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12:02 AM
ha. Ha Ha.
12:20 AM
Use of C++ is pretty customizable. I mean you can use some of its features and not to use the rest. So this concept is very good projected to IDE or editors for C++. Therefore I adhere to vim.
Anyone here use Sublime Text 2?
@StackedCrooked Hey, is it possible to use Nonius from coliru?'
Woah... shit-storm here:
Q: File I/O basics (FileOutputStream, DataOutputStream, ObjectOutputStream,BufferedOutputStream)

AlQodeHi I am new to Java and learning, I have searched for an answer to this question here and googled it, looked at the Java Doc but cant seem to find a clear explanation on exactly this topic. When wrapping streams and Serializable objects, writing a mix of objects, data, primitives to a file, then...

@ThePhD Sup wonderboy <3
@Borgleader Hihi!
12:26 AM
Q: What reason is there to not add nested class/struct resolution in C++ when performing method calls?

SamaursaConsidering the following toy program: struct Foo { struct Bar {}; Foo(Bar b); Bar m_b; }; Foo:: Foo(Bar b) // Bar resolved properly : m_b(b) { } int main() { Foo f(Bar b); // Bar not resolved return 0; } Why do I need to explicitly type Foo::Bar when calling the Foo's c...

I have no idea how to use Noonious in general.
Is nesting types in C++ a common practice?
Sup PhD
@RobertHarvey It's just ill-formed.
@CatPlusPlus Hihi Cat!
12:28 AM
@ThePhD No it isn't. You can certainly do it. But I don't know if it's common practice like it is in Java.
Ooh, just nesting a class in general, not related to the question.
It's not that common anywhere
Uh. Well, what they're doing in the question is ill-formed, but nesting classes is totally a thing. It's... not very common, but it's useful for implementation details.
I don't do it in C++. But I've done very little production C++ code.
I've used it a lot when I've got specific deleters that'd not be useful anywhere else.
12:30 AM
Oh, so the question is ultimately uninteresting, then.
Nested classes are mostly a style thing.
There's no... real mandate for it.
There's a magical way to get nonius working, I swear there is...
@RobertHarvey Yes, it's fairly common. Just for example, most collections have a nested iterator type. That might be written as a nested type, like: class collection { class iterator... }; }; or it might be written independently, and a typedef added to the collection: class iterator {}; class collection { typedef ::iterator iterator; } (I'm simplifying, but you get the idea). Either way, you must be able to use collection::iterator as a type name. Same goes for value_type, etc.
12:34 AM
Oh, sorry. I seem to have accidentally wormholed into a parallel universe where ThePhd is not dead.
Oh. Jerry's right. I completely overlooked those bits.
This is why we don't listen to me. .-.
The question doesn't strike me as very interesting, because it basically seems to be asking: "why is the name of a member of foo visible to code inside foo, but not to code in main (or elsewhere, outside foo). The answer to that would be just: "because that's how scope works."
Wagh. I need boost::variant too for nonius. ;~;
12:40 AM
Guess I should bite the bit and formally install boost on my windows side...
@ThePhD Yes, if you want Nonius you need Boost. Then again, if you want your sanity, you need Boost (but Boost is a bit like insurance: you give up a little of your sanity to insure against losing all the rest).
nested class conforms with RAII, not sure about the performance issue though
Writing an algorithm for linear Diophantine equations has been a fun pain so far.
Hey guys. I have a networking issue. I formulated a question on a new partner site, which is in beta right now. Would be glad, if you take a look.
Q: How to link two routers LAN to WAN

mikeMy former modem was replaced by a all-in-one modem/router ( after a speed upgrade. I still have my DD-WRT router (, which I want to be my main router, i. e. as DHCP server, VPN server, static arp cache entries etc. I figured since I want two different subnets, I should...

And you think this is a good place because
12:48 AM
it isn't
kicks @mike
I was going to ignore the newbie, then you guys jumped in ...
You don't have to answer^^ good place because, I value c++ programmers. But nvm ;)
oh ok brb asking for help in English in a math building
(p.s. I don't value English majors.)
Oh c'mon, that was a bad one
12:50 AM
@mike If so, why link a network/routing question?
Thought it was better than posting it to the english forum
I got a better idea, post it in the PHP & Javascript rooms ... Oo & don't forget meta chats
geez, did I start a world war?^^
I mean C++ UB can certainly bork your router or get you pregnant. But I wouldn't count on it reliably doing that.
Noo ... we were bored, then a new toy walked in so ...
12:53 AM
@Mysticial lol :)
@mike Yes.
haha, but guys. As programmers, the chance is high to stumble over network related stuff. I mean... it's still computer science. Or applied computer science, if you want :D
@Mike: NO.
brb stumbling over number theory when working on real analysis.
(this is unlikely even though they are both pure subjects)
Networking has little to do with computer science
I study computer science and telematics is an own faculty. I even should be able to solve this my own. If I paid more attention and/or visitied the advanced lectures in that area
12:57 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Would have been funnier if directed at rightfold
@mike Most here have stumbled over network related stuff. They then fall over, sustaining grevious injuries.
Apple made $18bn profit this quarter.
@MartinJames yes, it really is a pain in the ass
bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-31001936 is interesting too (actually, far more so)
@Mysticial I still prefer the idea of "spontaneous volcanoes in your back garden or all your hard-earned rep being transformed into Pounds Sterling and deposited in my bank account" :)
That DumbCoder guy's profile is quite funny though
'spontaneous volcanoes in your back garden' has sorta happened. The other thing, not so much.
1:04 AM
check again muahaha
@Mysticial now I see how it was with Jesus; God invoked UB
Parícutin (or Volcán de Parícutin, also accented Paricutín) is a cinder cone volcano in the Mexican state of Michoacán, close to a lava-covered village of the same name. The volcano is unique in the fact that its evolution from creation to extinction was witnessed, observed and studied. It appears on many versions of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Parícutin is part of the Michoacán–Guanajuato volcanic field, which covers much of west central Mexico. It is part of the Ring of Fire. == History == Three weeks before the actual eruption, rumbling noises that resembled thunder were heard by...
I have boost on my system.
It complains it has no idea what to do with Visual C++ since it's a version it doesn't recognize, but it works.~
1:08 AM
Also, nonius throws lots of warnings when compiling as x64, since there's int everywhere there should be std::ptrdiff_t
What do you guys think about JetBrains' Clion? Looks promising
I'll give it a year, and then it'll not be a pile of turd, I'm sure.
Couldn't get it to work on Windows. The downloadable Windows binary build of LLVM seems to be missing some or all of the standard libraries, and I don't know how to build the whole thing.
@mike I think I'm a koala.
@mike Is it a gas-turbine hybrid? What is 0-60?
1:12 AM
@Nooble Seems legit
@RobertHarvey It's very straightforward, you just need cmake. If you're not familiar with it, install cmake-gui.
Noob problemz.
@RobertHarvey You should ask on SO with the title, "Couldn't get it to work on Windows."
@Mysticial haha
1:15 AM
Is that GayCoin thing for real? Did they put the website up on April 1?
@AMostMajestuousCapybara Didn't know about cmake gui. Thx! But I think I should directy delve into cmake. Using a gui would feel wrong. Like using git with a gui.
(Not sure I should have asked that. Makes me either a bigot or an idiot)
In other news, am I the only one that finds Chrome's "let me think for you" approach of putting the search in the URL bar annoying?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Hey, so it seems the VC++ clocks work okay with nonius! ... Or at least, I think they do. I can't tell. I am getting some warnings about outliers. It's example1.c++ in nonius. Is this typical?
VC++, uh. Whatever version this CTP is.
nonius uses boost::chrono for its clock for MSVC
you'd have to disable that
@RobertHarvey What?
@RobertHarvey You might like Firefox's "absolutely nothing" address bar then.
1:19 AM
I did.
I commented out all the boost::chrono bits.
@Rapptz gaycoin.eu ... It's in the stars list. Well, it was, anyway, until a minute ago.
Did you mean: paycoin?
Fun fact: Hacker Rank's first warmup challenge has the code already written for you. All you have to do to pass is click the Submit button. Hacker Rank claims that the success rate for this challenge is 99.5 percent, which makes me wonder what the 0.5% did to fail the challenge.
maybe fat fingers affecting the accuracy of a button press
1:31 AM
not everyone has a well functioning mouse ...
was the button in focus to start with?
Hi guys, don't do math. It will drive you crazy. Sincerely, Don
I mean meth
wait wut...
@RobertHarvey Not reading the directions.
Yay, I have it working!
Now I can benchmark the SHIT out of everything.
1:54 AM
What's the x axis?
The sample ID.
Which... is almost entirely unimportant, except to just give you the ID of the run.
@ThePhD you sure that's using VS's clocks and not boost?
Also, cool.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah, I haven't compiled boost::chrono. If I was using it, I'd be crashing. :D
Also, four ginnantonyx.
1:56 AM
Ginna 'N' TonyX
Sounds like raunchiness starring @TonyTheLion
I don't understand stats (I'm taking stats this semester), but does the output look right to you @R.MartinhoFernandes ?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Here? (Btw, this data has been recovered. So no loss that I am aware off.)
It keeps saying the variance is large, and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong (I'm just compiling the examples).
1:58 AM
Outliers are expected when memory allocation is a significant part of runtime.
Well then, it looks like VC++'s clocks are not insane!
Memory allocation is really slow once in a while because it needs new blocks and shit.
I should submit a PR that won't use boost::chrono in the case of VC++'s version being... uh.
... Whatever the version is right now.
2:00 AM
Sure, do that. I'm motivated to work on my projects again.
(There's an ogonek push coming soon :D)
@R.MartinhoFernandes That makes one of us.
The only one of us
Hey, I'm still working on stuff!
Though, uh. Github is threatening to make all my private repos public.
Because my school account has run out of time, even though I'm still in schol. ;~;
2:01 AM
Life's good. I'm still not too happy about programming for a living but having a goal helps.
@ThePhD Doesn't work that way.
A 5-year long goal.
Join the medical field! It's not fun unless someone is dying.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Not many donations lately, but that won't stop Coliru! :P
2:03 AM
I'm so fucking doing that round the fucking world trip in 2020. I need money so I'm keeping my job while it provides that.
Visas are fucked up.
Buy a private jet.
I don't have any life goals.
That sucks.
I don't mind it.
I'm not flying.
That's cheating.
I wish teleportation was real.
2:07 AM
Meh. Travelling is cool.
Just being places is boring.
Teleportation is cool.
The uses are infinite!
Getting mugged? Teleport away.
Have to go to work? Teleport away.
What if they teleport after you?
Infinitely boring.
Not sure if teleportation is impossible.
It sounds fun to me.
2:08 AM
Also, @R.MartinhoFernandes made the PR. Have fun!~
Ugh git detecting a rename where there's none
I want Hg back
Though I don't really want teleportation for the travel aspect.
@Stacked in the way @Rapptz meant it, it pretty much is.
Just for the fun of it.
lol yeah I meant long distance teleportation
If it was real I'd be pretty excited but I'm sure it's impossible.
I might be more for travelling if I could instantly teleport
2:10 AM
That's not traveling.
That's just being places
telekinese is possible, maybe... with quantum entaglement and those fancy computer periphery controlled by brain activity
Travelling sucks
It's the best part.
Depends on the form of travel.
I.... absolutely hate planes.
2:11 AM
By proxy I also hate cars. A lot.
Cars are pretty lame.
Walking is amazing. \o/
Buses are just bigger cars.
But it takes so much time. /o\
Planes are boring.
2:11 AM
I want to learn how to roller blade and get fit enough to bike long distances.
@ThePhD :effort:, takes a lot of time, you need to pay attention
I have many life goals & they change from time to time
@ThePhD I thought about this some more but how would they know where I teleported?!
Life goals are often volatile.
After figured out that in large, life has no meaning for individuals like us, I started to making my own plans
2:14 AM
I don't feel like raising my expectations either.
volatile static std::queue<life_goal>
@Rapptz I'm serious about mine.
life is kind of like a blank cheque, you can do whatever with it, isn't it lovely?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah. I'm sure most people are.
My long-term goal is to not get crazy until weekend comes
2:16 AM
I guess I technically have some "life goals". I wouldn't call them goals. Just hopes.
Like I hope I don't get alzheimers or die early.
I don't care about dying.
Fuck that.
I don't want to lose my hands or my sight.
I don't care much about it myself.
I've probably seen like 1000 people die in my lifetime though.
So I don't want it to happen to me early.
Most other things don't worry me.
@Rapptz in the hospital where you work?
Nah. Everywhere.
2:18 AM
If I die it's over. Fuck it.
Elders, family, strangers, kids, etc.
So I don't mind it at all.
I have never seen anyone die in RL. I have once witnessed a fatal car accident, but it was at night & I was driving in the opposite direction
The anthropic principle is cool.
I was told my relatives passed away a few times, but I did not witness any of that
2:19 AM
I've almost died 4 times.
3 of them involving cars.
Cars are evil.
are you a bad driver? :x
I wasn't driving in any of the scenarios.
I was almost killed a few times, but most of the times happened when I was in the wild (mountains, ocean)
fell down the mountain twice, caught in a rip once
2:22 AM
That sucks.
But if I did not choose to go bushwalking/hiking, ocean swim/surfing, none of that would have happened. So it's kind of my own fault
Cars are gud, you can put the travel time to productive use while being in a car, i.e. sleep
But it's not too bad, I did not regret it happened. I am glad to be alive :p
@R.MartinhoFernandes My problem is that I don't care much about the future. So I don't have long-term future goals for myself about anything. Even when I was in school I didn't know what to do in the future for my career until I rolled a dice and ended up where I am at now. I don't really care much about the future so I tend to not think about it much.
I've been there.
These days I just set my mind into silly shit.
Like visiting every continent in a year long trip without planes.
It helps me.
2:25 AM
how do you get to australia? in a boat?
Swimming the connecting islands.
Low orbit insertion
Boats are incredible technology.
Australia is hard to get into.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I just stop caring much about it. :P
2:26 AM
I've been there too.
And my life was shit.
Australia is like a vault where the worst spiders and shit are locked
It should be hard to get to!
"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" -> "Same place I am right now"
Worst interview question btw.
"i didn't know foretelling the future was a requirement"
2:29 AM
"Turkey, on the way to China"
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm pretty complacent atm.
@Rapptz ikr, it was asked to me when i applied for a summer job at a drugstore. My immediate thought was "this guy has no clue how to conduct an interview and/or wants to look smarter than he is"
I do bushwalkings all the times, more of my bushwalking buddies injure themselves when they misstep than to get bitten by spider/snakes
i was in high school at the time
Lol most interview questions are horrible.
2:30 AM
"Berlin, on the way to Berlin" sounds better.
I don't think I like any interview question.
In interviews, you tell interviewers what they want to hear
My goal, a rather unrealistic one, at moment is to build 'smart houses', one that a part can detach and become part of a car/plane. That's after a mini goal of complete building my own tiny house that I am currently doing.
My goal for the next week or so is to find something to do.
Not currently currently because it's raining & I am not on site because of it
and finish polishing the android app that just drags on & on ...
2:35 AM
I might need to find a new hobby.
Crochet sounds fun.
I got a bunch of ideas for sol c:
I thought sol was done
Some for the implementation details, others that actually completely remove things like push/get/pop call_call
@Borgleader Need docs.
sol is feature complete and quite honestly never has to be touched and it'll be alright (despite teh fact we're lacking a 5.1 API to work with luajit, and we don't have the docs done yet)
2:36 AM
Bane of my existence.
I hate writing docs.
(Also Sphinx is hard.)
Sphinx is easy
I'm just not motivated to write docs.
I can't wrap my head around the syntax.
Latex is easier for me.
also, something that most likely would not happen in the next 5 years, but I am kind of fascinated about is that having a hobby chicken farm :p
2:37 AM
Do you see those giant hiatus periods
That's me writing docs
The bane of my existence is the fact that it takes me 2hrs to go to works (and another 2 to come back) so I'm always too tired to do shit during the week
I need an appartment
I was thinking Transwarp Conduit but sure
Science fiction is cruel.
I have done the calculation: a piece of 2000+sq metres land on the coast in the middle of no where (200km-300km from Sydney), would cost 200k, building material for a 2 story, 600 sqm house would cost $250k, labour $100k. Chicken & chicken coop (DIY) $1k
600 square metres house is HUGE in my standard
but I would rather not tie money into a farm like that unless I am filthy rich ... or old
100k labour is on the very low side, I would have to put in a lot of effort into build it too
also remote land might not come with electricity or water ... or sewage
but there are ways to get around that
which I have also investigated ...
2:52 AM
hello can someone please help me with a tiny question?
How tiny is it
@Rapptz I have no idea why they keep asking those
I am using cmake to to build c files and header files. it compiles. then i run 'make' and it builds target, but i dont know how to run the target
i tried './targetname' but no luck
The default target is ./a.out on unicses
so i just run './a.out' ? its a command prompt application. like a simple hello world
3:02 AM
it doesnt work
That's a bummer
Read your Makefile then
Good morning.
@AMostMajestuousCapybara need moar variation ;)
3:03 AM
it says -- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /path/filename
[100%] Built target filename
then i expected ./filename to be there but its not
No. The makefile. Open it with a text editor and check the commands.
vim Makefile or something
what am i looking in makefile?
DEAR. GOD. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao-MWUF1zUY
3:07 AM
@NeilDA Confusion.
yes, i dont know how i can fix this
then you probably can't
@DonLarynx Hm. Not oneboxed, not even click-linked. Not probably worth watching. :P
How do I onebox/click-link?
3:09 AM
Very funny, @AMostMajestuousCapybara
Or is it Ctrl+W
@DonLarynx Be sure to add http://
@AMostMajestuousCapybara That's the subtler version.
The percussion is nice.
Yes I can feel the plonk
3:12 AM
> Qualys discovered that the gethostbyname and gethostbyname2
> functions were subject to a buffer overflow if provided with a
> crafted IP address argument. This could be used by an attacker to
> execute arbitrary code in processes which called the affected
> functions.
Another core component vulnerable WOO
Also people blaming it on C++ somehow (????)
There is no part of this that is not absolutely hilarious
3:28 AM
~~~monkey escort!~~~
They should go with judges instead of kill points like in boxing.
iphone 6 is the shittiest phone
do not buy
I dropped it & it's broken
I dropped 10 other phones, none got broken because of it
bend bend phone
3:36 AM
such is life
thing falls
thing breaks
1 star - "I poured coffee on it and it doesn't work anymore."
@AMostMajestuousCapybara s/life/physics/
same thing :w
just a subset
also tried to charge me $424.99 for repairing it
why not sue gravity
lol, you mean for real?
3:38 AM
or your fat fingers
Gravity always wins
@AMostMajestuousCapybara You cannot sue the law!
Money bends space and time too
I am getting a new android
fix iphone 6 in a small store, sell it then buy a new android
nexus 6 is not that good too tbh
I mean Lollipop is good
but nexus 6
3:43 AM
is it bendable?
jesus christ what a giant freaking beast
actually no my friend didn't manage to bend it
is it a bend bend phone like iphone 6/6s?
no, it doesn't bend
so i guess better than iphone :)
Any smart phone is better than a bend bend phone
that's it, I am going to call my iphone 6 a bend bend phone
1 hour later…
5:05 AM
"Oh, you're using their Chrome APP, not their Chrome EXTENSION. They're very similar but one handles window creation differently." is a thing I hope I can stop saying soon.
1 hour later…
6:23 AM
@Puppy (Don't worry, there's a happy ending).
TIL chat.SO can now be HTTPS. I've been running plain HTTP all the time!
Well, not that a public chatroom really needs encryption.
@MarkGarcia Yes--when you're posting things that anybody on earth can read without even trying, it's clearly crucial to ensure somebody who tries to spy on it won't be able to tap into the communication stream.
@JerryCoffin There's one advantage I can think though: corporate filters. And with the nature of some of the messages in the Lounge...
I don't think my employer would dig much into encrypted messages to Stack Overflow servers. ;)
Also, HTTPS Everywhere not properly doing things I expect it to do.
@MarkGarcia Fair enough--and https is certainly pretty harmless at worst (other than, for some, possibly engendering a false sense of security).
6:51 AM
lol I'm dumb
instaedu accepted my enrollment request and I've just realised I signed in with Jeffrey as my first name instead of my real one
inb4 "Yeah... about that. I've just been informed that we can't deal with 12 years old kids that use fake names on the internet. Thank you for being interested in our program anyway. Go talk to your mum. Bye."

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