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6:00 PM
@DaveRandom Dunno, I've seen it here: wush.net/svn/results/popup4results/trunk/np/thankyou.php
@Jack There's some ext/mysql to mysqli conversion tool here that seems to do it
It's a cheap trick to mimic the no-need-to-pass-the-connection-resource behaviour of ext/mysql. Badly, because it assumes you only ever talk to one connection
I guess the root of all evil comes from Oracle(tm) ... what a surprise ;-)
I guess something like that is actually quite useful for a quick fix, as long as said quick fix is very temporary and you immediately go through the code and rewrite it properly
Actually, I saw this stuff here:
I mean, I think I've only ever used multiple connections to MySQL about twice in my life, although I regularly use multiple connections to multiple RDBMS
6:04 PM
Ohh he deleted it ...
Yeah, it's not a common use-case for me neither.
You notice that your work day is coming to a complete end when you start putting GIFs in commit messages...
@DaveRandom hi
@webarto how are you doing ?
@Jack hi
@Baba Good Sir Baba, thank you, how about you?
@webarto .. am ok have fun with threads in PHP
on windows for that matter
6:12 PM
@David19801 No. The other way around. In /e mode the parser has to be fired up and the string compiled as PHP and all sorts of other things have to happen. A closure is more efficient, and safer, /e potentially allows arbitrary code execution attacks.
@Baba yo
@DaveRandom how is your son ?
He's all good :-)
Right, I'm going home, back in a couple of hours I imagine
@DaveRandom Oh ok
have a wonderful trip
@DaveRandom have you used pthreads in php ?
6:14 PM
@Baba Oh I'm sure it will be great :-P
@Baba I started messing around with it the other night, didn't get very far though
@DaveRandom Am loving it already
(Didn't actually get as far as making anything that actually used threading for anything sensible)
especially when testing an writing network application
am using git to create multiple workers , brokers , dealers and sink
@DaveRandom now i don't have to create multiple instances for my simulation
@DaveRandom What do you mean you did not get far ?
6:17 PM
I clearly don't understand how some of it is supposed to work, I found that objects were being copied when I didn't expect them to be, properties just weren't being shared between threads, I though that was supposed to just work and that all writes were automatically atomic/synchronised :-(
Need to RTFM properly
thanks daverandom for the explanation, and i can confirm that the help given worked. Thanks guys!!!
@David19801 np
@DaveRandom Its needs to extend Stackable for it to be shared
Ahh right. This is what I mean, need to RTFM
Anyway, also really do need to go home
Catch you in a bit if you're still about
@DaveRandom Oh ok .. talk abou tit when youa re back
6:34 PM
happy pi day
Please explain -1 — Prasanth Bendra 2 mins ago
Tempted to dv one more time and say: what -1?
@Jack lol
@staticvoidmain You can't expect us to sway our answers in tune with your question edits; for that kind of help you can visit the chat room instead. — Jack 22 secs ago
Like, does my code work? No ... edit edit ... how about now?
@DaveRandom just got that little gem
Hello guys
im quite new to PHP (actually completely new) and i have a quick question :)?
6:42 PM
@MarcRasmussen Read the room description. Just, take it away.
How do i output Hello sofie when the following link is pressed?

<a href='index.php?name=Sofie'>My name is Sofie</a>
without using Echo "Hello Sofie";
Or well
you might need to use it at some point but ive tried the following:

<a href='index.php?name=Sofie'>My name is Sofie</a>
echo "Hello Sofie";

which indeed did not work as intended.
if (isset($_GET['name'])) {
    echo "Hello " . htmlspecialchars($_GET['name'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
@PeeHaa Seasoned pro response =D
@PeeHaa ping
6:46 PM
@Baba pong [is a good game]
@Lusitanian Request time out ..
@PeeHaa i got the startssl identity validation thingy
@PeeHaa end result is the ssl cert currently securing pastebin.moarwebscale.com
super-uber conglomerate wildcard
@Lusitanian FANTASTIC!
@Baba connection dropped
6:49 PM
@Lusitanian How are you doing .... ?
@PeeHaa can you remember pthreads i told you about ??
@Baba yes
@PeeHaa am loving it ..... Its really impressive
@Baba No shitload of bugs?
@PeeHaa i create over 200 threads with workers , dealers , brokers , sink and vent for network programming testing .... worked perfectly
6:53 PM
:8269533Yeah ... i wonder why its not porpular
The most interesting part is ... PHP Threads on windows
no foking on linux
pure threads
It's not "porpular" ;) because it is experimental :P
@PeeHaa I really think PHP Internals should contribute and make it part of PHP core
Give them a shout so they can rush it into 5.5
@PeeHaa .... lol
6:57 PM
I wanted to propose array_repledge_recursiveak. Anyone having 3 or 4 good aliases for it to add to an RFC? :P
@PeeHaa I was talking with @DaveRandom yesterday ... and i was saying why is SPL not throw Exceptions ?
@Ocramius depends in its function
@Ocramius you can attach it to my Zune Detropmizer Minus RFC
i'm also requesting that the BBCODE extension be integrated
I think we need and RFC to propose that Standard PHP Library show throw exceptions rather then error
Any one with me on this ^^
@Baba you'll never get this in
7:01 PM
nah, to them, backwards compatibility is more important than anything
because hey, if wordpress breaks so does half the internetz
How am I supposed to upgrade my currently running PHP 5.1 apps? :P
@Baba PHP does not simply throw exceptions
@Ocramius Why ??
@Baba php-internals hates exceptions because they break BC
@Lusitanian you can still make it backward compatibility
7:01 PM
@Ocramius you'd have to (gasp) do work!
@PeeHaa why introduce Iterator of loop is sufficient .. or why SPL in the first place
SPL introduced shiny things
@Charles am a bit lost ... why would php-internals hate the ability to catch exceptions ??
@Ocramius :D
7:03 PM
@PeeHaa WHO the HELL are this INTERNALS anyway .. that are taking us backward
@Baba Because code that previously didn't think about exceptions would suddenly need to, and that isn't something that internals wants to do.
@PeeHaa make it shine well .. give us real gold not gold plated crap
@Charles that can easily be resolved with ini settings ... php_enable_spl_exception
@Baba As it happens, internals has also been against adding new ini features that change language behavior.
7:07 PM
@Charles at this junction
Lets plan a coup d’état
> The contents of packagist.org/p/providers-latest.json do not match its signature, this is most likely due to a temporary glitch but could indicate a man-in-the-middle attack. Try running composer again and please report it if it still persists.
or PHP Revolution .. it worked in Arab Spring
@ircmaxell you still getting that? are you on a recent version of composer?
@Baba Oh how I wish. Unfortunately the very reason that BC is so treasured is because of the amazing market penetration that PHP has. An attempted fork would go nowhere because nobody serving PHP's target market would switch. PHP will always continue to suck. I am at peace with this.
7:12 PM
@Charles And thats one of the rare cases where internals is absolutely right ;)
@NikiC Indeedy
@Charles how long would that last ??? And really some things don't make any sense
SPL is a collection of interfaces and classes that are meant to solve standard problems.
how would i achive the following:
Make an array with 50 elements, called squared :
First element should be 1
Second should be element 4
Third element should be 9
Fourth element should be 16
The fiftieth element should be 2500
SPL provides a set of standard Exceptions.
which suck...
7:16 PM
Why provide Exception when SLP would not throw it in the first place
@Baba Others can use them? Standardized naming? Who knows.
its like saying .. use this .. but i don't care .. because i can't use it in the first place
@igorw what is the /{0} in your regexes?
@Charles lol
throw new ThisExceptionSucksException();
7:18 PM
@NikiC me failing at lookahead regex
class StopDoingThatException extends LogicException {}
class IllogicalException extends LogicException {}
@igorw please explain ^^ is it the same as (?!/) ?
But really how long would this last ?
Anybody knows how to limit the table cell's height when there is lots of content in it without using a div?
7:21 PM
@Baba Until PHP is no longer a relevant web technology.
@NikiC I believe that's what I was after
@PeeHaa max height + overflow: scroll / hidden?
@Charles doesn't work on table cells :(
@PeeHaa Hmmm.
I think this I what I wanted:

$symbolRegex[] = "(?<!/)[$alpha$chars][$alphaNum$chars]*/(?:$nonNumericRegex)(?!/)";
@igorw makes a lot more sense. why do you need the checks though? / isn't in $alpha$chars anyway, is it?
@Baba So, yeah, basically more than a decade out.
@NikiC you're completely right, I focused too much on translating the spec into regex :)
@igorw: any preferred oauth providers for silex?
@igorw recent version, and no, only once
7:37 PM
@ircmaxell ok, let me know if it persists
sorry, any preferred openid providers for Silex?
@ircmaxell I'm working on one that works at the HttpKernelInterface level, but it's not ready yet. apart from that I don't really have anything I can recommend. tbh just use @Lusitanian's lib, it's quite straight forward
oh openid, that I don't know
in most cases I'd just go with the most popular lib I can find, wiring it up with pimple is quite trivial to do
@igorw I'm going to wire up LightOpenId
how to check if string contains letters ?
i need to separate numbers from text+numbers
7:46 PM
@UchihaObito Define "letters" first, and then you will be enlightened.
@igorw The goal of Sunshine is really to take the bits of functional programming that are really useful and implement them in an object-based API.
And I think that possibly that coincides with Ardent's goals.
@Gordon Is there any way one of us commoners can tell that from looking at their profile? :p

Array: 0 => string '7958679'

I want to check if it's really integer or not, but is_int doesnt work
@MikeB Mod-forced bans have a yellow banner at the top of the profile. System-enacted bans don't.
@UchihaObito ctype_digit
7:48 PM
@UchihaObito Why doesn't it? What does it say?
@Charles Do system-bans reset the rep to 1?
@webarto will this work if I have ex 'a1b2' ?
@webarto nvm i'll check
@webarto works great, thank you
@UchihaObito ctype_digit((string) 7958679); just make sure you cast to string before (just in case).
@LeviMorrison I'd say they are orthogonal. they can be composed after all.
And your example is utter pants. It would be more like somebody asking "Where can I get some bleach and toilet bowl cleaner to whiten my toilet?" and you responding "Don't do that, bleach and toilet bowl cleaner mix to create toxic chloromine gas fumes, you're going to kill yourself". You're saving somebody from a concrete, factual, unambiguously bad thing that they are almost certainly ignorant of. "Bacon is unhealthy" is your opinion, and obviously forcing your unsolicited opinion on others is pretty unwelcome. — meagar Aug 13 '12 at 21:42
7:54 PM
@MikeB Not as far as I know, no
@igorw Possibly.
lol, @PeeHaa
@igorw: When I want to make a pull request against Symfony\Process do I do it against the 2.2 branch or against master?
For me it's fixes in the 2.2 branch because your CgiHttpKernel uses that version
8:04 PM
@hakre if it's a bugfix, try to target the earliest version possible
if you can, put it in 2.0
Its like a PHP shark tank. With frikken laser beams. — Won't Jan 24 '12 at 19:59
@igorw You are fine with something like function (\Traversable $traversable) that appends, yes?
For me that leads to: why don't I add them to all the other structures?
So I'd like your feedback on both.
what does qualify as a bugfix?
See https://github.com/hakre/Process/commit/480d4b6c43357f3acdd002ce9f3d271144e1fb20 - that are my changes I have collected.
It's also containing throwing exceptions for some edge-cases which would have helped me in the first place yesterday with trouble-shooting.
BTW well done all: 11922 messages found
I knew regex was slow, but i never knew just how slow until i had to do around 1.4 billion regex comparisons
I changed it to a simple string replace and it was done in 5 minutes
You'll find a lot of things will go slow when doing it around 1.4 billion times
8:11 PM
(this was in python)
@PeeHaa I was watching a debug print move slow enough for me to read each line in realtime
@LeviMorrison that would be quite useful. and indeed it should be added to all of them. I currently need to construct LinkedList, Vector, HashMap and HashSet by hand: github.com/igorw/edn/blob/master/src/parser.php#L256
@PeeHaa did you notice my question edit?
> Edit: I just had a eureka moment: search for copy-pasted snippets from w3schools and show a link to w3fools. totally not a bad idea, wink wink
@hakre anything that does not introduce new behaviour but merely corrects existing behaviour qualifies as a bugfix. this change most certainly does.
@igorw Okay, I try to backport against 2.0
8:17 PM
@igorw I think that that symbols regex doesn't really match the spec
@NikiC hm, can you construct a failing case? or otherwise explain what's wrong?
it does not meet the first character requirements
it might fail with something like .9 (i.e would interpret as symbol). but I didn't test
nope, I'm quite sure that is handled
but maybe I failed :D
there is actually a meta burninate tag
@igorw just tested and .9 does result in a symbol
8:22 PM
indeed it does, and I see the problem :)
$part = "(?:[a-zA-Z*!_?$%&=]|[-+.][a-zA-Z.*+!_?$%&=:#-])[a-zA-Z0-9.*+!_?$%&=:#-]*";
return "/|$part(?:/$part)?";
^-- If I got it right, that's how it should look like
you were also missing support for : and # ;)
: and # is handled when the lexer is created
since I want to match keywords and tags separately
@igorw : and # are valid in the symbol ;)
"Additionally, : # are allowed as constituent characters in symbols other than as the first character."
@ircmaxell, I'm shocked :< puu.sh/2hHPy
@NikiC you're right. looking good so far, adding some more tests now. :)
8:31 PM
TIL: It's fabpot, not fapbot.
@Hiroto See the entire discussion about it before judging :)
@PeeHaa ahh. never mind~
@NikiC awesome, that's a lot better. did anyone ever nickname you "Lex Luthor"?
@hakre danke
8:38 PM
It looks like I found a workaround for windows and pipe streams that are blocking.
@PeeHaa, may I see it?
@hakre Nice.
@igorw the edn spec seem rather underdefined :(
@hakre oh, you may want to re-file against the symfony/symfony repo, Process is a read-only subtree split of it.
I only just noticed you were working with the split, sorry about that
@igorw okay, I see. Made that mistake now the second time :/
8:42 PM
@Jueecy Sure. Start here and read back: news.php.net/php.internals/start/64100
@hakre yeah, unfortunately you cannot disable pull requests on GitHub.
can I get peoples opinion
I want to dev a new social network site/code haring site
I am stuck on the PHP framework I want to use
I have used Laravel 3 and liked it
I use Zend at work, so know it quite well
code haring. yummy!
so I am stuck between choosing between L4 and Zend 2?
@NathanDaly how complex is this gonna be? Because it may become quite huge :)
8:55 PM
I think they should remove the E_DEPRECATED warning once the extension is out of the core.
Quite complex
@Ocramius Think similar to forrst
wiki.php.net/rfc/trailing-comma-function-args what do you guys think about this?
in complexity
@NathanDaly If that is the choice given and you ask for my personal opinion. Zend period
@NathanDaly laravel seems a bit flyweight for that TBH
8:56 PM
@PeeHaa :D
@PeeHaa, after all the mysql_* extension works like a charm. It's just unsafe for those who don't know how to properly sanitize the code.
So zend over L4 for more serious applications
big boy applications
hi friends - sometimes when I cURL an API, data isn't returned. is there an easy way to see what the error is?
@NathanDaly I usually suggest ZF2 or SF2 for big apps. For RAD, they're probably not the best :P
just wish Zend had routing like l4 did and the composer side of things
8:57 PM
printing the array doesn't do much - it only prints if data is returned ;(
@NathanDaly please: ZendFramework
@webarto Don't care about that rfc at all tbh
Zend is a company :(
*ZendFramework rather
@Jueecy works like a charm? Are you using mysql 1.0? ;)
ZendFramework is such a long name, @Ocramius please rename it
@NathanDaly on the symfony side, there's silex.sensiolabs.org
@igorw already asked... no-go
hmm thanks
@PeeHaa yield is not really a function call, even if it looks like one, heh, we know what that looks like is called.
@PeeHaa, ok, maybe not like a charm, but it still works. It's just that it doesn't support the OOP interface. That's the only big thing it's lacking of.
8:59 PM
guess L4 is just not cut out for something the size of Forrst
wonder what Forrst uses
@Jueecy It's not just the OOP interface that is added...
like a fork of it?
@NathanDaly I guess it's based on rails-alike :)
@NathanDaly L4 is not cut out for anything. again imho

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