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12:13 AM
@Mysticial Can we also talk about the increasing proportion of garbage questions that get posted every day?
1:07 AM
Broadcom Tanks After $18.9 Billion CA Purchase Puzzles Market
1:43 AM
I like to read comments, it's always interesting to see what others think. Sometimes your puzzle over why certain things are done. I mean, authority always give you an official reason. But someone somewhere will see right through the true motives. It's like the last piece of the puzzle that solves the whole picture.
There are tons of idiots, there are also many truly brilliant people.
2:15 AM
Lately I have become a stealthy help vampire - I use stackoverflow mostly for technical questions, by reading answers already there. Posting a question is too much of an effort for me.
2:43 AM
@wilx It used to be "CA: where old software goes to die". Nowadays, its more like: "CA: where dead software goes to rot."
Maybe well written old software that once had many copies are like ancient virus - one day, when everything is right for it to resurface ...
@TelKitty It'd be interesting to see the conditions necessary for Textor to make a comeback...
One the internet, no one knows you are an A.I. bot written by aliens
@TelKitty Funny. I thought everybody knew I was an AI bot.
sending wifi signals to communicate with other machines :x
3:20 AM
@TelKitty I may only be an AI bot, but I'm still smart enough to know better than to trust WiFi!
3:48 AM
Yes, using private VPN to post on the public internet is the best idea known to men (but not women) >_<
1 hour later…
5:05 AM
@JerryCoffin lol, I am not sure which is better. :D
@TelKitty Don't flirt with mysticism / spiritual thinking. It is stupid.
@JerryCoffin the fact that it was written in an obscure home grown variant of Forth may have been a factor. -- lol
5:38 AM
Some are myth, others are not. 500 years ago, people were not aware of blackholes, but nowadays we know that as facts.
I have this feeling, heavy moderation produce biased comments. Youtube is pretty relaxed about its commentary and IMO has the most balanced comments.
6:26 AM
You do know that youtube is famous for having the worst most toxic and useless comments of any site, right?
It's like joining league of legends for the friendly community.
@nwp Not to mention the most imbalanced comments (which, interestingly enough, doesn't necessarily rule out it's have the most balanced comments).
6:40 AM
@nwp I find youtube comment very informative, you need to learn how to filter
the ability to quickly gather useful information is a skill
for every 10 low quality comment, there is 1 high quality one
6:57 AM
Q: Is the goal of Stack Overflow (and Stack Exchange) about sharing knowledge

TelKittyI always thought the goal of Stack Overflow (and Stack Exchange) is about truth and knowledge, it is about the spread and sharing of information, which is great! But a few months ago, there is this no subtle change in the air. Yes, this so called 'be nice' policy. Wording 'so called' is used, b...

Running a 3 day long program, training the (primitive) A.I. car ... & battling the internet - all at the same time. Go me!!!
7:15 AM
I must not get too happy, I will ruin the car training ...
I can't take care of a meta.so question and training my car at the moment
too many replies
7:32 AM
Oo closed, lol, no wonder people would stop visiting ...
because nazies
closed at the worst time - coz day is dark and I can't train the car any more
I should timed it better
7:52 AM
8:04 AM
Let PC run the 3 days program, macbook run the 3 hours one. I am out for an actual jog ~_~
8:51 AM
@Mysticial Oh, I'm dropping the idea the, thanks
2 hours later…
10:25 AM
_Try, _Catch, _Fails, _Fail and _Result proposed by WG14, looks fun x)
@Morwenn _fails?!
More or less the lightweigth exceptions proposed by Herb but with different syntax and semantics
why _Fail and _Fails
Because throw and throws
10:28 AM
If a new syntax for error codes appeared in C because of C++ attempts to fix its exceptions, I would be quite mazed tbh
Probably for C3z
:D (or D: depending)
_CanFail is a much better keyword though
It's C, it's guaranteed to fail
certainly guaranteed to _Fail.
2 hours later…
12:12 PM

C++ Questions and Answers

Solve problems and approach solutions. Just ask and lurkers wi...
Thanks, I didn't find C++ chatroom in the list.
12:23 PM
@Cerbrus yes I am a woman, I could not be bothered to argue with you. But since someone brought this into my attention, I just want to show you how ignorant you could be.
I don't care what gender you are.
You're just another user
If I say "he", I'm referring to a user.
I sexually identify as a user
... That was flagged? seriously?
Take the full gender-neutral route and go "they" :v
flagged you for sexism
12:26 PM
Flag got invalidated.
There's nothing less sexist than not caring about someone's gender.
we will see about that ;)
What's that supposed to mean?
12:30 PM
Ping me, call me ignorant, then flag me for being "sexist"...
should I tell you sweet lies?
... You don't get it
You don't need to lie about your gender
I don't care if you're a he, she, it, whatever
come on people
Oo meta thugs, wonderful
12:37 PM
a gang of downvoters because chatroom somewhere
I know your kind too well
sigh thanks but I havent voted at all
downvoters don't have to downvote every single post
Proper triggered lmao
Well this is going to work in your favor...
12:39 PM
and I dont plan to vote either... Fight your own battles
@TelKitty is there a single time where sharing stuff on Meta has played in your favour? xD
Hey people. I was just made aware of quick-bench.com which is an online C++ micro benchmarking tool built using AWS and google benchmark. Do you think I should add it to the Tag Wiki?
I would probably have to put it in its own section but it looks like a useful resource
@NathanOliver Is it you're own thing?
Nope. I saw it in a post the other day and just though it was cool
2 hours later…
3:38 PM
2 hours later…
6:06 PM
@SurajRao haha... ahahahaha... hahaha, someone getting a taste of their own medicine.
@Cerbrus For context, that user you interacted with has had a bit of a history in the past. So no, you're not the one out of line.
@Mysticial yea... The meta question she wrote also went well...
6:33 PM
LMAO, Telkitty is trolling?
6:46 PM
@Cerbrus To summarize, she's an asshole using the race/gender/minority card to justify being an asshole.
Well, looks like she's got plenty of support from staff... meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/371010
6:58 PM
@Cerbrus Yes and no. For the most part, the staff seems eager to overlook the nefarious intent of the meta post and get baited directly into a flame war over gender pronouns.
And that pisses me off
Suddenly, "we guys" are the bad guys
Poor attempt at trolling. @Cerbrus Anyone with common sense doesn't see it that way.
Common sense is surprisingly uncommon.
Indeed. You have to choose your battles.
@Cerbrus What do you mean by "suddenly"? That's the default state.
7:08 PM
@ABuckau It's not like I got a chance to chose.
This was forced on me by the moderator
Then continued after the moderator discussed what happened with telkitty.
Also true; more like self defense I guess. I wouldn't try too hard tho.
Yea, I'm not gonna roll over.
I might be a canine, but I'm not domesticated.
Here's the thing most of the new moderators do not know about Telkitty's past. So the nefarious intent is not obvious at first. So they try to overlook it.
The staff is trying to stay away from sensitive topics. So whatever they post is sorta designed to piss as few people off as possible - even if it's useless. This is a common pattern that I see now.
You hear about the pronoun laws in Canada? (Not sure if already enacted, or soon to be)
they are not as terrible as the media portrays. and they won't be heavily enforced.
it's mostly about harassment and that being opened up to be considered a form (within reason), and less about people getting offended in single situations.
7:18 PM
Like traffic laws..doesn't mean they won't **** you when they do feel like it.
@SurajRao Ugh.
sure, some examples may have to be made. but it isn't going to be the outrage the media has claimed it will be.
Define harassment? If I have to refer to you, and don't use your chosen pronoun,is that harassment? ...not like most people will be assholes and intentionally harass you. But I'm definitely not down with compelled speech.
clean your room bucko
no one is going to lock someone up for screwing up a preferred pronoun
7:21 PM
If someone outright refuses.?
@ABuckau I'm not going to get the phrasing 100% here, I have nothing open to cite, but it's meant to block repeated offenses.
say you work with someone who is a trans woman, and you constantly refer to them as a male, despite them asking you otherwise. if they have documented records of these events, you may be in trouble.
I agree. But it's still compelled speech and I don't agree with it.
but in todays charged politics and media, it's being played out as speech policing and trying to control the public.
when it's just being a polite Canadian.
To be clear, I'm not an asshole, and in most instances would probably respect their wishes..but being forced by law ..seems wrong to me.
OK I am an asshole, but not for things like that.
again, it will not be heavily enforced. it's more of a stepping stone. I've read more news than I'd like about it (again, with the recent atmosphere) and it is a lot to do about nothing.
I agree with you 100%, I'm not about to start walking on eggshells with how I interact with people. I'm not trying to say that I agree with the need for the rule even.
just that it is being made to look more strict and enforceable than it is
7:25 PM
Don't worry std::futex will save us
and with Ford elected in Ontario, we will probably be exempt :/
he's our Trump
Well it won't affect many people, bit it will certainly be enforced.
I'm sure it will, in very few and specific cases.
where it is probably justified.
I guess I'll have to think about it some more...I have my current opinions, but I'm not 100% on them.
I'm being optimistic based on what I've read and interpreted.
so ofc take it with a grain of salt.
I'm also Canadian, and have some hope that my country is sensible when enacting laws.
7:31 PM
Well, like how you mentioned transsexuals....some would say, just because you try to change your gender, doesn't mean it's actually changed..and to force them to act like it is, is wrong.
Probably not the polite thing to do, but right is right and wrong is wrong.
If someone wants to be a dog, can they shit in the street? ..as long as they pick it up of course* ...I'm not saying that's exactly the same (and don't let me derail the convo), but it seems pretty similar to me.
but back to the point about harassment, if you repeatedly and purposefully attack someone (term attack being used in what I assume the law would consider an attack, just like a protected class would be attacked if you used a racist / homophobic term to them), then I can agree with the government, that should be illegal.
Icould care less what gender anyone claims to be..has no effect on me, so I don't care. But if suddenly I'm forced to speaking a certain way about it, that's an effect.
if people start to abuse it and anyone seen mistaking an identity, or maybe using the wrong pronoun in common conversation, are prosecuted.. then yes I will whole heatedly petition the system to have that removed.
What if I'm not intentionally doing it? Like a teacher, who doesn't choose to have the student.
Not like they're camping outside the pwrson's house to harass them.
thats what my last message addresses. right now my interpretation of what is proposed says that isn't going to be the case.
in cases where there is obvious harassment, and it can be proven, it will be enforced.
IANAL, this is just how I've come to understand it
7:38 PM
If some says"I prefer you don't call me he/she", is that harassment .?
And you do anyway.
if it continues, and they're being forced into situations (like you mentioned, camping outside someones house) then yes it is harassment.
if you and I are in a shopping mall, and I say "no thanks he/she" then you're free to walk away.
OK no that's obvious, but what about the teacher.
I'm sure schools have their own mandate on that, and it's probably more strict than the governments :P
schools around here are overtly PC
Don't do that lol
Gimme da answer. Plz.
I don't have an answer, these are all stipulations so far.
I'd like to think the teacher would be fired long before the government would have to get involved, because of intolerance towards gender identity.
like I said, schools here (public) are overtly PC
7:41 PM
Would you consider forcing the teacher, in that case, to use their desired pronoun, OK?
yes. it's their identity.
if your name was george, and the teacher only called you steve even tho you said it bothered you. that is wrong
this is no different.
mistaking a name is common, but maliciously using the wrong one is poor intent and should be punished.
But if that is my legal name? And isi.ply prefer another?
that's very very common
my name is Robert, I've asked every teacher I've ever had to call me Rob
But if that is my legal name? And i simply prefer another?
I disliked Robert.
and of course, hypotheticals are not going to answer any of this. it should be, always, handled on a case by case basis to see if there was malicious intent, or just someone being stupid.
and I believe that.
7:44 PM
But to legally force someone to call you it..
again, I think you're expecting that any slight is going to be considered an offense. that is not how I understand the new law to be
Stupid? Just because I believe one way, doesn't make it malicious.
I said malicious or just being stupid
meaning a mistake, or a brain fart.
I wouldn't call Bruce Jenner a man because I want to be malicious..it's cuz he was born a man.
and he has since transitioned into being a woman. I'd call him a trans woman.
because that is the exact identity.
and it still implies genetically male.
7:46 PM
That isn't a real thing.
of course it is. it medically and socially.
if you've taken hormones or augmented your body to transition, you are a trans X/Y
Did it change his DNA?
Physical appearance doesn't change sex.
you're not reading what I'm writing.
1 min ago, by rlemon
and it still implies genetically male.
So gender vs. sex
Seems absurd to me.
I mean, I don't care, but I still see it that way.
"Not my fault, just how I am"
it's another word to imply the exact same thing you are, but with more precision.
there is no absurdity to it.
7:49 PM
(You're right, sorry, on a mobile, and almost bed time)
I would disagree.
I'm not trying to sjw the situation, sorry if it is coming off like that. I agree that people take these things way too seriously, but I don't have any hangups with respecting what people want to be called, within reason.
Same. But I'm also not OK with compeled speech.
if you want to identify as a male or female, not my issue. just be patient if I fuck it up a few times. I'm in my 30s and we grew up with male / female / trans, and that was it. didn't even identify what kind of trans. just trans.
as for compelled, I still disagree that it will be an issue in Canada. I think the law is there to protect very very specific and limited cases where it could be considered a hate crime against another person.
if I'm wrong, I'll eat those words and like I said attempt to do everything I can as a voter to change it.
I'm not against what you're saying, just slightly more optimistic.
And in some situations, when you must refer to someone (not by choice), you're not trying to be malicious..
if it comes to that tho, then yes, I 100% disagree with the law.
@ABuckau now we're just on repeat.
we've been over this.
I don't think that will be applicable to the law, and I hope I am correct.
7:54 PM
It will be...some situations are forced, not by choice. Like students in a class room.
okay, then we agree to disagree.
And while not intentionally malicious, you would still call it harrassment.
I think so.

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