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12:17 AM
How do you guys structure multi-line argument lists in method with return type hinting?
array_merge_recursive() crashes when called with array with single reference ・ Reproducible crash ・ #79930
function foo(
): bool {
function foo(
): bool
like that
12:24 AM
The second one?
no first one
Ah okay
I can't decide which one I like better
i put { on previous line, not on a new line, for consistency with:



as it would look odd if it were


but it's subjective probably
Yeah you're right
That does make sense
I would always do it that way as well but I was wondering if there was a standard
@Girgias 6 hours of runtime... :P nice
12:38 AM
Yeah I don't understand
Travis should have killed it
Based on the job log i'd guess travis itself died before it could initialise it's self destruct
12:51 AM
Yeah and I can't cancel it ;_;
Also my code is buggy, but only in optimized builds >_>
1:06 AM
@Girgias omg you killed Travis! you bastard!
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3:14 AM
Just so you guys know, you're all magnificent people and you all kick ass. <3
4:09 AM
We're here to take ass, and kick names.
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5:16 AM
2 hours later…
6:50 AM
Incident on 2020-08-05 06:49 UTC ・ Notifications has Partial Outage
7:43 AM
All issues have been resolved!
8:03 AM
@Danack Did you ever send me the recording?
@NikiC, there's something wrong with the 7.4 and master branches. It seems both are in sync now. :/
[bugsnet-status] The bug tracker has Partial Outage
@cmb oops
Looks like I rebased onto the wrong branch...
@cmb I force pushed the 7.4 branch to hopefully the previous state
8:29 AM
user image
@Derick thanks for reminding....just did.
@MateKocsis So it was the cloning. Short version, sometimes you need to do something when an object is created/cloned and set a property inside the constructor/clone method.
class Foo
    public function __construct()
        $this->id = generate_unique_id();

    public function __clone()
        // having this here means it can't be forgotten.
        $this->id = generate_unique_id();
I know you suggested a workaround of supporting 'withs' like:
class Bar extends Foo
    public function duplicate()
        // Yeah, I'm going to forget to do this bit eventually
		return clone $this with {id: generate_unique_id()};
But to me, having to remember to do something when calling a particularly function is just a bad design, as being able to forget to do something, means that people will eventually forget. And in particular, it makes it really hard to reason about the code.
class Quux extends Foo
    public function duplicate()
        // When inspecting this code, it's impossible to see
        // that it has an eror.
		return clone $this;
tl:dr - I think cloning needs to put the new object into a state where the properties can be written to until the end of the __clone call.
@NikiC thanks! Doesn't seem to be quite right, though; if I merge from PHP-7.3 to PHP-7.4, I get merge conflicts.
@cmb yeah, I just pushed again
^ both branches freshly checked out
I think now it should be right
At least the gitk graph looks correct
8:40 AM
Looks good to me. Thanks!
@cmb Sorry for the trouble. Embarrassing mistake to make
no problem :)
9:10 AM
@IluTov scraping content from some sites which provide instargam feeds, and putting that data into rss format
9:40 AM
@Srinivas08 I get that. You need to show the code that is generating the RSS, otherwise nobody will be able to help you.
@IluTov I have added the code above, RSS throws error if i dont replaced & with &amp; and if the use that in image url, the image links are broken
@NikiC Thanks! I remember a while ago I tried to deleted some stale branches and couldn't, but probably I missed something on my side.
@Srinivas08 You probably want to urlencode instead of html escape?
Or actually both
Seems like you have escaping issues in the entire thing btw :)
9:55 AM
url encode will encode the who url including http and all, can i use that type of url as media url in rss ?
this rss will be used by service called IFTTT
What does your url look like?
to post to various platforms
once click on the link above
it will be redirected to an image link
that the link
genrally what i see is, any url even if '&' is replaced by '&amp;', it still works
but here image url didnt work
I assume you are looking at the media:content note?
bcos from there ifttt reads images from rss feed
&amp; should be just fine there
What in specific isn't working?
9:58 AM
can u try with this link
add amp in the final redirected url
and see
&amp; is replaced when rendering
It is escaped for xml, but when rendering it results in & depening on the consumer
Consider the example like this jsfiddle.net/o2pewsbk
The source has amp; but the browser handles it like &
10:01 AM
IFTTT is taking the url with &amp; and its throwing error
I have no clue what IFTTT is
if this then do that
its a service which triggers based on conditions
le morning
any way to keep the image links without &amp; in rss feed
bcos ifttt is taking links as it is including &amp;
Is it though? Or is it just displaying the raw source?
@Wes Hey Wesley o/
10:05 AM
@Srinivas08 you can't just blinding replace & with &amp; . You'll need to parse the HTML and do appropriate encoding for & in text, but not for & in urls.
But as you're scraping other people's content without their approval.....
i am just building something, I will apply for access soon for instagram api
without &amp; rss feed showing error
@Danack s/but not for/but not just for/
jesus guys have you seen the explosion in beirut
damn looked like an actual bomb
buildings pulverized
@Wes yes, its too horrible
the second blast specially
bloody hell
10:13 AM
@Danack in the case of PRs #21 and #22, would you rather I branch off master always, or branch how I did? I noticed you had to cherry pick...
Segmentation fault ・ Reproducible crash ・ #79931
10:45 AM
PHP 8.0 beta1 crashes when used as apache module ・ Reproducible crash ・ #79932
@Tiffany the issue was you'd merged master into your branch....which means that merging back gets really confusing. If you ever need the latest stuff in master in a branch, it's better to do that as rebase of the branch onto the latest version of master.
btw, it's okay to create branches in the repos you have access to. Doing that means I can delete the branches when they are merged, rather than having to tell you, that you can delete them from your repo.
11:01 AM
@Danack Got it, cheers
@NikiC I fucked it up with Xdebug once too... git pull upstream master into the xdebug_2_9 branch... only noticed a week later and it was a pain to untangle
@Danack I got it, but it's an empty sound track for 35 minutes...
yeah. it does seem to be.
how's the quality of the recording from your end?
@Danack I thought I had rebased... hmmm
Rather, I thought I rebased your repo master onto my repo master, then I branched off my repo master
cf2697923 "Merge branch 'master' of github.com/Danack/RfcCodex into closures-proofread"
@Danack It's fine
11:20 AM
@Derick never forget the --ff-only :)
yes, that's now a global setting for me
Windows Defender is zealous: it just flagged tests\lang\include_files\eval.inc as Backdoor:PHP/Dirtelti.MTF on my machine, and apparently also some other utility files of the tests which use eval on the testing VMs. This will get funny. ;)
11:46 AM
@Danack Btw, do you have anything written about github.com/php/php-src/pull/2366? I've started my studies about it for PHP 8.1 :)
11:57 AM
I think we need to update the mysli test to get a green CI again
@GabrielCaruso I might not be able to write anything sensible for this. It's clearly a reasonable idea, but I am still traumatised by experiencing it in Java, to the extent that I feel ill when talking about it.
@Danack Hahaha, I've started to read about it and I have mixed feeling about being a great addition vs. being a nightmare :S
Actually, I believe I can remember the reason why it might not fit for PHP. So it's useful in Java (though very painful) because it can be used to error out in the compilation stage, and so programs can be forced to handle particular exceptions.
Without a clear compilation phase, it wouldn't be possible to do that in PHP, and instead you would only be able to check the program for correctness through a static analyzer. At which point..................the value for having it be part of the language is pretty low.
something something use an attribute
> Swift has an interesting take on this, but I don't know if you could retrofit that onto PHP.
@Andrea I am le tired. What makes the Swift take on documenting what exceptions functions might throw, interesting please?
12:17 PM
@Danack Interesting, thanks for sharing those thoughts
@GabrielCaruso I think this feature is very unlikely
I'm using it already as a PHPStan extension: https://github.com/pepakriz/phpstan-exception-rules

But bringing it to the Core would demand a lot of research, especially the propagation to parent methods.
I tried gnu-indent yesterday. clang-format looks fantastic in comparison :P gnu-indent even broke code.
It added a line break to a comment without also continuing the comment :D
@GabrielCaruso I think this feature mostly makes sense when no throws declaration means "this can't throw an exception". And as with most things, we can't really check this at compile time, and as static analysers can already handle this (as you mentioned) adding it to the language probably isn't very useful.
12:36 PM
Seems like a NoThrow attribute might be better lol
@IluTov Yeah, I'll invest the time to try something but if I start to reach walls I'll most likely drop it :D
@Girgias Btw, congrats in your PHP 8.0 presentation, really like it :)
@GabrielCaruso Thanks :D
@Girgias Yeah you're a really good speaker, very calm but yet energetic. And according to studies, having an accent makes you sound smarter :D
@IluTov I suppose my 7 years of drama class came in handy there :D
1:12 PM
@Sara Did Cal send you an agenda or something about the interview today? I have no idea what he's going to ask us :D
1:23 PM
Cal doesn't prepare these, or edit the recordings...
Oh, nice, freestyle
@GabrielCaruso No agenda. The plan is to just hype PHP 8.
I have a page of notes about new features sorted by hype. We can easily fill time with that.
BTW, bear in mind we did a VotE back in February also talking about the coming 8-acalypse, so we can skip stuff that was already in by then. Or touch it lightly.
@GabrielCaruso Just sent you a link via email of a gist with my notes. Would love for you to do as much of the talking as you feel comfortable doing. I've done more than enough of these in my days, need new voices.
1:42 PM
@Sara I've sent mine, I have a Google Docs that I'm using as a reference for creating my talks. I'll try to speak as much as I can, but sure most of the questions will be direct to you :)
@IluTov Does having a Californian accent touched with a hint of Midwest and occasional use of 'zed' as a letter count?
@GabrielCaruso Cal is good about spreading the love, but I personally have a habbit of just starting up and not stopping until about four topics past where we began.
Hello! I have a weird issue to debug and could use some help from folks more knowledgeable about PHP internals than me. In a custom stream handler, we execute some logic to persist data, but run into autoload exceptions if the stream being closed was left open in a global context. Is there a way to test for this weird state, or is this a bug?
@Sara Good to know hahah but don't worry, if you start to speak too much I let you know :p
@alcaeus if no-one knowledgeable replies, a reproducible example might be useful.
@alcaeus Point me at the repo. Apart from Wez, I'm the top streams expert you're likely to find.
Also, a bit hurt you didn't ask me on Slack first. :(
1:50 PM
@Sara Ha, if only I had a direct line to you...like Slack. facepalm
I'm a bit embarrassed that I keep forgetting I work at the same company as you do.....
I'll hide in the corner for a bit
In fairness, this is earlier than I tend to be online. Had BB shift last week so my internal clock is all wonky.
@Danack Pretend I was trying to explain this joke to a friend. What would I say to make them get it? =P
I'm not familiar with the C++ issue it is referencing.
2:10 PM
good day to you all
apologies for no-show on Saturday, I was busy having a bad time (which is now largely resolved)
Hope you're doing well, man!
my life has been an utter shitshow for like 3 years now, it's really starting to be a drag :-P
That sucks.
Change it up. =)
the overall trend is upwards I think but man that slope is depressingly shallow
I am at least still alive
That is ALWAYS a plus.
2:12 PM
you didn't fall off your bike again, did you?
@StatikStasis yeh I'm seriously considering proper job hunting, instead of just thinking about it
@Tiffany lol, no :-P
I have a... tempestuous relationship with a particular individual, that's all I will say :-P
anyway, in other news, who knows stuff about TR-069?
@DaveRandom Cut cord.
not possible
2:15 PM
How's that?
said individual is the mother of my child :-P
You can always cut to some degree.
and tbf, it's at least as much on me as it is on her
we just really get on each others' tits sometimes to the point that everything is on fire for a bit
I see. Well, you just have to change the nature of your conversations.
basically, sometimes both of us need to stop being an asshat, that's what it comes down to
most of the time everything is fine, but on a bad day things are very very bad
it's hard to put the brakes on at the time though :-/
anyway, everything is largely sorted out again now :-P
2:17 PM
Usually in those arguments I know which words will lead down which paths. Path 1: Let her have it and we argue and get at each other for a couple of hours. Path 2: Peace... no matter how much pride I have to swallow.
I've chose path 1 with my wife a few times even though it doesn't ever help... but I am in a bad mood. Path 2 is always better.
yeh indeed, the problem is that both of us are not 100% effective at selecting option 2 in the heat of the moment
It is hard for sure.
Especially when you have a really good retort.
there have been plenty of occasions where I have regretted the start of a sentence before I get to the end of it
Oh yeah! Been there.
@StatikStasis inorite, also I am like pathologically sarcastic as a base
2:20 PM
Yeah- sometimes you have to kill that character trait long enough to get past the moment of heated debate.
Just double up later with your friends to get it out of your system. =P
7 mins ago, by DaveRandom
anyway, in other news, who knows stuff about TR-069?
^ but srsly
2:52 PM
@Sara I still need a pic and social media link for you, per email. :-)
3:05 PM
Right. That.
And uh.... photos.... yeah....
I've always liked this one: avatars0.githubusercontent.com/u/…
can fpm run in a non fork mode?
php -S ?
3:33 PM
when my RSHUTDOWN handler, calls something that throws a notice, and a userland handlers converts that into an exception. could it be that my shutdown handler is jumped out off without being executed to the end?
my cleanup function does not get called :o
would this be a use case for zend_try zend_catch?
@DaveRandom :-(
3:49 PM
@DaveRandom <3 well, we can say cheers to that on the next one :)
@Sara Need help?
To login into the webinar
Evidently I do.
"Not support registration webinar"
Kwalitee error message there
Ok, looking into it
I emailed Cal as well
RingCentral is NOT making a good first impression
@Sara I needed to download the client on macOS
3:56 PM
whereby ftw.
@Danack Can you reshare you gist for the pdocast? I can't find it...
@Sara Ringcentral is Zoom, just use the Zoom client
Heya, I didn't follow any of the master/slave/offensive lingo discussion in here (in case there was any). Did we decide to rename PHP master process to PHP primary or guardian or something? I will have to adapt some regexes if we do.
@Gordon Not that I know
just need the line of code
4:04 PM
@Derick should we?
Given this code:

$obj = null;
Short circuiting for neither method arguments nor chained method calls

$tmp = bar();
Short circuiting for method arguments but not chained method calls
I think that's the right bit.
@Gordon IIRC, the conversation seemed to be going in the direction of waiting to see what the development industry did as a whole first, so that whatever direction was chosen, if any, at least was standardized in some way, rather than everyone using different nomenclature as they implement their own fixes... but I could have missed a message during the chain.
fine with me. thanks.
@Gordon probably, but I ain't touching it
4:24 PM
@Ekin :-)
@PeeHaa turn that frown upside down
and other irritating platitudes
yes, I shall now go forth and multiply (but not in those words)
Segmentation fault ・ Reproducible crash ・ #79933
"reproducible" apparently, although the details of how to do so are a secret
Can you not do the "more info needed" action in the bug tracker?
I can, and was about to but got a phone call, sorry
I'm not a fan of people making sarcastic comments "instead" of doing something about it, I generally go with "as well as" :-P
@DaveRandom Well that is just perfect and you are just great...
4:38 PM
right, so there's the sarcastic comment, what are you going to do about it?
<dons some boxing gloves>
4:48 PM
While investigating a bug in PHP 7.4 regarding heredoc, I came across this next_newline function: github.com/php/php-src/blob/php-7.4.9/Zend/…. It seems to return a length of 1 for both "\n" and "\r\n", is that intentional? The length is used in strip_multiline_string_indentation further down
Anyone notice rhsoft is back to commenting on bugs?
size_t len = nl ? (nl - str + newline_len) : (end - str);
memmove(copy, str, len);
str += len;
copy += len;

^ it seems to be accidentally correct, but maybe someone with more familiarity with the code base can weigh in on this
@Tiffany Can you show me?
Is there such a thing as dynamic comparison operators.
4:56 PM
What would that do?
@PeeHaa I would subscribe to Statik Stasis on YouTube and POUND that like button!
@Derick may need to add \d at the end of it, unless the other one takes care of it
@PeeHaa ...aaaaand I read that as "What would you do?"
@StatikStasis I did hit that subscribe button
4:58 PM
Seems like you are pretty much stuck on the 25 subs though :(
I thought I moved to 26 yesterday. I need to multi stream to Twitch too at the same time I think. But... it takes 2-3 years to grow an audience.
It's a crock pot.
@Derick lol, I love that commit message
@PeeHaa Unless I am willing to set myself on fire, or eat a tide pod for views... which I'm not.
Yeah I guess twitch would be a good start regardless as it's easier for people to simply checkout a random stream of a random game
@StatikStasis (yet)
5:01 PM
lol- not sure I will ever get that desperate. I play to play. Someone watching the stream is just a bonus.
@StatikStasis how about setting yourself on fire and then eating a burning tide pod?
What's the next game on the list?
you can have that one for free
@PeeHaa The Tide Pod Fire idea of @DaveRandom 's
5:03 PM
@PeeHaa last deus ex? cc @StatikStasis
@PeeHaa Actually I am going back to playing Days Gone until Cyberpunk 2077 is out.
Maxis are really running out of ideas now
do maxis even still exist? I only said that from a vague memory of playing simcity 2k
I don't think I have played another simanything game since then
5:04 PM
@PeeHaa Although Teresko told me about this game the other day that looks interesting. store.steampowered.com/app/1090800/Northern_Lights
@Ekin I'll check it out- I remember when the original came out and for some reason I never played it so I kinda missed the whole franchise.
have you tried the forest?
No, but PeeHaa told me about it.
that was a decent survival game as well
@PeeHaa poor Timmy
I need to download it.
Update about the commit leaderboard: Dmitry and Nikita have just become the 2nd and 3rd top contributors respectively by commit number: github.com/php/php-src/graphs/contributors
5:10 PM
@MateKocsis @NikiC You just need 10 more commits for second place! GO!
@DaveRandom they were bought by EA
@StatikStasis Just a few git commit --allow-empty and its done :D :D
@Derick I don't think that makes any sense; AFAIK we don't validate the email addresses, and there are just so many letters in the alphabet ...
@cmb If you have a better solution, please implement it.
It's insane how much Anatol committed :O His changed line / commit ratio is also insane, unless it comes from updating 3rd party libraries
5:13 PM
@Tiffany as I understand it, that's the answer to about 50% of all questions that are even vaguely related to the games industry
Nikita has removed more code than Dmitry has added, and Dmitry has removed more code than Nikita has added... 🤔
@Derick block all email addresses :p
no more bugs \o/
Can it do an IP block?
not a good idea
@Pete I don't think that would be intentional
5:15 PM
the current usage of IPv4 is far too shared-everything for that
I know that it can also be circumvented, but probably more effective than trying to ban every email address he comes up with
just delete his comments (unless helpful)
if you block IP addresses you'll likely block 1000s of people at a time, and the people who are blocked will vary day to day depending on the mail relay path
@DaveRandom damn :/
also it's insanely easy to get around :-P
5:16 PM
@DaveRandom easier than creating a new email?
no harder, certainly
but all of these blacklist approaches will always be a game of whack a mole
I'll try to compile a gource video of the contibutions to PHP if anyone is interested :)
the only way to actually properly deal with stuff like this is proper auth, which isn't really viable for a public project like this
Yeah :/
Let's hope my mac can render it ^^
5:18 PM
tl;dr unfortunately, you're boned :-P
@MateKocsis like a time line video showing the progress of commits over the years?
@Tiffany yes, and showing how different parts of the codebase changed over time. it's pretty spectacular usually :) gource.io
@MateKocsis ooooo, that would be neat to see
@Danack Do you know how I can do Gimp's "Lighten Only" mode (docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-concepts-layer-modes.html) in imagick?
5:38 PM
    convert d50_7*.jpg -background black -compose lighten -flatten result.jpg
Is "David Rodrigues" in here by any chance?
Well... who is going to be on the receiving end of my rant now?
@PeeHaa hit me
hit? you?
with your rant :P
5:50 PM
kicks @cmb
after releasing 7.4 today
7.3 :) (7.4 is Derick)
I really need a bugfix in 7.4 :D
But I need the windows one :P
You are the windows team to me
were? :P
that alpine & dns bugfix right?
or is this something else
5:52 PM
The apline one and updating the composer requirement
Ohai @salathe o/
@cmb When I file a doc PR, should I drop a link here, on the list, or just leave it no Github and expect someone to notice?
@Crell yes
@mega6382 o/
@Crell Can I review the patch in a couple of minutes? :P
@Crell congrats on becoming one of the "php people" :)
@PeeHaa This one is just adding an editorconfig file.
5:57 PM
I hope I am able to contribute to php in that capacity one day too
@mega6382 Docs are easier than internals. :-) You only need to know XML, not whatever custom macro language PHP-SRC is written in.
Yes, I am planning on doing that, just waiting for edit and edit-new issue to be resolved, or at least till I understand what it is.
@Crell I'm subscribed to doc-en (already commented on that PR). But dropping a note here may be helpful for discussion (it's pretty lonely on doc-en).

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