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6:02 PM
Q: Writing your own version of windows

Chris GoddardRecently, I've been thinking about how there are multiple versions of linux and how they are all built on a similar kernel. And I was wondering if it was possible with Windows. In this case I am thinking of having the first program loaded after the kernel has booted up and started all the devices...

@Als arrogance makes things more interesting... ;)
@jalf: Arrogance is like salt, much needed for taste but too much of it and it spoils the taste.
should static int const x; compile in namespace scope or function scope
6:10 PM
Isn't it equivalent to static const int x;?
In function scope it may be missing initialization (no idea if that's required).
I don't think it is.
A: Address of a static variable

Juraj BlahoAs I have noticed at least MSVC 2008 or 2010 optimizes the static variable, so that the following GetId function returns same address even for different classes. static int const *GetId() { static const int i = 0; return &i; } Therefore address of uninitialized constant static vari...

Oh, const. Nevermind.
Does IIS 8 support PHP out of the box?
If I had to put money, it'd be on "no".
6:17 PM
Is there a way to turn off the quote at the top?
Yes. It's called tomorrow.
@Xaade If it annoys you too much: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/…
You can change CSS on webpages and it will save it
I guess I could code monkey it away.
I just thought there might be a setting.
You'd have to turn zombies on.
Death is pretty morbid and I'd rather there not be an obituary at the top of a frequented page.
6:21 PM
@Xaade Death? Obituary? Are you a metal fan? :)
If you do, make sure you put it back -
# **system-message** {
display: none;
> “Nobody has any common sense these days!” ~ Everybody born before 1980 on common sense
> "The problem with common sense is that it's not exactly common." ~ Someone on the Internet, possibly
Well, hopefully Apple will drift into obscurity and we can move on to open platforms, and standardized interfaces.
6:24 PM
Yeah, right.
It's not like they've been prepared for years or something.
Orange is the best color because you can eat it.
@CatPlusPlus You're probably right, jailing customers seems to be a corporate philosophy now.
No, octarine is.
You can't eat octarine.
How do you do quotes?
6:28 PM
@KianMayne It's a little bit like a dark rose.
Isn't white the best color, because it contains all other colors? :) At least in additive color models.
> like this.
There, I described mauve.
@FredOverflow You can't eat white.
"Like that".
6:29 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes You also can't eat orange, unless you peel it ;)
> Octarine, the colour of magic, the magical colour, it's...it's sort of...well, try describing mauve to the colour-blind.
@Xaade What's rose?
Some kind of annoying plant.
Woo, catas.
I shall do an interview tomorrow
do == give or do == take
i mean, i'm the guy asking
thats take!
6:36 PM
oh -.-
"take a course" means to learn
I will give an Interview tommorow
why does "take an interview" mean the other way around?
I will take an Interview tommorow
take an interview means to be the guy who answers questions?
because give meant the opposite in this case?
give means answer the Questions
6:37 PM
confusing... give or take?
1 min ago, by Als
I will give an Interview tommorow
Fuck. I somehow set Firefox to use Right-to-left writing. How do I undo this? Help!
@RMartinhoFernandes Learn Arabic.
@RMartinhoFernandes How did you write this message then?
Ah, Ctrl+Shift+X.
@FredOverflow Dunno, it just worked.
6:39 PM
sometimes when programming with Kate I accidentally switch it to right-to-left
boy that is confusing
Kate == girl named Kate? lol
I don't know how to undo it. I just click around on the edit window and do alt+tab and after some fucking around it works again
@Als KDE Advanced Text Editor.
pair programming!
He programs with a girl!
6:40 PM
> The lack of technobabble proved to be the downfall of Icarus, an early science fiction hero, when his insufficiently exaggerated flying contraption failed him.
Wouldn't Icarus' wings have stopped working long before he reached an altitude where the air got too hot?
or lungs? :)
What part of science fiction did you not understand?
Why are you trying science on it?
mythology = science fiction?
@RMartinhoFernandes Isn't that a greek myth?
Just put yourselves in the sandals of ancient greeks.
That's exactly what science fiction would look like at the time.
6:45 PM
and there bedrooms too?
is it true that the greeks spent more than half of their day drunk?
Where did you get that from?
well, part of it was from my high-school history book.
Well, spending half the day drunk and sleeping ~8 hours would only leave 4 hours for being sober.
the greeks spent an ample amount of their time in an "affected" condition
6:48 PM
Not sure if that matters.
Well Arabs will teach Greeks were drunk, Greeks will teach Arabs are drunk
Its part of a big plan to say We are better.
Affected does not mean Drunk?
It could mean a lot of things :)
I study at a British School.
@Als "affected" means what else?
Greeks also teach Anglo-Saxons were drunkards.
@IntermediateHacker High? Horny?
6:50 PM
Arabs pay British school to teach Greeks were drunk..posible
quite yeah, knowing British they could do that
yeah, maybe.
but nice word though
Lol. High-School books are over-censored
I would love to spend ample time in an Affected Condition. :P
Why didn't you ask the real meaning
6:52 PM
> Pretty much the only good thing about people is sometimes they turn into zombies. In such an event, they can make more mindless idiotic drones into mindless drones (zombies) and so any zombie outbreaks should be generally ignored until enough of a plot has developed and so a movie can be made.
as in Affected == drunk or horny or sex inticed
Asking Teacher: Excuse me sir, Does affected mean drunk , horny or sex?
I'll get kicked out of school
See, Now you don't know what it means, since you didn't ask
imho, people in a zombie state cannot be a good thing.
mindless drones don't think, and that cannot lead to anything but chaos if you ask me
6:55 PM
Are you talking about Java programmers?
The Bot is dirty
keep him away from kids
@FredOverflow who?
hide @IntermediateHacker
He is a kid
@TonyTheLion because of all the zombie stuff
6:56 PM
No!!!! I am getting the bad influence...
@FredOverflow oh I forgot about Java programmers
I don't think in terms of Java anything... so I tend to forget we have them
Cock Flavor Soup Mix yikes....
Q: easy exercise in C

gameboyA triangular number can also be generated by the formula triangularNumber = n (n + 1) / 2 for any integer value of n. For example, the 10th triangular number, 55, can be generated by substituting 10 as the value for n in the preceding formula.Write a program that generates a table of triangular n...

Sounds like Cock Meat Sandwhich
Anyway i'm not a kid
6:57 PM
how many downvotes can you get?
@IntermediateHacker Aren't you 16?
16 is a kid
so shush
6:58 PM
16 is a teen
Right, a kid.
@IntermediateHacker, You stay away from the bot!
16 is kid!
that belongs in the kid category
> People are like potatoes; if you eat them they die.
i am NOT a kid!
6:58 PM
when I was 16...
He was a cub
oh better not talk about when I was 16 :P
Now he is a Lion
@RMartinhoFernandes true that :)
better not talk about your wet dreams? :P
6:59 PM
@TonyTheLion what's the kid category?
@IntermediateHacker the category of kids, which is anything below 18 min

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