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12:00 AM
Just finished my first paid open source contribution: github.com/conorhoughton/COMS10002/pull/…
@Ell You got paid to fix whitespace?
@ScottW if you come and get it
@Borgleader :D
My lecturer gives 50p/£1 for every mistake we point out depending on the severity of the mistake :P
Some are put in intentionally
like this one
When you're refactoring a function and you realize it's just std::merge.
@ScottW m8 it's 1 gbp, I should get more than a kiss for that
12:04 AM
@Ell I provide cake if the my mistake is severe. I dole out cake about once a year.
What are these new mobile Intel CPUs.
They're so weak 0_o
@Nooble how do you know?
@Ell I've checked the tensile strength of the chip Just looking at the specs on ark.
I think you underestimate them
Oh it may be because of the whole lower power usage thing.
12:08 AM
@Nooble What model is it?
@Borgleader 5500U.
Intel Core i7-5500U @ 2.40GHz	4043	499	NA	NA
Intel Core i7-2630QM @ 2.00GHz	5568	324	34.81	$159.99*
indeed, the one from my laptop from years ago is better
but then U is the low power ones no?
Ugh, I thought it wasn't midnight yet...
@Morwenn it isnt :)
It's already past 1 in the morning.
12:16 AM
@Borgleader but yours has 324 while the new has 499
what about that tho
also surely you can only compare CPUs with benchmarks
not with specs
@Borgleader I think so.
@Ell it is a benchmark, the first column is the result, second is the rank in the list
oh lol
well don't I look a fool
@Borgleader :D
12:19 AM
@Borgleader Ah yes they're designed with power limits in mind.
For Ultrabooks.
@Ell Don't worry, we still love you <3
The thing about powerful processors in laptops is... Throttling. Almost all laptops suck at keeping themselves cool under pressure.
@ElimGarak Save for some gigantic laptops.
The laptop I have has a decent cooler.
Then again, it's not much of a laptop anyway.
@ElimGarak Mine has really good cooling
Its also huge as fuck (Notice how I split that correctly to avoid stars :))
@Nooble Compile the thing
@Nooble do it
@набиячлэвэлиь WHYYYY
12:24 AM
@Nooble You ain't gon' regret it
@Nooble No
@набиячлэвэлиь You used SFML.
@Nooble mumble
@набиячлэвэлиь At friend's house.
Currently no access to a PC.
@Nooble Bang her and get back home, dammit
I have important matters to discuss with you
Don't know if she'd appreciate that.
Nooble gets more action than me. I'll go cry in a corner now.
@Borgleader He even has a grillfirand
(markdown sucks)
@Nooble Even a zero-width non-joiner doesn't work
guys I used unsigned long
am I going to hell?
@Nooble Take your time and perform the burrito trick.
12:31 AM
@Ell No.
@Morwenn Now that's some next level shit, right here
But you should use unsigned uint512_t instead.
@Nooble that'd be uint512_t
@набиячлэвэлиь Damn it.
12:32 AM
Would two unsigneds cancel each other out?
@Borgleader She's just a friend :P
@Nooble friends with benefits are a thing :P
i think?
@Borgleader It is.
@Borgleader Not in his age
But I'm 15.
He's fifteen, dammit
12:34 AM
@набиячлэвэлиь Oh when's your ++ day btw?
Oh, right
it's fine as long as your friend is 15 also
@Nooble 2.12.2000
So, like, in 4 days
It's fine as long as everybody's ok and nobody complains.
I still can't get used to the 2000 in their birthdays
12:35 AM
@набиячлэвэлиь Oh you're using non-freedom notation.
23-7-2000 for me.
@Nooble I'm using the correct and sense-making format
@набиячлэвэлиь But where's the freedom?
@Nooble In your girlfriend's ass
(sorry, but "girlfriend" has the right amount of syllables to it)
@Nooble Where's luxury condo? Where's sports car? Where's Barbara with big titties and Stephanie who sucks like a vacuum?
@ElimGarak Speaking of which, I bought an apartment in GTA V.
Everything was 40% off because of Thanksgiving.
12:38 AM
@ElimGarak All nüked
I got a 300K apartment for like 150K.
Can you do that for me IRL?
@Morwenn What's that?
@Nooble Abstract a vagina (and peripherals) to a burrito
I think
12:41 AM
I see...
Gonna need help implementing this.
@Nooble You pick her up to the bedroom, make sure everything is sweet and ready. Then you only leave a bit a light so that everything feels comfy. You look her right in the eyes, then you take the duvet, roll yourself into it like, throw yourself on the floor and yell « I'M A BURRITO! ».
Works everytime.
@Morwenn Ah!
WTF ensues.
Anyway, time to go to sleep. I'll teach you later how to master the skill.
/cc @BartekBanachewicz
@Morwenn Good night, sweet prince
12:44 AM
@Morwenn night :P
@Morwenn Hahahahahahaha xD
Thanks ^_^
@Morwenn I'm too weak to pick anything up.
@Jefery lol
12:47 AM
@Nooble It was metaphorical. Just make sure she follows (it's fun alone too but then people might just assume you're crazy).
Good evening.
what are the numbers before the decimal called with a fancy word? 123.456 <- the 123 part
@Nooble lol you suck
Q: What are the numbers before and after the decimal point referred to in mathematics?

Calvin FroedgeSorry for asking such a basic question - but is there an actual term for the numbers that appear before and after the decimal point? Example: 25.18 I know the 1 is in the tenths position, the 8 is in the hundredths position. are there singular terms which apply to all of the numbers that appea...

12:49 AM
@Borgleader ty sir
integer and fractional then, needed method names
@JohanLarsson Didn't you know that, sir?
and came here for some engrish
Q: index access and range optimization

Basile StarynkevitchConsider the following code: extern int tab[10]; int f (int x) { if (tab[x] < 0) return 0; return x >= 0 && x < 10; } My feeling is that any C99 compliant compiler (with some hosted implementation, not freestanding one) could optimize the last return statement into the equivalent of retur...

@Andrey nope
Isn't it possible that (tab[x]<0) returns false even inside bounds?
Why would that be ok to optimize to return 1
12:53 AM
oh wait lol
Ooh, a milestone, 8.2 MB/s peak. 8.3! 8.4! And that's all she wrote.
@ElimGarak my milestone is 120kB/s
@ElimGarak Of what? Porn?
@Borgleader Redownloading GTA V, 61.3 GB, so every little bit helps :D
That moment when your if statement is actually bigger than your penis
:27173315 if (x < 0) ?
☑ mauled ☐ not mauled
that question is silly
tab[i] is UB for i out of range, then the compiler can do anything at all vOv
she didn't choose the gamer life, the gamer life chose her.
how exactly does one make living playing videogames?
do you even esports m8
@ScarletAmaranth You should have watched the CS:GO link I provided just before Fnatic won Dreamhack.
welcome to 2015 gramps
☑ rekt ☐ not rekt
1:22 AM
@ScarletAmaranth the problem is when that leads to UB, because it depends on x
> you need an extra 2650112 KB to save the game
@ElimGarak I hear the Cloud is a new thing.
@CaptainGiraffe was she a pro of some sort?
Its Saturday night, what is everybody up to?
@Mikhail it's 1:30am on a Sunday here - just working and all that :p
1:29 AM
Aren't flexible array members considered VLAs?
I thought so
Do they even compile in C++?
I think its C99 only
I need a TIME_MEASURE c macro
@Mikhail Use g++ and be happy.
Honestly, I don't see the difference between VLA and just dumping a pointer at the end of the structure... Don't they always get heap allocated?
Q: Why static initialization of flexible array member work?

thndrwrksI have written the following basic code for a menu: typedef struct Menu { char* title; unsigned num_submenus; struct Menu *submenu[]; } Menu; Menu sub1 = {"Submenu 1", 0, {NULL}}; Menu sub2 = {"Submenu 2", 0, {NULL}}; Menu Main = {"Main Menu", 2, {&sub1, &sub2}}; /* No Error?! */ ...

1:38 AM
I was looking at a C++ question that had a flexible array member, which I thought a C99 only
Then the guy asked about sizeof, and I said that It works on VLA. But Ben said that they are not VLA
Then he said that both are not C++ valid, lol but I thought that VLAs were
@набиячлэвэлиь How.
1:56 AM
@jaggedSpire good girl seal
@Borgleader aww
that's so cute
ISIS rubber ducks ... courtesy of 4chan
trolls fear nothing
Razer lost its touch :( They ruined the Diamondback
2:04 AM
IMHO it's unlikely ISIS will plan an attack on 4chan based on those mocking ducks ...
inb4 they were never good
Yeah well
They were never good
Well wtv, Ive had one for years and I still like it
I'm jk. :)
Razer sucks, those mice with roller ball are the best
2:14 AM
time2 slepe
time2 crepes
Hey guys! Could anyone direct me to a good article on how to use pointers effectively?
I'm trying to delete a pointer from an array and it's giving me strange behavior(in that the object doesn't actually seem to be deleted)
@Mikhail can't use vector - this is a college course and you know how anal they are about using arrays instead of std libraries
@OneRaynyDay I co-teach a class and I'm not anal about it...
2:24 AM
@Mikhail Oh... well then specifically for UCLA then.
If you want - I can send you the entire source code for the part about the reproducing error, but I'm guessing most of you guys don't want to look at 500 lines of code haha(I don't know why my professor doesn't let me split my files)
Sometimes it takes a week to find out a pointer problem in only 250 lines, so how about you ask a full question in the main site?
uh oh
I've no idea what editor I'm inside
probably vim
Too late, will become vim user from now on
@OneRaynyDay how are you confirming that the object is being deleted?
it's vi
I didn't even know vi was installed
@Lucien gotcha. Will do if I'm super stuck.
2:33 AM
@Ell hah, almost
@VillasV Confirming the object is deleted because I'm using the keyword delete and then couting that value at the address then pointing that pointer to null
@OneRaynyDay I didn't understand. Why doesn't it seem to be deleted?
@OneRaynyDay Trust me, you are already super stuck since you use raw pointer.
@VillasV I'm writing a console game for my cs31 project - and the robot that seems to be deleted is still moving on the screen when I didn't change my pointer to null...
2:37 AM
But you can't expect it to disappear by deleting it
Does freeing the memory just mean it's allowed to be overridden, or does that mean everything there is wiped out?
The former
Ahh.. I might have a fundamentally wrong idea about what freeing the memory is then
Bit more complicated than that, but yes, usually the former.
I didn't instantiate any new variables on the heap - so I guess the object was still "there", though it was deleted
that's so weird... C++ y u do dis
2:39 AM
But why other component in your program still have access to a deleted pointer?
That hints a potential bug to me.
It is more important to remove that robot from the list of robots to be drawn, and after that you delete it to avoid memory leak.
Well, I guess its equally important... but games and memory leaks walk together lol
True and true
Ah, so you mean to just point the pointer to NULL after deleting, and then error check to see if pointer is NULL as to not dereference it
But yeah, I understand where you guys are coming from and am making an effort to just single it down to 1 pointer array and do what I said above^
thanks so much :)
I just reviewed the VS2015 change log, and there's a bunch of c++14 features that's not implemented.
Guess M$ pays more attention to C#.
They are full of contradictions
I've seen an IntelliSense bug for C++ that is several years old, yet they are developing the first C++ Guideline Support Library
2:50 AM
I just don't understand what they are thinking.
Microsoft's products just seem a tad bit buggy in general
I don't understand why the entire microsoft office package has 30million lines of code
Yeah, "there is a problem".
Yep, that's probably consequence of dividing everything by small teams.
I mean, its Office 2016 already and still, if you try to end a recurring event it will reset all changes to past occurrences.
Well, I guess that has something to do with forward compatibility.
Derp my font skills are terrible.
Hey guys, is it not possible to do something like this?
delete m_robots[i];
m_robots[i] = NULL;
return true;
2:57 AM
It's funny to watch you edit that. No offense.
I was just a tad embarrassed LOL
It would be preferable that you didn't waste space storing null pointers, so you would not need to spam a bunch of null checks all around, but that would suffice
My XCode gave me a EXC_BAD_ACCESS, and it came from this method where I was deleting the robot. I can't see what I would be doing wrong.
Oh, I see. The array would never get any larger for a specific game so I thought this was alright. I guess I could also reshape the array, but I'm just curious as to why it's giving me an error
you know what you should use
inb4 professor won't let
3:00 AM
Agree with @VillasV. But since you are required to use a raw array, there is not much to do about it.
what happened to this place
I don't recognise 99% of you
someone save me
Implement a home made vector<> maybe?
I recognize you, talking about python the other day
I'm new to the chat.
3:03 AM
@Rapptz hullo
sup luc
@OneRaynyDay I guess your update function would scan the entire array and access all non-empty pointers.
I would - but not only am I super tired of data structs(had to write my own Collections library in java), but I'm trying to finish this so I can sleep :'(
oh yeah it's luc, gregor mcgregor and rapptz prime time
@Lucien yeah, that was where I went wrong actually - there was just too many update functions, so I missed one!
3:04 AM
was busy ig earlier
wow dropping the MMO lingo
isn't it early there?
3:07 AM
@Rapptz well the game has its own day–night cycle but it doesn’t really matter
I'm still knee deep in python
where did I go wrong
@LucDanton which game were you playing?
oh no
He's playing Luc Wars 2
Is that real life? Is it just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality. Yeah... I didn't get that Luc Wars 2 joke (if it was ever intended to be one)
3:16 AM
I was trying to look for sphinx themes today to no success
Roll your own css
Said no one ever
I don't hate myself that much today
Haha I tried to CSS my own resume. Bad idea. I even took out CSS from my resume after that.
Hey I'm learning C++ I was wondering if there was a super easy way to convert an integer to a string or C-String without having to go through the trouble of stringstream?
@VillasV why fancify your resume? Isn't it better to just lay everything out in a standard format?
3:20 AM
TIL geordi is written in Haskell
@Ethan There is non in standard way.
@Rapptz I don't think it would be that hard to build a CSS theme for that kind of HTML markup
@Lucien Ok, thanks!
@Ethan std::to_string
@OneRaynyDay it was not even supposed to be fancy, it was pretty basic stuff. Me sucking at CSS that was the problem.
3:21 AM
@Rapptz Oh, I forgot this one.
@VillasV ah gotcha.
@Lucien wait seriously?? to_string exists in c++ too?? Awesome, precisely what I was looking for, thanks
LoL, like googling for it was too hard
@Ethan Yeah, defined in <string>, std::to_string(...)
@Lucien Got it, thanks again. I was really not wanting to have to work with stringstream.
3:23 AM
Yeah, but keep in mind that std::to_string is only available in C++11
@MarcoBonelli Ok, that is no problem, but thanks for that info
3:41 AM
Hey, another question. I have an input filestream. I want to read an entire line and read it to a string, I tried this (example): inFile.getline(str); This generates an error, why?
Which error?
IIRC, getline is in std::
use std::getline(istream& is, string& str)
Ok then I have a weird bug somehow....
That is the getline you are looking for, but istreams also have getline in their scope
I think I understand what youre saying. Example: cin.getline(string str);
std::string str;
std::getline(cin, str);
3:47 AM
K then I dont understand...
oh ok, i getcha now
Or just std::cin >> str;
@mafagafogigante cin is a member of std.
that’s not the same
Hmmmm would the fact that my string has '/' in it make an impact on how it's read?
Or scanf :-)
@Ethan nope
@VillasV K. I didn't think so
3:50 AM
@LucDanton Oh shit whoops.
If you want an entire line, use std::getline.
Disregard what I said.
@Nooble Yep, done have :P
@Nooble "cin is a member of std". Yeah, spot on. I wanted to name a generic istream and got that, thanks brain. It can be std::cin, but can be any istream that is referenced by a variable named cin. Just unfortunate variable naming.
I haven't used getline in a while... forgot the istream.ignore()
@VillasV @Ethan c-faq.com/stdio/scanfprobs.html Do not use it until you better understand what you are doing. Your IO streams are fast enough.
Im stupid...
3:57 AM
I didn't meant to tell @VillasV not to use it, just not to recommend it to beginners.
@mafagafogigante thanks
@mafagafogigante name it in_stream or something
Name it anything but cin, I get it.
@ScottW hey
@mafagafogigante I dont use scanf
3:58 AM
Name it string and screw everything.
@mafagafogigante i
@ScottW I got a few loads through, I'm in no hurry
Thanks guys! I really appreciate it

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