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12:14 AM
@Ell Not all.
Jun 27 at 10:46, by R. Martinho Fernandes
> The man responsible for designing the fire safety system at Berlin’s new airport - the main reason for the continuing delays to the calamitous €5 billion project - has admitted he was not a qualified engineer.
Q: Conversão de struct com struct aninhado para record

ProjgoEstou com um pequeno "entrave" em um projeto que estou trabalhando. Nós recebemos uma dll escrita em C , para podermos nos comunicar com leitores dessa empresa. Em anexo , veio um exemplo escrito em Borland C++ 6 , que funciona corretamente. O problema consiste em usar essa dll com o Delhpi XE5...

^^ lol, wrong site
This question appears to be off-topic because it is appears to be in spanish. — Daniel A. White 55 secs ago
Is that Spanish or Portuguese?
12:16 AM
@Mysticial So weird reading technical stuff in Portuguese.
@DanielA.White just like English and German. — HighCore 2 mins ago
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Would have been awesome if the goalie fumbled that last one or something.
@EtiennedeMartel You might like this
@Rapptz Yeah, I've heard about Shovel Knight and how it "embraces" old school game design without getting stuck in it.
12:23 AM
Oh so you read it?
I just finished reading it.
Thanks for the link though. Imma read this right away.
Minitech migrated it.
I guess I should write support for setting/getting member variables for sol
it would probably be nice to be able to bind a member variable to pseudo-tables in sol that made those keys set and get stuff.
12:51 AM
> The exception that is thrown when an application attempts to perform a networking operation on its main thread.

This is only thrown for applications targeting the Honeycomb SDK or higher.
welp, time to do a fucking async task just to test a http request
2 hours later…
2:26 AM
RIP Lounge<C++>
I killed it
it's 5:30 AM here and the weather outside seems wonderful for a walk
Good mourning.
it's 16 celsius atm, especially because of last night's rain
if all the clouds go away, it will get to 30 celsius in no time lol
This cat looks beautiful.
Not sure if this is just me though.
yeah it looks good
maine coons are still best cats
@StackedCrooked there was this pic once, circulating with a caption like "this cat is prettier than most humans"
holy shit I'm in love
2:42 AM
I'd hug that cat nofurry
@AlexM. nice view. you should do a roof walk :P
@StackedCrooked assassin's creed style lol
@Chimera ooh so pretty
2:43 AM
@StackedCrooked She so precious.
that expression
what I don't like about cats is that now they're all happy and huggable and the next moment they just decide anything touching them should die and of course they start mauling you with their claws
@StackedCrooked ikr
I think I'll take a walk to the mall, have a coffee then come back home
but I'm not sure at what hour starbucks opens
the other cafes (inside the mall's building) don't open until 10 AM
A turkish bakery here opens around 7. They have a few seats and you can get coffee.
There's a lot of turks where I live :)
2:58 AM
I'm sure there are some cafes opening that early around me, but then the walk would be too short
maybe I can still walk until I get to the mall, then go all "lol jk" and get a coffee in the center
3:42 AM
@AlexM. This image has been loading for like 10 minutes.
did a refresh fix things?
Okay, all good now.
What a pain.
it happens to me too from time to time
in some cases the loading stops and it says something like "Image not found"
I had to restart my PC and clear cookies
to fix all my loading issues
it wasn't just that image, it was also gravatars
very annoying
4:00 AM
I want one of the android smartwatches
4:14 AM
Hi all!
is SO down for anyone else, or just for me?
the chat also went dead a couple of times in the past 2 hours
yup, works for me too now
4:27 AM
I need some help on JSF
4:40 AM
^ Can this joke be explained?
I think I'm not getting it. But I think it's funny nevertheless.
it's most likely related to this movie
> The legend claims that Candyman can be summoned by saying his name five times while facing a mirror (similar to the Bloody Mary folkloric tale), whereupon he will murder the summoner with his hook-hand.
4:42 AM
SO is working for me. I had similar symptom a while ago, try to clear the cookies.
I just thought it was a totally random joke.
Dave is the worst of the bunch in C&H.
Rob is the best one.
Kris is okay.
I'm pretty sure Rob is the one who makes the C&H videos
cause it's in his art style
Oh nope. They vary.
Woo 20 rep!
4:58 AM
try not say stupid things, 20 is very close to 18 or 16 for that matter ...
5:14 AM
Ahem.... "Lounge"
It's quiet today
5:30 AM
busy reading this 50 some pages development control plan, because I have to write this dumbass statement of environmental effects report for the meeting tomorrow ... and chasing people up for various other drawings and a report ... freaking laggots
5:43 AM
3 hours ago, by Rapptz
RIP Lounge<C++>
6:39 AM
A: Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array?

AnkitWell for starters, unsorted array contains everything which was fetched from Database or a collection so traversing/iterating through this collection takes a certain amount of time say x. So while processing/finding something through this collection will take obviously more time since you have n...

^^ lolwat?
> now have a clue of how to go about processing/searching
He has no clue.
TIL you can 3D print links
Web links?
chains (look at the cubes)
I think the "technique" is called webbing, though I'm not sure. That image is cool though.
6:44 AM
they're called links
7:22 AM
@Mysticial d/v and flagged as "very poor quality"
what a great way to start the day
Package was at customs, I sent them the receipt and payment proof.
package was apparently sent out again to me... and is now back at customs.
TYL: Don't order semtex over the internet
don't order what?
Semtex is a general-purpose plastic explosive containing RDX and PETN. It is used in commercial blasting, demolition, and in certain military applications. Semtex became notoriously popular with terrorists because it was, until recently, extremely difficult to detect, as in the case of Pan Am Flight 103. For its original military use it was manufactured under the name B 1. It has been manufactured under its current name since 1964, labeled as SEMTEX 1A, since 1967 as SEMTEX H and since 1987 as SEMTEX 10. Composition The composition of the two most common variants differ according to the...
7:42 AM
@sehe Thanks! Looks like it's deleted.
8:14 AM
8:29 AM
<property name="javac.optimize" value="no" /> ಠ_ಠ who's bright idea was that?
Morning. Will it be another entertaining day in the Lounge? Tune in at 9.30BST to find out.
@Ell What?! How so? I was in a great mood all day!
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah I was almost expecting a second Algerian goal in those last 30s
Ugh, fuck those language-specific SO sites.
It's probably going to be shit
@thecoshman What, using XML to specify compiler options?
It's Java! A system designed to turn XML into stack traces. What did you expect?
After deliberating on how to express interpolation nicely in JSON, I actually miss XML
8:59 AM
@jalf ¬_¬ ant
@CatPlusPlus interpolation...
and yes, I know what it means
@Xeo learn English dammit
… why would I use getline instead of ignore to skip lines when reading an input stream?
shouldn’t ignore be more efficient?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I'm stil trying to work out why Algeria were not 2 up in the first 10 minutes.
@SargeBorsch - I'd be more worried about the actual brain boiling... — Fazer87 1 hour ago
@MartinJames true
@MartinJames also, it makes sense that that is true
@KonradRudolph I can't see how it can read through the bites to the next new line with out reading through the line. either way, it has to be done.
9:06 AM
@thecoshman But ignore simply discards what it reads, getline has to copy it somewhere (and possibly allocate a buffer as it does)
@KonradRudolph I'd dare you'll find void ignore(){ getLine(); }
@thecoshman I highly doubt that
@KonradRudolph given how slow I/O is and how much overhead most iostreams implementations add, having to copy the data instead of discard it seems negligible
@KonradRudolph you have a lot of faith in your iostreams implementation. :p
sometimes I swear cosh speaks English as a fifth language
9:10 AM
Unformatted operations have very little overhead
@jalf True. But it just seems conceptually wasteful to add memory allocation/management into the mix
Also you have to find the goddamn newline, and you don't read character-by-character, so ignore buffers anywway
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Needs more coffee probably. ;-)
Everything buffers
English is my 5th language after Trollish, Gibblish, Chinese and #%^$%%@#!!!
9:11 AM
Unbuffered I/O is stupid
@LightnessRacesinOrbit so what?!
@CatPlusPlus Fixed buffer vs. variable-length string receiver
also, doesn't ignore just skip a single token, rather than a line?
@jalf ignore skips N characters, or up to the stop character given (here: '\n')
oh right
9:12 AM
@KonradRudolph Doesn't matter
Lines are unlikely to be very large
again: speaking conceptually here
but okay
@thecoshman surprisingly, MSVC's implementation doesn't seem to do that.
but yeah, why would you use getline instead, if the semantics you want are what ignore provides? Even disregarding the performance argument, isn't ignore clearer and more readable, if what you intend is to ignore the read data?
@thecoshman ;)
@KonradRudolph I agree. So use ignore.
9:28 AM
Never has upgrading an OS been so painful and misleading; fuck Windows 8.1
I don't upgrade an OS unless I absolutely have to
But Apple tries to sneak in an upgrade every now and then, sometimes I give in due harassment. If you don't upgrade, they will ask you every time you start your macbook
There is no option 'never ask me again'
I will definitely recommend Windows 7 to any new PC builder. Cut the hassle at its legs.
I like window 7 too
Windows 7 is the new XP.
It deserves to be. The OS was done largely right and does not kick my shins repeatedly to force me to make a Microsoft Account.
9:35 AM
I will never be a mac fan ...
It also does not fucking disable all of my explorer extensions when I tell UAC to stop bothering me.
Both Microsoft & Google are better than Apple in my opinion
In case you were wondering what Big Data is: http://t.co/16BRxYJlEK
I also <3 Linux
Everybody is terrible at UX and should be fired.
9:37 AM
Windows 8 was relatively nice.
Still not Unix, but still way better than Windows 7.
@TheForestAndTheTrees Yepper.
@rightfold Wait, what? First of all, "was"? lol. Secondly, Windows 7 is FAR superior to Windows 8. You imply that Windows 7 wasn't that good. Why?
window 8 tries to be like mac, but mac sucks
I guess they care more about $ than how much it would suck for end users ...
coz win 8 can trick user into buying more stuff
@LightnessRacesinOrbit he doesn't imply that win7 wasn't good, just clearly states his opinion that win8 and unix are better.
Windows 8 was super fast on my machine and even VS was very smooth.
9:44 AM
Windows 7 always lagged tremendously.
VS very smooth? now we know you're off your rocker
And the start menu was nice because the buttons were very large.
maybe you suck? I had VS running smoothly on my win 7 machine 3 years ago ...
@Puppy Come visit me and I’ll prove it.
no thanks
9:52 AM
@thecoshman He said it's "way" better than Windows 7, and since Windows 8 isn't that good, his implication is that Windows 7 is poor.
win 7 is a lot like xp with better search functionalities
@rightfold What? I've never had any "lag" issues on Windows 7. Perhaps your computer was broken...?
I think the Windows 8.1 update has blackholed my system.....
I do want my XP start menu back, though.
It won't progress past a blank, black screen.
9:54 AM
@ThePhD Any detectable Hawking Radiation?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit no, that is your superstition
@Lightness Dunno.
@thecoshman no, I can read
it used to be blue ...
@thecoshman plus he's already confirmed it whilst you've been bickering, so... :)
@ThePhD Did you try turning your monitor on?
9:56 AM
@Lightness :l
@ThePhD You aren't seeing your work area through VR goggles using your raytracer, are you? Because that would certainly explain it...
@LightnessRacesinOrbit s/you/we/
@thecoshman you were bickering. I was giggling at your wrongness.
Ha ha had....
9:57 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit It was not my intention to imply that Windows 7 was bad.
@rightfold Regardless, you did.
(Even though my opinion is that it is, because it’s not Unix-like.)
This is what happens when you take a dyslexic and a foreigner and put them in the same room ^_^
@LightnessRacesinOrbit no, you supposed his meaning to be thus.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit and stir with a giant spanner ಠ_ಠ
i am having the second interview at 5 pm
9:59 AM
@BartekBanachewicz That was good until the final chord.
It sounded borked for me too
@thecoshman His meaning is whatever he writes. If he writes what he does not actually mean then that is an abstraction leak.
Interviewer> is this your real address?
Bartek> I have moved yesterday
Interviewer> ...
hahaha lol. this is so much like Minchin's Rock'n'Roll Nerd
Windows uses putty -- does an OPenSSH client exist in Windows instead?
10:01 AM
I think I might have to change because PuTTY is kind've retarded.
who cares
putty is good enough
@ThePhD elaborate
@BartekBanachewicz When you have multiple accounts, PuTTY authenticates by shotgun-providing all the keys in a linear order. The first key to authenticate wins. So if I have Repo B set up to use Account B, it won't work because Repo A has Account A attached to it and the key for Account A gets sent first.
Account A is seen as the identified user, and it will fail to do anything for Account B.
you can create two profiles for auth
and supply just different keys for each
instead of using pageant, that is.
create 2 instances of putty
10:04 AM
Guess I'd better throw out Pageant then.
when you save the session, there's a lot of options (obviously), and keyfile is under the "auth" thing
it will ask you for the key password inside of the connection shell
you could also create a custom script asking pageant for keys and running putty then, but that would be more complicated I guess
there is also psftp if you want to transfer anything ...
Ugh, MSVC ICEs at generating indices packs.
Also, std::tuple should implicitly sub-class indices_gen<sizeof...( T )> so that it works automatically with parameter unpacking. <_>
10:09 AM
But I digress.
why do you put spaces inside of parens?
but then again parens ha ha ha
Does it support integral_sequence?
Or whatever that thing is called.
10:11 AM
The C++14 thing.
Is that a std:: class I never heard of? :o
Oh. I don't think they implemented std::apply with integral_sequence yet.
But, MSVC shouldn't derp on indices packs.
What. There's no "std::apply".
STL and I both use them pre-November 2013 CTP to implement tuple_cat.
10:12 AM
are there any compile-time declarative parsers available in C++?
you can do that, right?
@BartekBanachewicz You mean Spirit?
spirit generates the parser in compile time
@ThePhD Do you have a working implementation?
I'd like to parse in compile time
@R.MartinhoFernandes integer_sequence
and index_sequence
10:13 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Sure, let me send it to you... while VS loads...
@BartekBanachewicz Parse what?
@R.MartinhoFernandes There will be
@R.MartinhoFernandes a string literal
Just don't write a string literal in the source code.
Don't do that.
What's the point of compile-time parsing?
@ThePhD think again, you'll get to it.
none, really. use an external script
@Xeo nice. thanks.
10:15 AM
> Being able to parse arbitrary text at compile-time can be useful in many situations.
hey it's not like I'm going to use that anyway
I was just doing a sorta mental experiment
fuck C++
@BartekBanachewicz meh
I'm going to go back to my F# thing
I'd like to see it work, at least :F
and fuck I forgot to push that code again
10:18 AM
Meh, make_index_sequence doesn't fit my needs.
I want both start and end parameters.
Yes, I can do it by hand, but no, MSVC won't like it.
They need shift_index_sequence
when is MSVC 14 RC coming out?
This is just hte indices trick that Xeo usually shows us
Uh. I don't know if that's... what you're looking for? o.0
10:19 AM
Ah. Linear.
No wonder it works.
You need non-linear indices?
he wants not just gen_seq<N> but gen_seq<First, Last>
I think that's doable. I can try it in a fresh VS project from scratch.
A: Implementation C++14 make_integer_sequence

XeoHere's a log N implementation that doesn't even need an increased max-depth for template instantiations and compiles pretty fast: // using aliases for cleaner syntax template<class T> using Invoke = typename T::type; template<unsigned...> struct seq{ using type = seq; }; template<class S1, cla...

@Xeo It's log^2 N, btw.
10:21 AM
I should probably split that Concat into Shift + Concat. hm.
@R.MartinhoFernandes ?
Oh yeah, I was thinking of an optimisation where I would reuse the left-side of the generation for the right-side.
never got around to trying that
such clever queries that do all the work for me, sadly their execution ends with connection timeout :s
I even turned transactions off
EXPECT_TRUE((std::is_same<meta::MakeIntegralSequence<int, 0, 4>, meta::ints<0,1,2,3>>::value));
// error C2181: illegal else without matching if
> fatal error C1060: compiler is out of heap space
Ah, at least this one makes sense.
10:28 AM
Not gonna work.
EXPECT_TRUE((std::is_same<meta::Concat<meta::ints<2,3,5>, meta::ints<7,11>>, Primes>::value));
Does someone have an MSVC-safe implementation of Concat?
Concat was the reason my indices generation failed.
Maybe I should use Boost.MPL.
template <typename T, T... I, T... J>
struct concat<integral_sequence<T, I...>, integral_sequence<T, J...>>
: Convert<Concat<Convert<integral_sequence<T, I...>>, Convert<integral_sequence<T, J...>>>>
Too many angle brackets for MSVC.
template <typename T, T... I, T... J>
struct concat<integral_sequence<T, I...>, integral_sequence<T, J...>>
: integral_sequence<T, I..., J...>
Too few angle brackets?
std::integer_sequence is not an idempotent metafunction :<
10:43 AM
how would it be?
using type = std::integer_sequence;
oh, that
Fuck this. I'd rather deal with Proto.
If I could make a drug that could turn fat into heat in winter without much side effects, then I would be rich

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