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4:00 PM
If they bump major version number, they'll have an excuse for charging more.
@jalf Yet another argument not to call any OS, "X 11".
Huh, I ate ice cream before I ate dinner. Now I feel strange for not wanting more ice cream.
@Potatoswatter not wanting more ice cream is strange
Are there any well known emo coders on SO?
4:08 PM
Just wondering.
emo coders?
Coders who are emo.
Like the Zynga guy?
I cut & paste sometimes. Does that make me emo?
4:12 PM
@Pubby Only if you eat the paste.
or cut yourself
I just want to feel something :(
If you cut somebody else it's not emo.
then its daknøkic.
@Pubby Convincing!
4:13 PM
But Pubby is just cutting a physical object, like wood.
Not people.
Thus not emo.
So I'm a poser?
emo wannabe
@StackedCrooked dutch ftw
I can't get this to compile. I'm trying to implement first_equal() as a functor? for the find_if()-algorithm. nameserverinterface.h: ideone.com/wAMcO, vectornameserver.h: ideone.com/khV0N, vectornameserver.cc: ideone.com/me9A2, test.cc: ideone.com/GlEHt, errors: ideone.com/PcilT
could use some help, please! :)
Don't specify header files on the command line.
4:27 PM
Also std::binary_function.
uh Meta police were here?
Wtf is/was their business in here?
@Als there are even now here... 2 of them
@DzekTrek Who's that?
Mods wanted us to chime in on the question deletion audit, which included the C++ book list.
4:29 PM
@CatPlusPlus: Thanks, not much change though. :/
@Zolomon Well, first rule is to specifically not use using namespace std!
@CatPlusPlus Wanted to delete that? Huh!? Why?
@DzekTrek: I deleted that, think I left it to see if I'd forgotten using std::XXX;
@Als Just look more carefully. ;)
@DzekTrek Yeah, Well I see. Duh
4:31 PM
@Zolomon Now, from this point it works fine you just need to add naseserverinterface into the scope
Q: The Great Question Deletion Audit of 2012

Robert HarveyIn the spirit of The Great Question Deletion Audit of 2010, I give you the great question deletion audit of 2012. These are basically all of the highly-voted questions on the first "Most Votes" page that, if asked today, would quickly be closed as Not Constructive (this is not a complete list):...

and everything will work fine.
@CatPlusPlus thanks, I will have a look.
@DzekTrek: How can I do that..? The header file is included in vectornameserver.h?
@Als They tried to delete our Torah. :)
4:32 PM
It's already been moved to tag wiki, it seems.
Yes, but you use it everywhere. For instance delete names..... h in ntest.cc cause you already applied it in vector....h
@DzekTrek Oh I see our ape @sbi has taken the plunge there posting probably the general feeling of the c++ folks.
I upvoted that.
This problem is trivial, but I don't want to give the solution, 'cause I see you can solve it by yourself. Just follow the flow of the applicaiton.
@Als Yep, he is our leader for this week. Suprisingly but we haven't discuss any matter so far, but next week I will take the position and we will handle many problems we are encountered with.
@CatPlusPlus It seems there is not enough work load for the mods that they take this up.
I already said, I don't really see a problem with moving it to a wiki, be it tag wiki or our one.
4:36 PM
Also, down the Gilles answer, 'cause that was the point of our work too.
When linking to it, we only mean the question content anyway, not the answer.
I suspect that you mean I should use NameServerInterface:: before the types in the find_if struct?
Triest it to see
@DzekTrek Leader? huh I guess @sbi was never a follower but I haven't been here a few days and We started officially electing leaders or something? Fill me in on this one pls...
@Als Yep, every week so that our C++ work on this server be remembered. :)
Next elections are on Monday, for two days.
when did that happen?
4:37 PM
Where is everyone these past few days
5 days ago.
@SethCarnegie We work on some big project, all of us.
uhm Actually I have been away my grandfather was critically ill
He is much better now but still in the hospital.
@DzekTrek so everyone just started yesterday?
I'm trying to finally get this blog thingy of mine up and running, before I lose all of my free time again.
Oh din din time...
4:38 PM
@als Sorry to hear it. Is he OK now?
@DzekTrek Thanks, he is better, not critical anymore
oh excuse me folks need to run see u later.
@SethCarnegie Nah, robot is involved in some project in NV, I think. sbi is doing some project too, in short we are all involved in doing some big project now. Work is calling us. :)
@Als Thanks God. :) OK see you pal.
@DzekTrek: What is it that's missing its scope declaration, I can't tell from the errors; ideone.com/bgUfe :/
Use Clang.
well, don't use twice std:: pair remove using.
4:41 PM
@CatPlusPlus: Would if I could. :(
it goes to register taking pair and comes back again to look for pair
pointer is confused, deal with it, and tell us what you get now
@Zolomon What is wrong with Clang?
Of course you can.
Nothing is wrong with Clang, I just can't use it where I am at the moment.
new error: ideone.com/PcVBr
where are you?
OK, delete all usings( it is stacked again with some using ) and apply to all std:: where it is required.
4:46 PM
if you have some find delete it there too
Nope, doesn't work - same error.
You applied to all std::pair right? For instance vector<std::pair<HostName, IPAddress> > store;
I remove all using statements and added std:: to vector, cout, endl, pair etc.
Q: 3 types of Initializations

T.J.Today I came to know about 3 types of initialization in C++: Zero Initialization Default Initialization Value Initialization I have google about it but no satisfactory results.All i get is few standards .What I have understand till now is that in case of value initialization ,data member...

needs more close votes
Ok, one by one
4:51 PM
@Zolomon You can edit your messages for two minutes.
vectornameserver.cc:25:78: error: no match for ‘operator=’ in ‘it = std::find_if [with _IIter = __gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<const std::pair<std::basic_string<char>, unsigned int>*, std::vector<std::pair<std::basic_string<char>, unsigned int> > >, _Predicate = std::binder2nd<cpp_lab4::first_equal>](((const cpp_lab4::VectorNameServer*)this)->cpp_lab4::VectorNameServer::store.std::vector<_Tp, _Alloc>::begin [with _Tp = std::pair<std::basic_string<char>, unsigned int>, _Alloc = std::allocator<std::pair<std::basic_string<char>, unsigned int> >, std::vector<_Tp, _Alloc>::const_iterator = __gnu_c
@FredOverflow: Thanks, didn't know.
This tells compiler that prototype of the function operator= isn't defined, define it then.
Why should I have to do that? It's find_if that returns an iterator, not first_equal()? That should just return a bool when it's done its operation?
okay back for a bit
4:54 PM
I don't deal with the logic assuming you have done it, I just tell you what compiler wants. and it's pretty obvious where it halts.
@DzekTrek: Right, thanks! I'll keep on looking.
vectornameserver.cc:27:21: error: base operand of ‘->’ has non-pointer type ‘std::pair<std::basic_string<char>, unsigned int>’
Here, you have non-pointer type
@FredOverflow Uh I think I answered a Q about that today, and saw another atleast 2 q's including this one...whats with the initialization winds?
either declare it as pointer or approach it as an object approaching.
It doesn't target any slot, so you have to either define or get to it through instantation.
And tell me now what errors do you get.
@DzekTrek Seems you have taken up the bots role of resident expert :)
4:59 PM
@Als I wish :) I like to help people, @MooingDuck taught me so. :)
@DzekTrek I know duck teaches C++ I believe as a professor, You a student of duck? Or you mean taught you here?
I'm his student here. :) He teaches me very good things about C++. Whenever I need something, I approach to him for the answer.
I see, thats nice.
You are a student yourself?
5:04 PM
Yes, I'm a CS student. :)
okay :)
What about You? Are You a student too?
@DzekTrek No I am not a student as such though I still do study :P I am a professional programmer a Technical Lead if you want to go by the titles.
Tries are cool
@Als Nice! :) That's the title worth of admire. :) Where do You work, if it's not private thing?
@jalf Here comes the best programmer in transaction modelling. :)
5:09 PM
@DzekTrek I work for a not so big company, So you might not even know of it :)
@Als it's not microsoft is it
That's nice.
small companies are more efficient than some big by some studies
@SethCarnegie lol
it's all in organization and leadership.
@DzekTrek Honestly, It's all in your interest not on the company you work for.
5:11 PM
What do you guys think of the FAQ for the C++ tag I started: loungecpp.wikidot.com/faq
If you are inclined towards learning more and better you do irrespective of whom you work for.
Yep, that's why I said leadership and organization.
@SethCarnegie Nice! You are going to steal a lot of people of rep haha
@Als I'm really tired of answering the same 10 questions 10 times a day
@SethCarnegie That's nice.
5:13 PM
@SethCarnegie I know :) But thats the best part of it, If you don't answer someone else always does. It's good to have the FAQ though, saves everyone lots of trouble.
@Als I'm just going to paste a link to that and vote to close from now on
@SethCarnegie That is not encouraged
@Als why?
@SethCarnegie Pure links are not encouraged for 2 reasons: 1. If the link dies out the answer becomes useless & 2. You may want to add a bit of summary and then paste a link so that builds the interest and shows your effort as well.
That is the So rationale not mine.
Ok, dudes going out to study now, see you later. :)
5:17 PM
@Als Or if you can find one of a million duplicates to close as.
@Als oh no I didn't mean just one link and that's it, I meant doing it the way that "Please work on your accept rate: [link to accept rate article on meta]" are done
VC++, with its great wisdom (and a -W4 flag) decided it would be good to inform me that I accidentally put a ; after a if statement. Kids, use high warning levels, it'll save your life.
@DzekTrek happy studying.
You can probably keep a bookmark list of all the close targets for all the common questions like x++ + ++x.
hmm....null references...and misconceptions...
A: How references are internally stored in c++?

AlsReferences are just aliases internally the compiler treats them same as pointers. But for the user from usage perspective there are several subtle differences. Some of the major differences are: Pointers can be NULL while references cannot.There is nothing called as NULL refere...

5:19 PM
@Mysticial the page I wrote has a lot of those too so I thought that would be helpful
If you can find existing questions for all of those, then add them to that.
That way, when they're asked, post a link to that page. And then close as dupe of the appropriate target.
@Mysticial I did already
have you seen it?
@SethCarnegie Yes, but I didn't scroll down yet. :)
@SethCarnegie It's a great piece of work, Needs a applause.
@Als What the fuck is that SigTerm guy doing in the comments?
5:21 PM
Yeah, it looks good. Gonna bookmark it.
@EtiennedeMartel Trying to prove that you are allowed to shoot yourself in foot though its not advised or encouraged.
@Als Yeah, like we needed proof.
@EtiennedeMartel :) It keeps happening over and over again...
Either the books are not good enough or the teachers who teach.
@Als It's usually the latter.
There definitely is a problem there somewhere..
@Mysticial I didn't study CS, and I had to teach myself so I can't say for sure but looks like it.
5:27 PM
I still remember taking my first C++ class in my undergrad. I've been (and still is) a Windows user for most of my life. Being forced to learn Linux to do my C++ assignments because the professor didn't know that Windows existed sucked hard.
@Mysticial Most C++ teachers are great C programmers.
@EtiennedeMartel or great Java programmers
I almost failed that class because I never figured out how to submit my assignments properly using some obscure Linux command... So halfway through the semester, the prof came to ask me why I wasn't do any of the programming assignments...
@SethCarnegie Yeah, that's another problem.
5:30 PM
@Mysticial ouch..must have been a nightmare.
@Als Exactly. I did eventually get credit for all those assignments since I logged myself into in front of the prof and she was able to verify that nothing had been modified past the due dates. But still yelled at me for not knowing Linux/Unix.
@Mysticial oh atleast that was a life saver then.
@Mysticial I'd say what sucked is that they didn't teach you enough Linux to be able to hand in your assignments
Now I kinda know what my cousin had to put up with when she got dumped in New York without knowing a single word of English...
being forced to learn Linux isn't a bad thing
but failing to teach it to you kinda is
5:33 PM
@Mysticial turnin?
@EtiennedeMartel I don't remember what it was. I had to SSH into some machine that was configured with extra commands for submitting shit among other things...
And I had never heard of SSH prior to that class.
I'm glad we had to learn linux at university. It's quite a useful skill. I'm still a newbie compared to my coworkers who've used linux as their primary OS for ages, but just having had exposure to all the basics is pretty handy
@Mysticial Yeah, here we have to transfer our files to a Solaris machine with SFTP and then SSH into it to execute the fucking turnin.
Heh. Oracle must have zero interest in academic clients, I wonder if they're gouging the universities on support, so the last of those dinosaur systems will finally go away.
What I don't understand is why every single programming class assumes that you already know Linux. Even for like CS101... I don't know of a single person from my high school that used anything other than Windows or Mac during their high school years.
5:41 PM
Well… Mac is similar enough to Linux for CS101 purposes.
I actually started on Macs. Then after about OS8, I switched over to Windows 95 and have stayed on Windows since. (though now I dual boot along with Linux)
I started on System 6 and stuck with Mac ever since. Had too much invested in knowledge of APIs to ever switch. Not that I would have wanted to ;v)
I was still a kid at the time I switched to Windows. So I hadn't anything going yet.
I was born in 1984.
@Mysticial not all programming classes do. Some just assume you'll learn it along the way ;)
some even teach it :)
5:48 PM
@Mysticial well for (corn)fuck's sake, you're at my alma mater!
anybody who can help me with a question about aggregate objects in Domain driven design?
@Bob shoot.
Ok, thanks.
You're @ UIUC? Or Northwestern?
I have a class named StudentDriver, DrivingLog and DrivingRecord.
5:58 PM
@Mysticial I was in Champaign-Urbana in 2002-2010.
StudentDriver is the class with the name of the person, age, email etc.
DrivingLog is the class for keeping DrivingRecords which is the class that holds data about each time you have been driving, like the distance, duration and so on
I joined UIUC last year. Right when you left... Lol
Now, after I learned about aggregates I seem to think that everything is going to be wrapped in a Aggregate root
Like, a DrivingRecord doesn't need to exists without a DrivingLog, and a DrivingLog doesn't need to exist without a StudentDriver.
so what I have done is that the DrivingLog is the aggregate root for DrivingRecord
and StudentDriver is the aggregate root for the DrivingLog
You see where this is going? I seem to think that everything should be put in an aggregate.
@Mysticial Oh well. Man, I miss the snow. Looks like you have a few well-exercised CPUs to keep warm through the brutal months :v)
@Bob It sounds like you're describing a database. What does the program actually do?
DrivingLog seems superfluous, if it's just a list of DrivingRecord.
And yeah, it sounds like plain old database, and you usually don't do databases without DBMS.
6:04 PM
It is an application where StudentDriver has a "book" (DrivingLog) of records (DrivingRecords) that tracks of far he/she has driven, duration and so on
Each person may have multiple driving logs
or books
It still sounds like you should be doing a frontend to a database.
Well… the filesystem can be abused as a database, to C++ it's similar anyway.
This is the models. But as I said, I think I am confused about what goes into an aggregate class and when to stop and just have references between them
Well, if you want to code your own DBMS.
Put it this way… as long as it's simple to define the file format, which amounts to DBMS in this case, then your data will map to a C++11 aggregate.
6:07 PM
That's a fraction of DBMS.
Querying is important, too.
I don't think you guys understand what I am talking about. I think you confuse the word aggregate with something else
Avoid references if you can, keep everything simple.
You're thinking of composition.
Aggregate has a particular meaning in C++.
6:08 PM
That's how we call has-a relationship in OO.
if taskHook is a function that returns void, then what does this code do: *(int*)0x1938=(int)taskHook; It's fugly, I know, but I want to understand what it does
Anyway, your schema sounds like a simple hierarchy with a few has-a, one-to-many relationships.
@TonyTheLion Writes address of that function casted as an integer to a hardcoded address (0x1938).
@TonyTheLion isn't it obvious?
@CatPlusPlus weak has-a relationship unlike composition eh
6:10 PM
@TonyTheLion It breaks on a 64-bit system with 32-bit int, that's what. (But I suppose if the addresses of variables are hardcoded it's more broken than that already.)
lol nice Q here:
Q: What am I dragging

smallBHow can I detect what is being dragged while in: void dragLeaveEvent(QDragLeaveEvent *event); Thanks.

@DzekTrek I'm appreciated!
@TonyTheLion Oh, you were working on the embedded system with no OS, is this still part of that?
It wouldn't work for the world in a hosted environment.
@Potatoswatter it's compiled for ARM
@Potatoswatter yes, well it has a realtime OS
@SethCarnegie not when you've never seen something like it
6:13 PM
@TonyTheLion you've never seen casts and pointer dereferences before?
Some people see C as just a portable assembler. Others forget the portability.
@TonyTheLion it casts taskHook to an int and stores it at address 0x1938
Can anyone find a link to a question where the asker experiences a segfault because he's modifying a string literal
nevermind, found one
@MooingDuck you spelled it wrong, plus the questioners rarely know those terms to ask
6:20 PM
I was meaning something like this stackoverflow.com/questions/9106752/…
Q: Assigning C strings

zoulI’ve got the following code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { char* a = "foo"; char* b = "bar"; a = b; cout << a << ", " << b << endl; return 0; } This compiles and works, ie. prints bar, bar. Now I would like to demonstrat...

@Potatoswatter ah thanks very much, adding it to the faq
following Duck's search terms, very tidy demonstration.
@Potatoswatter did you see the faq yet :) loungecpp.wikidot.com/faq
6:23 PM
@SethCarnegie oh gosh, I did I really? bah...
@SethCarnegie yes, but not all in one concatenation, it's just a cryptic way of writing it
@TonyTheLion doesn't seem cryptic to me at all :)
@SethCarnegie char* array = "hello"; // RIGHT:.... Where's the const?
@MooingDuck which part
"When printing/working with a const char* style string, garbage shows up at the end and/or my program crashes"
6:25 PM
@SethCarnegie well, you've prob got more experience than me
@MooingDuck fixed
@SethCarnegie Pretty cool. Mediawiki is nice though, maybe the server stack at cppreference.com is free.
@SethCarnegie how about "I have heap corruption/stack corruption, can someone help me find it?" -> "use vector/string"
@MooingDuck feel free to add it, I don't want this to become my thing only :)
@MooingDuck I'd also add to the title "I am using arrays/pointers and I have a heap/stack corruption..."
@MooingDuck Well, the reallocations done by vector and string are actually a main source of corruption for me… deque is the safest choice.
6:28 PM
@SethCarnegie they never mention that part in their question
@Potatoswatter 99% of the time this is my answer
@MooingDuck well if they read it then they'll know it's what they're doing
6:44 PM
No chat?
The chat is randomly playing the ping sound when no one is @ing me
for me too
it works?
It's been 5 minutes anyway… if it was ever really offline at all.
6:59 PM
@SethCarnegie if someone edits a message addressed to you, it will re-ping
@Potatoswatter well, we took down all the servers ;p So yes, it was offline.
@Mooing I suspect that both of those pings related to the big white message-box of impending outage.
@MarcGravell somehow I missed that
@MarcGravell Yeah… the comments about the outage ping occurred over the next 2 minutes or so, hence my confusion.
7:23 PM
ohai - that was unexpected! SO down :)
At least it didn't happen yesterday...
@Mysticial that's is likely a joke (at least the chat was down ever so briefly somewhere the last few days)
I mean SO being down right now. If it happened yesterday...
It would've sucked for me at the very least.
7:48 PM
I'm surprised not more of us are here. Usually, when SO goes down, everyone swarms right in.
They all out dancing in night clubs.
@MooingDuck It is my pleasure. :)
8:12 PM
Dancing is for crazy people.
That explains why the C++ room isn't empty
what, because the sites are down?
@CatPlusPlus That or they are told to dance by somebody who is pointing a gun at them.
8:28 PM
@Shog9 The C++ Lounge is rarely ever empty. I used to see the "Last message X hours ago" message rather often about a year ago, but nowadays it's rare that X even is 1.
@StackedCrooked That still counts, just the crazy person isn't the dancer.
@Potatoswatter No way you're that young!?
@Als He was pulling your leg.
Code Complete says that parameters should be consistently ordered: (1) input parameters, (2) input/output params and (3) output params. But now I notice that this doesn't always work because if an input parameter has a default value then it has to be last. Also it's often more natural to put output params first if the function overloads on input parameters. Guess I should write him letter :)
That sounds like a reasonable convention. However, the opposite seems just as reasonable.
Thanks, fixed it.
Actually, I noticed it a while ago.
8:40 PM
I prefer returning to output params.
That too, of course.
If only C++ had better support for multiple returned values, even automatic insertion of make_tuple and tie.
So, @Shog & @Marc, what made two nice chicks like you come into this raunchy place on such a starry night?
Is the meta chat down?
@CatPlusPlus You mean that return 1, 2, 3; would return tuple<int, int, int>?
Tuples are way more comfortable when lifted to language level.
Also a, b, c = foo(); where foo returns tuple<A, B, C>.
But not gonna happen, so.
8:45 PM
In the end it's just minor sugar.
> We’re doing another C++ and Beyond, and Herb and Andrei have given in to my pressure. If you reside in Antarctica and you’re the first to request free admission to C&B, you’re in! — Scott Meyers
// Not quite as nice..
auto ret = foo();
int a = ret.get<0>();
int b = ret.get<1>();
It's bit annoying to spell std::tuple<A, B, C> in the return type and std::make_tuple when returning.
@StackedCrooked int a, b; std::tie(a, b) = foo();
Meta's up, SO's still down. I expect it'll be up again shortly.
8:47 PM
@CatPlusPlus Wow, I didn't know that.
SU's back up too.
Perhaps some cool stuff could be done with the comma operator when returning tuples.
@StackedCrooked In 20 years of C++, I have yet to see something cool to be done with overloading the comma operator. All I have seen done so far is wanna-be-cool.
@sbi Never say never :)
Actually Scott Meyers said to never overload the comma operator.
@StackedCrooked I didn't say "never". All I said is "so far, not".
8:52 PM
@sbi I didn't say you said never :D
@StackedCrooked I will not say your message implied it. I clearly see through your plan.
It's a trollish plan.
@StackedCrooked I don't like trollish plans. (Does that make me a dwarf?)
No, disliking trollish plans implies nothing of that sort.
@sbi Isn't that boost::assign thing kinda cool?
8:55 PM
@StackedCrooked Oh. You haven't read Pratchett then. (Why am I wasting my time with you?)
@DeadMG Might be. But if so, I'd claim I haven't seen it yet.
Nope, sorry. I plan to eventually start reading his books.
SO up?
@DzekTrek Nope, as far as I can tell, it's the only one that's still down.
people, some nice books about design patterns( and if possible examples of it ) Thanks.
8:58 PM
SO is still like >10x bigger than the second biggest site?
@Mysticial very strange. What are they doing?
@Mysticial blog.serverfault.com is also down
@DzekTrek GoF.
@Mysticial Superuser?
@KianMayne SF works for me
SU is also up.
8:58 PM
@sbi GOF?
@DzekTrek No. It's GoF.
@sbi OK, GoF is what?

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