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1:00 AM
It's scientifically proven & in the Bible therefore it must be true QED
jesus fuck don't link retarded stuff on a monday morning
Bible is best known for its scientific accuracy
watch the video
@GregorMcGregor Looks to me like "Stating religion AS science"
watch the freebleeding video
Stop it Cinch
1:01 AM
inb4 scientific experiments conducted by Jesus and published in Nature
welp my virgin mind has just been penetrated by the idea of freebleeding
@VermillionAzure I'm gonna bleed you, for free
I... I might fade away now...
The bread and fish thing was a mass experiment in hunger-induced delusions
@набиячлэвэлиь you have been banned from /r/pacifism
1:02 AM
@VermillionAzure roddit pls
I am trying hot mustard & BBQ sauce beef cheese burger ... wish me luck!
> I have got a variable "f32" which is calcultated at the CPU side and at the GPU side in the same way. f32 is of type double
I was hoping for sweet chili sauce but could not find any ...
Yes and i64 is clearly of type short
A double variable
It works both sides
1:04 AM
sorry i need to not troll seriously for once
I have a question for the adults with families here
Do you let your turkies rest before serving on Christmas?
Also have you tried goose?
I want goose this year
Yes a good night of rest in a double bed
@Ell That's racist
@Ell Pregnant teens and 15 yo dads shut up
> Can I reserve my favorite graveyard / burial ground / cemetery for myself?
1:06 AM
@Ell Nah, they start yelling in Turkish when I make'em rest
> Is it haram for a man to watch an unveiled women on tv
oh no unveiled pixels on tv horrorrrrrrr
@GregorMcGregor Usually said by a fat oldie.
@Ell what makes you think they eat turkey
Actually my favorite thanksgiving was when we just grilled steak
That was amazing
@sehe >assuming everyone lives in the UK/USA
1:08 AM
Aren't UK and USA basically the same country anyway
Both are united.
@Ell Yes. It has a lot of fat. It is really the traditional thing for Christmas though.
That's a start.
@GregorMcGregor Canada as well, eh?
UK > USA in appearance though.
1:09 AM
lol no
Q: how to know if you are having a wet dream

AishaIf you do not remember having a wet dream, but you see some discharge, then should you do ghusl? It is confusing because as a woman I have discharge anyway, so I do not know if it is a sign of a wet dream or not.

Fatty animals make roast taste better
@GregorMcGregor Is there a standard definition of "wet dream"?
Maybe IEEE or ISO or IEC...
> Is it possible to compile the Quran chronologically
Yes just pass --chronogically to qurancc I guess
@GregorMcGregor ze kool kidz use gqc - the GNU Quran Compiler
1:11 AM
I was looking at large vacant land in the middle of no where (Tasmania) & consider (no seriously) of getting a smallish cattle farm if I can get the fund by re-finance my current place in maybe 3-5 years time.
Please shut down Islam.SE
Why is it still running
> At what age children become adults?
Empathetic yawn
1:12 AM
this site is fascinating
@GregorMcGregor 69
> Aslamualaiykum, recently I bought a sandwich from subway.
My cousin no seriously offered to work on the currently no existing yet cattle farm because she hates crowd too.
because it gets loads of views!
everyone is lurking there, and views pay the bills
then where is porn.se
1:14 AM
@LucDanton That's like needing a Stack Exchange for water. It's already everywhere so we have no need to contain it. We can't anyways
@LucDanton JerkML doesn't quite cover the needs for rendering domain specifics
@VermillionAzure It's not about containing. I can imagine that Porn would have a lot of traffic.
I need sexperts for my needs
@mafagafogigante ...
@VermillionAzure Do you disagree? (answer seriously) Do you think that a porn se wouldn't be a good move (financially, at least)?
1:17 AM
@sehe it's all I know :3
what would porn.se be about
What do you eat on Christmas if you do celebrate it
@GregorMcGregor About sweden, of course
@GregorMcGregor FreeBSD.
Don't you guys already jerk off to anyway
1:18 AM
Man I'm angry that there isn't a nice goose in front of me now
@Ell anything, really
@mafagafogigante It would be an interesting move I guess
@Ell Italian stuff.
@Ell "Nice goose" is (I'm quite confident) an oxymoron. Geese are downright mean and nasty.
@GregorMcGregor of course
1:19 AM
@JerryCoffin Prejudice killed the cat.
@JerryCoffin racism
Geese poo everywhere also :(
celebrate Xmas with seafood of course :p
@Ell Not when they are dead.
@chmod666telkitty Not the worst idea ever.
@sehe "Goose" is a species, not a race. Well, probably multiple species, but still not a race.
1:22 AM
@mafagafogigante we're gonna remember this day as "the day kitty said something that didn't strike everyone immediately as a bad idea"
@sehe I did not say it is not a bad idea.
@sehe I said it is not the worst idea ever. When you have freebleeding on the table, that is an easy thing to achieve.
@sehe Just got something worse than freebleeding. freebleeding on the table
Have that for Xmas.
I don't know where you came from, and your forced entry was a bit iffy, but you're gaining points
I have this feeling the guy is Cicada, but it doesn't check out
Sorta kinda I guess
peeps, no flagging here. If there's an issue, we'll quietly signal the mods.
It'll have to be worth more than this, though
@sehe no
I have Cicada on the phone she says it's not her
1:29 AM
I believe I already said that
I have no idea of who or what Cicada may be. There is, however, a Cicada waveform on Massive.
Q: Why is boost::hana's set not default constructable?

Russell Greenetoday I found that boost::hana's map and set aren't default constructable, while the tuple is. Is there any particular reason for this because it is quite annoying. This #include <boost/hana/set.hpp> // ^^^ or map constexpr boost::hana::set<> a{}; // ^^^...

In case anyone is in for higher-quality diversion
I know this feeling... When I play against GnuBG and the AI is doubling me. youtube.com/watch?v=wYAgvQUmBOg
1:33 AM
@Borgleader No. 9GAG.
Is that actually the same address?
It's 9gag it's litterally the source of all truth
@GregorMcGregor After Tumblr.
@sehe I dont know.
@sehe I assume it is. These buildings look really similar.
1:36 AM
Ahahaha I should've followed Star Citizen more closely because apparently this is happening twitlonger.com/show/n_1snmrfj
> If ARG1 ARG2 given, -m presumed: ‘am i’ or ‘mom likes’ are usual.
@CatPlusPlus Aside from the recent attacks on his twitch and reddit accounts or wtv, nothing I read there is new. Derek Smart has been at war with Star Citizen for months (maybe over a year even). Whether he's right or wrong (most likely the former) only time can tell.
I've given up on it. It had potential, but its been ruined already.
As I said, didn't know this was happening, it's hilarious
I guess you missed the article i posted with accounts by former and (then current) employees on the game.
Well Derek Smart wasnt in there much but iirc he was mentioned at some point
SC was always a hilarious project filled with overpromise and doomed to fail
I'm so not surprised about anything here
1:42 AM
This is the article I was referring to.
So, what happened to @AlexM?
Timely tribute
Is it just me or is C++ just hard
He was on Steam earlier play AC:Black Flag
@VermillionAzure just you
1:43 AM
@VermillionAzure from the guy that cannot solve simple 2d shit
@sehe Same thing that happened to Mark Garcia and aclarke.
Because everything else is so easy
@Nooble mmm. They went back to their preferred chat rooms?
Nah. Wasn't aclark Guru Adrian?
Shit I'm bad at remembering stuff
and then C++ just has mountain of specs and mechanisms and just stuff and linking is a terror without a cross-platform package manager and then there's template metaprogramming and other stuff
1:44 AM
I believe he was.
@sehe yeah
and then school's like, "omg C++ is just C with classes dude"
Ah. So it was all but completely lost link.
Well, he certainly dropped out of SE chat entirely, I believe. Same for Garcia? I think I've seen him... "around", really
@VermillionAzure Depends. Fresh C++ is soft and gooey, with a cream-filled center.
@VermillionAzure I've never even used concurrency with C++. That experienced. But templates are neat, when they work as you expect.
1:46 AM
But seriously
I can pick up R in like a week. I can pick up Python in a day or two
I can't just pickup C++ QQ
linking actually sucks everywhere because the underlying technology is more or less the same everywhere
@LucDanton What I mean is trying to use external libraries
KotoR 1 and 2 are 3.30$ on Steam. Go get 'em :)
Other langauges have... more convenient workflows for that
it sucks everywhere
1:48 AM
@VermillionAzure I agree that C++ entry level is much higher than Python's.
@LucDanton I dunno Python's awfully easy to setup
So is Node
So is R
Yes for all 3.
But then again C++ is a mid-level language
So I can't expect the same thing
It's kind of strange that there isn't some sort of cross-platform package manager for C++ yet
@VermillionAzure it’s not
it comes for free with the system
@LucDanton You're assuming Linux, aren't you
1:49 AM
GNU/Linux pls
Oh I see what you mean now
@JerryCoffin I presume your recommendation of Programming Pearls extends to recommending the exercises?
Maybe there's a better replacement for C somewhere...
1:50 AM
I dunno about Rust haven't really tried it out yet
@caps IRTA recommendation of Programming in Perl, I almost had a heart attack
you win some and you lose some, I wanted to dynamically load some Python recently and it’s just stupid
Jupyter is a huge win though
@Borgleader Heheh. I plan to try some Perl books sometime.
@VermillionAzure they all do the same things
1:51 AM
Nobody wants to dynamically load my Python
@LucDanton Not necessarily
@caps A friend of mine has "Perl in a nutshell", ironically its a really big book
@Borgleader I believe Higher Order Perl is the one on my list
put the files/packages/whatever somewhere, set up the environment so that it’s found
@LucDanton Yes but syncing everything is also a nightmare
1:52 AM
imgur and improbable dad jokes
And then controlling versioning and then making sure its consistent a few years from now, etc.
those are all cross-language issues
ok bed time now, ttyl
ergo language is irrelevant
1:52 AM
And they're important ones as well, if I'm not mistaken
@sehe lol
I think linking sucks too
@caps Of course not. Doing actual programming would ruin everything.
@sehe older than the internet -8/10
Executables should link to specific library versions which the OS can then find something appropriate to satisfy the requirement
Instead of just linking to a file
1:53 AM
the things people would do for attention on internet
I suppose OSs do the whole load of symlinks thing but its unsatisfactory to me
@JerryCoffin lol. Well, it doesn't ruin it, just makes it a lot harder to progress through the book, since stopping to do exercises means you can no longer just read it on the can, etc.
I have time to read, but not necessarily time to play around with programming outside of work. Was curious if you think I'd still get something from the book if I didn't do the exercises.
@caps You'll undoubtedly get something, but equally certainly get more if you did at least some of the exercises.
@caps Maybe TAOCP is for you.
@CaptainGiraffe The Art of Computer Programming?
1:56 AM
@caps The bible of Knuth yes.
@CaptainGiraffe Definitely easy to read bits and pieces of it on the can.
@JerryCoffin Well, that's about what I imagined. Maybe I'll carry on with the reading and go back to do exercises as I can. Some of them can be done with pen and paper.
@Ell that is how it works in Posix-land
@JerryCoffin I love to read his introductory treatise of combinatorics on the can
@Ell What's the difference
1:58 AM
or Elf-land, I’m not sure which governs what
POSIX land I think
@CatPlusPlus idk
Version-locking creates about as many problems as it solves, because people are terrible at versioning
déjà vu
I don't really understand why we don't explicitly use a version of an api
Like using namespace boost = boost::v1_56
I also don't know why that matters or would make a difference
2:00 AM
okay thanks for sharing
Versioning just feels very implicit and I think it should be more implicit. It's 2am tho so I'm going to stop spouting shit and go to sleep
@CaptainGiraffe I suppose some day I'll have to read Volume 4, but all I've done so far is glance through things in the book store.
Night folks
@Ell you can .. In your configure file for the project
@Ell you don’t know what versioning is
2:02 AM
I should pursue botany :(
@Ell it’s fine not to know something
burn the ell
@JerryCoffin 4a is the good stuff.
lol this protocol is very well designed
> no response is sent for successful requests, only error messages are generated when error occurs
very good
@GregorMcGregor Hmm, what about the error when a request is never received? :-p
2:08 AM
@JerryCoffin If you want to I can pdf most of it for you. Fair use.
@CaptainGiraffe No thanks--when I decide to read it, I'll pay for it.
2:23 AM
> 4: // SW (store word)
regdst = 0;
branch = 0;
memread = 0;
memtoreg = 0;
alu_select = 0;
memwrite = 1;
alusrc = 1;
regwrite = 0;
@Ell Does botany have modules?
Even arithmetic has modules
:wink wink:
2:41 AM
Gold has both -i and --incremental. No, they’re not (directly) related.
@GregorMcGregor Clearly you should just send the request like 100 times and hope one of them gets through.
@LucDanton Yes they are, one is a subset of the other.
@GregorMcGregor there’s no -i in shut the fuck up
you sure
I see it
-i want to sleep btw
2:53 AM
Sleep is for the week. And it's not the week yet until midnight.
p. kyut
Is that you and your gf
cue rapptz is 15 meme
@GregorMcGregor Can't you tell? He is the guy in the back.
Watching and waiting.
2:57 AM
makes no sense
@Lalaland For Hanukkah!
Oh yeah, it is getting around time for the holiday season.
When all the radio stations start playing those horrible songs.
Also we need to do some sort of event for Nooble2016 once it hits January.
@Lalaland Yeah.
/op Nooble
"I am a huge egocentric individual"
@GregorMcGregor lol
it’s funnier in the third person
Nooble is a world-renowned computer graphics specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field.
3:13 AM
have you spent 15 years cultivating potatoes
reminded me of this sorta
what's up with the third person about me?
there’s a Mitchell & Webb [Sound|Look] skit about that
@LucDanton Sadly not.
@Nooble oh then what sort of field, beans perhaps?
Gregor McGregor is a world-renowned potatultivator
With over 300 confirmed crops
3:16 AM
@LucDanton Yes, but only lima beans.
> Tactivators activate tactics that have become available at an objective in World versus World.
frow wiki
Well at least it doesn't lie I guess
3:37 AM
@GregorMcGregor You might find this funny.
At least if you have seen the original.
I have, many thanks to @AlexM
may he rip in pizza
Something happened to AlexM?
3:52 AM
@JohanLarsson thanks a bunch!
@Borgleader awwww
@Borgleader that kitty is made of floof. :3
@Borgleader lol
@jaggedSpire You have work tomorrow?
@Nooble nope, I have Monday off.
Tomorrow I shall mock you then.
4:04 AM
but I like work
think about spending eight hours a day in your favorite class, without interacting with people for more than an hour of that total, and the freedom to accomplish your work how you want
4:19 AM
@jaggedSpire :D
4:29 AM
Hi, language theory people. Did I get this right? stackoverflow.com/questions/727565/…
@Borgleader those whiskers /cc @TonyTheLion @ScottW
@Borgleader afternoon nap time /cc @TonyTheLion @ScottW
> God I've been doing this a long time -- since 1969. And the temptation to answer some teenage hacker with "you'll understand when you grow up" gets stronger and stronger. In the mean time, stay the hell offa my lawn.
And yet he wrote "content-free grammar"
4:51 AM
@RyanO'Hara regex? Ppl here are only expert of c style strings :'(
side-effect of wvw dying is that all but one of the high pop servers are now not full anymore, so people can transfer
wp anet
is it really dying?
dunno I don’t play it anymore
tricky isn’t it
up is down, down is up, and open world pve is the most compelling content atm
or raids if you’re into that I guess
5:13 AM
just the cycle of life then
they did say they’re working on a wvw overhaul right now
they’re also doing fractals
tl;dr shit sux
@GregorMcGregor Baxter?
> That Nomad's gear came in handy.
cats eating dogs
wow that's so disappointingly boring
5:30 AM
@sehe Yes?
why don't you shitpost to kill time
or play gw2
My right knee hurts, maybe I am becoming a cripple after all .. I probably should take up kayaking instead ...
but gw2 is ripded
it’s fine as long as you don’t do dungeons or fractals or wvw or are a small guild or a medium guild or a wvw guild
or do pvp
5:40 AM
Have I mentioned before how surprised I am WRT to the discrepancy sizeof(Anet team) / sizeof(content released)
github.com/Rapptz/discord.py/issues/50 python rabbit hole still too strong
pls no bully
> non-extensive.
non-exhaustive pls
is that the extent of your extant typos
now extinct
> the python language.
is that correct capytalization
> programming in python
this thing is littered with errors it's unreadable
> I'll be reading all the comments here and taking them seriously.
Are you subtly inviting me to comment
5:49 AM
I wrote this quickly in 20 minutes
and no don't comment
you are an asyncio noob
k fixed my capital letters for you nerd
Operators and inheritance don't play nice. Your Fruit is trying to compare the other object as a Fruit, but Plants aren't necessarily Fruit. This is actually not a simple problem to solve. One way is virtual operators and using RTTI to find out the type of the other object. — Neil Kirk 10 mins ago
Runtime Fruit Information
python's kinda boring
you write stuff and it works
where's the fun in that
typical low-entry noobcore programming language

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