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12:00 AM
We simply have way too many notes and way too few people moderating those notes. Now we just have way more people with the ability to help with that moderation process (being you the end-user).
@GoogleGuy OK well I'm prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt and see how it works out over time when people have had chance to cast some votes etc - but if it's not working for me I shall blame you. Be afraid. :-P
@DaveRandom It's working just fine. In the last 3 weeks alone over 5K users have helped organize user notes significantly more than moderators have been doing in the last 3 years.
Great, now I have half a mind to crawl through the manual, upvote good stuff and downvote crap.
As if I don't already have too much stuff to do.
44 mins ago, by cab
yesterday, by Mario S
I forgot to install HTML too :[
12:10 AM
my fav quote
That made my day :)
Anyone know how php://fd works? Crucially, how one can identify the file descriptor number you want? The manual lacks any real information :-(
@DaveRandom 0 for in, 1 for out, 2 for err, isn't it?
@Alexander oh my ... must have been a hard day for him/her
@Charles I dunno, does it refer to the standard IO for the current process? What I actually want to do is a little convoluted, I though fd was the answer: I want to fopen('php://memory') and pass the resulting stream into ZipArchive - but it only accepts a file path so I want to be able to somehow reference an existing file pointer with a URI.
Basically I'm trying to avoid creating a temp file.
12:27 AM
@DaveRandom vfsstream?
@Charles Custom stream wrapper, interesting idea. Probably the answer
@DaveRandom Glad to help and/or introduce unnecessary complexity.
Then again I'm not sure how well ZipArchive and streams get along.
Some extensions, not so much.
true that, will just use a temp file for now
Something to play with later though
12:32 AM
Yeah, I've always wanted an excuse to play with such things.
@DaveRandom Which takes more bandwidth/server memory resource of these two ways of storing page visits/refreshes.
1st approach is to create a.txt file and write page visits in it,
2nd approach is just to update a database row directly from the PHP page?? I need to this, thanks
Need to * know
@TheCOMPLETEPHPNewbie use redis
@TheCOMPLETEPHPNewbie Don't do a file-based hit counter.
A: How to keep this counter from reseting at 100,000?

CharlesYour code may be suffering from a race condition. Mid way through, you re-open the file in w mode, which truncates the file to zero length. If another copy of your script opens and attempts to read the file while it's been truncated but before it's been read, the counter will be reset to zero. ...

Both APC and Memcached have things to do atomic count operations as well.
12:49 AM
Actually it is a sessions based hit counter for a very minor task, so to learn redis/memcache is too much of an effort, I only wanted to know if it cosumer less resources with db, or a file..
I will go with db for now
if those two are the only options, db is probably safer because then the database can handle the locking and you don't have to do your own filesystem locking.
Very yes.
and no matter what solution you go for, use an atomic increment operation.
While downloading file from web application, entire application becomes unresponsive until download is finished, what's up?
@webarto PHP sessions? :p
12:52 AM
@Charles Possible (probably), I'm tracking if download is aborted or completed.
@webarto In that case, if you're using the normal file-based session handler, that's totally it. PHP grabs and keeps an exclusive lock on the file from session_start to session_write_close.
A concurrent request is going to block on session_start until the lock is released.
@Charles interesting, never considered that.
@webarto if you're serving large files you really should look into x-sendfile for that.
@Charles Yup, that is it, no doubt about it. I used to know this, thanks :)
@igorw Can get pretty large, I will.
Canadian flag? :P
1:30 AM
hell no
1:52 AM
@Charles FYI, ZipArchive doesn't work with streams. Just tried it with an FTP file - no errors, no effect, checked with wireshark, no network activity.
It's a really sucky API in general
bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=63793 (if you care about working with stream sockets)
@rdlowrey ^^
and @igorw ^^
Now I'm going to bed, laterz all
2:16 AM
goodnight Dave
good night
@DaveRandom me, too gn8 + l8torz7
/me needs shut off tethering before he writes a reply to @GoogleGuy's email... That shit is pissing me off to a significant degree...
@ircmaxell is this still fallout from the annotation parser proposal?
And @GoogleGuy: your point about BDLFs is way off mark. They get to say that shit because they have the authority to do so. They are not looking to create a constructive environment of collaboration. They are looking to dictate what they want. Which is their right due to the D in their title. Stas, in this case, is neither D or has the authority to make such claims. Hence the destructive component of it...
2:24 AM
@ircmaxell Which basically goes against everything you state you want. So I'm glad you got my point.
not at all. What I want is a vision that we can all use as the baseline for discussion
As far as You see that this vision is lacking, or unrefined, or even completely diluted to the extent that it is not a vision (and for whatever reason). That's fine. How are you solving this issue That's simple. I wrote a post where I identified what I feel is a problem, and made a suggestion on how to fix it. Don't like it? Good for you. In the end, At least I tried something, rather than sitting back and ignoring the problems plaguing development...
I don't see problems that are plaguing development. I see the same problems I see in any project I've worked on. People who happen to disagree on things.
Completely normal human behavior.
disagreeing is one thing. What happens in PHP is not disagreeing
If there's anything we should agree on it's that PHP continues to get developed. Which has been happening for the last 15+ years now. Whether or not we agree on annotations, or feature X or feature Y is moot. So someone people don't want this feature or feel it doesn't belong in PHP. shrug tough shits
I see the same problems I see in any project I've worked on. So if everyone jumped off a cliff, you would too? You don't see the danger and problems in a statement like that?
I've worked on projects (large ones) without the bullshit that goes on in internals
and you know what? they are fun and productive.
2:33 AM
I don't find anything not fun about PHP. It's fun to me. I feel quite productive after I've fixed bugs or introduced improvements in PHP that I know will benefit millions of people.
Now whether or not you like the mailing list is a matter of opinion.
Join the Linux Kernel Mailing list for a year. Let me know how your anus feels then.
@GoogleGuy Stockholm Syndrome. Justifying bad behavior because other projects do it too. If you don't see the problem in that line of thinking, I'm afraid this conversation is done...
No, I'm not justifying anything. I'm stating an observation of normal behavior.
You seem to be to clouded by emotion to think logically at this point. I'll let you cool down.
You guys need to go get invited to the White House for a beer summit
calm down
> hides
@DaveRandom Voted as extra-special super-duper high-priority.
Your right, I am pissed off right now. Because I posted what I know for a fact many people think. Yet I'm the asshole... Because I pointed out something that people have been laughing at for years. And I'm the asshole. I pointed out what I feel is the root of the problem, and even offered a solution. Yet I'm the asshole. I said something rather than shut my mouth and let status quo reign. And I'm the asshole. So yes, I'm not thinking logically.
2:41 AM
@ircmaxell You're not an asshole. I don't usually commend assholes. I ignore them :)
Commend? If this is a commendation, I would hate to see what talking down would look like: One courtesy I will offer you that you -- yourself -- have not offered your peers is the acknowledgement of your own contributions and opinions among the rest of the contributors in an impartial manner. <-- definition of back-handed compliment.
Count me as passenger #2 on the @ircmaxell bandwagon.
Smarter than you? Maybe. But an asshole? Nope.
@ircmaxell Says the person that publicly insulted their peers.
We call that "being the bigger man". I neither insulted you nor told you to shut up. I stated outright both what you brought to the table and what you lacked. That is all. You did not offer Stas that same courtesy.
Actually, a back-handed compliment is by very definition an insult. And I do find it insulting...
2:49 AM
As I'm sure Stas does.
Look you apologized and I commend you for that. I in no way meant to insult you. I was very professional in my response and my words were carefully choesn. I'm sorry that you feel it is "a back-handed compliment". It is unbiased and it speaks the truth.
If I really wanted to insult you I would not have been so subtle about it.
unbiased, yet ignores all but chosen words in the original message...
but whatever, I'm done
@ircmaxell Correction: It quotes all but chosen words in the original message. As those were the words I wanted to address. I completely acknowledges your brilliance and talent as I've seen you raise very fair points in the past. I was only making some suggestions as to your approach. I apologize if that was too harsh for you, but now you can see how it must have felt for the person you were harsh on.
See you are as guilty as sin in everything you are accusing me of doing. Yet here we are. This is normal human behavior. We are all guilty of something. Let that not be our focus ;)
I'm definitely not guilt free
This was not your finest hour.
but I at least have the justification that I did it so that I could point out the lunacy in what's going on and try to move past it. I had a purpose in it.
2:55 AM
I'm sure you did. I'm sure you weren't just intending to publicly accost someone on the mailing list for no reason.
I'm just saying you were a bit too harsh there and I had to disagree with you. Notice normally I agree with you.
I'm sorry but I felt that you were out of line and I wasn't alone.
Again, my sincerest apologizes if I have offended you. I really meant no disrespect.
Better to be out of line with good intention, then to be in line with complacency and ignoring the problems...
Sorry, I disagree with you. It is never better to be out of line.
There are smarter ways to approach the problem. Making waves usually isn't a very good one in my experience.
I mean sometimes you have to make waves or sometimes it is inevitable to make waves. It's just rare that this results in productivity.
Making waves is sometimes the only way to break a ship off of a sand bar.
And I firmly believe that PHP has run aground. Years ago... And it's worth a last push to try to save it
That's not true. You can use mechanical winches as well :)
All I can say, is while many may have felt that I was out of line, or whatever. But I have gotten just as much (if not more) feedback that this needed to be said. And thanking me for saying it. So whatever....
I have a thick skin. I can take it. If I lost a few people, then that's too bad... But better to lose the respect of someone for standing up for what you believe in, then to retain it while not...
3:04 AM
I'm thinking about creating a performance testing framework for PHP. I'd like it to be able to measure memory usage as well, but the only good way I can think to see how much memory something really used is to temporarily disable garbage collection.
gc_disable documentation implies it only disables the circular reference counting mechanism, not garbage collection in general.
@LeviMorrison You want to reinvent Xdebug in PHP?
@LeviMorrison You can't disable GC in general, it's core to the language, and it wouldn't function without it...
@GoogleGuy The problem I have with xdebug is that I can't easily compare memory usage of A to B.
It sounds like I might have to deal with that somehow.
@LeviMorrison How's that. What are A and B exactly?
Plus, xdebug really needs to be disabled to test runtime performance. It adds too much function call overhead.
3:15 AM
> [Stas'] vision is stale and cancerous for the PHP community. The directive is and always has been along those lines, "real programmers don't use PHP". For some reason the core team has pushed that. There are a lot of us who use PHP full time who would also love for some real, cohesive decisions to be made in favour of bringing vision to PHP. Sadly the internals list is always just a shitstorm.
@LeviMorrison, have you played with xhprof?
I still haven't gotten around to xhprof.
@DaveRandom thanks, done
@Charles No. I know that it exists. Is it's PECL extension up to date?
It's pecl page indicates it has been 3 years since a release.
It's github page seems lacking in activity as well.
Last update a month ago?
Not super active
Came out of Facebook, so it's gonna be a mix of good and no updates.
Hardly touched.
6 commits in a year
3:24 AM
eh, yeah
may as well see if it works for your use case though
3:35 AM
i'm looking for html formatting for a link so when the client click on it, it download the file instead of trying to open it. any idea?
set the content disposition header to attachment
@rdlowrey Maybe it can output stuff in a csv.
xhprof, I mean.
@LeviMorrison Will it add overhead similar to xdebug that would affect your benchmarking results?
Don't know.
If it can't do csv the cachegrind output format could probably easily be parsed and the relevant info dumped into a csv
3:43 AM
I have this class with an echo statement that doesn't work.
@ExplosionPills thanks, it works
Does any one know why?
"Doesn't work" is a very broad problem .. what's happening and what do you expect?
ha, yes.. I can't get the value of a private (public happens the same) variable in a class
I want to create the object, assign the value, and then call the function when I wan to show the value of the object
would it be more appropriate on line 5 to get it like this? $this->abc = 'higher';
and then echo $this->abc;
3:50 AM
@Happyninja That way is what I'm trying to avoid.. It is not useful for what I want to.
what are you trying to achieve by changing $abc instead of $this->abc?
because I need to get the value of this variable hundred times..
can you use global?
@ExplosionPills You say that I most write this: echo $abc; ??
3:52 AM
@ExplosionPills that's how i do it
In the constructor you're just setting $abc not $this->abc .. $abc is only accessible in the scope of the constructor
OHHHH, you are right!!
I will see that..
@ExplosionPills Absolute right.. It works
you have saved my night
IIt had been months since the last time that I use OOP
do anyone have experience on how heavy is session variable when dealing with 2,000 users load?
and tool i could use to benchmark that?
4:00 AM
you mean how heavy each one is?
i'm a bit confused because i feel my question is vague but basically i want to make sure not to crash the service
i'm required to write a small portal with 3 levels rights, about 2,000 users and maybe 8 to 10k restricted access document. it run on apache and i'm using php
i wrote everything and i'm questioning myself about the better way to ensure there is enough resource per user.
hai all
bye all
i have an issue
4:09 AM
(played too much as a bosner in morrowind)
@Lucio bye
i am using local host to access the webservices
can i access these services from other system @Happyninja
you can change your apache file
just make sure your local machine got a static ip
then redirect the ip trough the router using port forwarding
@SAHIL it that what you mean?
i am using the xampp
it should works
4:13 AM
do you have a fixed ip
so i need to call this service on other system
fixed ip means?
if not, you can use dydns service or check your ip and call it
what does it give you: google.ca/search?q=ip
so i can call it like
no, your external ip
on top of the result you get your ip
got it
4:16 AM
you will need to make sure the local ip address ( is set to static in your network card config
so if i place this ip then it will work right!
in your apache configuration file (httpd.conf), find this line: Listen
and change it with your local ip (
Y'allo folks.
if you are use a residential line, you will need to change port cause it might be blocked by your internet service provider
once you changed the settings in your router (, you will be able to use your server outside your home using external ip.
you can also check no-ip for dns client
4:19 AM
@Happyninja ok
@SAHIL does it works as intended?
@Happyninja trying
4:41 AM
@Charles @SAHIL @Happyninja When I insert a number in database whose type is float, it inserts in a wrong way. Like if I insert 1234, it inserts same 1234 but while displaying it on page by retrieving from database it shows 0.1
What could be the reasons?
can you show code?
@Charles I'm perusing internals... it seems the core and community of PHP are fast unraveling. Surely any discussion is constructive in some way, but it's just not funny anymore.
@Happyninja I am just inserting the entered number as it is. Like if user enters 5678, I am inserting 5678 itself.
But when I compare it with original site, the values are inserted like 4567000000 when user enters 4567.
Further, it seems the word simplicity being thrown around is analogous to Lincoln Logs. Engineers don't build stuff with Lincoln Logs.
So, while at the time of showing it on website again, those are shown correctly like 4567 instead of 4567000000
Do we need to format the numbers before inserting the numbers in to database column of type float?
@Bracketworks Can you Please help?
4:48 AM
@Happyninja its blocked , i cant able to change the httpd.conf file
5:00 AM
can someone help me out with css? :)
anyone noticed . now we dont need to login to gravitor ..yey
to change avatar
@NullPointer Good Morning. Can you please help on my above question ya?
Yeah. Right? Found just now.
@Alex_ios have yo checked manly in database that what is in ?
@NullPointer Hmm, I wonder if animated GIFs work... >:)
@ShaquinTrifonoff why not try
5:07 AM
@NullPointer Didn't get you.
@SAHIL do you use the proper authority level to edit the file?
@NullPointer lol, it actually works
what it is @Happyninja
24 mins ago, by Alex_ios
But when I compare it with original site, the values are inserted like 4567000000 when user enters 4567.
5:09 AM
@ShaquinTrifonoff yey.... now i am gona find good gif ..
@SAHIL how did you modify your httpd.conf file?
i opened that file and trying to change it @Happyninja
@SAHIL what operating system are you using or how do you proceed?
i am using mac system here @Happyninja
5:14 AM
@Alex_ios you may have zerofill in your MySQL table definition although that would create 00004567 instead of 45670000
@Alex_ios check this forums.phpfreaks.com/topic/… it might help you
@SAHIL check this resource: support.apple.com/kb/TA20907
5:29 AM
but still i am not able to edit the file
5:43 AM
did you shut down the local server?
before trying to modify it
@LaptopLifts No, if I enter 4567 the original site php code stores 4567000000.
While retrieving it shows 4567 on the website when comes to info of price
oops @Happyninja
@Happyninja not working
showing the same
would you like a remote control?
@Happyninja i changed it
Do junior software developers need to work on software applications alone or on a team ?
5:59 AM
@Happyninja remote control , ho can i do that
@SAHIL i can send you a logmein link
@user1867842 depends
Are junior and senior developers allowed to use documentation and references while working @NullPointer
@Happyninja how
@KaviSiegel check this portfolio .. its better than all i saw webarto.com
6:03 AM
@NullPointer It is not much helpful. In that they say to use decimal instead of float. But I shouldn't change the already designed and running database.
@SAHIL here is a unique link: secure.logmein.com/…
Q: Formatting float numbers before inserting into mysql

Alex_iosI am working on mobile app which has a mysql backend. Mysql is already desined database and currently running for the PC site too. So, I am developing separate front-end on mobile, but using the same database and writing my own php code to update the same database. My problem is that database has...

@user1867842 dont know still i am studying ..
@user1867842 but i am sure they wont .. imo
I though mysql was deprecating . mysqli extension should be used instead .
@SAHIL give it a meaning name
6:05 AM
@NullPointer it is really nice, sweet photo in the back
question for you guys though. fopen('php://temp') - is that cleared at the end of script execution, or do I have to rewind and erase when I'm done with it?
@KaviSiegel however beer need some drink too...:P
i got the solution
It is impossible to memorize or learn an entire reference. How can anyone memorize this php.net/manual/en/funcref.php
How can someone learn an entire manual. It is impossible that someone can have a memory like that. To know over a 1,000+ methods, parameters, classes, variables, error exceptions.
@user1867842 most of that page is not actually relevant to things you'll need to know off the bat
Learning the syntax and a couple hundred functions, you would be well off
Learning a function is just like learning a verb in the english language
6:14 AM
That actually gives me hope.
I should keep studying !
I've been programming with PHP for 10 years and I've used maybe 10 of those on that page
Can you name the 10 you speak of ?
APC, Error Handling, Output Control, PHP Options, DB abstraction, GD, mail, math, PDF, v8js, json, spl, curl, XML, and lots of arrays
@Alex_ios simple advice dont use myslq_* function
its deprecated and generate E_ DEPRECATED warning in php 5.5
So you know all the APC functions ? and OutPut Control functions ?@KaviSiegel
6:25 AM
hardly, but I know some of them, the ones that I will need. Most languages these days you won't be able to or need to memorize everything
there will always be a reference to go by
@NullPointer Okay. Thanks. yesterday I had a discussion with Dave Random too.
@user1867842 maybe in C you could memorize everything, but you'll be writing all your functions from scratch :P
@Alex_ios than i know there is no need to discuss about that he is enough smart ..
@NullPointer He suggested me some changes and I have done those where I can easily migrate to mysqli with the present code.
But what about my present question? :(
@Alex_ios sorry i cant help it ..
i am sure there are some other smart people who can help you ..
6:30 AM
Hey, I managed to create a bitmap file that both is a valid image, and executes as JavaScript :)
imgur doesn't accept it though
OOP , functional , procedural. And the syntax of a language is easy to pick up. And most of all the things in a programming languages reference. Like data types , even though php doesn't need a data type declared before a variable , it just needs a " $ " to know it is a variable. if statements , while loops , for loops , switches. operators , operands , functions like you said can be done in C with parameters , classes and scope , etc ..
@NullPointer Okay. Thanks for your time.
It's just where I get stuck on is the Function reference and trying to memorize for example everything in the APC functions in PHP. I feel like I will never be able to program without a reference at hand
@Alex_ios yours very welcome
@NullPointer One more question. I am working on registration part too. If I need to test on my localhost for sending the confirmation email in php code, do I need any extra things except mail() function.
6:45 AM
mcrypt function @Alex_ios
Hello Everyone
Anyone having idea of Ncomputing
@user1867842 for what that mcrypt is used? If it is used for something like encrypting passwords, I am already using sha1().
Yes it's for encrypting data like passwords sent to a server@Alex_ios
good night
I am already using sha1(). But I doubt that mail() function cannot be used in local host. Is it true? @user1867842
6:52 AM
Hi all, May i expect a suggestion regarding this question stackoverflow.com/questions/14251094/…
Most likely not. Since local host is on your own server and doesn't have access smpt so another perosn can send you mail to your server. I'm not sure I've never done that before.
@user1867842 Okay. So, I might not be able to send any mails to the another accounts from my localhost. Right?
I have 3 tables, if user clicks on submit button, I need to split that entered information and insert respective details into 3 tables. I am doing with 3 insert statements separately. Is it okay if I do like this. But I suspect it's entirely wrong way. @NullPointer @user1867842
Why is there 3 tables ?@Alex_ios
7:01 AM
@Alex_ios no we can not do this
@user1867842 It's already designed database.
Like while submitting he has to enter his own details, his product details and his region. I need to insert them in 3 different tables with primary and fks connection. I am managing this by mysql_insert_id();
@NullPointer @user1867842 I am sure if you look at my code, you would be definitely feel disgusting. ;)
And you are using a a insert method like " INSERT INTO table_name WHERE ( coumns... ) VALUES ( ' $_POST[field] ') "
Not $_post included in the query. I am using temporary variables which contain value gotten by msql_escape.....($_POST[field])
You need 3 different query for each table
all variables are temporary
7:10 AM
What is the difference between $_POST and mysql_insert_id() and mysql_escape ?@Alex_ios
I have a connection for that 3 tables which is primary key and foreign keys. While inserting data in first table I am getting the primary key of the row by mysql_insert_id() and storing this value in the other tables as foreign key.
hello.can i ask good links of zend framework for beginners.thanks
7:27 AM
@Alex_ios, mail can be sent from localhost. i have tried this - blog.techwheels.net/…, it works
7:38 AM
Hello everyone
Does someone know why this aint working?

The SQL-query returns a row with 2 columns, I want the cell in the column named ar_id
What does the max(ar_ar) do ?@Stripps
Return the max of the column ar_ar
@Ashu Thank you so much. Gonna try it and let you know.
i have a table, like: ar_id, ar_ar
1, 2012
2, 2013
3, 2014

SELECT ar_id,max(ar_ar) FROM uir_ar

3, 2014
And you want your output to be 3 ?@Stripps
7:47 AM
@Alex_ios ok.. :)
yup, i want $id to contain 3, and if there's 4, 2015 in the table i want $id to contain 4
aka, when i create a new year in my app, i want the ap to change year to the new year automaticly
@Ashu Mine is xampp. Does this example work on that too?
@Alex_ios yes it works with xampp
@user1867842 but the line
$row = fetch_object($ar)
$row = mysql_fetch_object($ar)
does not work.. crashes the whole application
lol.. maybe because of the ; missing, lemme test
Oh yeah haha@Stripps
7:50 AM
@Ashu Okay.
I was going to say try this query - > SELECT ar_id , max(ar_ar) FROM uir_ar WHERE ar_id = '$_POST[]' and max(ar_ar) = $_GET[] ... but it might be the missing " ; "@Stripps
Ok, the app runs now, but it still does not make $id any value
I don't know why get is in there. I meant post
Greetings! I need help with one simple task. There is website which has download button, when I click other script starts the download. How can I manage to get the downloaded file content in PHP? Or how can I force to download that file to particular directory from PHP?

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