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6:02 PM
is externaluse still here?
today I discovered the wonder that is Travis CI
> The problem I am facing now, is the logic behind the entire project.
I think the logic you're looking for is commonly called math. There are a lot of textbooks you can read to download that to your brain. ;) This website here is more about concrete programming questions. — hakre 1 min ago
eh, the questions over the day that push into are of such minor quality.
hrm... I haven't tried a new distro of Linux in a while. Setting up a new VM for work. Any ideas which to try? Thinking about Fedora
what do you want to do on the VM?
6:18 PM
mainly a dev vm. Another OS to have up and running for things that OSX sucks at...
@ircmaxell I like Fedora, but I seem to be somewhat in a minority, although if it's for a dev server CentOS is probably a better choice because it's quite closely related but far more common for a server OS in the real world.
nah, not server, desktop
I've been using Fedora17 as my main desktop for the last couple of months and I like it.
I'll try it
after what canonical have announced, i'm moving to fedora soon
6:31 PM
@ircmaxell for dev, try Xubuntu. I switched to it from CentOS
xubuntu? X as in...?
XFCE + Ubuntu (based on Debian)
Xubuntu is nice.
XFCE is the new Gnome :D
I never cared for Gnome
6:33 PM
Gnome prostituted
I was a KDE guy myself
yea.. KDE is great, but when u're a terminal guy that doesn't matter so much.. plus (or minus) KDE is heavy
I do a lot via terminal, but I like having a pretty gui
give X(FCE/ubuntu) a try anyway
I do literally everything but write code in a terminal
6:35 PM
I love how different distros have different password tests... Ubuntu says my throw away is very strong, fedora says very weak...
they all get it wrong
hehe, of course... having 100+keys to control VS 2 mouse buttons is much faster :)
Hey @DaveRandom remember how I was rejoicing in how smart I was to not post an answer to the question from user[0-9]+ ... well:
Thanks @rdlowrey.. it solved my problem. — user1187575 3 hours ago
Great, I'm going to post it as an answer then. Please accept it :) — rdlowrey 2 hours ago
6:37 PM
No check mark :(
@rdlowrey #fail
Ahhhh, that was it! You're beautiful! Thanks so much and have a great weekend! — user2149399 1 min ago
I'm beautiful apparently
And with that shot in the arm of confidence I'm going to go do my evening dose of RL.
Catch y'all in a bit.
Don't accept the answer! He doesn't need the rep! He just does this to help people! — rdlowrey 22 secs ago
Guys could anyone explain to me. What is the diff. between Adapter and Driver in programming?
When should I call what?
6:40 PM
@Eugene adapter is a specific pattern: sourcemaking.com/design_patterns/adapter
If I have I18n service, and there are few implementations of it. i.e. through Doctrine, normal PDO way and file storage?
Are those implementations drivers or adapters?
Okey, but can any of them be called adapters or drivers? Or it isn't suited here?
6:58 PM
Adapter: no, because that's the name of a pattern
Driver: ok, but I'd rather see them called strategy, as that's the underlying pattern at play
whoops, I just made the mistake of running yum update on fedora... 45 minutes later...
@ircmaxell Okey. I see your point. Thank you. Will read the article now.
@ircmaxell hehe yeah, that tends to happen after a new install.
on step 620 of 936...
yum update == lunch break
7:06 PM
I confused apt-get update with yum update
the problem with using two distros at the same time
apt-get update causes the package lists to be re-downloaded and updated. yum update causes all packages with updates available to be updated
Q: Your websocket app throws an exception ... should the server automatically close the relevant client connection with the appropriate UNEXPECTED_SERVER_ERROR close code and log the error to the front-facing web server's error log? OR ... should the websocket app receive the exception through an onError($exception) method and be allowed to do whatever it wants (possibly close) in this situation?
@rdlowrey vague question is vague
Nevermind. I think it's the app's job to prevent exceptions from bubbling up. Once an exception reaches the server I think it's best to tell the client your app borked and to close the connection cleanly with the appropriate close code.
7:15 PM
election in 44 mins
Oh, now I remember what I freaking HATE about Fedora and RHEL's GUI
freaking PackageKit
So annoying.
Q: Is it possible to connect Vb6 and PHP?

Soon To Be RevealedI have a vb6 program with mysql as database. My instructor asked me to connect my vb6 to php. The php code only view what is inside in the vb6, e.g. reports. My question is, is this possible? I've googled this one but no concrete ideas occurred. If so, how could I implement this one or what are t...

It's like Windows Update x 100000.
7:17 PM
sudo yum -y install vim

Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit...
2 freaking minutes later
wait, what? installing vim installs perl-threads??? ?
oh, @Lusitanian beat me to it
lol, never used packagekit, always using yum in shell
@hakre I didn't use it either... It runs in the background
@Hiroto vb6?
7:29 PM
@ircmaxell it probably was blocking your shell access.
i shuddered inside
you can setup how often software updates are run (these in the background)
it's called software settings
sometimes I don't undestand how the cv works
... or supposed to work?
7:32 PM
... should work?
WHAT THE HECK. I am not liking fedora
If I face-palm three times per hour, and you head-desk four times per hour, how many times per day do we do it at the same time?
Oh boy; SQL is dead (the room, that is)
@Ocramius SFW?
7:40 PM
no rebecca black, I promise
@ircmaxell Maybe I've just gotten used to the WTFs :)
(fedora's I mean)
whats the problem with good ol fedora?
@Ocramius Will have to watch later.
Pretty typical problem, I'm just wondering the best approach: SQL DB (My/MS) and have 2 columns, Email, Phone. One can be null, but not both. Check constraint? Or some other solution?
@Bracketworks triggers? :\
7:44 PM
Triggers to error on a null pair?
@Bracketworks I'd suggest that's a way of doing that, yes
@hakre PackageKit is a PITA ... but just disable it.
Hmm, never really used raise in MySQL, surely MSSQL has similar.
@rdlowrey how do you disable it?
I forget. I usually just google "disable packagekit fedora" after a new install.
7:48 PM
Please help with the cleanup ^ most of these are PHP questions.
screw this... deleting fedora...
any good KDE based OS's around?
downloading kunbutu again
Election began!!11
8:06 PM
17 mins ago, by Madara Uchiha
^ Most of these are up to 4 close votes now. Go forth and harvest.
@Gordon. & @Madara 1st choice
@PHPNooB I didn't make it into the final stage, thanks for your concern though :P
I was just going to ask you. But you were in the top 10 werent you? When I couldn't find you, I thought you withdrew @Madara Uchiha
@PHPNooB No, I was 11th :)
8:13 PM
@MadaraUchiha this is most depressing news
@MadaraUchiha sorry to hear, you had my vote...
I actually didn't expect to even reach that
It was very exciting indeed.
But I now know what to work on towards the next elections :)
Wish Gordon good lucks (and bless him with yer votes!)
I made it to the final last year... Only to be kicked out at the first round of the final vote...
8:16 PM
Forget about mod. Madara should run for CEO of SE
You'll always have my vote :)
Now, I am voting for that andrew guy as a second one. He mush be good to have had all that upvotes.
First time I voted for someone on something...
@ircmaxell go for gentoo :)
8:21 PM
nah, kubuntu for now
@ircmaxell I use Kubuntu for 6 years :)
I used it since its first release. Was on Linux for like 10 years straight before having to switch to PC...
I heard opensuse is a good stable kde distro.
Wordpress just saved my bacon.
We've been running PHP 5.0 -- yes, point 0, in production for years.
A directive came from on high.
They need Wordpress.
8:24 PM
I finally have the excuse needed to completely revamp our entire WWW architecture!
Now comes the real fun part: taking an application written in PHP4 style running on 5.0, and make it run sanely on 5.4.
@ircmaxell After using (k)Ubuntu I hardly used windows. Only for VC# based works.
fuck. it is now impossible to search for solutions to actual stack overflows.
@Hiroto yep.
@PHPNooB thanks
8:27 PM
I think you can use '"stack overflow" -stackoverflow.com' search term, though it'll remove StackOverflow stack overflow questions.
if you search for stack overflow on StackOverflow, you can seriously harm the internet.
@shiplu.mokadd.im "Stack Overflow" -site:stackoverflow.com -site:meta.stackoverflow.com +"language"
you'll still get like 50 blogs
but it will be there somewhere on page 3
oh, you mean searching on google
never knew this -site: works. How stupid I am.
8:30 PM
@Gordon It would be nice to have a mod who hangs out lives in this room
My bounty on this question is ending. But I didn't get any solution. Now the up-votes will give the answerer 50% of the bounty. But this answer does not solve it.
Q: Remote Filtering with ListFilter in ExtJS Grid Column Header

shiplu.mokadd.imI am using ListFilter plugin to filter results on a Grid panel. The column definition is. { header: 'Provider', filter: { type: 'list', store: Ext.getStore('MyApp.store.Provider'), dataIndex: 'provider_id', labelField: 'name' } } MyApp.store.Provider...

any way to prevent it?
@PHPNooB well, i am in here most of the time. dont know if that classifies ;)
Why #php is often the best tool for the job. http://bit.ly/13IL2lA
@ircmaxell OMG! I just twitted this same thing.
> This is the challenge for all the people who want to complain about PHP - if your chosen language is so much better (and I have no doubt that in many ways, it objectively is), then make it accessible in the way that PHP is.
8:37 PM
@Charles that's just the deployment problem
@Hiroto Ease of deployment + shared hosting + wide consumer audience.
I see the expert PHP programmers are not only PHP programmers. They know other things a lot. But those who bash PHP are not one of those. They know their language very well and bash everything else.
PHP *is* the right tool for the job (for all the wrong reasons) http://blog.samuellevy.com/post/41-php-is-the-right-tool-for-the-job-for-all-the-wrong-reasons.html
@shiplu.mokadd.im Anyone that is an expert PHP programmer that couldn't also bash PHP isn't really an expert.
If you hire a PHP guy, make sure they know more than just PHP, and PHP's shortcomings
Knowing PHP is hating PHP.
8:40 PM
@Charles this * 1000
@Hiroto And very this as well.
Newbies usually bash. Experts know that each technology has some features and they need to be used in proper combination to get the maximum output.
Jul 4 '11 at 14:19, by salathe
PHP sucks.
...but who cares?
I only care when I find a feature that is implemented incorrectly compared to the way the rest of the world does it.
8:43 PM
experts also bash it, but they know that pretty much every language has some terrible flaw that can make it a pain in the arse. They can rant for hours about flaws, but at the end of the day, they dealt with those flaws. (and sometimes went "screw it, I'm writing my own language!")
and then ended up with a worse language ;)
language design is hard
that's been established :D
Trying language designing is a great learning.
I once tried. Then I ended up working on PHP
8:45 PM
there's another silver badge for me.
gotta catch them all.
Then I tried it again. I started working on spidermoneky, then v8. now NodeJS. all of a sudden everything got easier.
For the sake of future google user, could any one this answer. Its not solving the problem. But automatic bounty will confuse future reader.
@luchosrock we're aware of that, but we cv and downvote because this really isn't fit for SO (though i can see a few improvements that could make this question worthwhile). The sheer volume of "this is my first question; I haven't even tried to solve my problem or I wont show you anything, I just want a crystal ball answer or a documentation link"-type questions in the php tag is astonishingly high. So yes, we should be hard on him (or her). — Hiroto 1 min ago
I should really stop comment-hunting and start answering, shouldn't I
my rep hasnt changed in like a week
8:55 PM
flash, java, etc all suck
that's the conclusion to draw from the past few weeks
everything sucks.
@shiplu.mokadd.im still need -1 to stop it
@shiplu.mokadd.im This maybe an obvious point, but it doesn't seem to be addressed anywhere in the question: if a later version fixes the problem, can't you just use the later version?
9:00 PM
Evening @all
@DaveRandom that is not possible. The app is deployed already with my workaround. I also said this in comments and in question.
9:36 PM
Hi @DaveRandom
@DaveRandom , you got a few answers i noticed
One or two...
well atleast there correct answered
let me check something for you
if i find it back
Aww @MadaraUchiha got knocked out of the election :-(
9:48 PM
for you @DaveRandom
anybody want some edit points :p stackoverflow.com/questions/15303893/…
@HenryW Thanks, but I roll all my own regexes ;-)
Either that or I badger @NikiC to do it all professional like for me
@DaveRandom Who should get my second and third vote?
Q: curl - Scrapping large amounts of content from a website

GeesuI'm curious if anyone has any recommendations as to the best method to leverage PHP/CURL (or another technology even) to download content from a website. Right now I'm using curl_multi to do 10 requests at a time, which helps some. I literally need to request about 100K pages daily, which can g...

@NickFury Whoever you think should get them :-) Seriously though, we may have been campaigning on behalf of Uncle Gordon but don't just do what we tell you, the whole point of the election is to make up your own mind based on the way the candidates present themselves, they will all have their own groups of supporters so just try and judge the candidates, not what others are saying about them ;-)
9:55 PM
@DaveRandom But Gordon is my hero :(
@NickFury minitech or else
whoever you like :)
@NickFury Well vote for Gordon then, we'd certainly like you to because we think he'd be a great moderator and that he deserves the position. I personally think Raghav Sood would be a good moderator based on my previous interactions with him, YMMV
You guys made my choices :P
i like andrew barber, too
@Lusitanian Yeh I'd think we need moar Canadian mods eh
9:58 PM
@DaveRandom lol
Did anyone of you ever came across, and remember the source, where there is a class to handle categories.But can use the single class for multiple purposes.For instance a category based q&a section, category based download section etc etc.
Thanks for any information.
just voted, really hope @Gordon will make it
@HenryW It's a bit too generic to know what you're after tbh...
@Happyninja Me too :)
It certainly sounds like what you want isn't going to be/shouldn't be "a class" but more a collection of many, many classes
10:07 PM
Guys, why might array not change codepad.viper-7.com/FnFCOD
@Eugene $this->items = &$items; - but what are you doing? Seems like if would be a better idea to pass in an object and not have to worry about the explicit refs...
@DaveRandom Yes i was aware, excuse me for that.
It should be database driven.The goal is to build up the database like so that almost all tables look the same and simple. containing just id,title,content.Just to get a start
@DaveRandom not that case
@Eugene OK well codepad.viper-7.com/RQljsu (like I said not very clearly, you need to assign the property by ref as well as accepting the constructor arg by ref)
10:11 PM
@DaveRandom great. Thank you.
lol I love questions like this, "The problem is I don't have any coding background Does anyone know how to integrate the code in this post to a wordpress site?" stackoverflow.com/questions/15304209/…
almost all tables look the same seems like a slightly odd and definitely wrong approach - if the tables look the same, why not just use one table with an extra column to distinguish which virtual "table" they belong to? Presumably you are looking at this in terms of a table per category, rather have a table of items and a table of categories and foreign key
@NickFury ...and that pretty much sums up my problem with Wordpress.
Yes omg yes sorry
Long time ago i was here and chatted,and long time i asked something.
I'm not used to it anymore hehe
10:17 PM
@DaveRandom screnshot plz
@Lusitanian Y U NO REPWHORE TO 10K?????
@DaveRandom I BEEN 2 LAZY LATELY (i.e. doing actual work and idling in here)
but i could repwhore to 10k fairly quickly, i'll do that sometime soon
Theoretically it's doable in less than a month
10:18 PM
indeed, but that might be pushing it
(from your current position)
yes indeed
Hang on the upload thing's not working
wat da fuq
@DaveRandom odd. For some reason it doesn't work with $_SESSION array.
10:23 PM
Good bye guys, i keep searching for my answer.If i get one from over here i will notice and inform back.
@DaveRandom I feel so bad for Steyn =o(
@Eugene Codez plz
Beer purchasing, back in a few minz
@DaveRandom That reminds me :P
10:42 PM
Guys why the shit is this not working

$gPlantSite = $_GET['plantsite'];
/* Connect to Database */

$mysqli = new mysqli(DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASS, DB_BASE);

/* Prepare Database statement */

if ($stmt = $mysqli -> prepare("SELECT route_id, Latitude, Longitude, Title, Weekday_Day, Weekend_Day, ADO_Day, Weekday_Night,
	Weekend_Night, ADO_Night, Direction_Of_Bus,
	What_Shift FROM Routes WHERE Plant_Site = ?")) {
/* Bind param to search for */

 $stmt -> bind_param('s', $gPlantSite);
and then I typed ?plantsite=The%20Name%20Of%20The%20Place
and it returns 0 when it should return 44
It's @Gordon's favorite day, Friday, which is a great day to vote for him!
what does this expression mean "repwhore "?
@XCritics You should really start checking mysqli errors php.net/manual/en/mysqli.error.php
@Lusitanian There's no way in hell I'm clicking on that friday.
@NickFury lolz
@Happyninja anyone asking for upvotes, answering close-worthy questions, etc
10:51 PM
Ello @crypticツ
@NickFury hello, and everyone else
@crypticツ are you a polyphaser? O_o
@Ocramius huh?
(guess not :) )
10:56 PM
Hey all. Is there another way use PHP that's stored in a database field besides eval()? I'm having trouble with this stackoverflow.com/questions/15303600/…
err...why would you store PHP in a database field
that screams BAD IDEA
to store variables that modify a page
like $extraScript, change $Theme, etc
so why would you want them to be php code?
10:58 PM
@Ocramius probably yes, I don't really have a sleep pattern
but either way you probably are putting on a band-aid on your actual problem by doing this
@yUnoDOWNVOTE just load them in a fitting data structure...
i.e. you should rethink your application architecture
@crypticツ that I figured :)
@Ocramius yes with work and no with school. I do odd shifts so no regular schedule
11:00 PM
For example, most pages do not have a slider. In my home page, I have a slider which requires the styles, script, and actual html. So, I have a space in the head ($extraStyles), space in the footer ($extraScript), and an include(''); in the Content field of the database.
@crypticツ heh, I personally avoid doing remote work exactly because I'd completely space out
When does stackoverflow start a new day?
So, I was planning to have a Modifiers field for each row of the database that drops in the php variables. If there's no override or 'device' that uses CSS and Javascript, I wouldn't use it.
@NickFury the $mysqli->error isn't reporting a thing
@NickFury yet it just isn't working
Modifiers works with eval(), Content does not
11:03 PM
@crypticツ ah okay. Wasn't sure, thanks for clarifying. There is some slang / expression / metaphor i still don't understand but one less now :]
CounterStrike is so damn annoying. Not even a single server without a stupid mod or frikking gangsta-rappa-cacca intro/outro music =_= </rant>
@Ocramius i guess that's the result of providing the capability of modding something.
@Ocramius CSS, CS 1.6 or CSGO?
@Lusitanian currenty CSS
@Ocramius meh, not a huge fan
11:05 PM
@Lusitanian oh, I'm an UT player, just using CS:S because it came out on steam for linux recently
@Ocramius gotcha
i still play UT99 sometimes
it's just so awesome
@yUnoDOWNVOTE use css to hide the part you are not using
@Lusitanian I play it each lunch break with co-workers =D
@Ocramius what is your favorite music? You could mod it
@Happyninja The slider at the moment is only on 1 page. I wouldn't want it to load 4 large images for every page, so I'm controlling it with PHP.
11:07 PM
@Happyninja no, pls... just no music at all
@Ocramius mute mod patcher lol
if one wants music whilst playing CSS, he can play it (him|her)self heh
@yUnoDOWNVOTE does your slider require javascript to work?
@Happyninja Yes, jQuery and CSS. It's the Nivo slider.
11:10 PM
@XCritics and I'm assuming you're executing your mysqli query and have error_reporting enabled?
@Happyninja oh, btw, you cannot do that because of VAC
@yUnoDOWNVOTE you could just XHR the slider to lazy load it when you need it, instead of trying to do it with your controller
@Lusitanian you're my new hero :)
11:12 PM
@NickFury lolwhy
I'm a big TF2 fan :P
it's a good game, but has been overrun with the stupid hat stuff
Most FPSes have hats? :P
pretty sure that's just tf2 :D
11:13 PM
The hat stuff is decorative, though. It doesn't affect gameplay.
Weapons on the other hand... But you can at least get those for free through crafting.
lol I jumped the gun on that comment
@Happyninja Hmm.. really haven't messed with AJAX or XHR. The idea was to make things easier and I guess that would be the way to go. I'll have to read up on exactly how to do it. Thanks!
@yUnoDOWNVOTE you are welcome
11:28 PM
@TimDorr You obviously never played as Baron Samedi in Goldeneye on the N64 then. He hat a ridiculously big hat that really did affect gameplay because it counted as a headshot when you hit it.
11:44 PM
If i have a function with ($type $coloumns_to_select) like that how can i do something like this ('query', 'username, password') for example i was making a query database function
A: PHP delete values from mysql bad

OussakiI THINK YOU ALGORITHM IS FALSE SO you just select all the rows that they have the value of $a and then you do the same think by using where in Delete statement so i think You have to remove this line : $select = mysql_query("SELECT * from naujiena WHERE new_pav = '$a'"); and you don't need...

I dont even
I dont even want to edit this
I just want a flamethrower
@DaveRandom hi man (former name cyril)
wanted to ask you some questions, about if you know OpenFlow

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