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5:00 PM
Oh. I watch it in Spanish.
Can't hear the commentators on bars anyway.
I'm sick of seeing the same commercials all the time.
Makes sense
why not americanlish?
Install Adblock
5:00 PM
Cause watching it in English is boring
They have like no emotion.
is it true that Adblock logs keystrokes?
It is very emotional thing
That'd be quite the story though
sometimes Romanian commentators are like that too
One is truth and one is overdoing it
5:02 PM
The other is truth
albeit silly
I'd prefer the silly version.
It sounds extiging.
wrong link
5:03 PM
@ThePhD Sounds what.
@R.MartinhoFernandes extiging
I am very extiged about this ball
Are you talking about testicles or dancing?
5:07 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes why are you on the bar? Is it more extiging?
I love canned coffee made by muller
so cold and tasty <3
> the population of the town Cydonia is 143, a common symbol for "I love you"
Didn't know that.
@SamDeHaan It's closer to terrible overpriced beer
It's Germany. They need laws to prevent beer from being the cheapest drink on the menu.
(Not making this up)
cheaper than tap water?
5:11 PM
You don't pay for tap water.
Well that's good.
Beer is overpriced everywhere ballsportsing is involved
That was prolly redundant
You keep your reality, I'll keep mine.
Mine is realitier
beer is cheaper than soda here and almost as cheap as mineral water
5:13 PM
That's not a good beer
dunno, I think some cheap beers are pretty great
I've had a few that were absolutely disgusting
the most popular brand here is Ursus, also because it's produced in my city
obviously their stout-like product can't be compared with, say, Guinness
but I think it's just fine for $0.5 a can
vs $4 for a guinness
Murphy's Irish Stout (often simply Murphy's), is a stout brewed at the Murphy's Brewery in Cork, Ireland. It is owned and distributed by the Dutch brewer Heineken. Murphy's was heavily promoted worldwide by Heineken throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, but it ultimately failed to substantially dent Guinness' global stout market share, and Heineken have since directed their attentions to other brands. It is brewed to be less heavy and less bitter than Guinness. Flavour profile It is brewed to be less heavy and less bitter than its chief competitor Guinness. Its flavour is evocative of...
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh, my bad. Exciting. u.u;
this was the best I've had
I had to run to a meeting so I just slammed in words and then locked my comp.
and I'd still get some from time to time
but it can't become my ~daily beer because it costs $7+ a can
5:20 PM
@ThePhD how extiging
@SamDeHaan It is a nice word though, innit?
Ugh daily beers
how the hell do you pronounce extiging
@Rapptz Quick question: any other features you think should be part of sol?
5:22 PM
You pronounce it as exciting
the first g pronounced like gif
yeah but how is it supposed to sound
is it like the "g" in "doge"?
Ecks - tie - jing, I guess
5:23 PM
I don't know how to use Robot's fancy pronunciation symbol thingies.
@AlexM. /ɪksˈtaɪgɪŋ/
@AlexM. Yes. The "g" in "doge" is like the "g" in "gif".
Correct it to emotiogante
5:30 PM
Did chat go down for anyone else?
That is a work interview question... guideness is good enough. i never — user3794826 27 secs ago
@Borgleader went down for me
@BartekBanachewicz The place where the interview was was very far away and the train times aren't favourable to me
Also yeah it went well :)
Also an SSD company have emailed me asking for an interview at a similarly far away place
so yay
Discover the wonders of internet and work from home
5:31 PM
@user3794826 where will I be employed if I can answer this? — Drew Dormann 1 min ago
@CatPlusPlus I had a practical interview where I had to take a motor driver apart, I don't think I can do that over the internet :P
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hardware
> Now your pledge is worth 2x: Seth MacFarlane will match the next $1,000,000 in pledges! Bring Reading Rainbow to more classrooms now! Source
damn o.O
> What activities or societies have you participated in as a student at Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania?
I'd write down that I participated in the exams
but that would probably ruin my CV
Seth MacFarlane is a terrible person why do people give him money
@Borgleader what?
I was hoping he'd make a new edition of that book. TIL it's coming out soon. :D
@CatPlusPlus lol what?
lol what what
Seth MacFarlane is fine. Just because he makes stupid jokes doesn't make him a bad person. Also no one is giving him money for the Reading Rainbow thing, he's just matching the donations to the Kickstarter.
5:42 PM
No, he's not
His opinions are p much shit
Opinions on what?
@CatPlusPlus He is giving money.
Things. I don't keep links to stupid shit idiots on internet say
@R.MartinhoFernandes Well okay then
I read wrong OKAY
He's still a hack
You won't even mention why
I don't recall any stupid opinions
So I'm genuinely wondering
@Borgleader Why do you like that author/book in particular?
5:48 PM
Oh, I found one link readwrite.com/2012/06/26/…
Also most of his ~jokes~ are like that so yeah
@Nican I bought the first edition. Liked it quite a bit. The author makes quite a few "real world" examples from games/tools he has worked with (most of them from Naughty Dog) and I like that. I also remember this one bit in the book where he was talking about the game loop or some such and he basically debunked the naive way of doing things (which at the time I thought was correct) anyway, overall I really like that book.
I have accepted their offer
Busy moving now
5:52 PM
Thanks :)
@Borgleader Hm... Sounds interesting. Also, "Naive way of doing things". What is the alternative?
Intel was not paying you enough to make you stomach using their GPUs, eh?
Congrats :v
grats :)
I will join in: Congratulations! :)
5:53 PM
@Nican Well its a rather long explanation, but the short of it is some systems need to be updated more than once per frame and he goes into details as to why.
@Borgleader Alright. I will keep a look out for the book. Thanks for the info. :D
I could have sworn there were some < $50 graphics tablets for sale here but I can't find any anymore :\
@BartekBanachewicz What was the offer?
Congrats btw
5:56 PM
@BartekBanachewicz well known company?
@BartekBanachewicz Congrats :)
A: Ethernet cable too long?

TonnyIt's not the length (100 meters -approximately 330 feet- is the max for ethernet UTP), but most likely the quality of the cable is bad. Maybe the cable is damaged internally or at some point was pinched severely. This is not always visible from the outside. Could also be that one or both ot the ...

I was expecting the beginning to read something like "It's not the length that matters"
oh this is brilliantly evil
lol, my answer got downvoted. :)
A: Is there a better C?

Václav Zeman C++ doesn't solve this. And I don't want to use C++ anyways. I find OO classes and templates to be a headache. Get over this attitude. Just use C++. You can start with coding C in C++ and keep gradually moving to better style.

std::deque<std::string> lines(std::istream_iterator<std::string>(file), std::istream_iterator<std::string>());
R# warned me this was MVP, well done
6:05 PM
I have the impression my coworker is linking against /usr/lib/*. He is literally linking to over 100 .so files.
@thecoshman bahahaha
@VáclavZeman Seems like the OP doesn't realize that you can use C++ without most of the C++ features.
Old it's an old question with an dead OP.
@Mysticial Which is missing the point
Also it's a question that should be nuked
Not answered
6:15 PM
@CatPlusPlus Nuke it, then. Close it as too broad.
@Borgleader Praise da lawd.
I would preorder than and the latest GPU Pro / GPU Gems
Because I seriously need the latest so I can start crafting some of my more serious parts of the engine.
6:20 PM
I also need to make something like nano-vg as a module for my engine, because my current raster-based stuff is starting the reach the limits of its imagination.
@melak47 Did you implement DirectVG with Direct2D or just Direct3D?
D2D is ew
and where's the fun in just using it :p
But isn't using it the other half of the fun of making it?
not really
it already does all the fun stuff, and is all factories and shit
meh, if I had to buy every book I've read, I'd probably be knowing negligibly little about programming today
I do try to buy the books that genuinely helped me and were well written afterwards
6:25 PM
I wish there was a GPU Pro for 2D things
but buying them before reading would ruin me financially, I read too many at once
But I guess just folding the implementation down shouldn't be too difficult, I guess.
once my SIGPLAN membership ends this year, I'll get the full ACM membership which will let me access their huge ebook collection
@ThePhD Do they have anything nice in them?
so I believe that's where I'll stop "pirating" books
6:26 PM
@ThePhD huh?
@Borgleader There's a lot of heavy duty cutting-edge stuff for 3D. When I say "folding down", I mean taking all that specialized 3D stuff and turning it into an implementation that can do awesome realistic 2D shadow mapping and blah blah blah /cc @melak47
However, reading a bit more closely it looks like GPU 5 goes way farther than I would ever intend to go.
@ThePhD Link(s) ?
The most I want to do is depth-mapped Sprites right now, so I can compute real-time lighting on a room.
@Borgleader GPU Pro 4
6:27 PM
I think, though, the latest is GPU Pro 5...
weird... amazon doesnt have the ToC they usually do
@ThePhD > Object-Order Ray Tracing for Fully Dynamic Scenes
@Borgleader Yeah, but you wouldn't raytrace a 2D game. :D
That's madness.
6:32 PM
.. I set myself up for that. I'm not sure I can be mad.
you already have a perfectly good raytracer :v
"perfectly good"
6:33 PM
oh hey i think the cover of GPU Pro 5 is a screenshot from Killzone
I wish there was a "GPU Pro for 2D"
just let rays hit pixels in textures...and there you go! :D
But I can't find anything like it, really.
I'm trying to find which GPU / shader-recipe book has the most things I could make useful in 2D.
@ThePhD Is it me or the GPU Gems are all really old
6:35 PM
@Borgleader GPU Gems are the precusor to GPU Pro, IIRC.
oh i see
Eitehr that or it was ShaderX -> GPU Pro
Wolfgang Engel would be the author or both,
but GPU Gems was done by NVidia and a separate group
@Borgleader ^ ShaderX was the precursor to GPU Pro
I gues GPU Gems just isn't redone that often?
Looks like 2D stuff was discussed in the older GPU Pro
idk, I only saw GPU Gems 1-2-3 on Amazon and #3 was released in 2007
6:39 PM
Looks like Wolfgang Engel has the GPU market locked down.
@VáclavZeman need moar close votes.
@rightfold I did cast my own.
Me too.
Useless getters/setters annoy me
6:42 PM
whee for quasi-classes!
dat code
if i comment out the static assert it compiles and runs correctly, but i'm curious why the static assert gets triggered if the template function version of quack_the_duck doesn't get called
Because the condition doesn’t depend on any template parameters.
It needs to be a dependent false.
6:48 PM
Try std::is_same<Quacker, void>() instead of false.
i see. tahnks
Sol does not support member variable pointers.
We also do not have pseudo-syntax for setting and getting a variable from C++ and making it ezpz to connect to in lua
e.g. myuser.x = 50 -> // my_user::x becomes 50 in C++
7:02 PM
Do you have any idea how we'd implement that?
INVOKE semantics in the member-pointer setter of my thingamabob that I gave you
I can do THAT part,
it's the lua part that's bothering me.
scratch that, with member functions it's harder than it should be
:17470382 You can just use std::is_member_pointer<Sig C::*>()
7:03 PM
just sfinae on the invocation style or something
THat's part of the C++ standard, thankfully.
I did that already when I was filing bugs against the code you wrote in VC++ yesterday
Hm, the example implementation of is_member_function_pointer is wrong, it disregards ref-qualifiers
Surprisingly, VC++ did not sneeze on the member function stuff (or the std::result_of SFINAE).
7:05 PM
But it sneezed on the free-function stuff (the easiest case, wtf)
Everything functor-based worked perfectly.
And even the function_traits stuff compiled without a hitch.
VC++ is a mystery misery har har har
;~; y u haf 2 pun
7:20 PM
puns are their own reward
@ThePhD get out
7:36 PM
This is probably stupid, but I wish I could have an iterator over multiple strings (a deque/vector of strings more specifically), so i could easily get the line/column indices when lexing
I am having some issues with Clang and the way it handles std::thread or maybe destruction order.
Like, code that works with GCC 4.8.x crashes/aborts with Clang.
@TonyTheLion lol
I have no idea what is going on.
Have you see any kind of threads or destruction order issues with Clang?
Clang 3.5
I went to two interviews so far and expected to be asked that
but I was never asked
well, three interviews
7:39 PM
but one of them was with a giraffe?
@VáclavZeman testcase + ask a question at the main site
@SamDeHaan if there was a joke there, it flew over my head
@FilipRoséen-refp I know I know. But it is just too hard. :(
@VáclavZeman what's hard about it? diagnosing the problem, or asking a question?
@AlexM. well, you pointed out that you missed one, implying that one was special, but you didn't say why.
I assumed zoology.
7:41 PM
nah I just forgot about one of them
I don't know how people mangle their brain to understand C++ templates.
Its my life's biggest mystery.
you start by trying to use things like SFINAE and CRTP in regular conversation
and descend into madness from there
seems like
@SamDeHaan so C++ templates drain your sanity points constantly?
More like, templates hurt my head
not the simple ones, but the TMP stuff
7:46 PM
there, fixed :D
ah well
@AlexM. something something dead but dreaming
Yeah, I haven't had an opportunity where I've felt TMP would be especially helpful
so I haven't broken my brain against it
Same here, but then again, I don't code in C++ all that much these days
Yeah, same.
Looking into a new opportunity which would be even less C++.
which would be sad
but general work environment would be a significant improvement
7:51 PM
I would probably not try it myself
but what if it's meant to be read as
I'd try it, just for the laugh
"Yell "Penis"" for passcode
meaning the passcode is "Yell "Penis""
but do you have to escape the single quotes?
@AlexM. not proper grammar, ie. that's not it.
7:53 PM
it just gets complicated
how is it not proper grammar?
it's like saying
Enter <sth> for passcode
it's a fragment
missing one of those verb doohickeys
one can't say that though, you talk about "the policy for password creation", but you provide "something as the password"
7:54 PM
there is no password creation
you are completely missing the point
@Rapptz greetings.
I am not
you are running around the point
Enter <sth> for passcode instructs you on what to respond to a future question
@AlexM. my argument is that you don't provide something "for" the passcode, you provide something "as" the password.
i.e. when being asked to enter the password
7:56 PM
@AlexM. in your world it might, but in English that's not the case.
now you're just making me want to open up a question on EL&U
I'd definitely get more arguments than you give me, anyway
so I'd know a reason for being wrong
in either case; I came here for the laughs, and currently there aren't any.. I'll just wait for those instead of having to find you a English-reference
eyy, don't back out now
I'm fine with being demonstrably wrong
it's better than leaving things hanging
I'd rather leave things hanging.. I'm a boy etc etc
<- making those jokes
@FilipRoséen-refp Making a test case is hard. My test case is actually a functional testcase in log4cplus test suite. But that is not something I can reproduce in a SO question.
8:00 PM
someone could continue by saying that "well, I'd rather leave it not hanging" and we could all join in a synchronized LOL.
But that joke isn't funny
not near as funny as you arguing about correct preposition choice
@SamDeHaan no, so we should explore new ground and come up with something decent
@SamDeHaan well played, kudos.
aaanyhow.. where are all the interesting questions at?
The lounge needs more puns, that's what's really missing.
@SamDeHaan I'm not exactly arguing at this point, I just want to know whether I'm right or wrong
if I'm wrong I'll be sure to not use sentences in such ways ever again
8:02 PM
@AlexM. in my experience both 'for' and 'as' are acceptable, with 'as' being slightly more common.
@SamDeHaan in my book that very much depends on the context of where it's being used
I think this legitimately might be the easiest job I've ever had
you provide a password for ("to") the login dialog, but you provide "1337" as the password information required by that dialog
I can't believe USA is actually in the top 16.
@rightfold <3
8:05 PM
this just reminds me of a game I used to play online.
@Rapptz me neither to be honest, but then again.. it's a big country
@Rapptz has the game started? I'm at my *GF*s, and the brother and her wanna watch some MTV show
Yeah it has.
@Rapptz I should open up a live feed with the score/comments..
if anyone know of anything decent in that regard, please let me know.
@JohanLarsson well, I can't stream that. or can I?
lol, can't believe I'm watching football
@JohanLarsson I can't have any audio, that's the main problem
but she just switched to the game, wohoo!
@JohanLarsson I didn't know that you could stream SVT{1,2,B} live through svtplay, that's wicked. thanks!
@JohanLarsson are you having issues where some of the red players are "blurred"? (ie. that the colors are merging in a weird fashion where the red meets the green) (watching SVT1)
8:22 PM
@JohanLarsson if you could /cc me if anything happens, that be great
@JohanLarsson thanks man!
I should probably get an advanced grammar book and study it
Jag wa båka dësu.
this is the Nth time I was unable to explain why I think something is correct, except for the obvious reason that I've heard it used like that before
@JohanLarsson bäst-bäst!
8:40 PM
@JohanLarsson Jag ïs an idiåt.
> throw runtime_error ("Unexpected end of regex (missing '}').");
from ("{", Token::CurlyBracketOpen) =/
Hi @sehe. :3
What is up?
8:48 PM
@TonyTheLion that is clearly the AP of the picture-taker. Staged
@rightfold Lots of things. In fact, I've always explained to my daughter that "up" is subjective, or very relative in the best case
Lots of the Things
@rightfold +1
@JohanLarsson Did you just call me a slut you little faggot?
@rightfold I've always described it as "direction opposite to the direction of dominant gravitational pull" (which is a local property)
I am returned
8:50 PM
@JohanLarsson tack tack! jag ser matchen när det är reklam på MTV, sett en del.. hoppas verkligen att Beligen tar hem det här!
@JohanLarsson You have no right to a reproach. Stop the gibberish :0
@sehe What is a dominant gravitational pull? A fat dominatrix?
@Puppy By value?
@JohanLarsson It was a joke. :v
@sehe Probably by reference.
8:51 PM
But I do like matching bras. :)
13 messages moved to bin
@rightfold The strongest gravitational force on an object.
Consider it done
8:52 PM
@rightfold Why must people assume I'm not capable of intentionally getting things the wrong way :|
@rightfold In a fall, gravity always has the whip-hand:)
Oh, it's half-time and the USA have still not been finished off by that-which-must-not-be-mentioned.

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