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2:03 AM
@HenryEcker Yeah, Dharman had wanted to give them a little more time to fix it if it was in fact in good faith. I applaud the effort, in vain though it was.
@HenryEcker On a Saturday? Usually whenever I want. :-) Otherwise, whenever my first meeting of the day is; otherwise, my schedule's pretty flexible.
5 hours later…
7:32 AM
@HenryEcker The problem is how SASS works. In that it doesn't. As in it doesn't do anything on top of CSS. It's just a shorter syntax for CSS. It's not really possible to write SASS if you don't know how CSS works. So, if anybody has a query about styles it's only a CSS question.
I'd class it in the same way as if there was a question about an SQL throwing a syntax error but the users shows some PHP or JavaScript or whatever code that constructs the SQL.
If it's a SQL question, it's about SQL.
Adding another layer of indirection on it makes it a harder SQL question to answer. Not a question about PHP or JavaScript or whatever.
How about: In Java, there's HQL (Hibernate Query Language) that may behave differently on different SQL flavors.
7:49 AM
SASS doesn't behave differently
It's compiled to CSS. There is one flavour of CSS.
Unless the browser you're trying it in doesn't support some newer stuff but that's a CSS problem again. Besides, the compilation also accounts for that and generates the appropriate vendor-specific properties for a property that's not widely supported. If there is still some issue even with that, it's not "I write this SASS code but it doesn't apply to my page" it's actually a "My SASS code doesn't compile correctly" which is a different problem.
4 hours later…
11:28 AM
Q: Why do we map one object to another object in spring

Mustafa AhmedI am new to spring I have doubt about why we use DTO instead of entity and why we map them I came across modelMapper and beanUtils.copyProperties helps to map objects.My question is Why we map cuz the implementation of entity and DTO is same why can we use directly POJO or entity

12:10 PM
Q: Is it ok to ask OP to accept my answer instead when I post the correct answer first?

Enfield liI just come accross this situation. Both my answer and the other user's answer are basically the exact same, but my answer comes first and with more details. But the OP accepted the other's answer instead, which makes me a little sad. I point this out by leaving a comment to his question. I'm not...

12:22 PM
@NewPosts ...
FR: remove accepting
3 hours later…
3:40 PM
Q: Do votes on opinion-based answers hurt your repetition? and if they do, should they?

NGDeveloperI see in some of my answers on opinion-based questions that I got down vote and I wonder if its affect my repetition? I do like to know what people think of my answer and always open for criticism but when it come to opinion, I don't think it should affect repetition.

4:05 PM
@NewPosts yes, it hurts your repetition. yes, it hurts your repetition.
4:35 PM
@VLAZ Hmm, I can't seem to find the FR on MSO, or even MSE. Surely it's been proposed before.
5:09 PM
Though lack of being able to find it doesn't necessarily mean it's not there... searching is hard on SE.
Hmm, seems like a good meta post for a lazy Sunday morning ;) But yeah, if there isn't one already, I think I'll go ahead and post one. Thanks for the related links. The last one is very close, falling just short of being a FR. It's a nice precursor though.
Honestly, even if it's what some of us want, I don't think SE will abolish such a basic feature...
Yeah, very true, unfortunately. Still, no harm in asking for it. If it's a popular FR, we'll just add it to the list of things SE should do, but won't :(
Otherwise, replace answer acceptance with thank you reaction :p
(actually, I was half-serious...)
5:27 PM
Actually, if I had to choose between them, I'd prefer the "thank you reaction" over accepts. At least the former doesn't have the same downsides that accepts do.
@AndrewT. I'm OK with having just an "accept" that doesn't do anything. More of a "answer bookmark", perhaps to remind you which answer you ended up going with, for example. That doesn't need to be shown to other users.
Then the OP can "accept" an answer and it would work exactly the same for them. But each individual user who visits the question can also mark an answer.
5:44 PM
Hmm, there is a feature request on MSE, which got a negative reaction, and is closed as a dupe of the "discussion" version. But actually, I don't think this should be a network wide change anyway. IIRC, there are sites on the network where the "accept" mark is a useful signal. Also, a lot of the downsides to the "accept" feature are really only an issue on SO, partly because of the scale of the site.
3 hours later…
8:51 PM
How many votes are actually needed to delete stackoverflow.com/questions/1824418/…? I just added the 6th.
9:34 PM
@KarlKnechtel That requires the max of 10. So 4 more votes left
(I could also see the argument for applying the "historical significance" lock)
10:16 PM
WRT https://stackoverflow.com/help/formatting:
The guidance on block quotes is critically lacking. If you try writing a multi-line block quote with explicit paragraph breaks as shown, it will **not** line-wrap the way you want, and collapse into a single block instead. If you put an extra line in between, you get a separate blocks instead.
The options that actually work are: 1) put blank lines between and also prepend them with a > (but this still adds a bit of extra vertical space). 2) put two spaces (o_O) after each line.
10:40 PM
Q: Should community bot delete questions with accepted and upvoted answers

0___________It isn't very encouraging when a community bot deletes the question having upvoted and accepted answer. I think it should be left to the humans and bot should only be able to delete unanswered questions. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72841625/while-loop-will-not-become-false-in-c/72841657#7...

10:58 PM
@NewPosts This indirectly points at something I've been wondering for a while. Failures to comprehend the implications of de Morgan's law seem to get closed as typos usually, but I feel like there's a common enough pattern there in logical errors to be worth a language-agnostic canonical.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine github.com/zahlman/so-workshop/blob/master/… I started things off (feel free to have a look at the whole repository in fact). I don't have a draft yet, however.
11:42 PM
@KarlKnechtel There are canonicals for each one. I've left a link on the meta post for this one.
Finding these targets can be really difficult though, and this is one of those that I know exists, but have to literally search for in my bookmarks every time it comes up. Also, you're right, these questions shouldn't be closed as typos, because they aren't really typos IMO.
what do you mean by "each one"?
Each kind of way that complex if conditions are written.
yes, I hadthis in my bookmarks in fact, but I don't think I would find it again even with inbookmarks:mine. The title seems very non-obvious to me.
I've thought of editing it, and it's actually a pretty descriptive title. If you have some suggestions for a better title, we could certainly improve upon it.
Python is close to a "pascal-like language" here, but with lowercase or
possibly more beginner-friendly: "What's wrong with my logic making multiple not-equal comparisons?"
11:49 PM
@cigien IMO, such a feature request should also include that low-rep OPs can upvote answers to their own questions. It has never made sense that they can't.
@RyanM Oh, they can't? But they can leave comments to answers on their own questions, right?
Amazing to me that the meta.se post in question is over 8 years old.
@cigien Correct.
Huh, that's inconsistent. Thanks, I wouldn't have thought of that one.
It's inconsistent and disincentivizes answering questions from new users, and incentivizes accept-begging even more because such users can't upvote.
11:54 PM
@KarlKnechtel I don't think the issue is with the title not being beginner-friendly. Someone reading that question would see quite easily what the question is asking about. The issue with that question is the searchability, and in that regard, I'm not sure this change would help much. Although, "multiple" is an improvement over "many", so that might be a good change to make.

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