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5:04 PM
@Abyx why not? I can see it being asked several times, and there's research done, so +1 from me.
@TonyTheLion I so want to edit that to say FUCK ALL THE THINGS...
Anybody has a link to a question handy why T o1 = o2; does not call operator=?
good enough @rubenvb?
5:20 PM
@TonyTheLion I applaud you grandeur. Have a star.
@Xeo oh, no, but it's initialization isn't it?
@rubenvb I think thee for thy star
@MooingDuck research? he'd did research if he'd looked at the code generated by compiler, instead of writing the question "my noobish asm code is slow"
the whole question says "I don't know how to use assembly; I don't know how to use my compiler to generate assembly listing; here is my code, what's wrong with it?"
and now this question have so many upvotes %)
- because people see it, and think "it's asm so it's cool", or "there is so many letters, so there was a research", or "someone upvoted it, so I'll upvote it too"
and it seems that whole SO works such way, with noobs who can't read fucken manual, and noobs who upvote things which they don't get
...and of course with repwhores, who answer such questions
5:37 PM
That guy needs 2 more upvotes for populist
@Shog9 I edited my post. :)
Yay, Word Viewer sent my system into a catatonic state.
I really need more powerful computer.
To view words?
it might have been a big word
As in MS Word Viewer.
As in "converting docx kills your OS for some reason".
Maybe it'll be better to just get rid of it, and let OOo crappy-convert those stupid documents.
5:45 PM
Isn't OOo just as bad?
I've always found word viewer to be bearable, much more so than both the full MS Word and OOo
Well, OOo haven't forced out 95% of my OS out of the memory into swap yet.
in my experience, that's only a matter of time
Excel Viewer works fine, but Word Viewer is pretty much shit.
OOo? Open Office .... ?
5:48 PM
what's the little "o" then?
OO is more ambiguous.
I always picture it as the sound you make when you realize how painful it is
Then we'd call it "fuck".
5:49 PM
the lowercase o is for when the last bit of your will to live drains away
Rabble rabble Libre Office rabble rabble. Seriously though what happened? Did the fork get forked?
um, can you fill in some of the rabbles?
it's a bit ambiguous as it stands :D
5:50 PM
just replace "rabble" with "rabble"
I'm looking up stuff.
I think Libre Office is dead.
there you go
It's the most active one afaik
OOo hasn't seen much development, nearly all the contributors abandoned it
@CatPlusPlus you're not good at lying: cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice
5:50 PM
and moved to Libre Office
So maybe it's the other way around.
Who cares.
It's shit anyway.
The only useful part of those office packages was always a spreadsheet.
The rest might as well not exist.
Can't find any interesting news, it might be the case that I read something that was blown up out of proportion in a blog rant.
anyway, as far as I'm concerned they all suck. Including MS Office
I can just about tolerate Microsoft's Viewers
5:53 PM
I'd very much prefer if people just export those damn things into PDFs.
Also, completing PC from scratch is hard. So many choices.
(Though having two goals in mind — must run DF and C++ compilers — it's pretty easy to discard the lower half of the computing power.)
I wonder if 16GB of RAM would be overdoing it.
Those 6-core CPUs are so tempting and so expensive.
@CatPlusPlus expensive? An AMD X6 is like €/$ 200
I need to buy all components, including PSU, mobo, RAM, HDDs, and whatnot. It adds up to "a lot".
That's unfortunate.
yeah, but in the past it's always been the GPU that cost the most :)
I'm pretty happy with 8gb. If you need to keep costs down, RAM is easy to upgrade later
6:02 PM
RAM is cheap currently though
€80 gets you 16GB DDR3 1600
yeah, but not as cheap as not buying it ;)
and it'll get cheaper the longer you wait
well, until at some point in the future when DDR3 isn't being manufactured any longer ;)
@jalf not per se. It moves up and down. It jumped down recently, and is rising slowly again.
but that's probably a few years off
@rubenvb yes, but overall, it's getting cheaper per GB and cheaper for the same timings
hi all!
there are a lot of temporary spikes in the RAM market, but the baseline trend is always heading downwards
6:04 PM
Good <time of day> all.
Hmm, 18:00. Seems like I phase shifted completely. Good evening, then.
I went to sleep at 6 and woke up at 15.
So it's morning.
@CatPlusPlus no, you went to sleep at 18 and woke up at 3. Go back to sleep, it's still dark.
It's already dark. It wasn't dark an hour ago.
It's always dark in my room.
(Especially since the light bulb blew up and I didn't bother replacing it)
6:08 PM
how can help me with testing http/ftp/dhcp/dns/smtp of my server?, wil be very glad if you help test me

for FTP , anonymous user is allowed, if it doesn't work, so user/pass are guest/guest

thanks! very will be glad for testing! thanks! ( especially want to test DHCP/DNS/SNTP exactly )
Fishing for stars?
Woah, someone censored @Konrad's censored rendition of the word "fucking". I'm speechless.
@RMartinhoFernandes I didn't even get the point the first time. I read that and I thought it was deemed '(self)promotion' due to linking outside SO :)
Only later did I see the edit war that preceded
@user1131997 fishing for direct IP?
6:16 PM
@sehe IP is static && public
I'm hungry, but there's nothing in the fridge.
SLI — yay or nay?
@CatPlusPlus Sometimes I get the impression its only use is "Well, I still have GPU budget left over, what shall I do with it?".
> A security vulnerability was recently discovered that made it possible for an attacker to add new SSH keys to arbitrary GitHub user accounts.
@RMartinhoFernandes Old news.
6:18 PM
@CatPlusPlus I just woke up.
@CatPlusPlus no
Already fixed. It was massive assignment vulnerability, because Rails sucks.
@CatPlusPlus I know that Crossfire has its uses when multiple displays are involved (although one-card solutions exist) but I don't know if the situation is similar for SLI.
To sum up, if you only have one display and are budget bound, then nay. If you have multiple displays, then I don't know.
nVidia spec pages are so annoying. Where are supported GL extensions, dammit.
I want ARB_debug_output.
Wait, it's the 7th already.
6:22 PM
And now that I think about it, it doesn't need anything on GPU side.
Silly me.
@CatPlusPlus indeed. Fixed within the hour
@sehe I'm glad they didn't take the Apple approach to security vulnerabilities.
Also GeForce designations are so confusing.
GTX560 isn't all that old, right?
@user1131997 You don't need random remote clients to test network services, you know.
1 message moved to bin
@CatPlusPlus No. The 500-series is the latest series.
@user1131997 perhaps people didn't exactly request you publishing their IP without their permission
6:25 PM
@DeadMG That moves someone's IP somewhere else though.
@LucDanton user should delete it
call a moderator
@sehe Too late now.
they seem to be hanging around here plenty anyways
@DeadMG Yeah done.
6:26 PM
Q: Inline assembly language is slower than native C++ code?

user957121I tried to compare the performance of inline assembly language and C++ code, so I wrote a function that add two arrays of size 2000 for 100000 times.Here's the code: #define TIMES 100000 void calcuC(int *x,int *y,int length) { for(int i = 0; i < TIMES; i++) { for(int j = 0; j ...

@LucDanton OK Thx
I'd bet 10 dorfbucks that IP is behind firewalled NAT, and you can't do shit with it anyway.
Why do these things only show up when I'm asleep!!!
@Mysticial I wondered how you'd like that one :)
@CatPlusPlus Courtesy and privacy, not security.
6:27 PM
@Mysticial Solution: don't. Sleep.
Entire Internet knows your IP.
Entire Internet is courteous. Obviously.
@LucDanton +1
@LucDanton This room != the entire internet
6:28 PM
Still, it's also most likely dynamic IP.
@ScottW Holds a grain of truth
@sehe For now.
@ScottW Now, use trigraphs: This room ??!= Entire Internet; for added effect
So, now, which GPU manufacturer is the bestest.
@sehe Yeah... I've never seen a performance question shoot that quickly to the stop of the SE hot-list without the help of reddit.
6:29 PM
@CatPlusPlus Doesn't matter. What you want to know is, what consumer grade graphics card is the bestest for your money
@RMartinhoFernandes Fat chance.
@CatPlusPlus ATi and nVidia are pretty equal this generation.
I don't mean GPU chip, I mean card manufacturer.
well, the differences between them are pretty meaningless
just pick one with a warranty you like or something
6:31 PM
@user1131997 There you go:
Interesting ports on
Not shown: 987 filtered ports
21/tcp   open  ftp
80/tcp   open  http
515/tcp  open  printer
987/tcp  open  unknown
992/tcp  open  telnets
993/tcp  open  imaps
995/tcp  open  pop3s
999/tcp  open  garcon
1029/tcp open  ms-lsa
1801/tcp open  unknown
2103/tcp open  zephyr-clt
2105/tcp open  eklogin
2107/tcp open  unknown
Feel free to publish the source IP :)
@sehe You did :(
That's destination.
It'd be funnier if there were port scanning honeypot in there.
So, Seagate is still good at HDDs, right?
I prefer Samsung, personally, but Seagate have a good rep
@DeadMG Perhaps. The source IP for your lulz:
@user1131997 Also, it is Windows OS:
Not shown: 992 filtered ports
21/tcp   open  ftp
|_ ftp-anon: Anonymous FTP login allowed
80/tcp   open  http?
|_ html-title: Site doesn't have a title (text/html).
515/tcp  open  printer Microsoft lpd
1029/tcp open  msrpc   Microsoft Windows RPC
1801/tcp open  unknown
2103/tcp open  msrpc   Microsoft Windows RPC
2105/tcp open  msrpc   Microsoft Windows RPC
2107/tcp open  msrpc   Microsoft Windows RPC
Perhaps you'd be wise to yank the cable and tighten your firewall a tiny bit
6:34 PM
Unless you want the internet to print on your thingie
@sehe Oh and BTW, if you're up for predictions. Hmm... I predict drhirsch's answer will hit 100 - 150 by next Thursday. Assuming the question doesn't get reddited.
Oh gawd a printer.
So who's printing first?
@Mysticial who would reddit that
@CatPlusPlus everyone all at the same time?
6:36 PM
It's Windows spooler, it'll die.
@CatPlusPlus I'm not interested. I'm not going to install Samba on ec2 just to be able to annoy someone
The question is, what are you printing?
porn, obviously
@sehe lol, Sambda.
@RMartinhoFernandes THE STANDARD!
6:36 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes muscle memory. Also, there is a four yeaer old exercising drum riffs on pots and pans of his play-kitchen
dude, that's just cruel, take up his whole ink and paper reserves to print a tenth of that thing
I can see the call to customer service.
"My printer started printing C++ standards all of a sudden, HELP."
@RMartinhoFernandes I'll print the latest draft, we can share rounds firing different revisions of the standard at it
6:37 PM
@sehe You'll be surprised. But this one certainly isn't something that would be too popular on reddit.
That reminds me I need to rebuild my draft.
@rubenvb only 80€ for 16 GB, really? I think I need to build a new PC just to have that much RAM :)
@sehe don't understand about firewall
Eh, PSU.
I know from experience Tagan is solid, but that's about it.
6:47 PM
[07/03 22:38:43.478] DHCP Inf: Serva's own interface MAC AsustekC/F4:6D:04:73:A9:72 : ignoring request
That's a dog.
@CatPlusPlus A pointer is a dog.
@CheersandhthAlf very funny about C++/CLI :)
smile must be ^)
6:49 PM
@user1131997 What?
@RMartinhoFernandes You mean it points to a dog.
@CatPlusPlus No. "Pointer" is a kind of dog.
If kites are raptors I can believe that pointers are dogs.
And monads are cats?
6:50 PM
Arrows are dorfs.
Pointers are used for hunting. They got that name because they stop and point when they find game.
The Pointer, often called the English Pointer, is a breed of dog developed as a gun dog. It is one of several pointing breeds. Description Appearance The Pointer should be athletic and graceful. The immediate impression should be of a compact, hard-driving hunting dog, alert and "ready to let go." The primary distinguishing features of this breed are the head, feet, and tail. Hound or terrier characteristics are undesirable for show purposes. Grooming an English Pointer is not time-consuming. The coat is very short and needs only a quick rub with a soft brush to minimise shedd...
You treat this discussion too seriously.
@RMartinhoFernandes remember how ^ is using in C++/CLI
@RMartinhoFernandes I knew they did that but not the name. A name which is the "See Spot. See Spot point" sort of name.
Sweet, I just got an email form github telling me that no action from me is required
6:52 PM
@jalf So what are you going to do?
don't worry, I have no intention of acting
my very best inaction is at their disposal
Welp I'm taking a break.
Why is there so many cases available, WHY.
I had 20-hour nap yesterday.
6:54 PM
@CatPlusPlus upper case and lower case and...?
pascal case and camel case, I guess?
@jalf And thousands of PC cases.
the case of your mom
@ScottW Nope.
6:55 PM
I think my record is 22 hrs after a 4-day music festival.
DVD+/-RW are so cheap.
(I've been out of the loop for a bit.)
@CatPlusPlus They don't even bother to box anymore at some of the stores I've been to. They just have a stack of them (sometimes) in bubble wrap with like a $15 USD price tag...
The real cost of a DVD drive is the space it takes in my case...
Well, I don't really care about BluRay, so the cheaper the better for me.
It's mostly for installing the OS anyway.
Windows still not installable through USB?
I was a bit tempted to get a bluray drive, solely so I can watch BSG in HD. But that seems a wee bit extreme... :p

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