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4:00 AM
Is there a reason you chose to write your own script instead of just grepping...?
@ParkYoung-Bae by character of a character set
@ParkYoung-Bae I would know how to grep to make a total, but not separate counts.
A: What's the quickest way to count the number of each character in a file?

Journeyman Geekgrep -o foo.text -e A -e T -e C -e G -e N -e -|sort|uniq -c Will do the trick as a one liner. A little explanation is needed though. grep -o foo.text -e A -e T -e C -e G -e N -e - greps the file foo.text for letters a and g and the character - for each character you want to search for. It also ...

1 hour ago, by Luc Danton
So nobody is going to whip out a script to count characters? :)
where were you :v
to be fair the script took me like 2 minutes to write
same amount of time as probably googling it and applying :v
4:03 AM
@LucDanton Making paid programmings! Btw. I stand by my point that your uptime is insane. (5 am? Seriously?)
@Rapptz But you had to think
I'm up at 5 AM too
All that wasted energy!
@ParkYoung-Bae Hey last week I was up during day hours. I think. I don’t really remember.
I didn't think too hard.
4:06 AM
I think Luc's the one who thought the most here.
with all that Haskell machinery
cuz you piggybacked on me!
clean room implementation
Yes, that counts(!).
but see I told you I use a lot of numbers
this time with test files and what not
bash-3.1$ python ../test/luccount.py "&" ./gears/**/*.hpp ./gears/*.hpp ./tests/*.cpp
Counter({'&': 1231})
bash-3.1$ python ../test/luccount.py "0123456789" ./gears/**/*.hpp ./gears/*.hpp ./tests/*.cpp
Counter({'0': 977, '1': 928, '2': 650, '3': 276, '4': 248, '5': 237, '6': 175, '9': 135, '8': 131, '7': 109})
what the shit?
4:10 AM
Pinky status: spared
$ ./haskell/Count/Count.hs "0123456789" ./DEV/MAIN/annex-base/{include,source,test}/**/*.[hc]pp
fromList [('0',219),('1',274),('2',244),('3',178),('4',154),('5',60),('6',67),('7',25),('8',40),('9',34)
what are you guys doing?
counting something?
Nice to see we all have the same folder hierarchy
4:11 AM
Caps aside, yeah
do you typically shout at your folders
@Rapptz No. I had a scheme but I forgot what it was.
@orlp French keyboards needs to press shift to get to numbers so we were counting how often we type numbers compared to another shift key (&) which isn't a shift key in the french layout
@Rapptz Also () aren't shift as I mentioned earlier
yeah that too
4:12 AM
Like I had GCC, CLANG, and JULIA for the respective trees/builds on my other box.
I actually only type (, I get the ) for free
Maybe you should change your counting algorithm to count every instance of shift down and shift up
because 12345 is only 2 changes of the shift key, not 5 or 10
Get 2 parens for the price of 1
DEV is a leftover on that machine I guess
@orlp It's not meant to be super srs
I just said that I use numbers more than &
I think the reason by & count is so low is because I pass by value
or &&
4:14 AM
I focused on just & and digits because I was curious about that (as well as my own habits), brackets and other symbols be damned.
Would Concepts allow us to have a container of concepts? E.g., void draw(const std::vector<Drawable> &);
Collection<Drawable> DrawableCollection Stuff
afaik yes
That would be very sweet
4:16 AM
It's no different from what you can do today
It wouldn’t be a container of concepts.
you're just specifying a trait for T in std::vector<T>
It would be a constrained parameter. Any specialization would have a concrete type.
Well, for a function, yeah
But say you have one as a local variable.
can't do that in Concepts Lite
4:17 AM
A what as a local variable?
A concept instead of a concrete type
e.g. Integral x = get_stuff();
would want
I suppose it would require too much stuff under the hood
Yeah so on my box I have DEBS/, BOOST/, GCC/, JULIA/ (but rust/ lol). So I think my logic was that the ALL_CAPS_DIR/ were for things meant as user installs.
@chris nah
@LucDanton Awful
4:18 AM
I was thinking specifically of Sean Parent's thing.
you can have a library solution for it but it isn't pretty
Value-based polymorphism
Closest scalable thing is boost::any
@chris @AndyProwl has been on the case.
@chris Take a look at Boost.TypeErasure. C++03 only though.
Ooooops I meant that
Not any
Yeah figures. It’s boost::type_erasure::any IIRC :)
4:20 AM
Aw fuck. It's 5:20 am again.
@ParkYoung-Bae gotta have a scheme, and a rust, and a julia!
Time to play video games with my friends.
See ya.
@LucDanton I do remember him working on something when I was looking into a different improvement, but mine was impossible, so yeah.
@LucDanton 3/10
@Rapptz hf!
I have clang_test/ which I have no clue about.
But I know it’s not important because no caps!
@Rapptz Dang, I meant to ask you what you run bash in. Another time maybe.
cuz it looked shopt
4:23 AM
I am having the most awesome boba tea right now
Green strawberry sweet non-dairy milk aloe vela tea
non-dairy milk
Only because non-dairy is the free one
Wait a minute, I saw Andy's discussion on std-proposals. I suck
Who is this "andy?"
@LucDanton Windows.
comes with git.
4:26 AM
Bash comes with git
it's a very shitty version of bash
Then why use it?
No, bash comes with msys, which optionally comes with some git package
@chris Oh, starfish boy!
I know him!
4:26 AM
@Cinch silly you, that's pentagram master
@Rapptz Bash is not the same thing as the terminal emulator it runs in. Hence my question.
@Cinch Git bash is the least shitty version of all windows bashes IMO
@LucDanton Git Bash is different than cmd.exe
Bash belongs where you don't bash yourself in everyday. Windows causes enough bash-ing already
@Rapptz How does it go re: history, editing, arrows etc.?
4:28 AM
Also I've been doing some Javascript lately and it's not really that different from C++.
inb4 star
It's like C+---------
history doesn't work
good start so far
3 mins ago, by Rapptz
it's a very shitty version of bash
4:29 AM
Why did Microsoft decide to go with a non-Unix-based OS anyways?
oh actually
history does work now
2015 is here boys
@Cinch you mean POSIX or?
k time to go set up again
@orlp Something like that, yes.
Wait a minute.
Windows predates POSIX.
Wow Windows is frickin old.
I'm more surprised by the fact that linux was created in '91
4:35 AM
@orlp Why?
1991 is one of the greatest years in the history of humanity
@Cinch because I expected it to be at least a decade older
@ParkYoung-Bae let me guess, that's the year the man himself was made?
@orlp ikr
I feel that Windows... is going to lose its rep, but idk if that's a good thing.
I mean, what are utility hardware companies gonna target now?
Why, does it get a lot of downvotes?
Like, for printer drivers, what are they gonna do?
4:38 AM
@Cinch network printers use a protocol not specific to windows
if you mean USB printers, I'm sure there's already emulation drivers for every platform that act as a network printer
It's just when the herd gets to somewhere like Linux I wonder which distro will be the best
Who will be the next OS giant? Google?
Fucking hell
@Cinch I hope not
I don't see what could push Linux out of its throne tbh
IDK Android is the most popular platform right now if I'm not mistaken
And its Linux. Not usual Linux, but still Linux.
4:40 AM
@Nooble Wait, you made those sprites? They are awesome.
@ParkYoung-Bae linux is a kernel, not an OS
see for example android
Linux = kernel | GNU/Linux or android
I mean, Linux is both
There's gotta be a new term
hi chat
I'm learning so much right now. zzzz
Like Linux = the "OS" and linuks = linux kernel
4:42 AM
fucking nerds
@ParkYoung-Bae I'll be the first one! Do me!
4:58 AM
@Cinch Somebody who actually innovates and provides something more useful?
@JerryCoffin idk but Android is killing it and they're pushing Chrome OS, so..
If only someone would create a Windows-transition-ready/Linux-based/OSX-inspired operating system that would be the crown jewel of tomorrow
Make it runnable on mobile and desktop
Make it super-clean and compliant with Linux
And make writing hardware and software for it so damn easy my Grandma can write Hello World
I wanna A.I.s that can write programs when given requirements. But maybe humans are too dumb to produce those A.I.s, at least not in the near future.
@chmod711telkitty Nooooooo.
@chmod711telkitty Impossible.
That means that you can write a program, text-to-program, and then just make a smarter AI to provide commands.
5:07 AM
@chmod711telkitty Proof goes in two seperate steps.
If your specification is polynomial work, your unambiguous specification is as much work as writing the program.
err, specification for polynomial work
actually nvm
this argument I'm about to make makes no sense
6:04 AM
youtube.com/watch?v=nFLl88OMWOY (pixelated but NSFW)
6:15 AM
@wilx I think I need a lobotomy after seeing this
@ScarletAmaranth :D
this is great
6:52 AM
@khajvah yeah, my boyfriend wrote it
I love python's else statements for for loops
7:07 AM
How useful is Mono on Linux now that Microsoft has opensourced their code?
@wilx Is there an implementation on Linux that isn't mono?
@Pris I do not think so.
Then its still useful :p
@Pris . . .
I should have said usable.
Is there a keyword in postgres to get the latest dated row?
7:15 AM
A: C++11 Tagged Tuple

ecatmurI'm not aware of any existing class that does this, but it's fairly easy to throw something together using a std::tuple and an indexing typelist: #include <tuple> #include <iostream> template<typename... Ts> struct typelist { template<typename T> using prepend = typelist<T, Ts...>; }; template<

c++ can be super ugly at times
"ecatmur, you kung-fu is good, I need some time to meditate over this :)"
It's called a struct? — Pubby Oct 25 '12 at 9:08
7:58 AM
Apparently if you search certain terms in google you get an invitation for a series of questions and code problems that may lead to an interview
I've been searching C++ shit every day for years and I haven't gotten anything :[
Last I heard about this shit they were looking for python, not C++
yeah python and angular js
@sehe Because his main isn't standard-conforming? — Neil Kirk 3 hours ago
@NeilKirk It's clearly irrelevant. If you fear it distracts, consider editing. Right now you're just ignoring and detracting from a well-posed, fit question. — sehe 9 secs ago
@AndyProwl yay someone played my game! (but what's so funny about pressing enter to exit? ._.)
Darn. I spent about 40 minutes trying to respond constructively to pedantry
8:08 AM
@ParkYoung-Bae "how do I write less awesome python?"
@melak47 Wait what. You violate their privacy? Or is there a data collection disclaimer on entry :)
@sehe You suck
@sehe he quoted the "game over" screen's text here :p
chances are 70 : 30 he either played the game or read the source and got far enough to see that string literal before quitting in disgust :p
@ParkYoung-Bae Big time. Happy to see you. I was wondering how long I didn't see you
I was on holiday in Japan! Happy to see you too.
8:12 AM
@melak47 Fair enough:)
@ParkYoung-Bae Hope you had a good time! Becoming quite the travelist
Yeah, snowboarding in Hokkaido weee.
Next up Indonesia, maybe?
I didn't realize they had "alpine resorts" there
It's apparently one of the finest snow resorts destinations in Asia (and I would agree that the snow is very good, and there's plenty of it! Your natural environment)
Did you go with friends?
My toothbrush! (No, I went alone)
I don't know anyone on this side of the planet, heh
On a related note, what do you use for automated deployment?
8:18 AM
Used some cruise control (don't like it much) and TeamCity (liked)
Oh, I thought it'd be some command line thingy
@ParkYoung-Bae That must suck help to clean your teeth.
So, did you meet some people to hang out with in Hokkaido, or how does that work?
@ParkYoung-Bae That'd depend on type of application. Honestly, I don't automatically deploy anything other than rsync-ing site configuration + content (e.g. mail)
@sehe - Hi sehe. I apologise to intrude in your conversation. I have a problem regarding boodt-propertytree. which I have explained here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29250124/serializing-stdlist-into-json-with-boost-ptree?noredirect=1#comment46704685_29250124

I would highly appreciate your help.
@K.K I noticed. I was already looking at it :) Short answer: use add instead of put, or use arrays (which suck in Boost PT because you get an object with repeated child values with "" key)
ohhh...Thank you so much....i was just hoping you would take a look at it.
8:25 AM
@ParkYoung-Bae Hi there
For company projects we either (a) use those shiny enterprisey tools (b) we have sys admins to do the needful
@sehe I go alone like the wind!
@ParkYoung-Bae: haha..he is all yours..
@sehe Eh, rsync, why didn't I think about it
8:26 AM
Because there are drawbacks?
By the way, what game were one of you doing?
It's not generally applicable. At least not without more scripts. Which, by and large, is what the tools exist for
Didn't one of you have a Marmalade game?
No one. Ever.
@sehe: I will wait for your feedback. Thanks again. Have a good day ahead.
8:28 AM
What is JSON?
Javascript storage?
@Cinch: JSON- Java Script Object Notation. It is similar to XML.
except stringier :p
Why use JSON vs. XML?
Mar 20 at 9:24, by sehe
1 min ago, by sehe
@Cinch google, padawan
I mean is XML too slow?
8:30 AM
@Cinch json.org ?
uptalk day?
I mean isn't there a better way to format data or something?
Would Lua even be acceptable?
JSON is amazing
@Cinch Good morning to you too :)
@sehe It's 10:32 pm.
Anyways so JSON might have some vulnerability issues if used carelessly but w/e
Seems interesting but when would I use it?
8:32 AM
There's always a better way. Telepathy beats ethernet, IMO
@Cinch Nope. And eeeeeverything is a risk when used carelessly
personally I like write(reinterpret_cast<const char*>(&stuff), sizeof(stuff)) for formatted data - it's exactly as formatted as you need, if you know the format :p
@Cinch wat?
JSON (/ˈdʒeɪsən/ JAY-sən), or JavaScript Object Notation, is an open standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application, as an alternative to XML. Although originally derived from the JavaScript scripting language, JSON is a language-independent data format. Code for parsing and generating JSON data is readily available in many programming languages. The JSON format was originally specified by Douglas Crockford. It is currently described by two competing standards...
Look at security issues
@sehe What’s up, talk?
@Clinch: Well, JSON is much more cleaner than XML. It is more efficient too. and more user friendly.
8:34 AM
@Cinch it basically says "javascript sucks"
@LucDanton Just hangin'?
@sehe We currently have a number of scripts which could, I believe, be replaced by something simpler and more robust
It seems use cases of JSON falls near to Javascript
@Cinch That's not JSON. I mean, if you feed XML to awk you get security vulnerabilities too
I'm still wondering why Javascript is so bad besides === and stuff.
8:35 AM
@Cinch It originates there. But that's long ago
@K.K well..clean is subjective. I sort of like it, but the whole "name" : ... thing bugs me. why make every name a string, not just string values? :/
WTF is AWK and why do people like it?
JSON is just a format, it doesn't imply any security. Any issue is language related
Why use AWK
What are you doing.
If you insist on instigating some group-bashing of <technology-XXXX> I'm sure there are sites that are happy to oblige
8:35 AM
@khajvah True. So are we just gonna say it's just another text-based format?
@Cinch yes, see your attached wikipedia page: "is an open standard format "
@Cinch Why pose inane questions all the time. That's about 10 in 3 minutes.
No seriously
@Cinch: yes you could say that.
8:37 AM
Someone last time brought up AWK and it was the first time I heard about it.
Anyone can make an open standard format
There are a million things to learn and sort through.
And then from those I choose what I use.
@khajvah nice; that edit ruined my quote :/
I mean hth am I supposed to know what everything that Lounge<Haskell> talks about?
8:38 AM
@sehe I noticed :D
@Cinch By talking less?
@sehe- :D
No but I mean if nothing makes JSON useful I suppose I'll just mentally compartmentalize JSON with web dev and other stuff and kind of ignore it.
And just use something like XML or binary formatting
Interesting, apparently @name- (note the dash) kills the plink
@Cinch Json is very useful. All the server-client transaction is done with it.
8:40 AM
@Cinch Just fucking read about it. It's a 5 page RFC. It's really that simple. You can make your mind up. We're not obliged to give you reason to look at JSON. Compartmentalize it however you want.
@khajvah Wut. CORBA/IIOP, COM, RPC, DECNET, Xml (arrrg) JNI remoting whatnot. They exist
@sehe And this is exactly why I come to Lounge. Reading things gets you nowhere if the material is outdated or too thick like Wikipedia.
A calculus I student looking up Stoke's Theorem.
@sehe ok, not all but significant amount. Actually never-mind, that was a stupid response to a stupid statement
An OpenGL newbie looking up quaternions.
Or a high school student in 1st year physics looking up Maxwell's Equations.
They are so far above them that they need to find HOW to get there and need direction.
Hence, articles + teachers. Hence, articles + Lounge<C++>
tldr; I love you all for putting up with me and I continue to learn more by being here.
@Cinch You can do that. But you can be a little less pushy about it "tell me why XXX is relevant" "No but seriously" "If it is not useful for anything", "Why use AWK", "WTF is AWK", "Why is javascript so bad", "OMIGOD security issues", "Is XML too slow" (without context...).
We're not responsibile for your knowledge input quota :/
@Cinch παλιν ουν ηρνησατο ο πετρος και ευθεως αλεκτωρ εφωνησεν
@Cinch Thank you. You're welcome
@Cinch- I second with @sehe
8:53 AM
@sehe True that.
@sehe Please don't forget to take a look at my question.
Moving on: I was wondering if static vs. dynamic data structures would be an interesting argument for one over the other--Given JSON seems to focus on dynamic data structures and XML is definitely Xtensible, I wonder if XML would be a suitable arrangement for a program that needs properties on the fly.
@K.K lol - slight situational irony detected :)
@sehe :D
@khajvah No comments tho
8:56 AM
> a program that needs properties on the fly
I don't think that's enough to form an opinion
Or rather--how would dynamic data structures be handled within the constraints of current systems and frameworks? i.e. I want to add on a new property on the fly in an efficient manner but I don't know what type of data structure maps well to both formatting, storage, and computation.
Anyone have experience with this?

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