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12:00 PM
@Jack Ahh !! Is that working on your browser ?
@Jimbo But there are no cv's on the question?
@Rikesh What's working on my browser?
cv extension
Oh yes, it is :)
Why not in mine ? : (
@Jack I don't know what to flag - it's just daft. "How to pass a number into MySQL query"
I feel it's all over the internet and SO
What do you think?
12:02 PM
@Jimbo That's not exactly how cv-pls works ... first you cv, then you cv-pls :)
@Jack Only if you have enough rep, to be fair
And enough votes left.
Fair enough ... then just ;-)
@Jack Ahh okay, I need that in plugin --> ;)
12:04 PM
Do you think these two users could be the same? stackoverflow.com/q/15407228/212940 and stackoverflow.com/q/15408546/212940
I dunno, I think is fine if it's a question that obviously needs closing
@DaveRandom Sure, but what happened to improving it :)
@Jimbo Close it as a dupe of stackoverflow.com/q/15407228/212940
@vascowhite Yes /cc @Gordon
12:05 PM
I'll flag it
Already closed as "too localised"
Which, it isn't
@vascowhite How bizarre .. diff user but almost same qn
It's a duplicate, like @vascowhite says
So what now? reopen and close again? =D
I dunno, it probably should just be BURNINATED
12:07 PM
@vascowhite Indeed. Although you are allowed to have multiple accounts, it's only an issue when you start cross voting/sock-puppetting
@Jimbo Hey, don't you start talking like @rdlowrey too =p
@DaveRandom Be careful about the sock puppet accusation though, remember Grover's law
@DaveRandom I know, but It won't take the mods long to check.
I think urban dictionary should have a nice box like wikipedia does
12:08 PM
@Jimbo The one that asks for money?
@Jack Yeah, that one
But on the flip side, they do a good job though right?
I actually donated a fiver last year, as I used Wikipedia a lot in my dissertation
@Jimbo So that's why you failed
@NickFury @vascowhite thanks
@DaveRandom Okay, well I used Wikipedia, but stated all the references at the bottom as my research ;)
@DaveRandom they are. but as long as there is no fradulent activity nothing will happen
12:15 PM
@Gordon How can you tell? Or is that an inside secret? ;-)
@Jack first rule of mod club is there is no mod club :)
@Gordon Got it =D
@dirt lol
@Gordon Indeed, although I am a little suspicious of stackoverflow.com/questions/15407228/… having an upvote, but equally some people will upvote anything. Anna once told me there's some kind of auto-merge script for obviously dupe accounts, I don't know any more than that though, I think she mentioned something about profile info, I forget where I was when I was told
12:19 PM
@DaveRandom @Jack multiaccounts seem to happen frequently. its only when they start to cheat that action is necessary. yesterday I found a case where someone gave a "Me, too. Please help us" answer. Turned out it was the same person asking the question :)
> In your opinion...
@Jimbo ^^ instant NC
I shall rephrase next time
http://stackapps.com/zardoz #LIES!!!!
> If you feel something is missing that should be here, contact us.
I feel his clothes are missing
12:23 PM
@DaveRandom At least two layers!
way too early for naked sean connery
> You saw it, you can't unsee it
perhaps I can change the memory though
I feel bad for Sir Connery though ...
12:25 PM
@Gordon 404...
Oh, the 404 page image? You haven't seen that before? it's been floating around for a while
> The gun is good. The penis is evil. The penis shoots seeds, and makes new life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as once it was, but the gun shoots death, and purifies the Earth of the filth of brutals. Go forth ... and kill!
Well, quite
I see that @ircmaxell has been well acquainted with the Sean in boots :)
12:27 PM
@ircmaxell nope I havent
Hallo dudes
I've seen it on SO's 404 before (I think)
Woot, just 30 more followers to 2k :-D
and shower time
Have you guys ever interviewed people who turn out to know each other and have been exchanging hints on what to answer in the interview? :)
@Jack This isn't what you asked, but my interview wasn't really an 'interview'. I met the tech director and development lead in a coffee shop for a chat, and I found this seriously much better than an overly formal interview :)
My interview was over the phone :) and with the other party 14000km further down.
12:40 PM
@Jack Did you dress up in a suit whilst on the phone? I heard it helps, even if they aren't seeing you, to be in "professional mode"
@Jimbo Definitely, I was in my birthday suit ;-)
Why? They don't see you. Right? Would they ask on phone whether you have worn suit?
@Jimbo i can very well imagine that. I was doing a telemarketing job years ago and they placed mirrors on our desks. when we coldcalled people we were supposed to check our mimics and smile because you can hear that on the other end of the line. or at least some studies suggest it does.
@Gordon I had the same thing, I quit at the end of the week they installed those.
@Gordon, I have a few ideas for the mysql_* box
12:45 PM
@Alex_ios it might be that you feel more confident in a suit. sitting there in your underwear might make you feel naked. Although I am known to have done client calls in just my boxers that went well :)
just finishing the gist up first
@Gordon It sucks because they're forcing you to be so robotic in those jobs... I feel sorry for people who do telesales. I did it one summer and after 3 months of saying "thank you for your time" 8 hours a day, I started thanking the bus driver for his time as I got off the bus and realised - it affects you mentally
@Gordon I've seen that go pretty badly once, where one girl was accusing the other of keeping an eye on her (they were sitting opposite each other) =S
How can i fetch all rows in a table and then display it? $data = mysql_query("SELECT news_content FROM news")
or die(mysql_error());
$info = mysql_fetch_array( $data );
@Jimbo it's completely ungratifying. I didnt do it for long either.
12:46 PM
@Sebastian Ahem, don't use mysql_ functions for one.
$res = $db->query('select bla from bla'); $res->fetchAll(); :)
@Jack I'm aware of that you shouldnt use it. But im using it anyways for now
@Sebastian OH god i see mysql_.
@Jimbo I used to make a sport out of it later on whenever I noticed calling agents to follow a script. I would deliberately make them leave the script and drown :)
@Sebastian Very well, you talk mysql_, I reply in PDO :)
@Sebastian I'm just about to stick something into a gist, and this is it with minimal links
> It is reccommended to discontinue the use of the mysql_* functions in PHP. They are infamous for their lack of foolproof escaping and are officially deprecated. Consider using PDO or MySQLi for alternative MySQL extensions in PHP.
12:48 PM
@Gordon You... drowned them!?
Those poor souls..
@Jimbo virtually :)
@Jack Thanks!
@Gordon Point heeded and it makes sense.
@Jimbo you can often hear when they use a script. So I would say: ah, sorry to interrupt you. are you using a script? and then usually start to stutter and admit it and then you tell them to get to the point without and they will usually fail at that
@Gordon You evil, evil person lol
12:51 PM
@Jimbo they wont feel hurt when you tell them you've been doing their job, too though. you know. shared pain.
Oh Grordon, you are quite bad.
@Jack. My original string in database is (THE KEY") but because of java string auto escaping it is escaped to (THE KEY\").. Now after this, my response of JSON string is sent to client side. might be my reponse is again escaped to (THE KEY\\\") and on redering on UI its shown as THE KEY\" ... So i have replaced the string to only \" — Punith Raj 2 mins ago
Java has auto-escaping? gasp!
Think we could stick that in the bottom of questions with the and tags that match mysql_query() that are older than a year, @Gordon?
or should i bring this up on meta
@Hiroto uh? what?
for the old signpost questions. stick a small note at the bottom saying mysql_* is deprecated
12:53 PM
@Gordon He means this
@Hiroto I'd favor a one-liner tbh. multiline feels spammy and not everyone is okay with it
sure; i can try
@Gordon A one-liner with a link to somewhere on-site that explains it?
Q: Why shouldn't I use mysql_* functions in PHP?

Madara UchihaWhat are the technical reasons that I shouldn't use mysql_* functions? (like mysql_query(), mysql_connect() or mysql_real_escape_string())? Why should I move away from them as long as it works on my site? This question serves as a canonical information source regarding the discouraged use of...

To that ^^ :)
12:55 PM
@ircmaxell what @Jack said
Is there a question on SO about the deprecation?
because I'd link to that instead. Something that explains why it was deprecated, and why you should care...
@Gordon > It is recommended to discontinue the use of the mysql_* functions in PHP in favour of PDO or MySQLi. see why
@Hiroto It's Madara's qn actually :)
ehehe. editing~
off to work, later
12:58 PM
@Hiroto Or just skip the explanation and link it like this: Why shouldn't I use mysql_* functions in PHP?. But maybe the Call to Action is not strong enough then
anyway. got some stuff to do now. laters
PDO: the database interface mysql_ could smell like.
Suggested edit rejection reason #35: Thursday doesn't really have a feel, unlike this horrible edit suggestion.
1:02 PM
@Jack how's that one-liner?
> Use of the mysql_* functions in PHP is discouraged in favor of PDO or MySQLi -- see why
oh, bugger.
code highlighting in one line
Left comment on the gist.
back to work~
tell madara about that if they dont check their forks
I think just linking to that SO link on it's own will not be enough, like @Gordon says the call to action isn't strong enough
A decent block, like what we have at the moment, grabs attention
but detracts from the question which it is posted on
it's a loss either way
this seems like a topic for meta
@Jimbo: @Gordon also mentioned that multiple lines are spammy and not everyone's okay with that.
1:09 PM
@Jimbo the "decent" block is considered spammy if not offensive by some people
That ^^
Fair point, so we need something in the middle then :) but still, a single link is not enough imho
@Jimbo We let the comment upvotes do the talking then
have it using the same blue block as the duplicate question box
and stick it on the question (if old enough)
1:11 PM
Yay, now my afternoon consists of watching a script send 700 emails
@DaveRandom It's fascinating isn't it?
@DaveRandom Can you automate said sending of 700 emails?
I'm sure it's automated, he just likes watching the counter go
I already have, but they all have a ~240K attachment so they take 5 seconds each, and the next thing I need to do can't be done until I have the results of this job
@Feeds Go home, you're drunk
Is that Dutch?
@DaveRandom Shall I translate? :) it's about a fridge
Too late, can't translate any more
1:13 PM
lol, feeds self removes?? Is it becoming sentient?
Apparently the fridge door couldn't open on both sides ... such a shame.
@DaveRandom yes
I gotta learn me how to write one of these sentient feeds
Aww it stopped :-( apparently the SMTP connection timeout on my Exchange server is ridiculously short (2 mins)
where is the $passwordfromdatabse coming from? — user2169832 9 mins ago
1:17 PM
The answer is surprisingly composed.
Someone teach me How to link to the comment ? like @Jack just did.
link it
@user2169832 Please read your comments back to yourself before pressing enter. — DaveRandom 33 secs ago
@Rikesh You click on the "3 mins ago" next to the comment to get the permalink. Then just paste that link.
1:23 PM
@Jack Thanks !! You are awesome :)
@user2169832 Please read your comments back to yourself before pressing enter. — DaveRandom 7 mins ago
Hmm, the close vote counter is a bit funky ... "(1/5) (3/5)"
@Jack Already reported
Q: Bug in close vote display?

DaedalusWell, I believe this to be a tad minor.. but still a bug nonetheless. I recall that sometime today, a new display method for close votes was enabled.. next to the close button, instead of close 1, it now displayed close (1/5), or similar.. The problem comes in voting to close on a question that...

@Ocramius found out that doctrine doesn't translate camelCase to what is needed in database. i.e. table example_one, entity class ExampleOne, but it until I mark @ORM\Table(name="example_one") it woun't work
@Eugene that's normal. If you need to do such automagic stuff, use a custom naming strategy
Ou. So it could be set via Configuration.
1:40 PM
yes. Going explicit is probably better though :)
XP only? bah!
@Jack still a huge fail. system wont boot without wintrust.dll
Who the hell is still running AVG 9 anyway?
@DaveRandom i didnt even know AVG exists at all :)
1:48 PM
@Gordon It used to be the best out there, now they've started placing ads for their pro version a little obtrusively
I've always wanted to try Nod32, simply because it sounds more nerdy
@Jimbo thats what i am using for a couple years now
@Gordon Sure, but their system obviously booted, otherwise they wouldn't see that message right? ;-)
Although answering your own question is a good thing, if it's based on another answer you should give due credit and accept that answer instead; read about on how to do that. — Jack 2 mins ago
@Gordon What's your experience with it?
1:55 PM
Can a php extension be included on the command line?
php --extension=/path/to/extension.so myScript.php
@Ocramius you mean setting table name via annotation?
Q: Javascript strange error: "unexpected ')' "

Bujanca MihaiThere is a really weird error I had when doing a simple js function, in my "index.php" file. I have the following function: function popLikes() { window.open("likes.php", "Like" "height = 300, width = 400") } And the error is: SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list @ http://loca...

@Eugene yes
This question is hilarious.
@Ocramius I agree. At least it is shorter and faster at the moment.
1:56 PM
So many comments on wanting to see more code .. and in actual fact, the error is in plain sight within the first 6 lines of the question.
And we all know, that time is money.
In fact, you can see it here even.
@Eugene there's already a lot of magic going on in there (until you get to understand how everything works). Don't add up to it if possible :)
@Eugene money is time :P
@MikeB try it...?
with the ini syntax that is `-d "extension=/foo/bar/baz.so"
@Ocramius EntityRepository thou should have method exists IMO. Like findOneBy(), but would return bool value always.
2:00 PM
@Eugene what's the difference with find()?
@Eugene if ($repo->find(123)) { works the same...
Any way to exclude an extension? I want to ship a specific version of xdebug to our build server that has an older version installed. I was hoping to run the build from the command-line somehow using MY version of xdebug and excluding the one on the server (already in the php.ini)
2:03 PM
@Ocramius hmm okay. Is empty object returned and therefore it works?
I'm trying to include all the dependencies in the build itself.. without having to mess with the installed version of PHP on that server
@Eugene the return type is object|null
@Eugene null casts to false in conditionals
Can you use a switch with an anonymous function? Pseudo: `$action='delete'; $params = function() { switch($action) { case 'delete': return true; } . . .
nope. It's object only. That's why I raised this question.
Sure I see in code, that return null; is present
But PhpDoc is IDE language.
2:05 PM
And it isn't shown there.
Does anyone know jquery a bit and can give me a clue? jsfiddle.net/T3SxG/1 I want to "hit" all frist level items
@MikeB You can force NOT loading php.ini :)
php -n -dextension=/path/to/foo.so script.php
@Eugene I see. Needs patching then
Probably needs at least date.timezone setting though.
2:07 PM
@Jack good point - I suppose at that point I should include a php.ini for the build
@MikeB That would work too :)
seems not, thanks for trying :p
monring @NikiC
2:15 PM
@NikiC Hi ... hmm, quick question; I've submitted a PR for extending array_filter() .. perhaps you've seen it ... you reckon I need to create an rfc for it? :)
i've seen it
and yeah, probably easier to just create one ;)
"U.S. National Vulnerability Database offline because of malware"
I just lol'd
@NikiC 'kay :) thnx.
I hate IE
It hates you as much as you hate it.
2:18 PM
@ircmaxell we really thought you were an IE evangelist
I ran the profiler because there's a slow script. But when I clicked "stop script", it killed the debugger instance too. So I can't profile to determine what's the slow script... FAIL
No! Don't hate IE, that only makes it stronger =/
@Jack actually made me lol...
Greeting everyone.. Can anyone please help me 'redirecting a domain to another domain'. I am stuck on this.
@Jimbo its painless and eats very little resources
2:23 PM
Why are IE's developer tools not responding now. Even after a restart...
@Gordon Might have to get that one too, Still have Norton (I've had it since 2001 or something). It's just a sh*tload of bloatware these days.
5 mins ago, by dragon112
It hates you as much as you hate it.
@dragon112 Norton is the 2nd worst security suite available, after McAfee
I believe you.
Or rather, I know from experience you are right.
@Ocramius sure, will do. I bit later, but will do.
@DaveRandom it's the third best VIRUS, after McAfee and Kaspersky
2:27 PM
It's odd, especially with AV but also with Windows security software in general, quality is inversely proportionate to popularity
@Ocramius I assume all find and findBy should return null or object
@Eugene yep, all of 'em
findBy returns empty array
@Ocramius sorry findOneBy I meant
@crypticツ Somebody even had the correct answer... :D
I mean either way the question was a bad one =oP @Ihsan
@crypticツ I managed to write a correct location header (cheated from manual) but is there a refresh command for headers?
I use meta tags
@Ihsan wrong, you should have used Refresh
using Location the user will not even see the message because it will redirect immediatly
Oh. @crypticツ ok I know that, that is why I am still searching and asking. I will (may be not because it is blocked now) edit it..
2:56 PM
@Ihsan meta tags that use http-equiv is just that the equivalent of an HTTP header just set via HTML. So whatever you use in meta tag use as the value for the HTTP header value in header()
ok. @crypticツ upvoting you :) Thank you . Curiosity was about to kill this cat (me).
@crypticツ hello kitty purry
woof woof
@crypticツ random fun fact: kitty purry is actually the name of katy perrys cat
however you spell katy perry
3:02 PM
@crypticツ I corrected it.
@Ihsan I don't think its worth correcting it since OP already marked an answer and question is doomed for deletion anyways. But at least you learned from it =o)
Yes @crypticツ that was the point.
I have to go have a nice day all...
you too
3:05 PM
@Gordon I expect you to begin work on getting these removed =oP stackoverflow.com/search?q=[php]+closed%3Ayes
only 27K to go =oP
@crypticツ I'll have to check with the fellow mods
@MikeB yes the ban hammer actually hit the guy yesterday already
@Gordon "Bureaucracy is the epoxy that greases the wheels of progress."
@crypticツ what a lovely quote :)
@ircmaxell sneaky eavesdropper
@Gordon :-D
3:14 PM
fighting IE8
dont fight it. embrace it
the fact that it's crashing, and so is the profiler
IE can die in a fire...
@Ocramius any easy solution to get related record? Like for example session row is or isn't linked to customer via customer id, but entity was generated in such way, that I have customer as object and while I didn't mark a column field for customer_id I don't see a way of fetching him out of there. Any suggestions?
3:27 PM
@Jack Comments like that really piss me off. If i want to make an example like that. I will. Like i said. Who made you an authority? Just making a point. config.m4 is needed to run phpize. — tlenss 9 mins ago
Tsk tsk, such hostility.
@NikiC Hmm, there's a thread on meta on deleting questions very soon after closure.
Q: How can we stop premature deletion?

Shog9This needs to stop: http://stackoverflow.com/posts/15348333/revisions It doesn't help to improve close descriptions or encourage fixing and reopening if closed questions are going to be deleted within a few hours or minutes of being closed. We get fairly regular complaints - via support emails...

3:34 PM
@Jack I already stated my opinion on that (namely: bullshit, fix the system instead), so I'll keep closing and deleting as normal
very well, just making sure you read meta ... carry on >:D
q: does anybody here use that ugly e-tracker thing? Anybody aware if Google Analytics can be used in Germany?
@Ocramius sure
@Eugene can you paste some code? I didn't get the question...
@NikiC so now I can simply include Analytics and avoid hordes of angry german paranoids attacking me? :P
why not ^^ if the law says anything other, well fuck the law
3:37 PM
Haha, wish I could host everything in Afghanistan and just not care :P
you can host in germany and not care ;)
I already do :) The company I work for doesn't
Caring is overrated.
Anyone know why my mysql_connect is saying NO password only when it's outside of public_html and at the root my my server?
3:44 PM
Just wandering, in countries like Switzerland, where you need to have a degree in something to work for something... What does a person need to prove that he/she is a web designer? Have a degree in computer science ? or what?
this question has been bugging me lately
@Ocramius I have two entity classes. One of them is linked to another with ManyToOne relation. Generated entity had only propery to set or get instance of that referenced Entity. I was wondering is there some way to get null or referenced record without defining aditional column.
Credentials mean nothing if you have a stellar portfolio and you know how to work with people well, witha good personality.
@Tom was that for me?
Places will hire you based on your portfolio. Nobody gives a shit about a resume. Old school, corporate companies.
3:47 PM
@PHPNooB i was working in switzerland as a senior developer last year and no one asked for my degree
@Gordon as who did you work there?
@Tom wut?
Build apps, make things. That's how you get work.
Not the jobs I want to apply for :P
@Eugene what do you mean?
3:49 PM
@PHPNooB If you have both a degree, and a stellar portfolio and know how to work with people well, with a good personality, you = awesome
Hello guys.Anyone know how much mony is Zend PHP 5.3 Certification?
@PHPNooB That being said, where I work I haven't been asked for my degree :)
@Gordon sorry, my bad.
@Ivan £195 or 195 euros, take your pick
@Ivan E 170
3:51 PM
@Gordon ah. You edited.
@Gordon really? your must have showed them something, otherwise I was told, that even skilled outsiders are forced to re-learn something here in Suisse, before starting to work. Maybe, web dev. related jobs aren't regulated that much
How long does it take
9 minutes and 42 seconds
(how long does what take?)
I mean how many months it takes education?
@Ivan lol wut? you take a test for it
3:53 PM
Hey guys, quick question:

How do I tell php to use the regex variable $1 and append a 0 to it instead of interpreting it as regex variable 10 ?

$data = preg_replace('/([^0-9])0px/', '$10', $data);
@Jimbo, I know portofolio matters, but to get permit to work, even as a freelancer, you need atleast some kind of document, proving that you are qualified to do the job properly. I have a friend who worked as a barber, one of the best in his country, but since hi never had a diplome or attestation he is forced to re-learn everything from a year to three years...
Until you know the things required to pass. I'm going to do it soon, I haven't had any training apart from ~5 years of buggering about with PHP, but I'm pretty confident
@PHPNooB That's a barber. You're in a specialist area.
Being a barber is pretty specialist, I couldn't do it
@Ivan This might help lmgtfy.com/?q=zend+certification
@DaveRandom and you ain't got swag
3:56 PM
Let me clarify. To emigrate into Canada or to a lesser extend the United States, on the Canada side you need a certain number of 'points'. Having a degree and a years experience in a 'specialist' job, and family over there, only just gets you in the country
A specialist job, according to the Canadian immigration authoritaaa, doesn't include things like barbers, but does include programmers / development side of things
You could always get married to a woman or man for immigration.
So I meant that sort of specialist :) [I plan on doing that in the future]
YES. Or find a hot chick who digs British accents!
@PHPNooB i was actually brought in because someone already working there spoke well of me
You could pay me to sign a marriage license. I'll do it for about $18K (US)

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