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9:03 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb Why are you saying this? You know exactly why I removed you from the list of owners:
Sep 19 at 7:46, by sbi
Oh yeah, and I kicked him off the room's owner list. IMNSHO, anyone who isn't mature enough to speak up openly if he objects to a message posted, and rather flags it, should not be a room owner. (And someone who isn't here often enough to not to know how much out of hand flagging got here, recently, shouldn't be either.)
Wait, someone actually cares about being an owner?
how does anyone know who the owners are? lol
The list is on the room's info page, and owner nicks are in italics.
@tweetsbi Yep, that was it -- we were only expecting jpg or png. Will be fixed in a minute.
@tweetsbi I'll take it. :)
9:08 PM
Neat, it works.
why almost?
Why almost?
works perfectly fine for me
works fine for me too
9:09 PM
Because I accidentally pressed Esc and it stopped animating.
well, that's your own damn fault :)
If this goes through, we might have to implement some kind of "mature content" flagging on our network: http://bit.ly/qHoh6X
Jeff would be up and in arms against this, I'm sure. :)
There's was a proposal with much less euphemistic title a while ago.
Ah, it's that one. It was renamed.
> I'd say the previous title was too cliche and informal, the new one is too formal, and both are too long. Some things can be left to the FAQ.
9:13 PM
why not just say "sex.stackexchange"?
oh, hey @Dead
got some time? :) I'm thinking on how to structure event handling with SDL and thought of you, maybe you got a nice idea?
How about... an event loop.
@Xeo Now that @Tony started to appear as soon as we mention Haskell, are you the one who appears when sex is brought up?
9:16 PM
Q: Catching C# unhandled exceptions from other DLLs

XaadeI have to split up parts of my app into dlls. I have an unhandled exception event in my Application main, and I'm throwing exceptions in my other DLL to test an exception dump process. Problem is that it can catch custom exceptions ONLY when they are thrown within a constructor. I'm assuming m...

@Xaade Wrong room.
well, SDL events are all kinds of events, and I want to handle key events differently from, say, quit events. now I could have a main loop and dispatch between the different kinds, but I thought there was maybe some nicer way
@sbi What? I've been here for a while
Like what? Two loops?
You can mask events AFAIR and only get one of each kind at the time, but that's just silly.
@Xeo Oh, so I see. Well, it was a nice theory before you spoiled it!
@CatPlusPlus That's my exact thought. Maybe I should really just have two event managers, one for key events and one for general events, and dispatch between the two
Though I came to hate the word "manager". It feels like I need a manager for everything sometimes and I just don't like it somehow. :|
9:19 PM
Hello everyone.
There are like 6 or so kinds of events, single dispatching reactor is all you need.
Why are keys so more special than e.g. mouse?
I grouped mouse & keys in my mind :)
I should have said "user input" from mouse and keyboard
oder controller
Event is an event, it shouldn't matter to the dispatcher what kind of event it is.
So I am making a game with some people, and we decided on C++. Anyone know offhand a good place online to learn some basic C++?
do you know any other programming language?
@CatPlusPlus more like StackOverflow C++
We all know some other languages. And yes cat, I know for questions it is a good place.
Q: The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List

grepsedawkProvide QUALITY books and an approximate skill level. Add a short blurb/description about each book that you have personally read/benefited from. Feel free to debate quality, headings, etc. Books that meet the criteria will be added to the list. Books that have reviews by the Association of C an...

Hey, this list is online!
But why did you decide on C++, if you don't know it at all?
@Collecter Is there a language all of you know?
9:23 PM
Please don't say 'performance'.
I'll have to slap you with a year-old banana.
Fastness :P
@CatPlusPlus We want to learn one new to us.
@RMartinhoFernandes Martinho: 1, Cat: 0
Probability of thingies doing thingies sooner than other thingies
@RMartinhoFernandes I know the book list, was just hoping for an online reference for now.
9:24 PM
Thinking in C++ is available online.
Oh, you don't mention probability in this semester.
Heard it's not bad.
@RMartinhoFernandes Thanks. I will look into it.
Write a game in Haskell.
I can't see that ending well
9:25 PM
I wrote half of the Computer Graphics class exercises (OpenGL) in Haskell.
I just can't get to like Haskell for its syntax
Not verbose enough?
What syntax? You can memorise all rules in 30 seconds.
No, too cryptic (for me at least, and for the moment). Maybe I should really read into it sometimes.
9:27 PM
what do you use haskell for?
You haven't seen Lisp, Oz or Ocaml if you say Haskell has cryptic syntax.
Lisp has cryptic syntax?
well, I'd be more interested if the syntax was less dodgy
There's very little syntax there.
Too much noise.
9:28 PM
Brainfuck has cryptic syntax :L
What's the language based on just whitespace? :L
Whitespace. How fitting.
And PREFIX ALL THE THINGS isn't really helping.
Sometimes you suffix things.
Haskell at least can infix functions into obedience.
Like the silly -P convention for predicates.
9:29 PM
Yeah. Scheme's ? is better.
Unless you actually want to PREFIX ALL THE THINGS.
You can actually do both.
instead of the ability to prefix things or postfix things, a language should just provide the ability to fix things
Or other way around, same difference, really.
You only need to fix things that are broken.
My code? Broken? Preposterous.
9:30 PM
so in other words, Haskell needs fixing? :p
@RMartinhoFernandes But is it in-fix, pre-fix, or suf-fix?
After a while, you need a fix of Haskell.
So, @Cat, to get back to my SDL event problem thingy.. just have a handler (my new word for manager) for every event type group and have a dispatcher assign the events accordingly?
You can fix things in Haskell.
That's what the fix function is for.
Is an integer represented in binary or hex format? Because I am having problems
9:32 PM
@AlfPSteinbach Especially numbers. The one thing I miss about PL/I is fixed-point numbers. C++ operator overloading does handle that one reasonably well though.
@LewsTherin An integer is a number.
A binary representation or a hex representation is not a number.
@Xeo Whatever works for you, really.
I'm going to sleep now, bb.
Yeah but how is it represented hex or binary? My right shift or left isn't working
@CatPlusPlus Good night.
9:33 PM
I have int x = 24
@LewsTherin Fix your keyboard, then. Shift is important.
@CatPlusPlus g'night
hex is a textual representation
@CatPlusPlus ...and C and C++ are case sensitive.
a CPU knows only binary
9:34 PM
Okay, now I'm really going.
so 24 is represented as 0000......00100100
Bit shifts are obviously binary.
@CatPlusPlus All your base are belong to us!
9:35 PM
@LewsTherin Something like that, but correct :)
42, not 24
yes, I am a lurker ;)
so it should be reversed?
What? That's neither 42 nor 24.
Oh lol
9:37 PM
I see
24_10 = 11000_2.
@eisbaw What?! You are one of those guys I slaughtered in Gothic?
yeah damn
42_10 = 101010_2
9:37 PM
@sbi Talking about the game?
enlighten me
I don't play games
@eisbaw It's an old game.
I only code
@RMartinhoFernandes Is there anything else called Gothic where you slaughter lurkers?
every second every time
as I type this++
even now
9:39 PM
decimal is just a convenience for humans. computers only know binary (unless you count bcd, which is still computers trying to cater to humans)
ok so it is like this in memory 00000000 00101100
@cHao Wrong!
now do if it was in FP
Setun () was a balanced ternary computer developed in 1958 at Moscow State University. The device was built under the lead of Sergei Sobolev and Nikolay Brusentsov. It was the only modern ternary computer, using three-valued ternary logic instead of two-valued binary logic prevalent in computers before and after Setun's conception. The computer was built to fulfill the needs of the Moscow State University and was manufactured at the Kazan Mathematical plant. Fifty computers were built and production was then halted in 1965. In the period between 1965 and 1970, a regular binary computer w...
show me a real, working ternary computer
9:40 PM
00000000 00101100 If it is true I am trying to separate 0010 and 1100 so I did a right shift of 4 bits..but I got 1 instead
24 >> 4
00101100 is 44
@eisbaw Start @ 0:35 here: youtube.com/watch?v=hZHLRGyi5z4
ok even if it was 44 it still wouldn't work
Ok, so you want to extract the 4 lower bits and the 4 second-to-lower bits, that it?
so it becomes 2 and 4 or 4 and 4
9:44 PM
Have you guarantees that the upper 8 bits are zeroes?
I assumed they were...
so it could be filled with garbage? How does it print 24 correctly then or do a sum correctly?
I mean, you want this for only this value or for arbitrary vaues?
this value
Er, int lower = 12; int second_to_lower = 2; will do.
how do you use operators?
I'm trying to learn them
9:48 PM
Shifting 00000000 00101100 to the right 4 bits will give you 00000000 00000010.
Which is 2?
in base 10
But it prints 1 to the console
Ok, show some code.
#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;
int main()
   int num = 24 ;

    int num1  = num>>4 ;

    cout << num1 ;

    getchar() ;

don't ask about the getchar() xD
9:51 PM
Right because, as we told you, 00000000 00101100 is not twenty four.
Twenty four in binary is 11000.
but it should be able to work for any 2 digit number
Ok, let's see if I get this straight. Given 24 you want 2 and 4?
Why are you messing with binary then?
You want decimal digits.
To learn them, I could use modulus but I want to know how to use the bitwise operators
Even if I shift or whatever..is it not still a decimal digit?
9:54 PM
Bit shifts are binary.
They shift binary digits (aka bits).
but the binary representation of those decimal digits
I don't get your point lol :(
This chat modification user script is awesome.
@LewsTherin When bit shifting you can only divide by 2 (right shift) or multiply by 2 (left shift). That's why right shifting 24 by 4 produces 1, (24 / 16). You want to get 2 and 4 which means you want to do base 10 math, for which you must divide by 10 and modulo 10 for the results
I don't have grease monkey anymore :(, not compatible with FF 8 beta
10:13 PM
@Praetorian yeah...true
so it won't work then
lol....ff is getting as bad as chrome with version numbers
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11:21 PM
A: Shouldn't serial downvoters be banned from SO?

Ben VoigtOne way to automatically distinguish between the case Tim mentioned, of identifying a user that is poisoning the well with bad answers and dealing out well-deserved downvotes, vs revenge voting, would be to check for correlation between those votes and those cast by users with high reputation in ...

You know what's really sad?
That people hate being corrected in our society.
Why do we have such aversion to it?
Couldn't agree more Max
The neutrino fly FTL should be held up as an ideal not as a freak
The specifically ask please help
It's as if we all can't stand the notion that we might be wrong; that there's a better answer; that we're not as smart as we thought. I say, the more readily you accept corrections (with due course), the smarter you are!
Hey I'm almost 40, when litb states something most of the the time I have learned.
Crap I'm almost 40. (goes off to die)
We are also averse to questioning what is presented as given. The other day, my classmate pulled me aside and asked, "Why do you question everything [our teacher] says?"
11:31 PM
Hey why shouldn't you!
I'm a uni lecturer
@CaptainGiraffe Wow. Sounds like a tough job.
Hell no I love my job
I get to teach
Well, one can still love a tough job.
c++ java and .NET
the Java EE stuff was kinda tricky before ee6 but =)
I'm impressed, though. I certainly wouldn't be able to hold the attention of so many students, especially on the topic of programming.
11:34 PM
Yes I have a tough job =)
Lucky you. :P
Well the topic isnt programming it is still ricky lake =)
no not at all, the technical side of grammars and stuff is alsways useful
but to teach it to no math diverse students is always a challenge
quite often I fail badly to no math students
like 40% passes
I have no idea how to correct that
I used to think that programming and math weren't all that related, but I now realize I've learned a ton of math through programming.
Modulo, sin, cos, log...
11:39 PM
yes of course, my favourite pet is a course Maths for programmers =)
The riemann integral is quite intuitive for a programmer =)
Not to mention series
well the sin and the cos are just elegant for a programmer, for a mathematician they are a glimpse in to the trust eî
@CaptainGiraffe I did an extra credit comp. sci. project using the Riemann integral without even knowing it. Huh.
neat, that is exactly my point
I started out as a particle phycisist at Cern, now I'm in Com sci
I got tired of the phycisists in Lund writing those horrible software, the CERN Library is quite good though =)
Well emphasis on "quite"
So, as a computer science lecturer, you focus mostly on theoretical stuff, right?
11:47 PM
As my specialty yes, but in real life no
Its still just a chase to make the department financially viable
But I very much do what I want to do
That's good.
Yes, thats the reason I love my do
well one of the reasons
Just to explain the consequences of a vtable is pretty damn awesome for people willing to listen
I was warned that writing my own autoupdater wasn't exactly trivial
It was easy :D
11:56 PM
lol, Kian. Thats funny
@CaptainGiraffe Why? :L
Just great that you did it! how did you do it?
At what point do you think you can require students to create a sudoku solver? not a brute force one but an elegant one?

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