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3:00 PM
@ElimGarak Here comes Johnny singing oldies goldies
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ :D Mark Knopfler for president 2016.
@ElimGarak He got the action and he got the motion
@Mr.kbok it really depends on the hardware. I personally have had no issues whatsoever with Linux on the 4 computers I have used it on. Must of the time stuff just works.
Yeah the boy can play
@ElimGarak high dpi display?
3:02 PM
@Lalaland Standard, but will replace with UHD displays soon, hopefully Linux respects high DPI otherwise I'll buy a microscope.
The data showed 20 million men had checked messages on Ashley Madison, compared with only 1,492 women. For the chat system, 11 million men logged on but only 2,409 women did so, Gizmodo found.
You can just try changing the default font size.
@ElimGarak KKKDE
Also, nothing beats Windows mouse acceleration curves.
3:03 PM
wtf is this dark web I have been hearing about?
Use i3.
is there really such a thing?
@ElimGarak there's probably a way to configure that on kde.
@chmod711telkitty Same thing as the regular web except the CSS is using darker hues
3:03 PM
@Lalaland I sure as hell hope so!
@chmod711telkitty tor and freenet are what people usually mean by that.
@AnastasiyaAsadullayeva what does a regular web look like?
@sehe Not being against LGBT implies you're racist.
Freenet is pretty cool.
@chmod711telkitty Like the dark web except the CSS is using lighter hues
3:05 PM
@Lalaland tor uses another searching algorithm other than the one provided by google?
@chmod711telkitty no. There are certain sites you can only access through tor. I forget what the feature is called.
Dark Web has basically been media-painted as something terribru. It's nothing special, beyond using specialized "gateway" tools like tor.
B******** is a great song.
3:07 PM
speaking of terribru dark web stuff... CSI Cyber. AHAHAHA
So I have been using the dark web all along :') ... just too dumb to know >_<
@ScottW Seems like a very reasonable question.
Vs the "normal" web where your IP is visible
@ElimGarak the special part is that they are usually completely anonymous.
"Dark web" is a valid term. It's just been over dramatized.
Well, that's what it was spawned for so it makes sense. A gated community implies privacy. :P
The term "dark" might have something to do with it
3:09 PM
your butt is dark
If it was called "light web" it wouldn't sell as much
In the newspapers I mean
Livestream web. Let folks watch you browse.
I can already see elyse browsing dark butts.
Anyways, stuff like freenet are legitimately interesting.
Q: Why doesn't my compiler compile properly?

user5292516I'm trying to compile a simple "Hello, World!" program but it's giving me this weird S symbol. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall g++ but no matter how many times I do it, this happens. I even reformatted my whole system but I don't want to do it again! Please somebody tell me what I'm doing w...

Checking out Sublime Text nau.
@ScottW Too much functional programming praising, definitely rightfold.
Or a Bartek sockpuppet.
Whatever happened to daknok?
3:14 PM
how are things implemented
like, pre-emption
Left folds are so much nicer than right folds anyways.
does it require special hardware support?
hardware support is nice to have for that
@Mysticial hahahah
3:15 PM
hi cicada
Ahahah, I just noticed Longdong is gone. 'nother identity crisis!
Long dong is never truly gone.
RIP Longdong :(
Mai Longdong will always be in your collective hearts orifices
3:16 PM
@ScottW it's a bot.
If you're gonna post a troll question, can you at least make it more interesting? Also, April 1st might be a better day for those. — Mysticial 13 secs ago
@AnastasiyaAsadullayeva vaginas
@Mysticial :)
> weird ass S symbol
@ElimGarak Anyways, didn't you know? Everyone is a Sino sockpuppet except you.
3:17 PM
What is an ass S symbol?
An SS symbol?
Almost thought OP were literally Hitler.
No, OP wasn't.
3:18 PM
@Mysticial Maybe he really has this problem.
whatup all
@Mysticial When I was in uni I replaced someone's ocaml compiler with a program that spew random insults.
@Mr.kbok lol
How is that any different from the normal ocaml compiler?
The thing is constantly complaining anyways.
It spews random insults
3:20 PM
@Lalaland The ocaml compiler's insults are entirely determined by the input.
@Mysticial closing as "This question does not appear to seek input and discussion from the community."
@ScottW :P
do not feed troll
do not free troll
Dammit, I forgot that great font someone mentioned to me here.
3:26 PM
@ElimGarak Octicons?
@ElimGarak FontAwesome?
@ElimGarak DejaVu Sans Mono?
@ElimGarak Comic Sans MS
Naaah. Shit. :(
@ElimGarak Consolas?
Consolas is what I am used to, someone offered something much cooler. Also noted that you need a highDPI display for it.
@ElimGarak DejaVu Sans Mono
3:32 PM
@Prismatic yes!
Good night everyone, it was nice to make your acquaintance for the first time in this room. I shall come here again, perhaps.
Night, Anastasiya! You so beautiful, bby. <3
@ElimGarak Do not blow the cover of poor Cacadi!
3:34 PM
@AnastasiyaAsadullayeva looking forward to seeing you again bby
@AnastasiyaAsadullayeva don't let the door hit your butte on the way out
@AnastasiyaAsadullayeva Your majestic buttiful butte is now Mai-ne!
Could it be that we are seeing trolling everywhere even thought there's none?
Like that question. We could have just replied that GCC is not supposed to do that and that he needed to compile and install a verified GCC binary, and his "troll" wouldn't have been successful anyway
Trolling to be successful has to involve people getting mad over something
I'm here slacking listening to Miley Cyrus
I must be sick
My XML serializer round-trips cdata as xml entity-escaped text
Are they equivalent? Or is .NET playing a joke on me here?
ie <![CDATA[<ScenarioShift></ScenarioShift>]]> ==> &lt;ScenarioShift&gt;&lt;/ScenarioShift&gt;
@ScottW but but... you promised ;-;
Maybe one in each country
@Mysticial top kek
3:47 PM
A smurf! Everybody run!
"This question does not appear to seek input and discussion from the community." -cough- bullshit
@ScottW Pretty much anything @Mysticial says is top kek
God I love using SO on a bug-riddled and crash-prone browser
It makes me feel like a real programmer
Which browser?
@BoltClock <3
@Lalaland Google Chrome Microsoft Edge
3:51 PM
Try with mobile IE. maximum breakage
@Mr.kbok In terms of XML? Those look equivalent to me.
1 message moved to bin
go away
@BoltClock I'm worried a parser could interpret the entities literally.
> This user has been automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content and cannot chat for 29 minutes.
Never seen such a quick success
that was fast.
3:53 PM
@Mr.kbok In a perfect world, that wouldn't happen. I've always loved how idealistic the XML peoples are
I don't know too much about .NET XML serialization but I'm sure there's a way to set it to output CDATA sections
That's XmlSerializer for you :V
I'll probably just won't bother then, if it breaks something I'll know sooner or later :P
@BoltClock I really like the idea of XMLSerializer, and most use cases are executed smoothly. But sometimes it's really ewww
3:56 PM
I have the "Design Pattern" book by the gang of four. Is there a similar book that uses the newer C++ idioms?
@Chimera There's an updated "Effective" series AFAIR
@Mr.kbok Thanks...
@Chimera You might also want to take a look at the boost libraries.
They usually contain some interesting ideas similar to the topics in those books.
@Mr.kbok XmlSerializer: dude dude dude. Duuuude. You totally need that xmlns:xsi xmlns:xsd in your XML. Shhh don't question it
Also check out Exceptional if you didn't already
3:58 PM
@Lalaland Ok thanks.
Am I the only one that almost never uses design patterns other than MVC?
At the moment I have only Accelerated C++, Design Patterns and Effective C++.
@BoltClock There's a way to remove it, but you have to override the namespace container AFAIR
I always succeeded in beating XmlSerializer into submission, but sometimes it's a lot of effort indeed.
@Mr.kbok I used an XmlWriter so I made a wrapper specifically to ignore those two attributes
I can't ping Mai Longdong anymore
I wanted t ask them about their list. :c
4:03 PM
@ScottW Will have to see it to believe it. I can hear all the Q&A purists choking on their blood
@ThePhD It's @AnastasiyaAsadullayeva now
Uni and all
@BoltClock laffo
Stop using "laffo". It's a terrible term.
Even lmao is better.
4:07 PM
@ScottW Tutoring on what?
@TonyTheLion Is that you?
I have a feeling that's you
@Borgleader ;D
@ScottW Yeah, ok. When do they need help?
Because for the next couple of weeks it's a big no-no
@ScottW When they contact you for help, just ping me and I'll see if I'm available. :)
4:10 PM
@Borgleader Clearly a Metal Gear reference
Q: Compile and link a header file with main() function using g++

user62177541I have a .hpp file that contains a main() function when a #define is present. This is for testing if you must know. As such, I need to produce an executable when I'm compiling with this testing enabled, but g++ seems to refuse and will only produce a "gch" precompiled header file. Having exami...

oh my
> header file with main()
> So the workaround I am using right now is to include the header file from a special purpose and specially named .cpp
Anyone tried Microsoft Edge?
another day at work
I think I'm going to like this job
the Haskell colleague said I could take on a research task
4:17 PM
@wilx lololol
@BartekBanachewicz What's your new job?
@Mr.kbok I'm at a fairly large company doing an APM product
Didn't you work there before?
I might have posted that site when I applied here
Oh also Ruxit is a product of Dynatrace
so the company is called Dynatrace
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ lmaffo
What did I miss?
4:22 PM
@chimera hey long time no see
I go to lunch, come back and see pings from BoltClock and Tony binning some shit.
The weird ass S guy posted the weird ass S here.
Also design issue
@elim AnonynousPro
I'm trying to build a lib to serialize classes in a way similar to what .NET's XmlSerializer/JsonSerializer does
Thing is, most .NET types are nullable (esp. strings) so the serializer knows to not create the element
@Mysticial Someone wanted to dump post the shape from that SO question you referenced.
4:26 PM
I don't want to force people to use optional<string> all over the place
@Mysticial heh
@Mr.kbok anything to show yet?
@ElimGarak How did he find us?
@sehe The coliru I sent you yesterday works on VC
@sehe Right now, I'm playing around with XmlSerializer to see what the semantics precisely are (especially xml collections)
@Mr.kbok oh. I didn't the time :(
4:29 PM
You wot m8
@Mr.kbok They're pretty bad :) You'd want to mimic something close to the caller interface of Boost Serialization?
@sehe No, I means the annotations.
@CatPlusPlus Where is that from o.O
Uh oh my insect bite had swollen quite substantially
@zooko didn't we talk months ago about file decompression explosion? Did you see https://www.bamsoftware.com/hacks/deflate.html ?
Where did you spot it? @Xeo
4:30 PM
For instance [XmlElement] List<Item> means inlining several xml elements inside your node
@Mysticial No idea, maybe the Loungers made too much noise in the comments.
Whereas [XmlArray] means using a containing element (much more standard-y)
@Mr.kbok Ah. I wonder how you manage annots anyways
@sehe Yeah, that's the funny part. The code is pretty terrible right now, but I'll publish it once I'm happy with it.
The hard part is that I'm juggling with trying to create a lib that would be useful for many things and implenting the serialization part so that I can move on with my project (I'm not really paid to make libs :P)
By the way, I managed to replace all xml processing with pugixml in my program. Once I'm happy with stags_xml I'll use that instead.

Mrityunjay NathI AM CONFUSED WHAT IS MY FAULT, I AM USING TOLERENCE 0.0001 AND LIMITS 0.1 - 4.. please help me please. the equation I'm using is x^3-4x+3=0, whose simple solution is 1....................................................................................................................................

/cc @Mysticial
4:34 PM
@Mr.kbok What's the alternative?
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ I have no idea :(
@Borgleader wow
I would rather use T() as null in the context of XML
But I guess people don't want that
@Mr.kbok What's T()?
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ Whatever is the zero value for a given type
4:36 PM
@Mr.kbok All my socks have been the same for a long time now. Well, mostly. I have everyday crew socks that all match, athletic socks that all match, and dress socks that are in unique pairs but haven't lost their mates because they leave the drawer so rarely.
@Mr.kbok Then what's stopping you?
Empty string for string, vector of zero size for collections, 0 for int, etc
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ I'm not sure that's a very good idea, so I'm asking the Lounge.
I would use boost::optional probably.
Depends if you ever want to distinguish between null and "" for example
@Mr.kbok optional is a better choice, IMO.
Or between null and 0
And what if you have some T that is not default constructible?
Or what if you have an enum?
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ is right.
Yes, hence not a good idea
But I dislike optional everywhere too, because it's kind of a pain
null everywhere is supposed to be a pain
Also optional is not so dramatic
@Mr.kbok I do understand that.
See it as a pointer and you are settled
4:41 PM
You can write some helpers to make it a little easier.
If you are concerned with the bloat of boost::optional<T>, then make an alias
What's wrong with std::optional?
It doesn't exist
In hindsight, svn checkingout gcc 5.2 may have been a bad idea.
@CatPlusPlus you asked for an SSCCE coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/0dc86c5ecbff897e /cc @R.MartinhoFernandes
4:42 PM
I'm thinking of a custom optional instead
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ Ah, it does, but it's under the experiemental branch.
@Mr.kbok Custom in what sense? What are you going to add/remove?
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ Implicit conversion to T, I think.
How would that work?
If there's no value, what should the conversion yield?
4:44 PM
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ An exception.
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ It should throw
Same as "dereferencing" a boost::optional
@Mr.kbok optional::value does just that
You could just wrap boost::optional to do that.
@caps Sure.
What to do if an element is required but not present in the document? Throw as well?
If you are worrying about long lines, in you are going to have a hard time in C++
@Mr.kbok What would you like to happen if the value doesn't exist?
You probably want to throw yes.
@Mr.kbok Yeah, I'd throw in that case.
4:47 PM
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ T() :D
Assertion failure, even.
@Mr.kbok optional::value_or
53 secs ago, by caps
Also http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/experimental/optional/value_or
I'll propose 3 modes then
optional: element is optional<T>
required: throw if absent
4:49 PM
defaulted: T() if absent, remove default value
I just need to find a non-annoying syntax for it
The defaulted one sounds dirty
@Mr.kbok What if something other than T() should be the default value?
In a specific case?
Moreover what if T is not default constructible
Or what if the default constructor doesn't yield a reasonable default?
Like what would be the default of an enum?
@caps defaulted will only be provided for a specific list of types (or it'll get crazy), so you can specify the default value
4:52 PM
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ defaulted is always provided explicitely, so if you use it with an enum and leave the default default value (which is 0) then it's your fault
is this code a valid code?
clang accepts it but GCC bails out
What I really want is something that could read an .xsd and generate the structure needed to read the associated .xml
default presence semantics will be required since it's C++ semantics
on another box it also says "error: member call on null pointer of type 'const struct __lambda51'" (GCC6.0)
@caps Sure. It's in the pipes.
4:53 PM
@3v0 HELLO
@Mr.kbok You should definitely let me know when you get that together.
Can't beat that
~~HELLO~~ ^_^
@JohannesSchaub-litb variable template function pointers...ewww
4:55 PM
| | .- |  |  .-.
|-| |- |  |  | |
| | `- `- `- `-`
youtube.com/watch?v=0NyGACFaFrY stupid fucking videos
@melak47 i wonder whether this is allowed?
@JohannesSchaub-litb I'm not sure :/
@JohannesSchaub-litb Is it guaranteed that the lambda is converted to a function pointer before being dereferenced?
i hope so
clang compiles it
4:58 PM
> Until Yawn is the worst game I have ever played! I've analyzed this game with a team of psychopaths, and we've all come to the unanimous conclusion that this game was a wasted potential. Please allow me to explain why.
with a team of psychopaths ... troll detected

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