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2:00 AM
*this cannot be constructed in the return value because it was already constructed before the call.
I have a friend copy constructor
@RMartinhoFernandes what about the copy constructor that did not get called when I tried to initialize cat ob4=ob1+ob2 ;
That's optimisable to direct initialisation.
@AlexDan That one is because the local variable in operator+ becomes the temporary.
Hello. Can someone look and tell me why I'm getting an error? This is first time I'm using pointers in C. ideone.com/TJQ8x
2:06 AM
The copy from the local variable to the return value is elided.
@LearningC C or C++? int *option=0; doesn't compile as C.
It needs to be NULL.
@ScottW sup
And input is not a pointer (check the return statement).
@ScottW Hi.
@RMartinhoFernandes Untrue.
> I am very new to C++, coming form Java and C. My book does not mention private functions (...)
@LucDanton Then why is NULL defined as (void*)0?
@RMartinhoFernandes I changed it to NULL but I'm getting Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
2:09 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes lol
@RMartinhoFernandes Prevents implicit conversions to integral types, e.g. int i = NULL;. Also that definition is not required, is it?
@LearningC That's because a null pointer doesn't point to anything :)
so before I can use a pointer I need to point in to an address first?
Its not in c++ 0 (int) is your NULL
2:10 AM
Yes. Pointers only point. You need someplace to keep actual values.
is that means both not returning a temporary object by + operator and not calling the copy constructor to create ob4 is just a part of compiler optimization ?
@LearningC One of the operation that is safe to do on a pointer that is not pointing to anything is in fact to make it point to something useful, e.g. p = &var;.
@AlexDan Exacly.
@RMartinhoFernandes Can I do this option = &prompt();
Don't learn C unless you're also willing to learn assembly. They have much in common.
2:12 AM
It is required for my major at my school
@LucDanton Oh, I thought this "implicit pointer from 0" thing was a C++ thing.
@RichardPennington huh?
@CaptainGiraffe I'm only being slightly factitious.
@LearningC Hmm, no.
Actually, they do.
2:14 AM
So why the heck did C++ decide to allow int x = NULL?
Or am I hopelessly in need of sleep again and confusing everything?
@RMartinhoFernandes Doesn't have the void* -> T* conversion so it's not really possible to get it right without compiler magic i.e. nullptr.
Well compiler magic is allowed actually. But not used.
@RMartinhoFernandes So what is a better way of putting the return value into a pointer other than a=5; option=&a; *option = prompt();
There is a very close connection between C and assembly. Know why the ++ operator exists? Because of a PDP11 addessing mode.
@LearningC That's the best way.
@RMartinhoFernandes Cool, thanks for the help.
2:16 AM
What do you need pointer for, anyway. Just do a = prompt();
@LucDanton Oh right. Damn, I should have seen that coming.
@CatPlusPlus This is just the start of the program. I think my professor wouldn't want me to use global variables. I think it is part of the lesson, to use pointers.
Right, because variables are either global or pointers.
Mmh, I'm cutting native gold.
2:19 AM
I just flooded my meeting hall. For the third time. This time it went all the way up to 5-6 high. There are three baby bodies in the well.
Dorfs are already tantrumming.
@RMartinhoFernandes thanks for your help. I did disable the compiler constructor and it by adding -fno-elide-constructors and it worked just as excpected
I guess I should label those levers now (there are 15 of them).
At least I think I have enough spare coffins for the deaths that will be happening soon.
Doesn't know what lever does.
Pulls anyway.
My marksdwarves aren't training at the ranges :( Made sure to enable training for the squad in there + having ammunition allocated. Is it bad that the ranged and barracks overlap?
@CatPlusPlus Is that a textual image macro?
2:25 AM
@LucDanton Known (and already fixed) bug.
First invasion is going to be painful.
Bugfixes in this game are hilarious.
Apparently, zombie cats adopted dorfs.
So cutting native gold yields gold cabochons.
@CatPlusPlus I love this one NetHack bug: "Cutting in half a shopkeeper polymorphed into a long worm causes problems with messages about each half (and may crash the game). "
2:26 AM
Good evening peeps.
@LucDanton "cabochons" is a <insert cut format here>. Gems can be like that too.
Oh yeah, native gold just appears listed under cut gems. Oh well.
Did I mess with raws or is that expected?
Unity, y u no render my label.
@RMartinhoFernandes cabochon is also Quebec slang for "idiot".
@LucDanton It's normal. You can cut pretty much any stone now (don't expect much value though).
It's nice to train gem cutters without wasting precious gems.
2:29 AM
Oh shit. Even with native gold? Oh screw it, I don't want to export any more gold goods, I'm cutting it all.
But, damn, DF really feels like a ridiculously complex game.
Because width and height are 0. Right.
@EtiennedeMartel It is.
It's also ridiculously fun.
I can pwn noobs all day in SC2, but I'm pretty sure I would suck at DF.
@LucDanton Well, I suppose cut native gold is going to be valuable. But cut claystone probably isn't.
@EtiennedeMartel Everyone does.
You will lose and it will be Fun.
2:30 AM
I figured out why some of my dorf went missing for so long. Turns out he's been long dead in his room but since I forgot about coffins nobody noticed.
@LucDanton Set a jeweler workshop to encrust furniture on repeat.
Last version fixed relatives, so that if body isn't found, they don't get negative thoughts.
@LucDanton Ooops. You do know that ghost and shit exist now, right?
@RMartinhoFernandes I must manage all the things.
2:31 AM
Blissful ignorance.
@LucDanton Well, you can make it so the jeweler only encrusts gold on quality furniture.
@RMartinhoFernandes Cool, will bring atmosphere to the lower levels.
The worst part of the bugfixes is that tools have to follow, and they do it so sloooowly.
File a bug report about the bugfix tool?
@RMartinhoFernandes And before 05 they could maintain secret identities!
2:32 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes If this entails a personal burrow just so that my less talented jeweler level up I'm not sure I'm going to do it.
@CatPlusPlus I suppose that was for vampires.
Probably like vampires, dorfs thought they were normal.
> stopped ghosts from maintaining secret identities
Now, logo texture, y u no have width and height.
@LucDanton Oh, my point was not for levelling up. For that I make them cut <whatever stone can be found everywhere>. I was talking about adding value to the fortress, generate happy thoughts, that kind of thing.
@RMartinhoFernandes Yeah I did order up a lot of encrusting, and since pretty much every gem is forbidden and uncut it's going to be native gold.
Oh wait, encrust orders specify the material.
My captives have happy thoughts because I only use superb chains. They repeatedly admire their craftsdwarfship and that balances the depression of confinement.
2:35 AM
I have two vampires locked up in the middle of nowhere and they're content from admiring their respecting fine doors.
"Oh, what lovely chains I have around my ankles. I'm glad I can be here to look at them all day."
Argh, fucking integer division.
@LucDanton For vampires I have a special room with one drawbridge and they're chained on the edge.
Soooo apparently that 'missing' guy died of dehydration in his own room.
Overloaded / (integer/float division) should be banned.
@LucDanton Maybe you locked the door and forgot about it.
Or he was miserable.
2:37 AM
If that were the case he'd still be missing lol.
The engravers just went in to decorate his room.
Scan the announcements for melancholy or something.
One of the vampires I smashed on the drawbridge came back as a ghost and killed the other.
Damn, I'm stuck in a nostalgic phase, listening to the Crono Trigger soundtrack.
@CatPlusPlus Nothing, but he's been missing for super long. I thought he was rotting somewhere on the surface. On the other hand I think I would have noticed melancholy. Definitively not from a fey mood either and morale is good, too.
@ScottW Sure, I'm a platinum zerg. Not that good, I mostly play team games with my friends.
2:40 AM
I guess the good news about the flood is that now everyone is a dabbling swimmer.
Hmm. That gives me an idea. I need to bring water to the training room. There's nothing as annoying as losing soldiers because they dodge into the river.
I've never had a so well-oiled fortress.
I am however expecting a lot of fun with my 87k exported wealth and poorly-equipped 10 markdwarves.
As long as you can hole up and shoot the bastards from behind cover, it should be fine.
I don't have a safeish way to force invaders to come into line of sight though. It's drawbridge or nothing.
But you're right, I should have said 'poorly-trained 10 markdwarves'.
@LucDanton Why don't you send them out hunting? That's where I usually draw my marksdorfs from.
You can even hunt manually, if you want.
@RMartinhoFernandes Oh that's clever. But I did take a look and I did recruit some dwarves that were mildly competent. I'm in fact cautiously optimistic.
Am I right in thinking that pump training is a waste of time until they hit legendary?
2:50 AM
Operating pumps works out their physical attributes. I suppose it's more useful for melees.
So now I took the meeting hall doors out and it's emptying down the main stairway. Everyone is appreciating the waterfall! Happy thoughts!
First baby of the fortress that has grown up to be an unskilled labourer. Congratulations.
I have a two year old legendary stone crafter.
Dwarves sure grow up fast.
It's still a child and I can't make him work.
But seems he's got a gift already.
3:07 AM
> Hornblende is an unremarkable dark gray stone which can be found almost anywhere.
Then why does the game keeps alerting me when I find some? To taunt me?
Kinda related.
@CatPlusPlus Mother of all blue screens.
Well that helped with my morale, thanks. +1 happy thoughts.
So much tetrahedrite, what's copper good for? Bolts?
@LucDanton Basic weaponry and armor.
Or for making bronze.
Mining picks.
No point wasting better materials for those.
3:13 AM
Also I'm putting a copper grate on that well access.
For mining only dorf skills matter.
Likewise for woodcutting you could use a wooden training axe.
@CatPlusPlus I think that's been "fixed".
I think so too.
Woot, barony!
3:15 AM
Two days ago I mistakenly made pike instead of a pick when starting game, and I only had 3 copper bars, so instead I made axe for woodcutter from wood.
And it worked.
Can you guys use the Therapist to group by migration wave?
Shows one wave per dorf?
Worksforme. I'm on 03, though.
I noticed there's a tomb to the name of my dead dorf but his skeleton still is around. Did the dorfs bury some other remains?
3:22 AM
@LucDanton Tombs get assigned before the remains are moved. It could be that they are still going to pick it up.
I don't see a burial job in the list though.
You can use t to see what's buried.
Lazy bastards have done anything.
Unity makes my code cry.
@CatPlusPlus What are you working on?
3:26 AM
I've been tasked to create an UI for a project at work.
See, no longer 100% web developer.
You were a Web developer?
I think my organs just tore themselves from my body.
@EtiennedeMartel Where do you think all that hatred came from?
@RMartinhoFernandes I don't know... tangerines?
3:27 AM
What? Tangerines are delicious.
Ok, time to go for the adamantine!
Fun ahead.
@LucDanton Yeah, that's why my hypothesis did not make a lot of sense.
@RMartinhoFernandes You really don't like this fortress, eh?
@CatPlusPlus I have located a few safe places where I can dig without HFS.
3:29 AM
Ah, the old "save, backup and hope for the best. Otherwise, restore".
@CatPlusPlus No.
Not yet.
I don't save scum.
@CatPlusPlus The "old school FPS" approach to problem solving.
If it ends badly, it ends badly.
I do play with seasonal backups on, but that's for crash protection.
Some formations of cotton candy are always safe to dig. Those are what I'm going after.
Or at least, I think.
3:33 AM
You can dig cotton candy?
@EtiennedeMartel It's spoiler-free slang for adamantine.
C# doesn't support visibility blocks, does it? :( I don't want to type protected everywhere.
@CatPlusPlus What do you mean?
protected: void a(); void b(); vs protected void a(); protected void b();
Yeah, you're pretty much screwed there.
They decided to take the Java approach for some reason.
Q: Performance penalty of using functor to provide a function or an operator as a C++ template parameter?

krissI have a family of complex functions performing very similar tasks except for one operator right in the middle of the function. A simplified version of my code could be something like that: #include <assert.h> static void memopXor(char * buffer1, char * buffer2, char * res, unsigned n){ ...

3:46 AM
You're working with C# now?
@RMartinhoFernandes Not surprising, considering he's using Unity.
Oh, right.
Perhaps my soldiers only have leather armor but thanks to that master leatherworker they have fabulous leather armor.
@LucDanton What do you mean by "fabulous"? It's purple?
@LucDanton So you hope the goblins will be so impressed by their fashion sense that they won't dare staining the armors with blood, right?
3:49 AM
I sure hope it's goblins.
Ah, I've struck more native gold.
The music I'm listening to has a bunch of plinks in it. So I keep thinking that people are talking to me.
What's the name of the haskell package?
@Pubby It's been moved to the AUR.
Now there's GHC 7.4 in extra.
(I'm assuming you're hitting upgrade issues in Arch)
Yeah, I ran into trouble with it, had to uninstall both.
3:57 AM
Haha, I made the Unity Editor throw NullReferenceException.
Holy shit, my pasture is littered with ewe teeth. Might be time for some butchering.
haskell-plaform is not usable right now because of GHC 7.4 in extra. I uninstalled it and installed ghc and cabal-install and everything's fine.
@LucDanton Hmm, animals fighting amongst themselves?
Yeah, instead of making several pastures I made a big one so I think they bump into one another more often.
4:15 AM
Yeah, trying to trap @StackedCrooked in TVTropes was a bad idea.
I just now closed the last tab
When did I post the link?
@Xeo I still have two tabs open.
@RMartinhoFernandes Yes.
And I misremembered, it was @Mysticial
@EtiennedeMartel Cool, into which parts did you get?
@Xeo I'm currently reading about Penny Arcade and Ctrl+Alt+Delete. So, gaming web comics.
I also did a reread of a manga halfway through...
Or atleast a couple of chapters
But I think this is a good time to head to sleep, g'night
Oh, and I just noticed, I'm catching up to the robot wrt rep.
4:22 AM
@Xeo How are you on the repcap badge?
40% or something
Oh. I thought you were closer.
Nah, I had a bunch of non-SO-time-intervals
Especially after registering
which was nearly 1 1/2 years ago
I need 8 more.
So I actually would've needed to cap out a good percentage of my days here
And I'm not particularly active lately wrt the repcap
4:24 AM
Success! First nugget of raw adamantine collected.
I see this mistake all over the internet, and especially on SO questions... It's like becoming a pet peeve of mine...
Well you can't assume everyone knew a language sufficiently similar to English before they were taught it.
It's probably some language mismatch.
@Xeo Never had this problem.
For example, in Portuguese, "to be" is actually two different verbs, and they're not interchangeable. Native English speakers often get that wrong.
4:28 AM
@Xeo Oh hey, I got pinged.
Oh hey, did I manage to get you into the TVTropes trap too?
@EtiennedeMartel CAD mock thread on SA is endless time sink.
@CatPlusPlus Everybody mocks CAD. Yahtzee even did a whole video about it.
Yeah, but for these guys it's the entire point of existence.
It's 8th such thread, and it has 195 pages currently.
CAD is shitty, from what I've heard and seen. And the author seems to be an incredibly arrogant twat.
4:56 AM
Meh, why do I have to get sleepy when it's almost 6AM.
creating simple windows programmings suck...
@CatPlusPlus It's midnight here. Might count for something.
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7:13 AM
Either something is wrong with my DNS or facebook.com is down.
Facebook is fine for me.
> Google Chrome could not find www.facebook.com
try going through a proxy
A: Performance advantages of powers-of-2 sized data?

MysticialThe other answers are indeed correct that power-of-two sized data will benefit from using shifts over multiplies. However, there is a dark side to power-of-two size data. And it can hit you when you least expect it. See these two question/answers: Matrix multiplication: Small difference in ma...

A week old question. And all of the existing answers think that shifts vs. multiply is the only thing that will affect performance. lol
I don't normally answer old questions with an accepted answer, but I will when all the answers are clearly wrong.
7:31 AM
@FredOverflow well... strange but not unexpected:
8 hours ago, by sehe
@FredOverflow seems to be a known bug: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=81582
@FredOverflow That link contains, among fluff:
> @arcano_mephisto, your problem is different from the OP, you are using basically a kind of Pendrivelinux and that tool somehow creates a persistent live-usb, try with unetbootin and you shouldn't have that error
:) I'm glad you found the problem.
FWIW I have such a bad experience with USB booting (needed to install F*ing MS Windows to be able to create a boot USB for OpenSolaris ?!?!?!) that I bought a USB DVD drive.
Had the added benefit that ripping 1200 CD's over Christmas took about a third of the time less :)
@Xeo Like, it isn't, like, annoying to like interject like random words like, everwhere :)
> I see this mistake all over the internet, and especially on SO questions... It's becoming like a pet peeve of mine... [FTFY]
@LucDanton You mean these:
@ScottW Ew(e).
5 hours ago, by Etienne de Martel
But, damn, DF really feels like a ridiculously complex game.
@EtiennedeMartel ^^ try matrix chess 8x8x8

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