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4:02 PM
How to apply version controlling on SQL files? dumps?
@shiplu.mokadd.im liquibase.org
hmm... when my script tries to git reset --hard HEAD all the project (including itself): I'm doing it wrong
@ircmaxell my shoes also talk:
@Ocramius yes, but they say something very different
4:19 PM
They might say, that you need silenced shoes :)
stackoverflow.com/questions/8777223/… <-- how is that TL and/or downvote-worthy? :-(
I should be forgiven in laughing at that question
I had no idea you could do echo() = e(); and then use e() from then on!
You are forgiven. Support for PHP4 is a ridiculously niche market requirement, but it still doesn't fall under the umbrella of TL IMO, there are still people out there (not many, but they exist) who have to support PHP4 instances.
@Jimbo You can't, can you?
4:27 PM
@DaveRandom I recommend closing as "Too old PHP version" (aka Too Localized)
@Jimbo code?
@DaveRandom Ah, tried it, didn't work - shouldn't take everyone's comments so seriously
@NikiC The thing is though, it kinda has nothing to do with PHP4. You can't do it in 5.5. either, and you should be able to (specifically list() for me, I can't see any use case for a method called echo but you never know). If I removed the PHP4 reference from the question, would that be better?
Also you can't just say "close all the PHP4 questions", it's not like it has ceased to exist.
@DaveRandom In PHP >4 you can just use __call
@Jimbo Yeh remember that people are fucktards. This is especially true of the PHP community.
@NikiC Oh yeh, duhhhh
That was a bit of a position: red; moment
@Jimbo see? I am also a fucktard ^^
4:33 PM
can anyone tell me why bottom 0; position absolute is not working for this page
@Jimbo echo is not a function :)
I tried for long, I unble to find
without wordpress admin bar everything works fine
. . .
Hello, can I ask a CSS question here? I couldn't find solution for my problem yet, its quite an advanced one.
@TabooLoco: I already raised one
4:40 PM
Hm, does the close vote review queue actually get smaller sometimes?
Okay so if anyone could help me with this, I'd appricaite: stackoverflow.com/questions/15339182/…
I'm really despearte I haven't found the right answer yet
@NikiC yes, when you click on a different page and stop looking at it :-P
@webarto Wait, let me guess.. it's a "language construct"?
I've seen this many times for other things, lol
@ircmaxell If they remove the close vote limit some people in this room would probably close all those questions single-handedly in one day!
4:54 PM
I think the questions are even more stupid than the normal questions
oh @NikiC is here today...
I opened the and I see a large blank space before the questions
5:01 PM
I suppose that meant to be advertisement -.-
@iroegbu glad you liked it :)
@NikiC From the comments: it was slow in earlier versions or not?
@ircmaxell One of the things I learned here on StackOverflow: Yes, there is always a way to make it worse (Note: The reverse is not true.)
@Alexander Interpolation was slow in some cases
Probably I meant to ask why was so slow before. It's clear you said it was indeed slow in earlier versions
Ah, ok
@NikiC Nikita's Law: If it exists, there is something worse than it
5:04 PM
@ircmaxell and there must be porn of it
That's rule 34...
Ahh, And there must be worse porn of it...
oh lord...
@Alexander It was slow because PHP basically split the string up by whitespace and concatenated everything separately ^^ Or something like that
/me heading off to abstract bubble sort in an OOP-clean manner
there you go, am I respecting the rules? :D
5:08 PM
@NikiC parsing bottleneck, interesting ;)
So, Nikita is not only a woman's name. I was living a lie ;(
Damn TV Series
Could a CMS modify incoming HTTP headers?

Specifically those that refer to the visiting devices resolution (e.g. mobile vs desktop). So before it can be determined.
Likely won't happen on WordPress, but some proprietary CMS that companies pay a lot of money for
I don't think I understand where you are going.
You may want to say what you mean to do instead of what you think it shall be done.
5:23 PM
Some background:

I was asked an interesting question, where apparently someones setup was not detecting whether devices were mobile or desktop properly. HTTP headers were being modified.

Likely was being modified by a proxy -- either client side (using VPS or free WiFi at Starbucks), or on the server side (load balancer, DNS, etc)
Not really an issue anymore, just an interesting question
And wondering if a CMS could have been potentially doing it
My guestimate is yes -- as some CMS' come with all sorts of stuff nowadays, and a module/plugin could have been acting up
I want one more gold badge...
@NikiC you got already 9... stahp!
@Ocramius exactly. It's such a bad number. 10 is twice as many digits ^^
I only have 6...
5:33 PM
Any CSS guy here?
Or javascript?
or HTML?
@ircmaxell Many people in here have [Unsung Hero] which I will almost certainly never get, I'm glad to see someone is in the same boat :-P
NikiC, Berlin, Germany
28.8k 9 60 123
who names php thinggg..... brainFuck ???
@ircmaxell haha!
@PHPNooB what are you referring to?
5:35 PM
@DaveRandom I don't think Unsung Hero is actually a good thing...
@NikiC Maybe not, but it's more precious gold... I want the precious.
@ircmaxell I still have less silver and gold though
I was watching your tut on youtube, and stumbled upon a tutorial about brainFuck
@NikiC not by much
5:36 PM
just added two more bronzes to the stock ^^
although I should have 1 more silver, and 8 more bronze
@NikiC unsung hero is practically automatic if (like me) you get all your rep in one week
after week 1 I almost didn't answer anything :\
@Ocramius I haven't been answer much either in the last year or so
But I do have a nice passive reputation income :P
that makes it even harder to achieve it
I need to answer 30 more questions to get the silver in security...
@NikiC yup, same here. At least 20 - 50 per day, depending
5:39 PM
I have Unsung Hero. And it's not a good thing to have! /cc @DaveRandom, @NikiC
I hate that badge
Stahp, it's my shiny precioussssssssss
I have a tenacious...
You are on your way to Unsung Hero then. LOL
I have two gold badges plus 5 silver, and I don't even know much about php.
It is all a jk, if ya ask me
5:42 PM
No one?
@DemCodeLines tell me my boy
what is your wish @DemCodeLines
Its regarding JQuery
and CSS
5:44 PM
Today is a good day to get started with the proxies stuff \o/
@PHPNooB I am unable to reproduce the problem in JSFiddle, so I will just give you the tutorial from where I got the code.
@DemCodeLines i highly doubt i can help you, if jquery is involved, but maybe some of these peple will see ur code and say something.. so share it all here
5:50 PM
    // Will this

    $dateTime = new DateTime('2008-09-22');
    echo $dateTime->format('U');

    // give the same timestamps than this

    $date = DateTime::createFromFormat('d-m-Y', '22-09-2008');
    echo $date->format('U');
I love quizes
without running it, what would you guess?
/me hates quizes
my guess is no, since you're posting it here
I have a quiz. ;) help me with this and that code ;p
5:52 PM
@ircmaxell that is correct
I'm with @ircmaxell on this one
I assume that it's to do with timezones
nope. createFromFormat will apply the current time. new DateTime will use midnight
@Gordon does the one above keep the date-time?
@Gordon tweet it and it shall be retweeted
If format does not contain the character ! then portions of the generated time which are not specified in format will be set to the current system time.

If format contains the character !, then portions of the generated time not provided in format, as well as values to the left-hand side of the !, will be set to corresponding values from the Unix epoch.
@DaveRandom to the rescue.
@DaveRandom aha!
@Gordon I was going to say that it's wierd that 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 had different values, until I realized they just took more than 1 second to render :-)
5:54 PM
@Gordon looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
@DaveRandom still
Consider TFM thoroughly R'd
@ircmaxell agreed
@DaveRandom lol, nice
@DaveRandom :D
...and on that note, I'm heading home. Catch y'all in a bit.
5:55 PM
ok, so when I do $date = DateTime::createFromFormat('!d-m-Y', '22-09-2008'); it will be the same
@NikiC now I only need to find out if you are laughing about me or the code :D
Does it matter? :)
At least it is documented and not overlooked xD
Remember people, documented is not a valid excuse for retarted... #makeSaneAPIs
@ircmaxell retarded*
Good thing I said overlooked :)
mediawiki now supports LUA templates? O_o
6:06 PM
> Armed with knowledge of my place of birth and mother's maiden name alone (both facts easy to locate on the public record) they convinced Site5 staff to add their email address to the account and make it the primary login (this prevented us from deleting it from the account).
Someone seriously provide "real" answers to these questions?
@ircmaxell there is a 1 in 86400 chance that it will always be correct on the day the earth stood still
@Alexander I refudiate that retarted is not a word
you know you're using a bloated system when the callee map for a page rendering looks more complicated than a CPU die graphic
6:17 PM
@Gordon why delv? that question is/was on fire
@PHPNooB not the question. the two answers. both dont answer the question
Ohh, my bad
@Gordon ready to receive your delv
6:24 PM
@NikiC done. thanks
@Gordon here, take an upvote (+ badge?)
@NikiC didnt arrive yet but I guess so. thanks
i wonder whether i should add strtotime and strpxyztime to it for the sake of completeness
@Gordon I actually went to the docs to check for strpxyztime... I wouldn't put it past php
6:27 PM
@ircmaxell :)
there is my badge. yay!
@ircmaxell hrhrhr
7:03 PM
This is probably a simplistic question, but is there some kind of scability guide somewhere? I'm building a site that might ramp up quickly and I want to know how to make sure I can adapt quickly without breaking the bank. This is also something that will start fairly local, but may (hopefully) expand internationally, so latency is something I want to keep in mind.
@Stephane move it to the cloud
engineroom aws/ec2?
Hi, I've made a chat box using javascript and php but I realized that is not the best way to do it. Which programming language should I use ?
@Stephane yes
user2088447 look up websockets node server. You can use javascript and php (I've done it), but it will have to poll the server every x seconds instead of being able to work how you might expect (I'm not an expert)
7:08 PM
@user2088447 What's wrong with JS or PHP for a chat app?
@Gordon I'm not sure how to assess different providers. Does anyone have recommendations on this?
@Stephane If you are using websockets the clients doesn't have to poll every x seconds
ah, I haven't played with that yet, so I didn't know that, thanks!
The problem is you have to use SetInterval(function(){ ... which is a loop, executing the code inside every 0.5 seconds or less in order to add the new messages written in the chat
if you have a big number of users it can get buggy
@user2088447 Not if you use websockets
7:11 PM
The websocket protocol has heartbeating built in via PING/PONG frames. There is no "polling." Once connected, the websocket connection stays connected until one of the parties decides to close.
so is a javascript plugin or what is that websocket protocol ?
Google is your friend when it comes to learning about websockets.
WebSocket is a web technology providing full-duplex communications channels over a single TCP connection. The WebSocket protocol was standardized by the IETF as RFC 6455 in 2011, and the WebSocket API for the WebIDL language is being standardized by the W3C. WebSocket is designed to be implemented in web browsers and web servers, but it can be used by any client or server application. The WebSocket Protocol is an independent TCP-based protocol. Its only relationship to HTTP is that its handshake is interpreted by HTTP servers as an Upgrade request. The WebSocket protocol makes possible mo...
thx very much
Good evening
7:16 PM
@Will Evening
@Stephane I cant help with that either. I'd probably try phpcloud.com but it means you'll use Zend Server.
Just starting back on php after spending a while doing iOS stuff
Glad you made it back from the dark side
@Gordon thanks. I'll check that out too.
7:18 PM
hi people
7:30 PM
Any idea why:

if($item['photo'] != '') {
echo '<img src="'.$item['photo'].'" >';

"<img src="http://www.lineitemvito.com/images/ads_n_avatars/vito_blink_50x50.gif" class="bbyrdlkmjwxjyzfnmaza">"

?? Whats up with the random class name?
@UchihaObito How did you check? In a browser?
btw, the code is in table
yeah, in a browser
i want to make table with an image but i fail
i check with Firebug
Have you checked the data in the database? Have you tried disabling plugins?
7:33 PM
no, i never disabled plugins
wow, no data when I just view the web source
Disable plugins to see which one is the culprit
nvm, there is data
@PeeHaa it works on chrome, where I have no plugins
but that happened to me for the first time
and image doesn't show
on Firefox
where I have plugins
why is that? what am I doing wrong?
Just echo the image and die; right after it
If that is correct it is some plugin which does it
hmm ok, I'll do some research. thanks for the tips though
you helped me a lot
7:48 PM
@Gordon Was that intended to be funny?
I didn't know the history of "refudiate" until now. What a dumb history though.
@Alexander yes, it was
@Gordon: you have a second or two?
anyone used WIRESHARK before?
yes, but this is the wrong room for such a question
8:01 PM
where is the right one?
superuser or serverfault
i did try to make those quesstions constructive although obviously it did not pay off. So could i ask a quick question?
Nothing personal. Just cleaning off topic questions. And no. As stated before this isn't the right room
@CasparWylie Yes, you can.
(Depends on the question, I haven't read the log)
8:05 PM
> James Bond has a few thousand bullets in his gun, but I wouldn't consider that valid information if I were stuck in a bank robbery. It's a movie. Stop basing programming/sysadmin decisions off a movie.
I am using Wireshark, and i am able to get cookies from facebook if i use the same computer (with different broswers) but when i try using another computer on the same network, WhireShark does not find its HTTP requests to Facebook...any tips thanks in advanced, and sorry for posting in PHP it has 4% relevance :/
5 messages moved to bin
@ircmaxell I'm not that ethical, but I just don't feel like helping right now :P
do you really not believe me? well i dont blaim me, you are right i have no proof
(not 'me')
ok, fine, it do promise its my computers, but if you do know any tips, i would appreciate itt...
++$tinyAvatars; // I'm getting less tolerant in my old age
8:11 PM
@CasparWylie here's a tip. If people tell you to go away with your question you don't keep pushing
@CasparWylie We will not help you with hacking. Sorry.
i apologies, and understand! thanks anyway.
I know how to do what you want. I've done it before. For legitimate reasons, because I learned how to do it. You can learn how too. But I won't help you because what you posted so far is definitely not legitimate, so I'm not going to help someone do something bad...
8:13 PM
> I know how to do what you want. I've done it before. For legitimate reasons
C'mon you have never ever done things on the gray side?
@PeeHaa not in the past 15 years...
Fair enough
i am very interested in session hijacking and want to try it...i have a PC right next to my Mac, it is loggedin to mY fb account, i am doing this only cause its rather exciting to succeed, i am only 12 and really am notg trying to attack anyone elses system. But i respect you guys have no proof of my innocents, i also respect your recognition, so thanks.
If you are 12 you are not allowed to have an account on SO. Consider yourself reported kid!
neh I"m not like that
8:16 PM
@PeeHaa :D
But still it's a pretty stupid excuse to keep pushing
lol, iam 13 in like 5 days
PeeHaa, am am not pushing
i only asked twice
'keep' implies more than twice
Well you are persistent which will be a good quality when learning what you are trying to do
innocent Q: whireshark seems to scan thses random ip's when i am only in one network?
@rdlowrey What the hell is that ++tinyAvatars stuff? I had to ask already :)
8:26 PM
@Alexander When you ignore a user in chat it shrinks their avatar (in the top right). It's just a shorthand way of saying, "I just added someone new to my ignore list."
It makes sense.
@rdlowrey :-D
Gotta find some food.
Happy to see it around still.
8:33 PM
yeah, def old
Everytime I see that article it reminds me of the "How I Explained REST to My Wife" too
Never seen the thing. It may be old, but it's still true :(
I'm sure @webarto will agree :)
@ircmaxell let me just get to the bathroom.
@ircmaxell am here now
8:52 PM
@Gordon what do you think about this as a workshop: gist.github.com/ircmaxell/5baa9d02b6e6dd9de988 ?
@ircmaxell sounds good. i would attend
@ircmaxell nice! an interesting addition would be to go into what to do when you notice that you have been compromised.
I like having someone sanity check things like that...
@igorw Ohh, that could be interesting as well. I just worry if it's too much for 3.5 hours...
thanks a bunch!
although i am in the "security is someone else's job" camp.
8:55 PM
@Gordon: are you coming to DPC? ;-)
@ircmaxell still unlikely :/
@Gordon Well, if you'd attend that, it may be the reason to attend DPC ;-)
Hello all, running into a problem with submitting a form while outputting to the screen the progress of an uploaded file. Any ideas?
Q: HTML Form with file upload Status: File progress not being refreshed

panoramicTo give you a little background, I am constructing a website that allows users to submit pictures to a public gallery. Once the user fills in some basic information, they press submit and a new post page is created with the uploaded image. I am attempting to incorporate a progress bar / informa...

@ircmaxell yes, but I'd have to buy a regular ticket in addition to hotel which doesnt come exactly cheap.
8:59 PM

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