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9:00 PM
It didn't turn out so bad, did it. Although I haven't seen it reap its benefits either.
@JohnDvorak And here I thought I was under a rock...
@JohnDvorak In all honesty though, I do feel like things got a bit weirder afterwards
A lot more onus on "nice"
I don't really watch SO main to be honest
A lot less definition on "nice"
Nah, this was all on Meta
I mainly frequent the chatrooms
Well to be fair at the time there wasn't a Meta chat room
So I accept your rationale for missing what happened
9:02 PM
it was only after the CoC that a genuinely helpful comment of mine was nuked within a few minutes
And some sarcasm removed from meta. So helpful.
I did notice those many, many extra deletions
and maybe a slight increase in mysterious suspensions?
suspensions are hard to quantify and you're always missing context
My dream: the new CEO is watching all this, comes in on his first day and does some firing of his own. In a western democracy you do not (cannot!) find someone guilty of an act they did not actually commit.
9:10 PM
@CindyMeister I'm gonna need to talk to Vegas about that one
@CindyMeister Clint Eastwood style.
we're not pretending that SO is a democracy again, are we? :P
@AndrasDeak I mean, at some point, SO is going to have to accept that this whole "benevolent dictator" shtick isn't really working for them or their bottom line.
This isn't a democracy, and there are no criminal accusations.
9:12 PM
@Makoto define "isn't really working"
@AndrasDeak No, but SO is domiciled in a country that prides itself on being one. (Whether it is or not, I leave aside.) And that means certain rules.
@AndrasDeak Mods - the general exception handlers - leaving; long-established community members leaving or being upset; no clear direction; no clear vision; no real guidance; no safe spot to really vent frustrations...
...no real recourse but to either accept or reject it
@CindyMeister no, I don't think it means certain rules. It means expectations, yes, that's why we're all pissed. But not rules. They can do whatever they want as long as there are people who play ball and do enough maintenance to keep the electric bills paid.
@AlexanderO'Mara I understand if you mean for us to be more careful with the terms, but it doesn't assuage the feelings one little bit.
It's their platform; they can and will do with it as they please to serve their end goals. We're along for the ride, whether or not we like it, and the only way we can express our displeasure is to leave.
That doesn't work, IMO.
9:13 PM
@Makoto ah, yes. "Accept or reject" I agree. Whether all those leaving and frustrated people would affect the corporation: I doubt it.
@AndrasDeak Kinda depends on a given definition of "affect", I suppose
Best case scenario - nothing happens
I mean $$$, the only way that matters
Worst case scenario - posts just stop being moderated
The linchpin in all of this is the content. Good content rises to the top.
If it didn't, then there would be more clicks on more content
...and more ad views
@AlexanderO'Mara Apparently, the reason for letting the one mod go was because she might violate a CoC that is not even official, yet. That, in my book, is finding someone guilty of something they did not do and may not even have intended to do.
oh wait
oh no
9:15 PM
@Makoto of note is that "no response" has been happening for a couple of hours only so far. It's not certain that SOinc is purposefully withholding discussion (though it might be so if Sara's answer is the end of the story for SOinc)
C'mon, it's Sunday afternoon
I've said it before and I'll keep saying it: I think the whole "community is being ignored" / "meta should be closed" / etc. unhappiness is due to the corporation not putting a price tag on the community. And they have no reason to, until they see something change on the revenue side. The crap has been accumulating for a long time, if this was an issue for them we'd already see something on their side.
Best case, the mod exodus tells the company they should give a second thought about their community
@JohnDvorak Actually, I kinda want them to start hiring moderators
@AndrasDeak I'm afraid you're right. So it's going to go the way of "forums", after all.
9:17 PM
Y'know, let them eat their own dogfood in a sense
@JohnDvorak Here's the thing: I bet Shog and Tim and a few others already know the community matters. And the others (higher up, or facing away from the main sites) won't budge easily.
@Makoto I've seen/experienced how that worked for Microsoft on MSDN. Not really a success story.
@Makoto for that they'd have to join the mod ranks themselves, not just hire someone. I think it'd be great, but also that it won't happen.
@CindyMeister Not necessarily guilty so much as concern over a conflict of interest. Note, this should not be considered as support for/or against any specific action that was taken in this case, as I really just don't know what happened.
@CindyMeister I've heard things about that place, but I mean, you can only describe how hot a stove is until you decide to touch it...
9:18 PM
@AndrasDeak I don't know what it takes for the board to move, but I'll be watching for as long as I can.
remember Shog's desperate-sounding description of people trying to sow meta with salt, and only CMs' pleas have prevented that
@Makoto Let's just say I was in the current mods' position when that change took place...
I went all in with the stove. That smell ....
@CindyMeister Oh yikes
@CindyMeister you the real MVP!
9:19 PM
Maybe you could share with them the benefit of your experience
@AndrasDeak No need to say sorry :-)
I set higher standards for myself :D
@Makoto As if this crew would ask <snort>!
The new sorry policy
9:21 PM
@CindyMeister Yeah. You could say the stove is hot but you really have to experience the stove first. So I say let 'em.
Experience is only useful if it's accepted willingly. This is true of all walks of life, not just Q&A.
@rene we need more Dutch and Canadians
Just wait until a new CEO comes from Canada. Then apologies will be mandatory.
. . . What's cooking.
@rene, get out of the stove. I don't eat dandelions.
@M.A.R. I smell a flour ... I mean, flower.
Or, whatever you are.
9:23 PM
@M.A.R. :D
@AndrasDeak The Dutch are too blunt. They don't apologize unless they fucked up :P
@Cerbrus That's usually when apologies are warranted. So I suppose that makes me Dutch, too.
Warranted, yes.
But nowadays, people expect apologies for the most absurd shit
I haven't followed the drama now, but I read the Meta posts, and I think it explains why my flags have not been handled for days.
9:25 PM
@Cerbrus meh, I don't think this is the right discussion for that
@Dharman This might be the real takeaway, right here
@Dharman . . . You have some catching up to do.
Or don't. Go do something fun.
@ModusTollens No, ponens.
@AndrasDeak Quite possible, as it had no relevance to the current events
9:26 PM
@M.A.R. Nah, it's too late
Grab some popcorn or your movie snack of choice
Get in your favorite gaming chair or sitting implement of choice
You're gonna be here for a while.
So, how are things? :/
@ModusTollens I polished my car, took all morning, was great
Reality vs all-inclusiveness --> political mess
Why is one of the mods suspended for the next 5 years?
@Makoto That's nice :) My car is terribly dirty
9:30 PM
@ModusTollens Honestly, great everywhere except here
@ModusTollens Spoken like a true veteran driver.
Cars should have mud for windshield.
@Joshua I was about to reply to your comment under Sara Chipps' answer then I decided not to. But since you're here: I think a vague handwaving argument explaining your stance on inclusiveness under her answer, talking about echo chambers, is quite ironic
@ModusTollens It's almost a ritual for me these days...every weekend (Saturday/Sunday), I just wash it
This time I went the extra mile and polished it since I wanted to polish it
My phone warned me earlier that a storm was coming, I didn't expect it to be on SE
@ModusTollens no, that was Makoto's fault for washing his car
I mean there is snow in the Rockies, and I like snow, so I'll own that @AndrasDeak
9:32 PM
as in Rocky Mountains?
It rains so often here, there's mud everywhere. I guess I'll wash it again in spring.
@AndrasDeak The very same.
Thanks, wasn't sure
@Dharman Suspensions are between that person and the mod team/CMs. Just an FYI a quick glance (and I'm hoping that this isn't caching) didn't turn any diamond moderator being suspended. Besides, we mere mortals (or mods) couldn't comment on that stuff anyway.
@Joshua and when I say "ironic" I also mean "not constructive", at all
9:35 PM
@Josh your comment is too much for me to parse at the moment
Would you rather I construct an elaborate parable?
@Joshua It is a slow Sunday afternoon and I've got all of this popcorn
@Makoto Right?
Gimme some B movie
Nicholas Cage, preferably
@Joshua unless it makes sense in the context of Sara Chipps responding to Robert Harvey announcing their step-down: no. She hates meta as it is, there's no reason to pile on her answer with off-topic words of wisdom
One of the crazy ones, not the bland ones
9:39 PM
@Makoto ... You didn't get that from Zoe did you....
@NickA ...wait, where are the escape pods??
They were jettisoned with popcorn?
Why was I not informed??
</3 @Zoe
popcorn and children first
I have heard it asked of the various religious groups to not condemn each others religions, usually be people who bear costs because of the existence of the conflict. But unless one is an atheist, one knows these conflicts are about things more weighty than the costs they are complaining about.
@Joshua I mean, there's a lot to be talked about (that I'm not even well-versed in) about each phrase of your comment, but there's already enough to be angry, frustrated or just stunned at that we just leave it for some time else
@AndrasDeak But the children can't use the microwave to pop the popcorn, this is a paradox
9:40 PM
Unpopped popcorn is corn. Fite me.
If one is going to bring down the hammer on the conflict, one must be very sure what side they want to take. That is what happened here.
I'm already a controversial figure for hating peanut butter, don't make it worse
@M.A.R. What?
Get out
No, this is fine
I respect your opinions on peanut butter
@Joshua I agree with that
9:42 PM
@NickA Careful now, I have a lot of power.
Over 9000 watts.
cowers in fear
@Makoto relax, I hid one in your car while you weren't looking.
@M.A.R. What? what? what? what? ...
@Zoe <3
9:43 PM
@AndrasDeak No, watt watt watt watt, and 2250 times that.
In order to even address the problem, it is first necessary to address the fundamental inability to resolve the religious problems by inclusiveness.
Ew, purple heart-shaped popcorn
@Joshua the merits of inclusivity in the world or lack thereof are a whole different can dimension of worms, I don't think we need that to make our lives interesting now
@Joshua Of course, but that's before (or after) one of these eruptions. Too many emotions are flying around for reasoned debate (including mine)
Nooo; it is the actual root of this problem.
9:44 PM
I'm out for the night. Please ping me if something big happens
Gn o/
Gn Zoe
@Joshua It might be the root of the conflict on some way, but bringing this subject which is in itself an insurmountable topic to discuss even among people in person with beer in hands, will not help resolve or de-escalate the conflict we have.
I dunno what bigger think you expect than a sudden demodding of the next figure to Shog9 all over SE, but OK.
9:46 PM
I don't think this can be de-escalated anymore.
There's so many bad things to say and so many good things to say badly in certain topics. Let's skip that for now.
@Joshua we still have our metas
The emotion would.
Because turning them off would just dump the metas back onto the main sites.
I don't think it would work that way
What has happened has happened, taking a @Makoto approach in trying to figure out what to do with it is what has a chance of helping anything next.
9:48 PM
yeah, so grab your popcorn (car washing optional)
@AndrasDeak You have to wash your car before you polish it, it's kind of a wasted effort if you don't :(
@AndrasDeak As well as cat-petting and currying the horses...
Don't get me started on the root causes, I've aired a lot of grievances (in the sort of random Gollum ramble) elsewhere, but now is not the time to discuss them, if they even had a slight chance of being thought through
@CindyMeister :%s/cat/dog (and that's not a global replace because I want a puppy and others may want kittens)
listen to the rambling person
9:50 PM
I would miss this site, but tearing it down won't hurt me much.
What is an Andrases precious?
I'm thinking about going on strike :D
I don't play baseball
@AnttiHaapala I suggest asking all the crap questions instead
@AnttiHaapala There's a picket line already formed
@AndrasDeak You ain't gotta hate on the poor kid
9:51 PM
a UB a day keeps job termination away
in The Nineteenth Byte on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 10 mins ago, by wizzwizz4
The full story will probably never become public, but I think I'm probably allowed to say that nobody was acting out of malice.
@AndrasDeak that would be too eval.
@JohnDvorak ah, nobody ever is
This is even worse; this is for The Greater Good!
I'm on strike.
@Makoto A good friend of mine (may he RIP) when his health was going down-hill and he had to sit through things like getting his blood pressure taken, told me the best thing for him was to hold and pet his cat during it... Lot to be said for it.
9:52 PM
I'm not even gonna strike. I have pronounced the problem and the prediction thereof. Nobody has to listen.
@JohnDvorak It's a Deja Vu. The Eeps thing ultimately looked like a very mishandled affair after all (at least to me)
Add the accents yourself
But it made lots of trust go away nonetheless
@CindyMeister Yeah, that makes a ton of sense. A comforting companion to help in a time of need or stress.
I sure wish I had one of those right now.
@CindyMeister It's weird for me to say this as a 20-yo, but I know and have experienced that feeling . . .
Not the cat part, animals here are mostly astray.
@Makoto pet the car? ;) :(
I wanna pet a cat.
9:54 PM
@AndrasDeak I just polished it, I don't really wanna touch it right now lol
A cart just to be sure.
@Makoto Will your hand stick?
@M.A.R. If it does I'm gonna be back down there for two hours trying to polish it some more
Hey it's just like reviewing close votes.
@Makoto When yours can't take anymore TLC you're welcome to spend some time on mine. (And pet the cat.)
@M.A.R. I guess so, the same kind of cathartic release or pleasure
@CindyMeister Cool - I'll polish the cat and pet the car. Seems simple enough. :D
9:56 PM
I'm laughing, wonderful! On that note, it's time to turn out the lights...
G'night :)
Now I want a cat and a clean car.
Guess it's time for the UV sticks to turn on
@ModusTollens either-or
Inb4 a study's published tomorrow that laughing releases this and that and helps you sleep or take the dogs out for a walk or climb Everest
9:57 PM
Or a clean cat in a car.
Actually, you can have a clean cat in a clean car
@AndrasDeak That's great :D
10:13 PM
Going to sleep. Gn!
10:37 PM
I feel like a bear woken mid hibernation. How is a person supposed to get a break and some peace and quiet around here when all hell is breaking loose?
How is everyone?
Where's my popcorn!?
*looks for @NickA*
I was thinking of pinging you on YT
hey, Yvette, you're late to the party :P
decided not to in case you weren't interested
throws popcorn at Yvette
I've been kept informed to a point of many hours per day... big bear yawn
@NickA well she wasn't taking a break to be involved in drama all over again
10:39 PM
@AndrasDeak the drama came to me... :/
nice to see you all again :)
@YvetteColomb you need to break its legs so that it can't follow you
I've missed you - all ten days of missing you
@AndrasDeak lmao - concrete boots?
@YvetteColomb likewise, though I'm not sure this is the right atmosphere for you :)
@YvetteColomb acceptable alternative
10:40 PM
@AndrasDeak yeh. I just popped in. I'm really busy this week - with work, but I thought I'd say "hi"
sounds great!
So people don't feel everyone's disappearing entirely
I mean the busy week, not the just popping in :D
:D nice to see you
Thanks for the popcorn @NickA nom nom nom
10:41 PM
g2g bbl
No problemo, savour it, I might not be around to give out more :P
not sure what later means in this context
@NickA :'( don't say that
sorry to have you dragged into drama as soon as you came back.
I'm staying out of it
10:43 PM
I said might, I'm sure a ping would get popcorn
@JL2210 deleting won't make the deletee listen, just saying
And Shog doesn't deserve your remark (on the CV experiment meta)
If anyone he knows how bad things are, and your off-topic makes his between-rock-and-hard-place just a bit harder
@AndrasDeak You're right. I'm sorry.
Why can't I delete my chat post?
11:57 PM
Chat's stuck after 2 minutes. But that one's not critical.
And good night :)
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