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11:00 AM
I thought about that
but it's gonna be tough
What are we stabbing at?
He has a TreeView whose ItemPanel randomly changes to StackPanel
an issue with a panel swith under an itemsPresenter
even though he's not setting it
I know some of those words.
11:02 AM
@Sisyphe you're not going to flesh that new project, you just want minimal code that lets you break it? - dont write stuff.. try to copy paste across
you didn't tightly couple the whole thing as one unit did u?
well actually taht something i do pretty often
but this treeview control is quite complicated
it's tied with some other things
right but I imagine you're in MVVM paradigm?
so you should be able to move your View across to a new project at least?
which should give you visuals for most part at least
yeap but only if I can manage a similar ViewModel architecture
and ViewModel are complex
i could simply it
11:05 AM
yea.. mock it out
but that would take some time
yeah i think i'll try that
erm - judging by how much time you've already spent and how much you'll need to mock it.. i'm inclined to think mocking might be via-able
i'll try one last thing
i'll use a CustomeItemspresenter
also stick around - other people should show up in coming hours that might be able to help
thx :)
11:07 AM
np. I gotta switch terminal - have to deploy a website - hoping it'll be a simple five minute job!
good luck !
Thanks for you rhelp dude !
you're welcome. we're here to help :)
and chat!
When's that monitor get there @Maverik?
Tuesday :(
but my old monitor seems to have some life in it
i sort of got it working
"sort of."
11:10 AM
if I leave it on long enough - its capacitors that are dying seem to "warm up" and pick the charge and stablize
takes about 15 minutes to get the screen on
its about 10-12 pounds worth repair, if somebody who knows what they're doing were to fix it
sadly - i don't know any such person :(
One time I took a CRT apart. That was not a good idea.
well I'm thinking once my new monitor arrives, I'll try to find somebody who replace those capacitors
"What's this rubber flap?" poke, poke bzzzact! "OOOOOOWWWWW"
and i can go dual screen
@Billdr O.O I thought those things came with big warning
If it had one, it wore off years before I opened it.
11:13 AM
my dual screen setup will be odd though.. a 24inch with 1920x1200 and a 27 with 2560x1440 next to it
though more than likely my best mate will nick my 24" from me - hes been after that monitor for two years now :)
I was working at a fast food place. The computer ran a MUD and Counter-Strike, my only entertainment at the time. When the monitor went I was really bored. I probably would have ignored a warning label if it were there.
:D i know how that is!
damn it! i'm supposed to be deploying this website! brb! :D
Be careful with that. Your eyes will probably hurt with those drastic resolution changes.
@Billdr yea I just realised that
but first i'm gonna need to get it fixed!
how does one find an electrician who knows what they're doing!
i got some news
11:22 AM
What's the word, Sis?
on my issue ^^
Dear Hive-mind, stackoverflow.com/questions/12476858/… any ideas?
I specialized ItemsPresenter class
and override ontemplateChanged
and it's ideed called
@Sisyphe woo, we're getting somewhere!
hey dav_i, i'll check it in a few moments
yeah maverick
11:24 AM
I like how he refers to us as Hive-mind :D
sadly VS crashed and lsot my setting to debug .NET assemblies
i have to set it up again
@Maverick : lol
right back to deployment
@dav_i buzz. buzz. buzz. pheromone
btw - is there a quick way to drop tables besides drop / recreate db ?
11:25 AM
@Billdr lol
@Billdr roger that @Billdr
stackoverflow.com/questions/12856522/… wish i still had such simple issues :'(
I have a question about MV-VM. How do I load data from my controller to my knockout file? Or does the controller just go away?
@dav_i I took a look, I'm not sure. Is there a way to extend the item so that it has a group property and then reassemble it by hand?
@Billdr Well you could use Tag or something like that, but it shouldn't be losing it anyway!
@Maverik That's the fastest way I can think of. You could do a delete * and then truncate, I suppose.
11:30 AM
@Billdr nah i did a drop / create
@Maverik Good man.
i can't truncate without giving table name can I ?
@dav_i I agree! In that case, crawl through the transition with a magnifying glass and see where it's being forgotton.
actually truncate wouldn't have served the purpose anyway - i needed to drop tables
since I dont know which tables are being restored and which ones are left behind
@Maverik I think you just need a table/schema/database name
11:32 AM
as for your question - I wasn't following practices when I was doing knockout
So I'm using a Factory to create a VisualTree. and I don't understand (I'm totally new to this) how to set a value... factory.SetValue(Ellipse.WidthProperty, 8(?));
but I went with all knockout
@Markus : You manually populate the visual tree ? :)
that's hardcore !
@Billdr Guhh... okay :( Can please I have an up-vote to try and get some more attention for it incase somebody does know?
11:34 AM
i'll up vote it
ahh yes? shouldn't I?
@Sisyphe Cheers. I know it's cheeky but sometimes SO is too popular for it's own good so stuff skinks into the abyss without any attention!
@Markus : well unless you have a really good reason to, no ^^
I kind of wan't to create a DataTemplat from code-behind and I havn't found any other way...
Think I'll probably stick a bounty on it too...
11:36 AM
I've done it on very very very rare occasions
creating a dataTemplate from code behind should never be done actually ^^
what's your functional need ?
@dav_i why not use a CollectionViewSource?
@dav_i Yes, of course. Sorry, didn't think of it/got distracted by The Cure.
okay, smoke break.
its Filter event seems to be what you want to do and you don't need to subclass observable
@Maverik Probably because I've never heard of it before :P ... will investigate, thanks.
CollectionViewSource is what you want if you want to visually modify results based on grouping / filtering / sorting
feed observable to CVS and feed CVS to list or whereever
also, since you're dealing with a list
11:41 AM
Is CVS Winformsy or WPFy?
well I have a ListView that I wan't to be able to populate with different types of data.... I have a panel that I wan't to be generic to different types of data. And my thought was to locate the dataTemplate in the "data provider". In that way my panel (and ListView) don't have to care what kind of data it is... only that the data provider also provides the dataTemplates (and ViewColumns...)
@dav_i WPF - and ListView has ListCollectionViewSource (a subclass of CVS)
@Maverik I'm using Winforms :(
any one help me with this
Q: Save form data on pagebeforeload event

rahuli am working on a feedback form in which user has to answers question asked in form. and he can't refresh and close the form before saving data but if user do that i want all the form data to be saved in database till that time. so for that i am using pagebeforeload event. and using jquery ajax ...

@dav_i oh!! sorry! my bad! should pay more attention to tags - been a while since I did winforms
11:43 AM
@Maverik You got my hopes up there!
@Markus : Are you using MVVM paradigm ?
@dav_i base.Items.AddRange(this.Items.ToArray()); <- i dont get it. isn't base.Items supposed to be same as this.Items?
@Sisyphe I can with almost all certainty say no to that question, I don't really know what that means. But judging by the complexity of doing it this way, it doesn't seem likely that I'm doing it the correct way... :)
god ignore that - i need to read more carefully!
@Markus ok let me sum this up : you have a ListView, but you have different kinds of object in the Items collection and you want to use different datatemplate depending on the object type, and the listView column ?
11:47 AM
I'm gonna focus on my deployment - this multitasking is killing both things :)
+1 though :)
@Sisyphe Yes, but not at the same time. I have two kind's of data that I wan't to handle in almost the exact same way, so I wan't to use the same panel (or UserControl) to handle them both (so I don't have to duplicate code). So in one case I will fill my control (with the ListView) with one type of data and another time I will use the other type of data
@Maverik Lemme just stash my changes and switch branches
@dav_i ignore that line please, i realised that you have "new" keyword in there, so indeed you have two different items
Sorry, computer crash
@Markus Ok so you have a ListView with some customization, and wawnt to change column bindings depending on the Items type ?
11:59 AM
however, is there a special reason to override like that instead of just keeping it in a different property and keeping in sync with items as per your rules
@Maverik Ignored :)
@Maverik Yeah the reason is so this custom ListView works the same as the normal one
also, why do you need to create shallow copies? why not just use the same objects? you're basically just moving the pointers around
I do agree that Group thing should stick in shallow copies but may be theres an override in place to create deep copies?
@Sisyphe actually I have a UserControl with some ListViews (containing users) and also other lists with two different kinds of groups (to which the users can be associated)
@Maverik Isn't that what a shallow copy is? Maybe I used the wrong terminology? What I meant was that if you have List<object> foo filled with objects then doing var bar = foo.ToList(); will contain the same objects as foo so a change made to an object in foo will be reflected in bar...
I don't think so.
It just copies the reference
12:03 PM
@LewsTherin ^ that
@Markus : its not very clear to me, could you post a question with some minimal code sample ?
i think this can be done in xaml with a simple trigger
@LewsTherin I think that's what I was trying to get at (not a computer scientist so I do have problems with the names)
But the wouldn't I have to have the templates embedded in the xaml, And I'm trying to avoid that
why wouldnt you want to have data templates in your xaml ? :)
Problem is that it's not quite that specifict that it's easy to form a formal question
12:07 PM
Lews Lives!
@Maverik var doug = new MyObject(value: 3); var foo = new List<MyObject>(); foo.Add(doug); var bar = foo.ToList(); doug.Value = 4 then foo[0].Value == 4 and bar[0].Value == 4yes?
alternatively you can define a dependency property "template" in your UserControl, that you can then switch with a style
and change style dependening on your object data type
you can also use TemplateSelector
it's a good alternative when you have to dynamically pick up datatemplates
well thats more or less just a thought that I had that I wanted the dataprovider (or model as I call it) to supply the all the needed things. In that way my control could be totally unknowing of the data it shows, just as long as the model complies to a specified interface
in my mind, the model never have to depend on the view that will bind on it
the model does not know the view, it's the view that must know the model
So I can very easy make a new type of group and a model for that group, and don't have to change in the UserControl
12:10 PM
well in that case
I see what you mean...
you should define a common interface for these models
that's done
and create a UserControl that know how to bind on this interface
I have the feeling I'm not helping you a lot :D
that's more or less what I'm doing... and now I wan't to create a DataTemplate in my model that the ListView can use
12:13 PM
the data tempalte should NEVER be defined by your model
the dataTemplate is a UI concept
that's the View's job to define it
you can define multiple reusable dataTemplate
@Sisyphe no, not at all. the problem is that I'm not used to xaml and MVVM...
well waht you have to do is define your data template in a xaml resource file
ehh I mean that you do help!
and select them depending on your needs
np ^^
but you can always define a dataTemplate in code behing
new FrameworkElementFactory(typeof(YOUR_CONTROL))
and then use the SetValue method
to set properties
and finish with new DataTemplate() { VisualTree = cellTemplateframeworkElementFactory };
cellTemplateframeworkElementFactory being your factory
but it's really really uncommon :)
at least, you can define it in a xaml file
and then retrieve it in code behind
it will be less ugly :)
hehe uncommon or not that's what I was trying to do ( in my model :) ) and the initial problem was that I didn't know how to set the value :)
12:18 PM
you first create a FrameworkElementFactory based on you control
then call SetValue method
giving it the dependency property handler and a value
for example
done. it's just that SetValue(Ellipse.WidthProperty, 8); doesn't work
'8' is not a valid value for property 'Width'.
trye 8.0D
@dav_i yes that should be the case
D? decimal?
12:20 PM
but foo[0] != bar[0]
mm that did work. nice
great ^^
sorry I made you loose time with all my blabbering :P
12:23 PM
Don't worry, I'm back. Your questions won't be answered by me. You can continue.
although you should really check mvvm ^^
morning all
ok, so but what I can see here is that I would probably help if I new more about the MVVM, so is there any good mvvm intro video (youtube) preferably not too long
@Maverik Is doing .ToList() not called shallow copying then?
12:24 PM
Hey rlemon ^^
@Sisyphe np I really should learn this if i'm to work with this :)
@Markus there is a reference article on msdn
lemme find it for you
this is the reference for MVVM
mm I would rather see a movie... it there is any (it works better for me than reading)
studying the code givent in this article is the best way to start ;)
neven watched any programming video tutorial
so i cant help you on this :(
maybe there are some stuff in the TechDays vids
I just put a Facebook friend on the 'don't fucking say anything on anything I say' list, because he talks and I want to punch him.
12:28 PM
that's an excuse less to punch him.
Well punching him would cause issues at work. More specifically, the issue of no longer working.
but you would feel better right ?
Money makes me feel better, too.
violence is always the solution. If not, that's because you didnt punch hard enough.
@SpencerCole I had a guy pissing me off at my last job so I hit him with my ASP.NET book - all ~600 pages straight upside the head.
12:34 PM
I have one of those.
did it make you felle better ?
hells yes
see Spencer ?
C# ASP.NET 4.0. It's somewhere in the neighborhood of 1300 pages.
you have your answer
12:35 PM
and there were no repercussions, unless you count him making my pc the sole target of his owning antics
@SpencerCole mines w/e version it was back in 2005ish' :P
and I think that was the first and only time I used it
stupid ASP
We have a surprise full company meeting at 11am, right before the weekend, right before payday... why doesn't this sound like a good meeting?
quick! go get some pink paper and when everyone is away from their desks fold the paper into a 'note' and leave one on everyones keyboard for when they return
haha... do that!
hello everyone :-)
good one
Hey Saief
12:37 PM
i have a question about a gridview can anyone help?
@rlemon Lol.
ask away
alright here it Sisyphe
i have a gridview with the selected row implemented
Why dose XP hate me so much
12:39 PM
Cause XP is kind of a douche.
it's a requirement that my application runs on XP - since I switched to VS2012 nothing wants to run on XP period.
XP asked to borrow $20 bucks a couple years ago, and he still hasn't paid me back.
They asked for a 'iPad' version I told them to F-off
12:39 PM
i want to display som of the data in the gridview on a textbox an example like this:
NameTextBoxText = GridViewInfo.SelectedRow.Cells[3].Text;
i want to display som of the data in the gridview on a textbox an example like this:
NameTextBoxText = GridViewInfo.SelectedRow.Cells[3].Text;
the code above is in a button
and what's your issue ? :)
@dav_i sorry about my late replies - I'm not on my machine, but yes that is shallow copy. my real question was, why not just use the same object across the two lists? one object can be part of two lists right? (though this shouldn't affect ur original issue but might be worth a try)
Does someone has the answer for
Q: Why doesn't my submit button submit the form?

MartijnMy form isn't always submitted when I hit the submit button. On my form I have one submit button. When I first hit the button, the form will submit. But when there's a validation error, the error is shown. But when I fix that error and press the submit button again, the form is not submitted. Th...

i want to display data from the selected row on a textbox
@rlemon You should have told them the same for XP.
12:44 PM
this code: NameTextBoxText = GridViewInfo.SelectedRow.Cells[3].Text;
seems not to be working
GridViewInfo being ?
@rlemon thats precisely why I told my boss, I won't develop for XP anymore because microsoft refuses to build for it :)
this is the one: AddName.Text = GridView2.SelectedRow.Cells[3].Text;
idk where gridviewinfo come from lol
I assume your GridView is in a ListView ?
12:46 PM
@Maverik I thought I was using the same objects?
Welp, I found my new Lorem Ipsum.
ok my bad - use the same references
@Maverik unfortunately our clients are OEM manufacturers or farmers.
@Maverik This is what I meant too :)
@dav_i ok no ur not using same references i think - you're creating new references to same objects
or are you!
some guru will need to confirm that
12:48 PM
@SpencerCole Like++
@Maverik All I'm doing is .ToArray() so they should be the same, surely?
you use a raw GridView ?
you are using WPF right ?
my gridview get data from a linq query somewhere else
12:49 PM
it's just a basic asp: gridview, i just found an example on the internet:
txt1.Text = gh1.Rows[e.NewSelectedIndex].Cells[2].Text;
ASP gridview
sorry, I thought WPF :/
@dav_i I just called in Linqpad, and while the list reference is different, you're right.. object references are same.
+1 I learned a new detail :)
@Maverik Brilliant! Although if that weren't the case then I'd at least know why! D'oh!
its a basic gridview
12:53 PM
can't help you on this one :'(
i dont do ASP
ok thx
sorry :/
@dav_i do a simple test. Do a x.ToArray().SequenceEqual(x) <- that should return true, where your x is the unfiltered items collection
aww i got quoted!
Hallo Allemal!
hehe I mean hi everyone
12:58 PM
Hello Saeid
@Maverick : Issue seems to be in AttachToOwner() method in ItemsPresenter
Ask your question, while Jon Skeet is away I can answer all your questions
lol wait am I dreaming?
lol feel free to help @Sisyphe :)
I could use the help :D

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