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7:04 AM
rip sanity
I kept some of it. Don't tell anyone
Good morning.
Jun 20 '13 at 21:10, by not-sehe
I'm not not sehe
There was this "break" from chat I took.
Am I the only crack pot here from the USA, at this time of night?
@Lalaland And no, I didn't keep my avatar:
Jul 3 '13 at 18:58, by Monad Newb
lol, I just noticed your avatar, @sehe
@Mikhail Possibly
7:08 AM
Are there regional dialects of C++? Maybe everybody in Japan uses pointers?
@Yamaneko <god-voice>no</god-voice>
@Mikhail I know for a fact that smart pointers have been banned in France (for the obvious reasons)
Don't listen to the advice about airplane, because it's lethally dangerous thing to do especially if you are not a high-skilled pilot! — Sarge Borsch 12 hours ago
@sehe nice
would be funny if it weren't so true
@sehe They're actually banned in Quebec for not being named in French.
7:15 AM
A: Why can we see through rain?

NordikLow density of raindrops is the answer. However, the change we see in the scene due to the rain can be explained with modulation transfer function. Higher spatial frequencies added to the scene, and lower spatial frequencies suppressed with falling raindrops lower the contrast of the image. Co...

A dik answer. In a good way
@MaiLongdong yes?
It looks like shit.
nice animation though
that lowercase G
7:17 AM
@slaphappy what are you what happened
is the wrong shape
it has only one hole
I don't like the new typography
@MaiLongdong Havastar™
@elyse much less jarring than the short end-of-curves on both G and e
@sehe yeah, the correct answer is that we can see through rain drops, we just don't have the capacity to make sense of the data. Taken to the limit they are identical to diffuse objects.
7:18 AM
quick rant on [typography.se]
@MaiLongdong t'a me
@Mikhail or inverse. We can't see undistorted but there's enough of intermittent signal that we just see a noised image
no you don't
This thing is a wreck on mobile
stop telling lies Facebook
7:21 AM
@slaphappy Tu disais que le market access c'est chiant non ?
@elyse Radick
"we care aboot you"
@MaiLongdong no
Radick Slutpek
@MaiLongdong a crever
@slaphappy Tu as fait ça combien de temps ? J'en peux déjà plus
7:22 AM
> scripting in C++
Q: White Stroke in Black Gif

Tech9logy CreatorsI created a Gif animated file in photoshop. in white background everything is perfect, but in black background it shows white stroke. Above image works fine But when I change the background it shows white stroke. Please suggest me

Mais je connais pas mal de gens qui en ont fait
dat interracial
> Running Python lasagne with CUDNN in Ubuntu 14.04 Linux
7:24 AM
au moins tu peux faire tu boost 1.59 @MaiLongdong :D :D
who the fuck calls their library lasagne
@slaphappy Ouais mais tu verrais le code qui va autour. Je veux arrêter.
an italian programmer
@R.MartinhoFernandes wow, you're training some serious shit over there :D
Such as being an incredible hipster.
7:33 AM
Apparently Google changing logo is a newsworthy event
It's not even a good logo
Yes, because it looks like shit and is very distracting.
@elyse I can't believe @sehe whored that question that was clearly off-topic
looks like it was drawn by a child
google is clueless about design it seems
first material now this shit
7:34 AM
Well, they have designers that are being paid, so they better do something.
How about they improve their goddamn products
oh it's ok, the 'e' is on a slight tilt, so you know they are a cool hip company
@thecoshman It wasn't about photoshop :)
@sehe no...
@elyse muh. Don't leave chatty comments — sehe 9 secs ago
what's with all these righteous bastards
@sehe nooo
Apparently I misread that. wtf
huh... is a whore answer to a clearly off topic question 'Abusive'? it's abusing the system, claiming rep where there shouldn't be any...
7:39 AM
Extra glorious with gid now!
A: White Stroke in Black Gif

seheIndeed the white outlines are the problem: While you're at it, optimize the gif using transparent background (so you can use it wherever you like instead of having a separate version for each background) using e.g. gifsicle to avoid repainting the whole frame and reduce file size

@thecoshman Who's "claiming" rep?
I think I'm losing it there. And not deservedly, but who the fuck cares.
@MaiLongdong Ça c’est un sale type.
Anyhoops. Fixed it. Proving this wasn't photoshop related at all (I can't afford that) — sehe 5 secs ago
@MaiLongdong You forgot to remove it
> Space: Begin a comment. The next non-space character ends the comment and is interpreted as usual.
7:42 AM
@sehe you
What with all the French lately here’s a helpful key
@thecoshman No I'm not.
@MaiLongdong ffs guy
@LucDanton the inconsistent capitalization at the end threw me off
@thecoshman You should have earned the Owner status. So you could ~~do something about this~~!
Anti-social Justice Warriors
7:44 AM
@sehe cold
He started :)
@sehe I did earn it... I then threw it away :\
Gents. Think about this. What's "bad" here? The question, or the answer? If the question is off-topic, why downvote the answer? It's damaging to the community. — sehe just now
@thecoshman Thejoke.rar
> You can’t downvote in here, this is the answer room.
7:48 AM
Wut. Are you referring to this?
Eiffel's like Current is great.
deferred class
    infix "<" (other: like Current): BOOLEAN deferred end
Now a subclass A may accept only A as a parameter to infix "<".
More useful in return types though, because LSP.
stop the fucking caps locks in languages thanks
    asymmetric: Result implies not (other < Current)
wooo shiny
7:53 AM
@MaiLongdong ok
I like all-caps class names in Eiffel.
I think it looks nice.
@Borgleader For glClear, in order to wipe off a specific render buffer (render target), you have to first... bind that render target, or is does the regular glClear without any bindings automatically wipe all targets?
@ThePhD o_0 even I struggle to read that
> even I
7:58 AM
@elyse block caps looks shit
as if you were a paragon of literacy
@MaiLongdong paragon of illiteracy
It was poorly phrased.
@ThePhD to say the least
7:59 AM
a literal paragon, metaphorically speaking
The paragon, even. "a paragon" seems mildly paragonical
@MaiLongdong work at coincoin's company
and watch it die slowly
@MaiLongdong it's when they copy/pasta a lot but with more structure and some layered design (contrast with spaghetti code)
sehe is on a spree
8:03 AM
Gah, std::this_thread::sleep_until does not work with time points from std::chrono::high_resolution_clock on VC++...
@melak47 welcome!
I can do gl {stuff} in my address bar and it'll lookup that function in the OpenGL Wiki and bring me right to the page if I spelled it right.
neat :p
@melak47 Sounds bizarre. Good luck. Also hi
8:04 AM
but openGL is dead :p
am I doing something wrong here?
You misspelled µs
The imbuing seems gratuitous, although not wrong per se.
@sehe :)
@melak47 Fat chance. Vulkan is going to be super fucking hard to use, and it'll be a while before it gains market traction, I'm sure.
@LucDanton wanted the separator :)
8:06 AM
@sehe ¬_¬ what source you go on that pasta?
@ThePhD is that chrome custom search engine things? I like thos :)
@thecoshman Firefox, but I'm sure Chrome does exactly the same thing.
@ThePhD yeah
cppreference doesn't mention any requirements for the clock used, like being monotonous or anything :/
@melak47 that takes a while to load
8:07 AM
@thecoshman of course not. It's just cached
@melak47 looks fine to me :\
@melak47 Maybe it’s the locale hard-coding that I should find reprehensible instead.
@LucDanton eeek unicode in plain strings?!
You can UCN/u8 or whatever takes your fancy.
@ThePhD I don't think I'll actually learn Vulkan in detail. It's probably going to be too low level to really worry about that.
8:10 AM
@ThePhD Vulkan is piss easy compared to OGL
What makes you think it's "super hard to use"?
@MaiLongdong Is it?
@LucDanton sort of neat. :)
Mmmh UCN doesn’t make sense for implementation-specific though.
Vulkan, unlike OGL, is not a state machine.
@MaiLongdong The API being very explicit makes me imagine the series of function calls needed to complete a task is lengthy, and that order would be incredibly important.
8:11 AM
High level wrappers will solve the task
@melak47 delta_ms should be delta_us
@StackedCrooked right.
template<class _Rep,
	class _Period> inline
	xtime _To_xtime(const chrono::duration<_Rep, _Period>& _Rel_time)
	{	// convert duration to xtime
	xtime _Xt;
	if (_Rel_time <= chrono::duration<_Rep, _Period>::zero())
		{	// negative or zero relative time, return zero
		_Xt.sec = 0;
		_Xt.nsec = 0;
		{	// positive relative time, convert
		chrono::nanoseconds _T0 =
		_T0 += _Rel_time;
		_Xt.sec = chrono::duration_cast<chrono::seconds>(_T0).count();
seems like this might be the reason...
That totally looks like the reason.
@MaiLongdong it's those that I want :\
What am I looking at btw?
8:13 AM
@thecoshman Give it some time
@StackedCrooked VC++'s sleep_until takes an xtime, this is the conversion from chrono::duration to xtime
@MaiLongdong is Vulkan even 'stable' yet?
ah, no, wrong conversion. oh well, more debugging..
I have a function f, and a function g, and g must be called after f is called but before f returns.
f won't return until g is called.
@thecoshman Preliminary public specs by end of year
8:15 AM
But I have no way to tell whether f has already been called, which is shit.
@MaiLongdong stable end of next year :\
@elyse what are you on about?
Unit testing.
@thecoshman So what
@elyse sounds awfully funky for unit testing...
Yes, it is.
8:16 AM
@elyse wrap it :D
@melak47 I hate that retarded indentation style :/
have a class that can run f and keep track of if f has been started, and if it's returned, and provide that return value if it has it.
eh, that won't work
@Griwes :D
It literally hurts my eyes.
8:17 AM
You can't tell whether f has been started.
It's impossible.
@elyse you use this class to start f too
Yes, so?
so you know when you started f
@Lalaland as if that ever stopped me. You can do some stats. I'm probably here 50% of the days that time
void start() {
    fStarted = true;
8:18 AM
@elyse class
This is wrong. f has not started yet at that point.
@thecoshman this is a method in said class hth
@elyse ffs what are you playing at?
Do you understand concurrency at all?
I know it only brings pain and suffering and shouldn't really be an issue for unit testing
The test don't have to be correct.
8:21 AM
Currently I use a sleep but it breaks every now and then.
2 mins ago, by elyse
Do you understand concurrency at all?
OTOH this is a soft real-time system so the system taking too long to respond can be considered a bug.
@sehe what do you mean?
@sehe Yes, I do.
And that's why I dislike the current "solution".
@elyse massage it so it becomes hard
8:22 AM
@elyse but if you swap the statements then there's gonna be a small time window where the function has started and fStarted is false.
@StackedCrooked If you swap the statements, fStarted = true; will be set after f() has returned.
which is worse?
The result is a deadlock, since f() will definitely not return if fStarted is false.
Hmm, wait I have a better idea.
I thought you didn't care so much as to weather or not f() is actually running, just that you didn't want to run it twice at once
I'll modify f() to send a message to me when it's ready.
Well that was easy.
8:23 AM
ITT @elyse is bad at testing
struct ImReady : Message {};
@thecoshman "shouldn't really be an issue for unit testing"
@elyse who put the "solution" there... :(
@sehe me :v
@sehe I guess it depends what your 'units' are :P
If you have any threading related code, then thread safety is a key concern to test
8:25 AM
but generally, if a function wants to use concurrency to solve a problem, you don't care. As long as it returns the right result.
@sehe nah, can't test everything bro
Well well. If you assume that the implementation has no errors, you don't need to test much in the first place
@thecoshman ...
@sehe That's a bold stateeatm nto mke
Can't test everything therefore shouldn't test anything.
@R.MartinhoFernandes exactly :D
@thecoshman Of course you cannot. But that's no reason to not test critical things
Oh. I was late. Hi robor
Erlang needs fewer colons.
in string literals
blame the network protocol that I designed
wow Skylake iGPU is wow
8:36 AM
@MaiLongdong more information
yeah way more
@sehe not that many
% ack ':' apps | wc -l
@Mikhail inb4 giyf
@sehe sorry I don't speak dutch
8:40 AM
I wanna make my own GPU software company
@Mikhail ga weg, gekke buitenlander

@MaiLongdong CPU simulator running on GPU.
the guy I was on the phone with, the other day, who sounds like a james bond villain
well he kinda looks like the skyfall villain too
@TartanLlama Seriously?
@Mr.kbok Next thing you know he's gay
@MaiLongdong You didn't explicitly ask for good ideas.
8:45 AM
@MaiLongdong GPU toilet
wait I have an idea
GPUs are good at doing simple, repetitive tasks right?
> Modern GPUs are very efficient at manipulating computer graphics and image processing, and their highly parallel structure makes them more effective than general-purpose CPUs for algorithms where processing of large blocks of data is done in parallel.
@Mr.kbok Yeah essentially. Many similar tasks in parallel.
@Mr.kbok a GPU fap machine?
@MaiLongdong why don't you write a GPU software that praises scala so that we can replace @elyse with it
8:49 AM
well done
There is a library for running Scala code on GPUs.
thanks :3
> a software
@sehe lol
@elyse should be an* software clearly
Shit I posted a minified link in a comment, the code is not perfect, I can't edit it, and I got an upvote. wat do
@MaiLongdong Are there some OS tasks that take a lot of compute that can be sent to the GPU like scheduling?
8:51 AM
must. avoid. being. seen. while. collecting. metals.
@MaiLongdong post a new comment and delete the old one.
@elyse wasted upvote
oh no!
@Mikhail I don't think so
what a catastrophe!
Maybe antivirus detection. You could send over the memory pages and perform pattern matching on GPU.
8:52 AM
@MaiLongdong What do you do in an unexpected pregnancy? Endure it for the rest of your life
@elyse yes
@chmod711telkitty speaking from experience are we
@chmod711telkitty You mean @MaiLongdong had unprotected sex with an upvote?
I would if I could
@MaiLongdong Is this IO limited?
I'm not sure actually
It does touch a lot of pages
But I don't know how sophisticated is the processing of those
8:55 AM
I'd like to start a software company too
I had a few ideas, but :effort:
Start porn website is bound to be successful. :P
@MaiLongdong many things you can learn without having to go through it, not everyone has a low IQ, you know ...
@Mr.kbok SE is where answers mate with questions, many unexpected things are created which will lead you regret for the rest of your life.
@MaiLongdong mine bitcoins :D
@TonyTheLion It's not really selling software though.
@Mr.kbok I have no ideas and still :effort:
8:56 AM
@Mr.kbok Write software obfuscated to look like porn.
I have ideas but not a big money buffer
@Mr.kbok But it makes money, so who cares? :P
@TonyTheLion I'm making more money here.
stupid 7z only using 2 out of 32 cores!
Compression is very interesting too
I could make a GPU compressor
8:57 AM
Compress ALL THE GPUs
Compressing porn is very interesting.
@ElimGarak Especially where you have to check the quality to see if its still viewable
The problem with compression is it requires a lot of knowledge to make something competitive
I'm totes not just compressing nearly this entire drive just so I don't have to worry about what I need to keep around...
@MaiLongdong if you use a GPU though, you can just brute force loads of algorithms to see which one yields best results
@TonyTheLion always lossless
8:59 AM
@TonyTheLion it's a hard job, but someone has to do it
@thecoshman It's combinatorial

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