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9:00 AM
@orlp hmm this disasms to a bunch of long anyway
Why doesn't DEP catch that?
Or is that area not protected by DEP?
@BartekBanachewicz what command
@рытфолд but do you really want to get cum all over your project?
GCC just generates a bunch of longs, obviously.
An actual disassembler may provide more useful results.
@thecoshman fap fap fap
9:03 AM
@sehe ugh programmers.jpg
The Origin of the Feces
nice album
I should listen to more of those guys.
@TonyTheLion it was a minor incident
9:11 AM
12 hours ago, by рытфолд
It was a minor incident.
PHP has advanced relative to C++ by having finally.
It didn't have it before because of the same silly arguments C++ doesn't have it.
A: Is there an organism which has a common English name which overlaps with another organism's scientific name (or vice versa?)

p.s.w.gOne great example I know of is the duck-billed platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), often simply called a platypus, which shares its name with the Platypus genus of ambrosia beetle. Wikipedia gives a brief history of the taxonomy of the duck-billed platypus: The common name "platypus" is t...

@рытфолд Finally!
@рытфолд It is silly. It promotes not-RAII
C++ has RAII
9:25 AM
I heard something about that once
I don't mind if finally is a library feature, but it should definitely be there.
it's called function stack
Preferably without macros.
One major problem with scope guards like std::lock_guard is that they have to be named.
I don't see what you would need finally for in C++.
9:28 AM
Although macros mitigate that weakness if you have __COUNTER__.
well, to clean up after throwing an exception?
I don't see it either
Unnamed variables would be useful.
you can create a with-like construct that is more equivalent to finally where you don't need to name it.
An obvious solution would be bracket but that doesn't work well in a language with early returns!
9:32 AM
 such compose
@TonyTheLion duh
@рытфолд huh?
just stick the object in a lambda.
with(lock_guard(blah), [] { stuff(); });.
@chmod711telkitty huh. RAII is exactly so that cleanup happens regardless of whether exceptions occur
Hey fella's
@Puppy can't return from caller from lambda
9:39 AM
Quick sanity check question: do these screenshots of Pathscale's IDE D|F look a lot like Qt Creator to you guys too?
Uh, yes. Isn't it a screenshot of their IDE being developed with Qt Creator? Because that's Qt Creator.
@рытфолд return with(...)?
@Puppy lambdas make you think about scoping. There's nothing that says that the lambda's not gonna be moved/copied. If it had [&] anything, this is gonna complicate things more than anticipated.
So, in the spirit of T const& argument is premature "human" optimization for the compiler, I'd say this is a solution that kills KISS/expression of intent
@Puppy now you can't not return
with(lock_guard(blah), [] {
    if (x) return; // early return from caller of "with"
That's what you cannot do now.
9:41 AM
> Why does the logo have a | "pipe" symbol between the D and F?
> It's unique and we thought it looks cooler than just plain "DF"
Moron alert
@AMostMajestuousCapybara taste happens
OP writes a Q, I ask for error message, he posts it, I am in the middle of writing an answer, he deletes the Q
@sehe Only if you have no idea what with is and what it does, in which case you shouldn't be calling it anyway.
boo(); will still be executed.
9:42 AM
@sehe vOv
@BartekBanachewicz This kills the Q
@BartekBanachewicz that's what you get for attempting to answer shitty questions.
Facebook suffers international outage as photo-sharing app Instagram also goes down http://t.co/HgaWVCJpmm
Now even Instagram? WTH is going on?
works on my machine
Is this Russia?
Is this NK?
Is this ISIL?
Probably "international" is "just the USA"
9:45 AM
@Puppy mmm. perhaps
ISIL of Man
> Easy things should be easy, and hard things should be possible.
@AMostMajestuousCapybara I think they intend those to show their IDE's "unique" features...
Well, whaddayaknow: phoronix.com/forums/…
It is Qt Creator.
If you are a qt, is your mother Qt Creator?
They should just use that then and write some plugins (which is most likely exactly what they are doing)
9:49 AM
@BartekBanachewicz What?
@wilx Facebook bought Instagram
@рытфолд that was three hours ago
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Ah.
@rubenvb I'm a bit shocked that they don't even mention basing their work on Qt creator in their page. Looks like blatant plagiarism? Or am I missing something.
word is the engineers fucked up. took them 40 minutes to recover. all down to NOT TESTING BEFORE DEPLOYING
but why should they care when they have no actual customer-users
@R.MartinhoFernandes writing code is the first step. Then you have to flash and debug. I am afraid I'll drown in setting all that up.
9:51 AM
OpenOCD lol
@AMostMajestuousCapybara That should be totally allowed.
Linker scripts were the breaking point for me
Do you have some kind of build working, no matter how cumbersome?
Qt Creator is licensed under LGPL and LGPL doesn't forbid doing that.
9:52 AM
I have a build working using a proprietary IDE
I almost got the manual scripts (with gcc-eabi-arm) to run something, but I am not even sure if the program works correctly
@BBCBreaking @HannaHanra I first read that as "international outrage"
lol gcc-eabi-arm
I call it arm-none-eabi-gcc
I never managed to use the builtin gcc integration to work
@LightnessRacesinOrbit yes that, whatever
@BartekBanachewicz For me I just recorded all the process command lines launched by the Arduino IDE and threw them into a ninja file.
@рытфолд Did I say it was forbidden / illegal? No. For an IDE that is self proclaimed "unique" with 0 distinctive feature from Qt Creator, it's ridiculous at best.
so far I've been pleasantly surprised as to how easy it's been to get an arm-non-eabi toolchain running in MSYS on Windows with a decent terminal emulator. The whole thing just sort of ... works ...
That being said, I haven't tried actually flashing the resulting fucking image yet#
but FreeRTOS is quite good too so that's been fun
9:54 AM
Took a bit more work to figure out the flashing, but the rest was really simple.
good API documentation
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm willing to put effort into it as long as I'll be able to reproduce the steps sometime in the future without too much hassle. I've been thinking about Vagrant actually
How'd that help?
Vagrant isn't a build tool.
So OpenOCD is a name. Nice. @rightfold Let's go register OpenHIV or something
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm just afraid I'll break something and I won't be able to salvage the configuration
inb4 version control
9:55 AM
Make a build script on a different project?
I'd need to supply the vendor libs with that too
which might be an option actually
oooor I could fork the vendor libs on one project, submodule it into chain, the fork the chain for every subsequent project
that could work.
I feel like having danish pastry
it's all hard :S
good moaning
10:01 AM
@AMostMajestuousCapybara It is totally allowed.
@рытфолд Did I pretend the contrary.
Hint: no.
It is allowed. Period.
It is ridiculous. Dot.
I heard when you want to mark the end of a statement you should use the semicolon
You're prowly right;
10:05 AM
Thought so;
VS is tremendously shit so I have been thinking about creating an IDE but really it's more hassle than it's worth I think
shit, more snow;
shit, more white shit
10:06 AM
no snow here
I couldn't drive uphill today so I'm working from home
which isn't that bad, but I'd like to be able to drive to places
@BartekBanachewicz I just have a --sdk-dir option in my bootstrap script.
@Puppy you dont like qtcreator?
So I do ./bootstrap.py --sdk-dir=/path/to/arduino/thingies/ --cxx=/path/to/avr-gcc --serial=COMn once in the project folder and after that it's simply ninja to build and ninja flash to flash it.
10:09 AM
qtcreator+gdb+valgrind on linux is p solid
> In response to Nokia shutting down their Brisbane office and getting rid of those developers where several key Qt components are developed, C. Bergström shared that PathScale is hiring.
@AMostMajestuousCapybara It's either GPL or they bougt a commercial license to it. I don't think GPL requires attribution on web pages and stuffs.
@rubenvb That's irrelevant
10:12 AM
It's not about required. It's about ethical common sense, if you will
@AMostMajestuousCapybara you dont like gdb? ... works okay for me
@AMostMajestuousCapybara That is how you display the value of solid though.
i havent really dont anything except look at stacktracves and step through stuff with it though
@sehe inb4 "That's allowed. :blankstare: "
hm I need to write a script
I have one in .bat
I wonder if it would be worth to rewrite it
10:13 AM
@sehe Common sense fails a lot in general...
> The batch file's limitation to handle parameters up to %9 only can be overcome by using SHIFT.
@AMostMajestuousCapybara How is that irrelevant? If the license forces you to explicitly label any derivates as such, they should. But it doesn't.
@Pris Maybe it's just me but I go much faster with VS's debugger. Clicking my way around rather than typing and plenty of view open. Could be just habit.
@Pris I'm on Windows.
welcome 1980
10:14 AM
QtCreator couldn't even break in "hello, world"
@rubenvb /cc @sehe see? my inb4 was correct
@Puppy it's not QtC; it's gdb
@AMostMajestuousCapybara qtcreator has a UI for gdb
@Puppy im sorry
which doesn't change the fact of GDB being a broken piece of crap
@BartekBanachewicz Don't know; don't care, honestly.
10:15 AM
@Pris inb4 shitos wars. ghfasdjkajs
all that matters to me is that breaking didn't work
that's a reasonable attitude
You probably did something wrong.
no, the software creators did something wrong
anyone messed around with LLDB?
10:16 AM
blaming the user for the fact that the software, after a proper installation, doesn't work is ultimately retarded
I heard it's coming to Windows.
@rubenvb <insert pun>
@rubenvb yeah, the lldb guys announced they were working on a windows version
i wonder if they're being paid by m$
@Pris I think Google is more the driving force for LLVM on Windows.
lol I actually remember when I did that too. I learned not to quickly.
@Pris And §eri0$ly, get a life.
whats wrong with m$? @rubenvb well i remember the visual studio guys talking about clang support so i thought they might be contributing to the project oo
@BartekBanachewicz You do realize that that's exactly one of the typical attitudes of the client from hell that calls support, right?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Depends on what the user ultimately actually did.
10:18 AM
@Pris Malaysian dollars?
@Pris On chat you might get away with it, on the main site I wouldn't recommend it
@Pris let's start with "it's awfully dumb and retarded to write it that way"
if they did something like delete half the binaries to free up space, that's their fault.
if they used the software exactly how you presented it to be used, that's your fault.
@R.MartinhoFernandes "the software doesn't work" - "you did something wrong"
@Puppy Yep; the "depends" doesn't go well with the absolute ("ultimately") statement, though.
10:19 AM
hell of an amazing support.
do you all actually feel offended by it or something? its force of habit but ill try to stop. i see "m$" used very commonly online
@Pris use your brain for about 40 seconds
@Pris "Used commonly online" is pretty much an instant guarantee that it's dumb as hell.
@Pris I also see idiots very commonly online TYVM keep that to reddit and 4chan.
@Pris We don't discuss Malaysian dollars in here.
10:20 AM
wow, never seen anyone this genuinely upset at a bastardized acronym.
we're like that here
(STL anyone)
We get upset.
And stay that way.
A long time.
That was almost a haiku.
that being said, gdb actually almost kinda worked over JTAG for me
I think\
whats the proper acronym for standard template library
It might have been a daydream after 6 consecutive hours
10:22 AM
@BartekBanachewicz No.
@Pris It's STL.
seems to similar to cstdlib
Yeah I called it STL but @LightnessRacesinOrbit yelled at me
@Pris do you mean Standard Template Library or Standard Library
you people and your acronyms
10:23 AM
@Pris s/but/and/
@wilx Yup. But that's common sense :)
I don't know. I'm talking about whatever headers you get on a typical platform (MSVC, GCC, etc) for C++
@AMostMajestuousCapybara Yeah. Amazingly
<memory>, <vector>, <cstdlib> etc
The distinction is for people who live in the nineties
I mean seriously.
10:24 AM
@Pris that's typically some implementation of C++ Standard Library
Every part of the standard library uses templates.
And it's standard, so...
Still not the STL
10:24 AM
Lounge 1 You 0
You guys are aware a concept/word can change its meaning in time?
C++ St Louis
@rubenvb we are. STL isn't C++ Standard Library. get over it
@rubenvb Only if you insist in being wrong.
@rubenvb It's not about what is required. It's about what some people may think is TheRightThingToDo(TM) - not only just for credits, but also for also credibility.
The things that confuses me: Why would they effectively hide their excellent ancestry?
10:26 AM
@sehe inb4x2
C++ Standard doesn't call the Standard Library "a template library"
it's just Standard Library.
@AMostMajestuousCapybara Yeah I know.
No template used explicitely in the name
STandard Library
so c++ stdlib?
10:26 AM
@AndyProwl that's (pardon me) even dumber
@BartekBanachewicz Human language isn't defined by a dictionary.
@rubenvb It cannot. It can change accepted use.
And I strongly suggest we "accept" the sensible broader meaning. It's more useful than harping on antics
@BartekBanachewicz I know
can i get a consensus here, you pedants
@Pris yes, just the standard library.
10:27 AM
@Pris Ha, consensus in the lounge?
@Pris uh there are two libraries, one old and obsolete called STL, and the one that's a part of modern C++ standard, the Standard Library
Another compelling example: nobody calls the Bartek Banachewicz a template Banachewicz. No template in the name. It's not Bartek Template Banachewicz. Just Bartek Banachewicz. What more proof do you need.
@Pris stdlib or "standard library". If you refer to one particular subset then you can name that subset. Granted, "Iterator+Containers+Algorithms" isn't a great name either if that's what you want to talk about
BB also being the acronym for bareback though
use whatever acronym you like just don't call the Standard Library "STL" because it's confusing
@AMostMajestuousCapybara BAB because BArtek BAnachewicz
@BartekBanachewicz To whom?
My offer of compromise is to call it the Standard Function, Class, Struct, Enum, Function Template, Class Template and Boolean Library. After all, it contains all those things.
Most Gruesome Capybartek
@sehe to everyone starting discussions like that jesus
10:29 AM
@BartekBanachewicz To you and Lightness, you mean?
@LucDanton rfol rofl (it's hard to type while rolling)
@LucDanton Booleans are part of the language.
@LucDanton Don't forget all the whitespace!
@BartekBanachewicz THEN DON'T (jesus)
@sehe Capybartek, nice.
10:29 AM
@rubenvb Templates aren’t?
@sehe Rolling the Floor On the Laughter?
Actually, I see STL being used to referred to "Standard Library" (esp. the Iterators+Containers+Algorithms subset) in many books by respectable (?) authors. I kind of got used to this kind of inaccuracy, although I do not use the acronym myself
Standard Template Lightness
@R.MartinhoFernandes rightly foiled on leepfrogging
10:30 AM
@LucDanton But the Standard Templates are defined in the library, booleans are not.
@rubenvb Right, but the Standard Booleans are!
@LucDanton You got me there!
ok enough of STL discussion
People tend to reach consensus or derail-archival by starring
10:30 AM
I rest my case, @Luc's arguments are a whole level above my capability of thought.
recommend .BAT alternatives ITT
@BartekBanachewicz It's funny you should say that
there has to be someone sane here innit
wtfbbq why boost no link R_X86_64_32 reloc -fpic nonsense
Want The Fucking Barbeque?
10:32 AM
J'ai ri
well I wouldn't mind a steak either
ban all acronyms
BAA - Ban All Acronyms
Probably means all this time I had been building Boost both static and shared versions, except the static versions was useless. Convenient.
you're all just sheep :)
10:33 AM
ok I polled my colleagues and Python it is
u fkin piece of sheep
@BartekBanachewicz Er. .cmd?
Apparently this means war with the Perl guys in our company
@R.MartinhoFernandes lel
can you use node and js for scripting
I could but people don't have node commonly installed
and they do have python
10:35 AM
yeah node&js is good for asynchronous pathscale multiquery development
@AMostMajestuousCapybara He’s asleep atm.
I just need to copy a bunch of files really
I want some one to make a terminal that just interprets JS
@LucDanton Correct 3:
@BartekBanachewicz cp
@AMostMajestuousCapybara Is that your spider face?
10:36 AM
@AMostMajestuousCapybara a bit more sophisticated way
@Pris Ctrl-Shift-J
@BartekBanachewicz cp --with-fancy-shit
@AMostMajestuousCapybara even more so
it's using xcopy right now
whoah the radioactive version
well anyway cool, I can write python instead of C++
this can be fun actually
@LucDanton L'art est niais
10:38 AM
Well played.
@Pris lulz
@rubenvb Bullshit
@rubenvb Just because it can doesn't mean it has.
and as long as there exists a separate thing called STL, using that term for the Standard Library is professionally irresponsible
basically you should be taken out and shot :) hth
A: C++ : NEW/Delete Heap Corruption Detected : CRT detected that the application wrote to memory after end of heap buffer

doptimusprimeYou should use following for deletion delete l_ptr1; delete l_ptr2; not [] as you have allocated using new not new []. new char(256) will allocate one char and initialize it will be 256. Or I think you want to allocated character array, hence l_ptr1 = new char[256]; l_ptr2 = new char[256];...

oh and the OP wrote thanks in an answer. READ THE TOUR FFS
bloody Raghav
> Now trying to use STRING
Next question: std::STRING does not compile
using namespace STD;
oh hey it works with sane linking—guess I’ll save on disk space then
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Why u no vote to delete?
"Why u" is weird.
I can't even txtspk prprly.
10:45 AM
@AMostMajestuousCapybara J'ai connu
@R.MartinhoFernandes I did
@R.MartinhoFernandes I flagged before the option to delete came up
@AndyProwl pfft as if he'll use std::
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Ah, ok
10:46 AM
@AMostMajestuousCapybara ETOODIFF
surprised nobody linked my comment here :(
@R.MartinhoFernandes ?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit That was SE telling me you hadn't voted.
@R.MartinhoFernandes oh, right, I see it now :P
inb4 but you can't prove you didn't use MS Paint!
... inb4 you're wasting so many braincycles everyday it hurts
@sehe lol. It means "art is inane" but to a French speaker sounds like "spider" :)
10:49 AM
Too easy :)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I wouldn't. I have better tools to forge that.
@R.MartinhoFernandes you can't prove that

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