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12:04 AM
@OlegValter He can't create synonym, but he can vote, if he has a answer score of 5.
@TheMaster I meant for how many synonyms I can vote for. I voted for everything also.
12:33 AM
@MariosKaramanis You can vote for as many as proposed. Thanks for the voteπŸ‘
@TheMaster well, that's nice to know, I always assumed that as part of the privilege. One more confusion clarified
@MariosKaramanis πŸ‘
Just 24 hours. Can't you leave it alone?
@TheMaster :) No, they can't. I guess it is unkillable. Why don't we create a synonym after all?
12:40 AM
@OlegValter meh... the missing 's' is a problem
@OlegValter it'll be killed , if no questions are on it for 24 hours
@TheMaster how about linking it and then, after it dies down, request a rename? I think it will pass. Anything better than a random question screwing us
@TheMaster yes, I know, it was a joke statement - seems to spring back up no matter what we do it :)
@OlegValter What rename?
@TheMaster I recently requested to rename to - done in a day. A mod can rename the tag, and Bhargav is back in business, so we may expect a reasonable response
Once it's gone, it's gone for good. We can create a new tag if we want to. Personally no. I'll let it be
@TheMaster well, I don't insist, let's try to kill it once and for all, just think that this might be an option
12:45 AM
@OlegValter We did request a rename from appscript=>sourceforge-appscript. It wasn't granted
Good morning!
@OlegValter If it was a option, we would've done that. Don't have second thoughts after coming to the end of war
@Tanaike Ohaiyo!
@TheMaster Oh! γŠγ―γ‚ˆγ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™!
well, that one was handled by another person :) This one was tainted with all the discussion surrounding it. I think a separate rename request after a while will be.
That said, if it dies tomorrow or any time soon by itself - will be much better
@Tanaike good morning!
@OlegValter Good morning!
12:48 AM
@Tanaike πŸ˜‡
@TheMaster πŸ˜„
@OlegValter It will be dead by this time tomorrow.
@TheMaster let's hope so :)
5 hours later…
5:38 AM
Good morning everyone! Just made my votes!
6:26 AM
Good morning!
@TheMaster Casted my votes
@TheMaster What was the reasoning for the denial? I think I may have missed that
7:05 AM
Good Morning !
7:46 AM
@RafaGuillermo Not explicitly denied, but no action was taken.
@PuzzledBoy @ziganotschka @RafaGuillermo Good morning!
@ziganotschka @RafaGuillermo Thank you for the votes. That clears up much of the ultra specific tags.
@PuzzledBoy Were you able to vote?
@TheMaster nop, it says "Less vote point" something words :)
"You dont have the required score ....... ".
8:37 AM
@PuzzledBoy Ahhh... that's sad. If you're interested, and answer some questions with good quality, you'll get 5 upvotes in no time. Answering questions is also a great way to learn. No pressure though.
4 hours later…
12:14 PM
@TheMaster ah, to hell with it, I will spend more time debating it - I voted on the -project :) Congrats on 9 Synonyms (editor pending). When I have time, I will consolidate the info, check if it is not present in the main tag info, and add condensed versions
12:35 PM
@OlegValter :) Thank you.
@ziganotschka - how do you manage your script projects in your day-to-day if you don't use clasp? Or you use a custom solution with Apps Script API?
@TheMaster -editor still needs one vote, though :)
Guys @ziganotschka @RafaGuillermo @OlegValter @Tanaike @MariosKaramanis Need your opinion: Proposal: Synonimize to . Reasons: 1. I created the tag for 3 reasons: Segregation of questions, Important data in wiki and Usage guideline to make people include Execute as: and access: in their web-app questions.
None of those seems to have worked out. There are more questions about web-app outside the tag, no one reads the wiki or the usage guideline. I think this tag is unnecessary. Kindly share your opinion
I want to believe I pilot phased this tag and it failed. Do you guys think this is necessary?
@TheMaster well, if it stayed as originally (? Not sure if originally, but I remember it having a connection to it) named - , I would strongly disagree, but since we have it reverse synonymized, it can't even be autosuggested when entering tags in question editor unless you know of its existence. "web-app" does not list it at all, and that's an indicator that the tag as of now failed...
@TheMaster that said, I think we will lose an important part of the info (+questionnaire) if we synonymize. How about adding a suggestion of tag wiki expansion to (I can do that later) just as we did with and see if it is approved? If approved - make a synonym
12:51 PM
@OlegValter Like I said, No one reads the wiki of the smaller tags. I don't care about wiki of smaller tags now. But if you do, I'll accept the wiki edit. I'll wait for other opinions before suggesting or synonimizing.
@OlegValter But how about proposing it in the main tag? Web-app questions should be used with [web-app]. And concise info there. We can do the same for triggers concisely in our wiki itself. What do you think? As long as it's coincise and to the point, No one should question.
well, I think it is a problem of origin - no one reads tag wikis, so basically no one makes guidelines / info for them, enforcing the belief they are not worth reading. You may be right, though. Why don't I move the questionnaire to a self-answered Q&A instead (with expansions), for example?

At least I don't want to do anything rush, just a suggestion to propose a wiki before voting to synonymize, should we go that route (it would also be better if you did not vote for it, since two clear approvals / disapprovals will show what a general reviewer with approval privilege thinks of the idea
@OlegValter Nice. Fine I won't approve it ;)
@TheMaster I think I can manage to add it, yes, in fact the whole wiki can be refactored a bit to contain usage guidelines on additional tags, useful info on main components of the platform, etc. That would require a thoughtful edit, though, so my ETA is weekends for that
@OlegValter But I will move ahead if majority of the community is for it.
@TheMaster thank you :)
@TheMaster do you mean making a synonym out of the tag?
1:03 PM
@OlegValter Almost 80% were retagging efforts. data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/revision/1264912/1557927/… So, no organic growth. Why would anyone read the usage guideline if the tag wasn't added by themselves or thought of as required. This illusion of control needs to stop
@TheMaster I did not mean these tags specifically, I thought you are talking about smaller tags in general. As for these tags, yes, naturally, as they were added by editors, little to no organic growth is expected (although I don't have data on what happens to such tags with time and effort - I might make a query some day for that)
@OlegValter For what I do I am happy with the Apps Script editor, but my question was rather refering to either as an admin you can manipulate all domain users's drives without a service account just by using clasp?
@TheMaster Shall be used together with ?
@ziganotschka Yes
@ziganotschka I am scared of you :) I think we misunderstood each other - I pointed to the source code of clasp to show that it is actually possible to extract the script IDs required for the Apps Script API from the list of files that can be acquired from the Drive (although only standalone), not that you can use it to get data from all the drives ( afaik clasp and service accounts are not very good friends :)
@TheMaster Agreed. Honestly I think (not so much now, but certainly 2-3 weeks ago) there are too many unnecessary branches for GAS-related question tags. If we're happy with the direction we took then I see no reason for to go the same way
1:15 PM
@TheMaster In this case - why not, although I would prefer or rather than given the officil name used by Google: developers.google.com/apps-script/guides/web
@ziganotschka yep. Btw, @TheMaster, as we already did the same for other tags, maybe we can synonymize to our main tag, not to ?
@OlegValter I think it's still worth the segregation for categorisation purposes
@ziganotschka +1 for the editor here πŸ˜‚
@ziganotschka We're not renaming. We're synonimizing [gas-web-app] to the existing tag. It already has synoninized to it.
@OlegValter I see, yes, was a misunderstanding. The point is that the admin needs to get access to users files in order to see either they have Apps Script files on their drive. I very much hope that a responsable admin would not abuse his priveleges, so nothing to be scared about.
@OlegValter No. It's better to be synonimized to . The tags synononimized to gas has nothing to do with any external tag. We're talking the direction of triggers now.
1:20 PM
@RafaGuillermo well, there are two venues now: first, if everyone agree with going for the synonym, I will suggest moving wiki info to this tag (and try to include other info as well). If it is approved "in the wild", I think we can safely vote for the synonym. If it fails, well, that's the other route we might take
@TheMaster The difference is that unlike is not necessary Apps Script related, so it is not exactly a synonym. Basically it would mean to give up the tag in favor of + rather than making it a synonym.
@TheMaster see my comment below, I think it can be a fallback option, not the main one. As I mentioned before, I agree with going the route (after all, I would be inconsistent in defending the tag so viciously and then doing the opposite with )
@ziganotschka well, is not directly related to GAS triggers too, but they all fall under the reason 2 for creating tag synonyms: "In some cases, tags that are subsets of other tags will also be considered synonyms, such as java-se for java." (meta.stackexchange.com/questions/70710/…) Web Apps are subset of web applications in strict sense, various triggers in GAS are a subset of the triggers in general
@ziganotschka Since the reverse synonimization, We lost anyway. In fact you were the one who suggested this idea during triggers discussion: gas+ triggers so, gas+web-app
1:28 PM
@TheMaster Agreed, it will also make tag more useful these day and age :) Also, related discussion: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/399422/…
btw, you know what, I might have an idea for feature request - I do not understand why we do not have an ability to view tag wikis for synonyms (they are still accessible for edits, and suggested edits are left pending until approval / rejection) - this would allow to synonymize for visibility, but leave info concise. The main tag could just contain a list of clickable tags (after all, if one does not read the main tag wiki, they won't read anything else as well)
@confuseddesk welcome!
@RafaGuillermo now I am afraid of you too πŸ˜‚
@ziganotschka TBH, You pointed out my hypocrisy here:
Jul 17 at 11:43, by ziganotschka
@OlegValter More in general. Would it not be more more consistent to have either and OR + and + ?
Here I propose the latter: +
@OlegValter Am I missing something? Did someone threaten you?😏
1:43 PM
@TheMaster I think those who are comfortable with Editor are scary πŸ˜‚ No offence intended, but really, I never had second thoughts after going VS Code + clasp + @types/google-apps-script route, it is so much easier to work with. Btw @ziganotschka @RafaGuillermo - maybe I missed some black magic that can make it usable (joking aside, any suggestions would be appreciated)?
@OlegValter New editor is incoming
@TheMaster yep, I heard something about it, missed an announcement, do you have any links to more info, btw?
A: GAS Debugger immediately closes itself upon error; some questions about debugging

TheMasterThis is a known issue. Star(on the top left) the issue to let Google know that you're affected and for the issue to be prioritised. Some of the features you requested is already in development New IDE features Monaco for cutting edge code editing, streaming logs, reliable debugging and Materi...

@OlegValter link πŸ”Ί
@TheMaster Wow, great find with this
@TheMaster mmm, thank you, sounds juicy (Monaco and Material) :) If they do that right (hopefully), that might chew a market share off VS Code
1:57 PM
@OlegValter you do realize vscode is used for every language right?
@TheMaster what do you mean? Yes, of course (if you are talking about the "market share" note, it was about users who moved to local IDEs that may come back). And I also know that Monaco is the same thing that powers VS Code, so that might be a step forward for the Editor
@TheMaster Yes, I agree. What I mean that instead of making a synonym of it should be totally removed or (probably better) become a synonym of .
Otherwise, many questions that are currently tagged only with but not with [tag: google-apps-script] will suddenly only be tagged with which on its own, without , will not make those questions intuitive to find for other users who are interested in questions about .
@ziganotschka well, I proposed it above, but that's a fallback solution. Also, usually a retagging effort is done before the deed is done, so we should come together and help clean up before going forward
2:27 PM
@ziganotschka Already did my homework. Only one question meets your criteria, I think
@ziganotschka Here's a more specific query: Returns 5 questions:
2:46 PM
@TheMaster Numbers are the best arguments, I guess I don't have any other objections.
@ziganotschka Thank you πŸ‘
@ziganotschka you should've seen some meta discussions, far from everyone seem to agree :)
3:05 PM
Went ahead and retagged those questions. Currently is cleaned up and ready to synonymized. Will wait for @Tanaike opinion. We need one more vote for synonym. If that's done, We can move on to
@confuseddesk welcome
Did anyone miss or downvote this? @ziganotschka @RafaGuillermo @Tanaike @OlegValter @MariosKaramanis
Jul 31 at 22:35, by TheMaster
html-service=>web-app https://stackoverflow.com/tags/google-apps-script-web-application/synonyms
@TheMaster no, not me - I guess you know whose it is likely to be ;)
@OlegValter ;) may be, but more likely that someone here missed upvoting this...
@TheMaster something tells me you are going to be solving liar's paradox :) @MariosKaramanis - I am not sure if we asked you before - what are your thoughts on this tag, you probably joined us later than it was discussed?
@OlegValter Dont think he has score on [gas-web-app]. Need 3 more I guess.
Invited @dwmorrin
3:27 PM
@TheMaster Can't say I missed nor downvoted it... not to raise suspisions further πŸ˜‰
@TheMaster I think I did before, but it won't hurt. 3 more is fixable :)
Oh shoot thanks for the welcome @OlegValter and @TheMaster! That's really cool. I don't really have any idea what I'm doing here other than hoping to learn something about Google web apps... sorry if this is the wrong place for me to be!
@confuseddesk Welcome :D
@RafaGuillermo Thank you!
@TheMaster @OlegValter while I am familiar with html, I am not very familiar with html and GAS so I am not sure whether I am the right person to vote for that anyways. Ofc web-applications sounds very vague. I like google-apps-script-html-service but I think I prefer gas-web-app. So whatever you think guys it is better based on your experience. I am still very new here :P
You do not have the required score on this tag to vote for this tag synonym. I can't vote for google-apps-script-html-service anyway.
3:43 PM
@TheMaster not me
3:55 PM
@RafaGuillermo 😏
@ziganotschka πŸ˜‡
Alright... We need a whipπŸ˜‰
@confuseddesk Start by reading guide/reference sections in the official documentation. Filter by "frequent" asked questions in stackoverlow and read all answers. You'll be good to go in no time
4:15 PM
@confuseddesk no worries - everyone's welcome so long as they don't break the rules :) ^+1 on TheMaster's comment above
4:33 PM
This is amazing. Thank you!!
5:17 PM
After research, I don't think We are able to make the synonym. We need a meta post. It seems chaining is disallowed. Since we made (slave) a synonym of (master), the master can't be made slave to any other: We can't make a synonym of without moderator intervention. I'm kinda afraid to post on meta again :(
On a brighter note, is finally dead.
6:16 PM
Requested Cody to undo synonym:
@CodyGray Could you kindly undo the synonymization [gas-web-app]=>[google-apps-script-web-application] instead? The only reason synonym was done is to have a smaller tag. We can't propose any synonym of this tag anywhere. It says Reverse synonym google-apps-script-web-application already proposed on the tag gas-web-app. Thank you — TheMaster 10 mins ago
6:26 PM
Hello. I keep getting invited in here, and I'm never exactly sure what's going on, there's so much to read, LOL! What can I help you folks with?
1 hour later…
7:31 PM
@dwmorrin Hi! Thanks for joining. Basically we need votes on synonyms like these: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/50175536#50175536
We also wanted another synonym request about web-app. But currently we need a moderator to interfere. So, for the time being do not vote on htmlservice=>web-app
@dwmorrin the related meta is here
Q: Merge [google-apps-script-editor] to [google-apps-script]

TheMasterUp until recently, the tag usage guideline of google-apps-script-editor read, Use for questions about Google Apps Script Editor which do not involve actual script development issues. By this definition, Most questions should be off-topic. Currently it reads, Use for questions about Google Apps...

@dwmorrin You don't have to do anything though. You can just hangout here. Have discussions about gas

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