycle
user->webserver->PHP parser->compiled into opcode/PHP script is interpreted and turned into opcode->executed in the Zend Engine->webserver->user
is this correct cycle?
3 hours later…
8:44 AM
if you go to do the sum is 0, but php returns 3.3306690738755E-15. Why? ・ *Math Functions ・ #80144
8:59 AM
Git mergin'.
Mornin' #amphp time! Is it intentional that failures are handled differently if you return a promise vs yielding one? Returning seems to bypass all try / catches until the main event loop, yielding is caught as I'd expect
9:37 AM
Nevermind, I understand now
Of course promises aren't resolved when you return them, only when they're yielded or when they hit the bottom of the stack.
9:55 AM
anyone got some good regex docs / tutorial?
10:46 AM
regular-expressions.info is good source I believe.
@Naruto I like the book Mastering Regular Expressions
11:04 AM
@Tpojka @Tiffany Thank you, I will look into both of them
11:27 AM
@Ekin @StatikStasis @Crell hectic, learning a lot, nice to have a job that's focused on development and working within a team
also nice to get perspective of PHP from people who aren't internals :P
@Crell FYI he is the primary maintainer of ext/ldap :) He's not that active though, but he's always there if help is needed. :)
11:47 AM
date_sunrise / date_sunset skip a day in specific case ・ Date/time related ・ #80145
12:01 PM
If you run gitlab yourself, maybe hold off upgrading to the latest version: forum.gitlab.com/t/…
@Danack Uhh :O Maybe a GitLab employee accidentally deleted all the repos from people's servers? :'D
Reads more as affecting the self hosted version to me.
fingers crossed!
Is there anyone here who can disagree with the statement: PHP's syntax is ugly?
12:18 PM
Any syntax can be ugly
It's completely irrelevant
@Wes There are a lot of people playing it online... so I didn't plan on it; at least not soon.
@mega6382 lol
@Danack Not the first time that happened, they managed to delete one of my repos on GitLab.com
@Tiffany Awesome! That would be interesting hearing their perspective.
@NoahBroyles troll comment is trolly
@NoahBroyles I like it... but I like most C-like syntax languages.
12:23 PM
I mean stuff like $var and -> and ::
What languages have you coded in?
A bazillion languages use -> and :: so that's irrelevant again, having a prefix for variable makes it very clear that's it is a var and not a const or bare words
You can not like it, but it has some advantages, same reason why having a dedicated concatenation operator makes it way less error prone compared to JS's +
12:25 PM
@StatikStasis Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, etc
-> and :: for C++ shown in both of those links.
In Java :: is a method reference
Is it common? I've never seen it
@NoahBroyles I believe the most appropriate response is "Not as ugly as your face." But, what do you hope to gain from trolling people?
Not sure how common it is in Java. But most C syntax languages get influenced by one another, just like any type of language, so you end up seeing the same symbols being used.
@Danack My intent wasn't to troll people, I wanted opinions on the "prettiness" of PHP
12:31 PM
Depends on the PHP coder. I have some ugly code... but I have some pretty code too. =)
If I interrupted some other conversation I apologize
And I have some code I don't ever talk about because it runs... but it is ghastly.
...and on my refactor list.
@StatikStasis Yeah lol you can always have good formatting
@NoahBroyles It's just odd to drop into a room and say something about the language. It's like going into the C++ room and saying "I think most people who code in C++ are stupid and old geezers, what do you guys think?"
PHP is a very pretty language. However, as already stated you can write smelly garbage of a code which will still run. You must use a proper IDE with linting/syntax-check/formatting. An IDE is the most imporatant thing in the development process
12:34 PM
LOLOL well, that makes sense. I actually like PHP, I just think it could stand to be more visually appealing
If there's anything you would like to improve you can suggest, but saying that PHP is ugly with no proof to back that up can be considered rude
@Dharman I would argue that it's not the IDE that makes it, rather having knowledge of SOLID principles...
having an IDE reinforces using SOLID principles though
Imagine I go into your room and asked "Don't you think your momma is ugly?"
@Tiffany I agree
@Dharman Well now I have the answer: It just depends on the person. Some people think PHP is beautiful, others think it's ugly
it's subjective :D
12:37 PM
Imagine that lol
I agree, use the right tool for the job (even if it's the ol' beat up hammer)
@Tiffany Are you working remotely?
though, I'd argue that the security of PHP has improved quite a bit, and it depends more on coding practices than the language... WordPress likes supporting old versions of PHP though
@StatikStasis yarp :D
12:43 PM
yarp :D
my commute is literally dragging my computer chair from one desk to another, about a meter away haha
WordPress the black sheep of PHP
I actually love Wordpress if I need a website for just a blog.
I have yet to find a nicer language than PHP.
I like C# and rust, but I still think PHP has some better features
It's so quick to throw up and start blogging.
However, if newbies learn PHP from the abundant PHP tutorials or by looking at WordPress code then I am not suprised they hate PHP
I tried to learn something from the WordPress code once. I quickly realized that this is a complete spagetthi mess and I know much more already
1:15 PM
@NoahBroyles When asking questions that are likely to be based on emotion, softening the question as "why do some people say PHP is ugly?" is more likely to have a useful conversation imo.....
And the answer is....it's kind of ugly, particularly if you come from Javascript.
@Danack Okay Danack, good point.
1:51 PM
@Tiffany awesome! :-)
2:02 PM
When I run nmake test TESTS=path it doesn't show me what was the difference. Is there a way to see the difference?
@Dharman nmake test TESTS="--show-diff path"
Thank you
nmake test TESTS=-h (shows help)
I was using EXPECT instead of EXPECTF
Seeing the output quickly helped
@Gordon Click.
2:15 PM
Why is it so hard to navigate wordpress code
array oriented programming @Sami get yourself a debugger
Another day, another merge conflict on a PR. :-(
I am new in WordPress, Please do not mind me asking, WordPress doesn't use object oriented programming? @Wes
"array oriented programming" is a joke term for programming based on primitive types
right. do you suggest an article or tutorial for a quick understanding of WordPress? I am laravel developer so I am familiar with' oop
2:26 PM
wordpress has no type specialization at all, it only uses php primitives, booleans, numbers, strings and arrays. no classes at all
@Wes Array Oriented Programming is what Drupal 7 used.
So it means object-oriented is much better choice?
@Sami i can only suggest you to install phpstorm, xdebug, and run wordpress through that
!help debugger
no, what's the command?
@Sami OOP is one way of conceptualizing code. It's sometimes useful, sometimes not. Functional or Procedural are also ways of conceptualizing code. Sometimes useful, sometimes not.

For most PHP coders today, OOP is the default mental mode. Or, rather, "crappy procedural/OOP" is the default mental model. :-)
WP is historically "lame procedural". Although AFAIK they've tried to clean up the internals a lot in recent versions, but their BC policy prevents a lot of cleanup from happening.
on the other hand, it is simple to figure out if you run it through the debugger
2:32 PM
Yes I get it. What would be a good way to understand and do work in WP as I do get many freelance projects that are in WP
Thank you for the link I will check it out
for me, the debugger helped a lot as i couldn't wire the function calls i my head. i had to see them happening to understand them
There are books on WP dev that are probably worth checking out.
(I don't do WP so I don't know what to recommend, other than "support your favorite authors.")
@Sami It's not quick, but the documentation is pretty easy to follow: wordpress.org/support
er. that link is meant to be codex.wordpress.org
particularly around codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API
2:39 PM
Yes, I mostly need to know how to develop and customize plugin and theme. that is where most of the clients demand the changes
Can regression testing be done manually? Or is that something done via job processing and such? I'm not sure if I understand a couple terms used at work...
@Crell Music genre you like to listen to when coding? or do you like silence?
@Tiffany it can be.....but it's so much better to automate it.
or Star Trek soundtrack? =D
regression testing just means 'making sure we aren't seeing the same bugs again'.
2:48 PM
^ e.g. all bugXXXXX.phpt in php-src
@StatikStasis Epic Rock, movie/game soundtracks. Other high-energy instrumental.
Same minus epic rock... maybe... not even sure I know what "epic" rock is.
It grew out of Trailer Music, which is its own industry unto itself.
Now, I love epic soundtracks.
Some examples:
2:57 PM
Which is why I like Two Steps From Hell because their music sounds like trailer intro music.
That's literally what it is. :-)
Yeah! Sounds just like them. Did not know it was called epic rock.
Many/most movie trailers don't use the music from the film, they have extra "epic" music composed. There's many companies that specialize in that.
I've been calling it epic scores.
@StatikStasis i don't understand the logic :P
2:58 PM
Same idea.
The basic qualifier IMO is "Do you feel like leading an army to conquer a continent through shear force of will afterward? Then it was Epic Rock."
Immediate Music is one of the best in that genre. (The first 3 links above.)
@Crell I used to have Civ IV theme music on my coding playlist... I may still. Sort of same feel. youtube.com/watch?v=IJiHDmyhE1A
YAS! Baba Yetu is a classic.
@Crell Yeah- I love all of those links.
Especially if you know what the words mean. :-)
Yeah! The Lord's prayer.
3:01 PM
In Sanskrit.
@cmb Looks like the new ext/odbc/tests/bug78470.phpt test fails on azure
@Wes Basically, I would be competing with a lot of other streamers for viewers. While, I don't play strictly for views but rather what I am interested in playing, I do take it into consideration in order to provide something that "might" be niche for the time.
Probably just missing a skipif (there is no odbc server on azure)
@NikiC ah, yes, should have included 'skipif.inc'; will fix; thanks for the notice
and I think it would be good to set up ext/odbc tests on Azure and/or Travis
@StatikStasis #longtail
3:04 PM
@Wes I played and streamed FF7 Remake for the pure love for the game, knowing that the streamers would saturate the platforms with it. However, Days Gone is not being streamed by a lot of people. Even less so is Final Fantasy Tactics, which interestingly enough I have got more initial attention on that one video than my others.
@cmb We compile the extension on azure since recently, but I didn't know how to do the server setup (or even what server one would use for this on linux...)
@Wes That was the goal. =)
@NikiC me neither (will try to look up something); main problem is that we only have very rudimentary tests (and we should extend the test cases), and I think many tests will require MS SQLServer
anyways, you could play without streaming :D
gta is a very old game already
Yeah- but the mods are what keep it relevant for streaming content.
Same for Minecraft and Skyrim.
And as speedruns have for even older games.
I watched a stream of a guy get all 120 stars in Super Mario 64 the other day in an hour and 40 minutes... which is absolutely crazy to me.
3:12 PM
@StatikStasis Oh, I didn't realize he did Civ 6, too: youtube.com/watch?v=WQYN2P3E06s
Yeah, Christopher Tin is a great composer.
As well as Jeremy Soule.
Gaming soundtracks have come a long way.
@Crell And Sanskrit is such a beautiful written language ई हवे अ बद चसे ओफ़् दिअर्र्हेअ अन्द् हद तो सित ओन् थे तोइलेत् अल्ल् दय.
Which translated means: I have a bad case of diarrhea and had to sit on the toilet all day.
You can make original content in GTA though, given how big it is. For example nobody streams adversary modes
@Wes Did I tell you I got my first $100 donation a few weeks ago while streaming?
lol, wow, from who :D
Some guy in Florida who had been watching me stream Days Gone for a couple of weeks.
He's been a regular.
3:18 PM
I know!
3:31 PM
@Crell Also Audiomachine, Bear McCreary, and Artem Yegorov.
Anyone considering Github Codespaces?
3:46 PM
@StatikStasis gitlab has their Web IDE … I basically only use it for quick fixes (mostly in infra sources) - generally you want to run your tests locally etc.
@bwoebi Friend of mine applied for early access. I guess he is setting up a dev environment for testing... not sure.
He said "The tests run in their space…so you check the code in, it pulls, compiles, tests etc…all unattended." He mainly develops in .net(C#)
4:15 PM
zend_create_closure(&closure, func, func->op_array.scope, NULL, scheduler); Can called_scope be null, or should it be Z_OBJCE_P(scheduler)?
The closure should be as though it was created outside the class scope.
So I think Z_OBJCE_P(scheduler) is not what I'm looking for, but will NULL break something?
4:26 PM
Sep 21 at 12:22, by Danack
@Trowski I have no idea how to run any of the fiber stuff. it says to use FiberScheduler::run but that is an interface......can you give an example of how to do anything please?
4:40 PM
@Trowski If you're binding a $this, it must be Z_OBJCE_P(scheduler)
@Trowski Though I would recommend against $this-rebinding based APIs. Just pass a parameter instead.
Making $this rebinding part of the API just breaks static analysis support
@NikiC I'm not rebinding, I needed a closure to a object method to call as the fiber callback at a later time.
@Danack Sorry, must have missed that message. amphp/green-thread has some examples that actually work. I also was just about to push a v3 branch to amphp/amp where Promise implements Awaitable and Amp\Loop\Driver implements FiberScheduler.
@Trowski Then you need to use the zend_create_fake_closure API
@NikiC That looks to take the same parameters, so in that case called_scope should be Z_OBJCE_P(scheduler)?
Is the "fake" closure just faster to make because it doesn't do rebinding checks?
@Trowski yes
@Trowski no, it forbids rebinding
4:49 PM
@NikiC Perfect, thank you.
Or maybe not completely forbids, but at least greatly limits it
@Danack Pull the latest from the awaitable-v2 branch of amphp/ext-fiber and the v3 branch of amphp/amp. There's a examples/fibers directory in that branch of amphp/amp.
lib/functions.php defines the important functions that interact with fibers at the top of the file: Amp\await, Amp\async, and Amp\asyncCallable.
4:56 PM
Can I promote a question I have?
I'll go ahead and leave it there real quick...
Q: curl: unexpected token on header param [Pushbullet API Auth]

OakAccording to this documentation: https://docs.pushbullet.com/#api-overview This is how I should list devices (I'm listing device to test recently failing script that has been working well for months): curl --header 'Access-Token: <your_access_token_here>' \ https://api.pushbullet.com/v2/user...

5:09 PM
@NikiC @bwoebi @DaveRandom I would be interested in your thoughts on ext-fiber and the v3 branch of amphp/amp that I described to @Danack above. Note the v3 branch of amphp/amp is based on the awaitable-v2 branch of ext-fiber. The stubs directory describes the API.
Top-level await and interop with other libs that may define schedulers (like React or Guzzle) were the motivation behind the API choices.
Schedulers are run as fibers that swap between contexts, so you could, in theory, mix a Guzzle scheduler with Amp. Executing one scheduler will of course block the other, but it would be a way to mix various libs into traditional, sync code. True non-blocking applications will not want to mix libraries using different schedulers (at least not within the same thread).
simultaneous-async.php is a good demonstration of what can be accomplished, substituting timers for what could be async I/O.
@Oak your tags (like curl / api ..) imply it's some sort of problem with the API or curl.. but it looks more like you are trying to run curl with nodejs (like in scripts section of package.json) and it chokes on the "--header" argument.. in which case this would be better asked in JavaScript channel
5:28 PM
github.com/php/php-src/pull/6172 - Yay, Travis passes now, so it's just down to AppVeyor. Otherwise I think it's ready.
Is there an internal function that accepts "unknown named parameters" ? var_dump does not.
@Derick try mt_rand maybe?
Or maybe I'm missunderstanding what you want to achieve
an internal function that takes variadics
although var_dump does, it doesn't take them with arbitrary names
takeAllStuff(... $test);

takes things like takeAllStuff(arg1: 42, arg2: M_PI);
I am looking for an internal function that does the same
heap.space/… array_merge apparently
5:45 PM
it says "does not accept" :-)
5:55 PM
@Derick call_user_func and similar functions
Is there a test for that? :-)
just adding support to Xdebug for them
6:17 PM
1 hour later…
7:29 PM
8:17 PM
I'm writing a simple utility script to audit an API... and I think I've found a use for half the new features in PHP 8 just in this one file.
8:52 PM
9:33 PM
W00t! Productive day! Time to head home. Later all.
9:43 PM
Hi strangers.
I'm gunnu start looking for undocumented things in PHP and write documentation for them. I don't know if there's anything that is higher priority or how I'd find those
@Girgias I've just found a big problem: ext/pdo has tons of pdo_raise_impl_error() calls. As far as I see, most could be promoted, but somehow it just feels difficult to do anything with them. :/
@StatikStasis must be nice to have such luxuries :p
Anyone feel like merging github.com/php/php-src/pull/6172 so that I can go on to PDO and unifying fetch methods across DB types this weekend? :-)
Announcement: Registration for Hacktoberfest is now open. Register yourself and start hacking. More details on their site.
could someone please pin that ^ //cc @PeeHaa
9:56 PM
@Alesana great! :) You may want to grep for &warn.undocumented.func;; there are hundreds of those.
@cmb That makes sense. I was doing a google search for the string :P
idk if I messed something up but when I run php doc-base/configure.php it says invalid XML lol
I didn't change anything from when I pulled it from svn
I don't specifically remember it finish pulling all the files from svn so I'm gunnu assume I restarted my computer or something while it was doing it
yes, might be an incomplete checkout; the server has some issues
Okay I'll pull it all again
@Crell $mysql -> $mysqli?
We'd been saying $mysql up until now. That's why I went with that. :-/
(I still would prefer $conn or something else more generic.)
10:11 PM
@Crell No we haven't
Or at least, I haven't...
Most of the existing variables were called $mysql_link before. Only a few were $mysqli_link. (Which... yeah, no excuse either way.)
hmm yeah it failed because of "Connection reset by peer". I guess the peer is me?
@MateKocsis I'll have a look at it
10:26 PM
@Alesana just try checking out to the same directory again (you may have to do some cleaning; svn clean?)
@Crell I also wanted to say earlier that if we go with the connection-type specific name, then let's use $mysqli. I wasn't sure if $mysql was a typo or not.
  mysqli: $conn,
  class: 'MyClass',
That really doesn't read right to me.
(not to be confused with read/write, which is something else entirely.)
@cmb It happened again. I'm wondering if I should write a script to retry it until it works :P
match() and null coalesce would make this code so, SO much easier...
@Crell After rethinking it, I'm equally happy with either. :)
10:48 PM
@NikiC My preference goes conn > mysql > mysqli > link. Since you have commit and I don't, though, you have veto power. :-)
A lot more companies looking to hire. I've been getting a lot of calls from recruiters.
@Crell I usually call the variable $db or $mysql … but never $conn :-D
11:14 PM
I'm trying to test litespeed and I compiled php 7.2 --with-litespeed option and I'm using the lsphp binary using the command lsphp -b *:8000. When I access my static file, it abruptly stops with the message --- [0] packetLen < 0. Any idea why this could happen? The same works correctly as expected with php -S localhost:8000
11:39 PM
@MateKocsis I found a bug in PDO
Just by looking at the code 5s
okay more like 10min

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