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7:00 PM
I'm too oldschool for installing from USB.
Hm, if I picked up 680W PSU, and would like an UPS, then it should have at least 680W of output, right?
I've never really used an UPS.
@sehe nmap?
Or maybe it doesn't work this way. Electricity is magic.
@CatPlusPlus I don't think so, since your PSU isn't going to actually draw anywhere near 680
@CatPlusPlus Correct, the ratings on a PSU are for what it can output. Since they aren't 100% efficient, you can pull more than that.
But you shouldn't be pushing a PSU anywhere near its limit.
android, y u no ship tools for real people instead of just Unix crazies?
7:03 PM
I'd be impressed if you pulled more than 200w under normal usage
@jalf Tehehe... depends on what you're doing...
@DeadMG what you doing with Android?
@DeadMG IME ρeal people suck.
*well, doesn't qualify as "normal" usage...
@RMartinhoFernandes It has been since XP
7:04 PM
@Mysticial you need some pretty beefy hardware to get much above that
@TonyTheLion My brother asked me to edit an Android image to include extra apps
The fancy PC configuration tool recommends 320W PSU.
I'd guess 250 or so if you have a serious GPU and everything is running at 100%
it's not so much about W, but about A on the 5v rails, I believe
But there aren't any Tagan PSUs in that range.
7:05 PM
and being modular is a big advantage
@jalf My tiny Core i7 920 machine pulls >300W with just 1 (normal) video card.
@CatPlusPlus Well, everything basically spikes in power usage during boot, so you need to be able to supply a good deal more than it'll use during normal usage
@Mysticial how do you measure that?
@jalf My UPS.
which gpu?
GTX 275
7:06 PM
So, 800VA/480W UPS would be good?
@Mysticial must be running at very near 100% then?
@jalf Yeah, idle, it pulls 150 or so.
I've upgraded the rig a few times since then. Now I think it pulls close 400 under load
Of course, it also depends a lot on the efficiency of your psu :)
Is it me or is this really similar to StackExchange? askbot.com
Like uncannily with the same badges etc?
Probably one of the bazillion clones.
7:08 PM
Are there no laws protecting against such blatant copyright violations?
Core i7 920 @ 3.5 GHz
6 x 2 GB RAM
1.5 TB HD
GTX 275 + GTX9800+
Card Reader
Bunch of fans
850W PSU
Pulls 400W under load
@KianMayne What laws?
Ideas are not copyrightable.
Patentable, maybe, but not in EU.
Software ideas, that is.
@CatPlusPlus You can't flout US law by being in the EU.
Unity Answers actually runs on SE software, methinks, they were selling it back in the 1.0 days.
@Mysticial k, your PSU most likely contributes quite a bit too. They tend to be most efficient when running at roughly 50% capacity, and can be very inefficient at other load levels
7:10 PM
@CatPlusPlus "powered by Qato - Enterprise Q&A"
Or maybe not. Whatever.
@jalf Yeah, which it does run at about 50% capacity. I have a higher-end machine that pulls 700W on a 1000W PSU. That one's a beast, I had to go through about 3 PSUs before I could find one that could properly handle it.
@KianMayne luckily there are not
interesting though, my specs aren't far from the same, and I certainly don't draw more than 300w
@jalf Mine's also overclocked and overvolted. I don't remember if my monitors were also on the same UPS.
7:14 PM
ah yeah, that makes quite a difference :)
also I made it a priority to get one of the most efficient PSUs
2600K @4.2Ghz no GPU -> 160W load
cos I really didn't want to listen to yet another fan
@jalf Yeah, PSU fans can be pretty annoying at near full-load.
@ScottW Yes.
I originally had a 600W PSU on that machine and it would whine whenever I pulled more than 300W... it was kinda stupid actually...
7:16 PM
@whoever is buying something, I would wait 2 months for Ivy bridge
yeah, mine is completely silent. Last I checked, it had stopped completely. I'm guessing it speeds up a bit under load, but normally, it just laughs at the load levels I present it with ;)
@bamboon I'm skipping Ivy. I'm trying to get my hands on a Bulldozer (for free of very cheap), but I don't think that's gonna happen. lol
Well beyond my computer budget for the next few years.
that's 550W btw
@jalf For my rigs, the noise comes from the CPU fans.
Though I AM lurking around for some cheap ram. Can definitely use 24GB in my main rig and 32GB in my main workstation.
7:19 PM
@CatPlusPlus at the coroners? Or in typography? In the latter, I feel that cases are rather in-abundant
No, in ATX world.
@DeadMG Yeah, in the US we have Newegg. Just as cheap.
@Xeo don't know if you are much into anime music, but wanted to let you know that I just discovered that Kalafina (from Madoka, Fate/Zero, Kara no Kyoukai) is coming to Germany this summer.
The question is mainly what should I do with my existing DIMMs...
all I'm saying is that you hardly have to go second-hand to get obscenely cheap RAM
7:20 PM
@Mysticial sell them as jewelry
@Mysticial Bin them?
@StackedCrooked Pukkel pop?
@sehe Yep.
@jalf Just run it from an external harddrive. Works wonders from me :)
@Mysticial Well yeah, Ivy is a nice toy, I am looking very forward to the reduced power compsumption cause that will make running the machine silent @ load way easier. For your development of y-cruncher, BD is definitely a nice thing. Performance wise unfortunately not.
7:22 PM
I'm still waiting for HD prices to drop... I've been putting off upgrading my Anime server for 2 months now. And the usage bar has finally turned red in Windows...
Cygwin y u deny permission to Perl script?
hmm, today newegg has "SanDisk 16GB Micro SDHC Flash Card" for $13USD (9.89€)
@user1131997 That part was apparent. I hope you do understand about 'yanking the network cable'
@TonyTheLion Indeed
for future reference, does $ indicate USD?
7:24 PM
@DeadMG Perl scripts on cygwin?
eh, I downloaded the interpreter
@MooingDuck newegg.com == US site, so yes.
@rubenvb no, I meant, for posting in SO (and other multicultural) chat
@bamboon v0.6.1 has support for FMA4 and XOP. The critical algorithm that's used for computations > 50 billion digits - by instruction count, is about 10 - 20% shorter than the AVX version only.
@DeadMG Strawberry Perl is native Windows shizzle...
7:25 PM
But I have yet to be able to test it since I don't have access to a Bulldozer machine running Windows.
well, I don't really care
@StackedCrooked I like interested in soundtracks, but I'm not so much interested in the singer :)
all I care about is that it's not working and Cygwin gave me a useless error
so finally we see it: a tiny bit of soft heart tissue underneith that crust of hate, spew and stubborness? He can't tell his brother no.

Or... his brother pays him 50EUR to do so :)
"In addition to those countries of the world that use dollars or pesos, a number of other countries use the $ symbol to denote their currencies...." so $ does not imply USD.
7:28 PM
time for pineapple
@MooingDuck I don't think most of those countries are well-represented on a world-wide Internet chat.
@Mysticial maybe get a cheap 2/4 core rig from somewhere after ivy is released?
@DeadMG chmod +x script.pl ? mount -o remount,exec mountpoint?
You don't need Cygwin for Perl, you know.
@rubenvb Nicaraguan córdoba, Samoan tālā, Tongan paʻanga, Argentina pesos, and United States Dollars. I think you're right
7:34 PM
@MooingDuck Don't forget Dominican Dollars/pesos.
@rubenvb Er, I glanced over everything. Apperently lots of places with pesos use $ as well
Gents, @RMartinhoFernandes care to vote as duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/8637096/…
Q: Printing CE / Croatian characters in Vim to printer or to PDF

ldigasMy relevant _vimrc settings: set encoding=utf8 set fileencoding=ucs-bom,utf8,cp1250,latin1 set guifont=Consolas:h9:cEASTEUROPE set printfont=Consolas:h9:cEASTEUROPE I can write CE / Croatian characters on screen (šđčćž ŠĐČĆŽ) but when printed out they come up looking as ... well, the closest d...

PS. by request of the OP (he put a bounty on the 'real' Q)
@MooingDuck they might not use $, meh
@rubenvb the word "peso" is on the page 23 times, I think I just glanced at the wrong section
@MooingDuck lol
7:38 PM
@rubenvb or I saw what I wanted to. Not sure
Anyone want to make a simple logo for me? I not haves Photoshop skillz :(
@rubenvb How simple? What text?
@sehe just give him a circle
@sehe A combination of "C" and the infinity symbol
I'm ASCIIing it right now
give me a sec
@rubenvb Ok
7:40 PM
no, it has to be connected
@rubenvb feature creep
it's more of an infinity symbol with a little part cut out at the top right of the "C"
@rubenvb ?!
@rubenvb Sounds like you got an image already. Scan it, upload it?
7:42 PM
@rubenvb or MSPaint it?
@sehe It looks quite bad in ASCII: pastebin.com/hdWzWwBS
notice the missing `\`
@LucDanton not bad
@LucDanton yeah, the infinity side should be a bit lower.
the name is CTwist or TwistedC or Cinfinity (although that last one is a bit presumptious, the other two probably grasp the value of the end product better :P)
7:44 PM
Paint skillz!
even more paint skillz!
@RMartinhoFernandes like that. Thx
C Twist v4?
@rubenvb Man, you really suck at paint.
7:45 PM
@MooingDuck I noticed that. Unrelated functionality really. And stupid business concept IMHO.
@RMartinhoFernandes I warned you. I did that on a touchpad...
@rubenvb Me too.
@RMartinhoFernandes irrelevant
So, what are you trying to market with the C brand?
@RMartinhoFernandes my very own programming language hobby experiment thing
@rubenvb what are the odds of having a partially working compiler?
7:49 PM
@MooingDuck with LLVM? Pretty good I'd say. I hope. It's a hobby experiment. So if I give up halfway, nobody cares.
I'd like to learn from this, and perhaps create something cool while I do so.
@rubenvb Did you fill in the checklist? colinm.org/language_checklist.html
@RMartinhoFernandes lol Your language will not work. Here is why it will not work.
@RMartinhoFernandes I've seen that list before. I love it
The "You appear to believe that" doesn't contain anything I believe...
unless maybe kind of the first item, but only half-and-half
The "Unfortunately, your language (has/lacks):" group is more interesting.
7:52 PM
invoking this proof crashes the compiler
"You have reinvented C++ but worse" I check that box every time :(
You require the language runtime to be present at compile-time Hmm, C anyone?
@rubenvb What? No.
oh, that sense. I was more: the C compiler is written in C, needs the runtime... yadayadaya
@RMartinhoFernandes Someone should make a fill-out-able/linkable version
7:54 PM
@rubenvb That happens in languages with metaprogramming facilities like boo or Wide.
@MooingDuck Someone should make a version that generates the code for the compiler that fits the descriptions
@MooingDuck As long as it's not "You have reinvented PHP better, but that's still no justification"
Almost every language requires some runtime support.
I'm tempted to go teach myself just enough javascript to make that linkable
@CatPlusPlus Not at compile-time.
7:57 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes are the headers part of the runtime?
they kind-a are...
@rubenvb Headers are not ran at compile-time.
@RMartinhoFernandes "to be present" != "runnable"
@rubenvb The point of that checkbox is that it needs to be there because it needs to run.
If it ends up checked everytime it's worthless.
I find the description ambiguous. Maybe I should write a language checklist checklist.
@rubenvb The previous one should make the intention obvious.
8:01 PM
I could name the language Complex. And just use the \mathbb{C} with the double left side.
compiler bugs are imaginary!
@LucDanton Damn.
Oh hey, I got email from GitHub, too.
"Action Required" :(
@CatPlusPlus Old news.
It arrived two hours ago.
8:03 PM
2 hours ago, by Cat Plus Plus
@RMartinhoFernandes Old news.
Yep, two hours ago.
> Thunderbird thinks this message is a scam.
Thunderbird couldn't spot a scam if it had "scam" in the title.
how do you translate cat ~/.ssh/* to github's shizzle format?
@rubenvb What format?
(Also, I suppose you don't want to cat your private keys)
So, my configuration is worth 4766,59PLN.
I guess I overdid it a bit.
8:06 PM
PLN? Don't you guys use Euros yet?
@RMartinhoFernandes c8:b1:d7:e3:01:9e:43:c5:28:43:5c:8f:3c:07:9d:89
that format
Where did you find that?
@rubenvb That's a fingerprint.
@RMartinhoFernandes well, how do I verify that kind of thing? I don't even know what it means...
8:07 PM
You need ssh-rsa <id> comment entry, that's the public key.
maybe I should click "need help verifying keys"
@CatPlusPlus my public keys are all given when I do cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub, don't know about your command
@rubenvb That's not a command. He meant the content of that file.
Welp, just remove whatever you have on the account and reupload them.
Gosh, what's going on here lately? Everyone seems to have devolved into a user shiver.
Fuck you guys. I first read about SSH keys on the Gitorious help site thing
8:10 PM
This kind of thing.
@RMartinhoFernandes I know that. I'm verifying my github keys like in that email you called "old news"
You can do $ ssh-keygen -lf key.pub to get the fingerprint.
(I just did like the Cat: killed the existing keys and reuploaded)
Well, I just approved mine, because I have no repositories and therefore nobody could possibly care.
and you call me a user. Sheesh. I have multiple source control sites I'd need to update. Not fun
@CatPlusPlus +1 for me too. Also "Action Required"
8:14 PM
Don't regenerate the key.
@rubenvb You only need to update those on GitHub.
GitHub security vulnerabilities don't affect BitBucket.
Fuck you "t" key.
The keys weren't compromised, GitHub was.
The whole shenanigans is because someone might have added their key to your repos.
well fuck the guys that wrote Rails.
Well, the keys couldn't have be compromised, you can give your public key to anyone.
and the guys that incorrectly used Rails (note: Rails did not fix the "bug")
8:16 PM
Plot twist: Rails is the bug.
aaaaaah! Save the children!
So, I need to cut the price down a bit. AMD CPUs are tad cheaper, right?
And not too far behind?
@CatPlusPlus I'm building a libstdc++ debug version to debug your problem. Aren't I nice?
Have fun. :P
@CatPlusPlus price-quality they're OK
an i7 is always faster, and more expensive. AMD mobo's are a lot cheaper.
8:18 PM
Phenom II is the latest, right? I hate those stupid designations.
@CatPlusPlus It seems to be a posix-libgcc/libstdc++ problem (the magic that uses winpthreads to make std::thread work), my last normal 4.6 build (without std::thread) works just fine.
They should just call it "Latest".
@CatPlusPlus What do you need the computer for?
@CatPlusPlus no, they're not. They are the overall fastest though
8:19 PM
@FredOverflow To compute!
the FX series (bulldozer) is the latest
@FredOverflow Games, development.
@RMartinhoFernandes The "t" key was compromised?
a 3.3GHz hexacore
8:20 PM
@sehe Seems like I broke it when I took them out to clean the keyboard.
@CatPlusPlus Can't you just buy a console for games? :)
or a false octacore 3.1 GHz for the same price: alternate.be/html/product/CPUs_Socket_AM3+/AMD/FX-8120/564909/…
@rubenvb 6x 512 KB Level 2 cache? Bit meh. My i72600 comes with 12Mb IIRC
@FredOverflow SSsh, you'll get him pissed.
@FredOverflow Never.
That'd be a complete waste of money.
8:21 PM
But at least you'll be able to play Mario ;)
I can play Mario on my phone.
@sehe AMDs work differently. Sheesh.
So what games do you want to play that your current hardware can't handle?
@rubenvb Ok. I'll look at some benches :)
This laptop handles games just fine.
Well, DX:HR hasn't got the best framerate possible, but is more than playable.
So anything beyond the spec I already have goes into development.
Especially RAM.
If I see OOM condition one more time I'm gonna go insane.
8:25 PM
3 hours ago, by Cat Plus Plus
Yay, Word Viewer sent my system into a catatonic state.
3 hours ago, by Cat Plus Plus
I really need more powerful computer.
^^ biggest non-sequitur of the year 2012
Well, damn Chrome takes 400MB just by being on.
@sehe Biggest hyperbole of the year 2012.
What about X4 960T (vs my current i5 M430 2.27GHz)?
I don't think I really need 6 cores.
Especially that those are damn expensive.
8:33 PM
@Fred downvote changed to upvote :)
I'd rather pick up more RAM or something.
@CatPlusPlus Can you try linking your test app for the libstdc++ thing with -mconsole instead of -mwindows?
there's an exception being thrown but the what() is in Dutch and makes absolutely no sense.
Shoot everyone that translates exception messages.
@RMartinhoFernandes Thanks, all those pointers, arrays and news got me confused :)
@RMartinhoFernandes this is Boost...
8:35 PM
That doesn't change my views.
@rubenvb Lol.
@CatPlusPlus Well, something's gotta fill up all that RAM we have nowadays, right?
@FredOverflow That's what Dwarf Fortress exists for.
@CatPlusPlus mind you, I speak dutch. It says: boost::filesystem::status: The operation has completed: "M:\Development\x64\gcc-crash\app\foo"
loosely translated
So, something is throwing when GetLastError is not set, probably.
8:38 PM
Ah, the famous "error: success" then.
How long does a computer last these days before it becomes unstable? I'm dreading having to study the hardware market again, and my computer is already 6 years old.
I think that's pretty random. Tomorrow or in 8 years
it's not like there's any significant wear and tear
For desktops, it's hard to say. For laptops, 2 - 3 years.
8:39 PM
except on fans and harddrives
i=++i ... is this legal in C++11? My bet is yes...
Eh, I broke my compiler, and don't really have time now.
It's illegal in C++
@Xeo Mine is 6 years old.
@Xeo: that's why I said C++11
8:40 PM
If your laptop dies after 2-3 years, you're doing something really evil to it
Well, depending on the type of i, of course. UB for fundamental types.
C++11 == C++
@Xeo I don't think so for C++11
@DeadMG ++++i is not ill-formed anymore in C++11, but i = ++i still is IIRC
@Xeo: check 5.3.2... ++i is equivalent to (i+=1)
SATA-II device can be plugged into SATA-III port, right?
I forget how these things work.
Even if it's not UB, it's silly and don't do that.
8:42 PM
@CatPlusPlus so is this your fault, or Boost's for not doing things right?
@Xeo: and value computation for assignment is sequenced after assignment operation
@6502 Why do you care?
@rubenvb Boost throws, not me.
@CatPlusPlus meaning?
Meaning, Boost throws, not me.
8:43 PM
@FredOverflow: because i thought I understood the new "simpler" rules (in my opinion a nightmare compared to old ones) but some C++ expert doesn't agree with my analysis
That does not help me.
Better tell me if I'm right about that SATA thing.
@CatPlusPlus I'd guess yes, but than again, I didn't even know SATA-III existed.
Sanity would suggest that it's true, but then it's PC hardware, so hell knows.
@CatPlusPlus The common abstraction of SATA-II and SATA-III is SATA-N.
8:45 PM
I was still amazed at the 600MBps of SATA-II
SATA/600 is III.
II is 300MBps.
oh yeah, 300MBps then
faster than any physical disk I've ever owned
all I need to know
even my lappie's RAID SSD stuff only reaches ~150MBps
how fast does it boot?
Do I need eSATA or not. Choices, choices.
One day I'll understand what's important about boot times.
8:48 PM
It's only important if you switch OSes often.
@FredOverflow slower than I expected ~15s
hibernate is 20s though, which is quicker than the 1min
I was thinking how well would a bare metal hypervisor and Linux/Windows as VMs in that work.
and after the boot it says that there's a new security patch for the kernel and you need to boot again...
In terms of switching between speed.
@rubenvb ty
8:49 PM
Choices, choices.
@CatPlusPlus I hate choices.
@FredOverflow Why do you like C++?
A: Unsequenced value computations (a.k.a sequence points)

PotatoswatterNative operator expressions are not equivalent to overloaded operator expressions. There is a sequence point at the binding of values to function arguments, which makes the operator++() versions well-defined. But that doesn't exist for the native-type case. In all four cases, i changes twice wit...

@6502: I have to apologize, you were right :)
2 eSATA ports make 334PLN difference, apparently.
I don't have eSATA drives, but then again, future.
I'm bad at choices.
@CatPlusPlus wow 80 euros
8:52 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Because it has an interesting history, and it does not incur abstraction penalties.
@TonyTheLion 334 plinks = 80 euros. Hmm.
@RMartinhoFernandes PLN = Poland Zlotys
polish currency
Yeah, but difference of 334 for me is greater than difference of 80 for someone earning €. :P
@TonyTheLion Shut up. I'm calling them plinks.
8:54 PM
How could you not know that PLN stands for zloty? Just like £ is the symbol for 'pounds'.
Ah, screw that, I have eSATA in the laptop.
@LucDanton It's not the symbol, it's the ISO code.
@CatPlusPlus woah, Poland doesn't have Euro?
@CatPlusPlus Yeah, symbols don't stand.
@LucDanton British Pounds is GBP
Great British Pound
Not as a native currency, no. Or not yet. I don't know how far away that is.
8:54 PM
@TonyTheLion But that's not funny.
Great British, lol.
I know, the British think they are great
well, just look at how @DeadMG behaves :P
PLN stands for Polish New (Złoty), 'cause we had denomination 20 years or so back.
hmmm Polish....
@CatPlusPlus Have you suggested replacing bare new with modern RAII?
8:56 PM
do you guys think the last comment on stackoverflow.com/a/9562764/320726 is offensive?
is Poland a nice country to visit as a tourist?
Your car is already here! No, but seriously, I have no idea.
@CatPlusPlus Wow, 10,000 to 1. So, were there notes for one million PLZs?
I know books costed tens of thousands. Dunno about notes.
reverse polish notation is cool :-)
8:59 PM
@TonyTheLion The only time I went to Poland, I came back "riding the porcelain god".
lol, just learned a new figure of speech
Is the last iteration of Dijkstra's shortest path really necessary?
> 10,000 (in 1987), 20,000 (1989), 50,000 (1989), 100,000 (1990), 200,000 (1989), 500,000 (1990), 1,000,000 (1991) and 2,000,000 złotych (1992)
What figure of speech? Nonsense?
See, even two million!

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