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3:58 AM
Watch your competitor in the eyes and watch your competitor's movement. That's how your steal your competitor's food. -Pheasant
@Jean-FrançoisFabre if you look at my flagging history, you'll get a decent idea of what other keywords and phrases I've been looking for :)
4 hours later…
7:49 AM
shouts into the emptiness HELLO hello hlo ... o ...
8:44 AM
Oh I'm standing in front of a lake
Is this a game?
8:54 AM
and I have no lower body.
Well then, typical Friday.
@Gimby Like this ... sort of?
9:11 AM
ha ha ha :) Yes on Friday I'm a turtle.
9:39 AM
@Zoe Do not vote to close this!, geeeez, be nice :P
@NickA Someone spent two close votes on spam.
We're already short on votes
I'd give you mine, I only use about 20-30 a day, but... I can't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I currently use 0-5
... me too.
There currently isn't enough motivation on the planet to get me to actively closevote questions when most of the votes will be for nothing
9:45 AM
I only vote on what I find naturally, I don't know where y'all find the time to work through entire queues and such.
@Zoe Then why you complaining about us being short on them :P
It's the royal us.
@NickA Strategizing close vote use among the few votes we actually have still matters.
besides, close voting means people aren't flagging, which means it takes longer time to get the spam away
Meh, I'll stick to what I'm good at, rejecting edits... I'm at 4134, just another 28567 and i'll be at the top of the reviewer list...
I'm probably gonna get back into active editing.
9:56 AM
That'll surely make our overlords happy.
@Zoe Sounds like a good idea, it'll give me a time to look for the TARDIS...
@NickA Lol, you'll never find it
I don't have the patience to edit posts... too much stuff to fix
10:12 AM
I use userscripts to speed up a lot
I have a tag fixer and a general content fixer.
A tag fixer?
10:30 AM
Yeah. Helps a but with burnination and fixing tag implications (i.e. node.js without javascript, android-studio and android (naive assumption and removes android-studio), adding tags that're being burned is also supported)
Ah, I'm not hugely active in burninations, I just keep an eye out for editors who are a bit premature with their editing out of tags
It's not primarily a burnination script
It was initially to help me manage , but it kinda escalated from there when I found other problems
What does it do when it comes across and :P
oh, I almost forgot I also modified Magic Editor to replace URLs
magic editor? :P
10:42 AM
it does titles and post content
Yeah, I'm slowly reading through all the replacements, neat script that one
I think I've only found 1 I disagree with
Which is that?
Program, programme is a perfectly acceptable spelling, if not a bit uncommon
Huh, I learned something
> In British English, programme is the prefered spelling, although program is often used in computing contexts.
10:52 AM
@Zoe "often"
not exclusively
shush you and your logic >.>
@Gimby What did you learn
That Programme exists :)
In the UK we tend to use program for computing, and programme for TV, or a theatre guide etc.
you and your verbose spelling <.<
10:54 AM
I'm sure I read it before but you know, computer dork so "program" is all I know.
Look, it's our language, we decide how to spell :P
I quote Snatch "English! This country spawned the language and so far nobody seems to speak it!"
@Zoe Additionally, while I disagree with it being a replacement, it's almost certainly not gunna bring up fp's so not too bothered by it, it's not like program is wrong, it's just the programme isn't either :)
Lol, I'm more concerned about the tanks advancing
10:59 AM
As long as they advance towards England I'm not too worried.
Hey! What did we do?
Really Nick, do you really need to ask that? Shall we open up any news site and take a peek?
@NickA you're fighters
You'll keep them off and when you can't, we'll sweep in with our fabulous new weapon and save the day :P
and of course take all the credit
@Gimby Dunno what you're talking about...
@Zoe Nah, you won't take the credit, we'll give it to you, we're polite over here ;p
@NickA Too bad, we'll take it from you anyway!
11:07 AM
I need backup, where's the Brits at, where's Michael
Leave England alone.
They're messing up enough over there on their own without the need for assistance.
oh, good point
Can't believe we replaced someone awful with someone useless
11:22 AM
@NickA huh?
At your company?
No, Prime Minister, you literally said about England messing up enough on our own ;p
Guessing Nick means the Prime Minister
@NickA That was Druckles! I mean I sort of implied it but still!
If I read PM then I assume Project Manager, again because I'm a computer dork.
11:25 AM
oh RIP, not paying attention :P
11:37 AM
What does "Kindly Alternate" mean?
Please change between?
@NickA It's probably a request for an alternative to the Kindly Kidney drug. :P
Would you kindly alternate.
> <Question>? Kindly Advise/Alternate. Thanks in Advance.
I don't understand
Sounds like a mistake.
*Looks like
11:44 AM
@NickA just remove it
@NickA Burn it with fire. Kindly.
@Zoe I would, but there's far too much to fix, as you might have seen
@Druckles I am Bioshocked.
kindly burn it with fire tanks in advancing
11:50 AM
@Gimby Glad someone got it.
I wasn't sure if you did it on purpose
Bioshock 1 was easily my favourite of the lot
Infinite was infinitely better.
They learnt a lot from the others.
Infinite was without a doubt the worst of the lot
11:51 AM
2 was deffo the worst.
Bioshock Infinite for me too. I replayed that game a dozen times.
It's a barebones FPS at heart but the world and the characters... MM! Pure gold.
Bioshock 2 was weird. I want to shoot big daddies, I don't want to be one.
But it didn't feel like a Bioshock game, just felt like something else
Don't know why, the thing I'd use against Infinite is that it copies way too much from Bioshock 1 and just switches some details around. City in water = city in sky, most notably. I just wish I could go on more adventures with Booker theWitt and Elisabeth, they're easy my favorite game protagonists (and sometimes antagonists). It doesn't have to carry the name "Bioshock".
My problem with it was the expectations that it brought... and then didn't meet them
Gamer expectations are always self-sabotage :)
11:58 AM
Yeah :(
Of course Bioshock Infinite was supposed to be a completely different game, much darker. They had to cut a lot to meet the hefty deadline set by the publisher.
Damn publishers, always ruining everything ;p
It's a shame, but I'm glad with what I got. A game I can put on the highest difficulty and get a really good challenge.
It was the non-darkness of it that kinda put me off it, I still sunk a few hours into it but it never really clicked
What are you talking about, the game is still really bleak :) Especially the DLCs are something else.
12:01 PM
Yeah but if I don't enjoy a game why would I buy DLC :P
because you give it a second chance and fall in love with it after the fact :)
And I don't just mean the story, I mean the scenery as well, the being in the air rather than underwater itself was a turn off
Ha ha ha :) Watch videos of the DLCs ;)
Elisabeth <3
Elisabeth's voice actress <3
12:02 PM
@NickA That's what made it unique and not just Bioshock 2.2.
Unique <> Good
Dishonored 2 didn't feel unique compared to the first one but I still enjoyed it far more
Didn't say it was.
But it sure helps to make it more interesting.
And not HL2 Episode 1.
I never played HL2...
12:06 PM
I tried HL2 again like last year after several years of not playing it. I was kind of turned off by the fact that they really hammer on all the physics stuff which was completely new back then. "Ho boy, drop bricks on a wooden plank to make it fall down"
Although I still thoroughly enjoy HL1
@Gimby Yeaaaaah...
But we don't speak bad of HL2.
Play Black Mesa :-)
Yeah no :)
Play Black Mesa :-)
Yeah no :-)
12:12 PM
Play Black Mesa! :-))
No! I have long ago given in to the fact that there will never be a HL2 Episode 3 or a Half Life 3 and I'm not going to play all the offshoots that people keep producing just to try to fill the hole.
No. There must be. We must not lose faith.
@Gimby Black Mesa is the HL1 remake.
I know, who are you talking to here.
My colleague has only ever played 2 valve games, L4D and Portal......
12:18 PM
Dunno. You implied it was something else.
@NickA You haven't played HL2. Shush :-)
@Druckles I haven't played all of it, I've played like an hour and a half
Black Mesa is a game produced by fans and Valve graciously allowed it to be released for realsies
@Gimby Fine, play HL:Source
Of course I played HL: Source. Yay it's low quality textures with high quality water :)
@GeorgeStocker Well George, I wish I had your strength of belief :)
It must be tiring to continuously try to educate people on how to do things differently from how they were done in the old days and see 30-40 downvotes as thanks for it. Yet you keep at it. It's impressive.
12:28 PM
@Gimby is this directed towards me?
I assume so
Every one of my positions can cite things I’ve said for years and has been the policy for years (the favorite punching bag of people’s is trying to close “how do I do X” as too broad when X is appropriately scoped but the OP didn’t put effort in). I think what’s changed is because the people putting those voices forward have stopped participating on meta, people assume it’s no longer policy.
Decisions are made by those that show up.
I'm becoming less patient with meta as of late
I’ve been moderating on SO since 2012 and participating on meta since 2009. None of the arguments are new; just the players.
I keep seeing the holding pattern of downvoting anything that doesn't fit the specific culture, and it turns me off from wanting to go there
12:34 PM
@Magisch what is making you less patient with meta?
see above
@Magisch that seems to be my experience as well. The only people showing up are the ones that want things a certain way, even though there is years of precedent against it.
@GeorgeStocker Yeah, we don't always see eye to eye on things and how they should be handled, but we don't fight about it ;p
Sometime last week I was talking to a friend on discord who asked me about joining stack and I was halfway through my "wait a while before going to meta they bite" talk when I realised I care a lot less about defending it
@GeorgeStocker yes. Maybe I worded it wrong. Sorry, it comes out of nowhere but it is only so often that I spot you in this chat room when I'm mucking about ;)
@Magisch This. It's tiring.
12:48 PM
In a way its like a reddit board I used to go to
now it's almost like I dont want to be associated with it
@Magisch r/movies? :)
@Gimby /r/pathofexile but close :D
I don't see it as "specific culture", I see it as personal opinion of what it should be instead (and a lot of people seem to have the same opinion), but maybe that's just me
r/movies is brutal, it's full of people downvoting every opinion that is different from theirs.
By that I mean people aren't going for what they think the site was, but what they think the site should be
Which just so happens to be what it was
12:49 PM
Yes but its self concentrating
when you have a deviating opinion you get downvoted a lot
and that makes people with deviating opinions leave meta
Or people who agree with the deviating opinions but see it downvoted into oblivion
because no matter how much you repeat to yourself that downvotes shouldn't affect you and aren't about you personally, when you consistently get them for trying to be helpful and putting your actual best effort forward, it stings, a lot.
@Gimby That's on them, it's not the fault of the users without the deviating opinion if others can't stand up for what they believe
And we're not recognizing that
every time it comes up someone opens the false dichotomy of "well you support site quality dropping" as if its either or
and arguing against that feels like fighting windmills, so I hardly ever bother anymore
That's fair, but I do feel like people need to (wo)man up
IRL too, the world is too PC
it's making people soft
12:53 PM
what do you mean soft
this is a volunteer activity
I'm not getting paid to do this
if it causes me discomfort, I dont do it
The "soft" was more referring to IRL, people are too easily offended
@NickA Back in my day we used to call people names and then whip them with shoes tied to the end of stockings.
Ah the good old days of shoe-whipping.
I would like to point out, I was being facetious :-)
Yeah, you're not that old ;p
12:59 PM
I don't believe "people" are any more offended than previously.
I do believe how considerate we are with our words and how we react to people (especially minorities) has changed.
You've clearly never been yelled at for saying "she" about someone who looks like a woman but "doesn't identify as a woman", or clearly don't remember (or know about) when "Baa Baa Black Sheep" was changed to "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep"...
Have you been reading the Daily Mail again?
lmao no, this happened to me first hand
I wasn't talking about the first instance.
Haha, also no
1:02 PM
I agree with Druckles though, it's not that much worse. What is worse is the assumption that people make that something will offend somebody somewhere on some planet. And that causes a really drastic overcompensation where you can't say anything anymore.
@NickA Just ask, or use "they". Most people don't mind "they" anyway.
@NickA Then [citation needed] (Daily Mail doesn't count).
@Zoe That's fine after the fact, but you don't want to have to ask before talking about anyone and everyone
@NickA Were you offended when you were shouted at?
1:03 PM
@Druckles No, more disappointed with the fact they didn't just tell me so I could be like "Oh, alright, sorry, they", and instead get yelled at for something that it's impossible to know
Only reference I can find refers to two nurseries in a single county: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/education/4782856.stm. Which explicitly state that it's not a "racially caused" measure.
And also states that:
> In 2000, a warning that the nursery rhyme Baa Baa black sheep should not be taught in schools because it was "racially offensive" was scrapped.
So we have a cartoon in the UK called Fireman Sam, which is about a fireman... called Sam... recently, a school decided that they would no longer use him as their mascot for firefighters because it's "not inclusive" and they're concerned it "discourages women from joining the fire brigade", so now they've got 3 fire extinguishers with different names instead...
Even though he's been the cartoon fire fighter for the last 30 years...
@NickA So?
That's what I mean. It's not women who are troubled by it, it's the school who worries that women will be troubled.
@NickA Something being the norm for X amount of time is not a valid reason for it being ok.
1:07 PM
@Gimby Ah so you're saying it's not people who have the problem, but society thinking there's a problem?
Telegraph says only 7% of firefighters are women: telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-business/11838955/…
Maybe it's worth trying out a different approach?
It's not like they've banned Fireman Sam.
I shouldn't have brought up fireman sam >.>
@NickA Also, can think of few female children's cartoon characters that have been the anything for that long: Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, ...
@NickA no it's exactly people, society is still trying to figure out how to deal with this rather abrupt rise in overprotectiveness.
@Druckles Ummmm, Sabrina? :P
1:17 PM
@NickA Sabrina was a cartoon? ;-)
Ahhhh RIP
Also not British.
You didn't say british!..... although you did say cartoon
@Gimby Still sounds like you're saying it's society, not individuals
No not individuals indeed, but a large part of the population does not equal society either.
Ah I see your point, yes okay fine, I'm happy agreeing with that
1:22 PM
@Magisch it does, and it’s not a useful way to register disagreement. “You’re wrong/I don’t like what you say” isn’t useful. What is useful is “this is where I disagree. This is why. This is how I see us solving X differently”
But that requires a lot more effort than clicking the downvote arrow
-35 🔽 Downvotes are terrible for the format of Meta.
GASP! An emoji!!
(○口○ )
1:35 PM
@Zoe I'm so glad you told me they're called kaomojis, they're so much easier to look up now
Now I learned two things
What, they're called kaomojis and programme is a word? :)
I had no idea there were so many options
(* ^ ω ^)
1:40 PM
That didn't look like I wanted it to .^.
( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一
s/^(.*)$/Blue $1
"Blue s/Whoops./waffles"?
Thought you already replaced it?
1:44 PM
you technically parsed the kaomoji :P
@Zoe I keep looking at this trying to understand it, is it someone at work next to a conveyor belt with a press on it?
You technically parsed nothing ;-)
oh its a gun!
1:46 PM
(ง •̀_•́)ง
(҂` ロ ´)︻デ═一 \(º □ º l|l)/
that's my favorite so far :)
That, is going on my wall!
tosses popcorn at Nick
2:01 PM
:( That's my popcorn
yeh, but you got your box back c:
You didn't say you tossed the bag! scrambles to pick up popcorn bag from floor
Where's the fun in that? :P
( ・・)つ----且
Are you levitating that hat with string or magic?
2:06 PM
... it's supposed to be tossing a bag of popcorn :(
I still have much to learn
2:18 PM
3:07 PM
Where'd chat go, all I can see is a fishing line trying to catch drones...
Chat went ( ・ω・)☞ way
Thanks starts walking that way
meanwhile chat be like ┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴
meanwhile Nick A be like ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Okay I'm going to stop now.
3:31 PM
3:58 PM
@Zoe I'm starting to notice a recurring issue in these custom xkcd's, you're the main antagonist
@NickA yeah, because all memes get better with cute wolves in them ;)
pffffft, you can't just call yourself cute
I believe I'm irresistible.
@NickA I technically didn't. I get called cute a lot
Who says no to Mentos Gum.
4:02 PM
@Zoe ...... I can't even deny that, I even think I have...
My first name is Mentos, I admit
I don't like Mentos... but I didn't know they did gum, only the hard mints
@Zoe Cute!
Just to make Nick more wrong.
@M.A.R. I'm already wrong enough by proving myself wrong!
4:04 PM
i always read that as Ment OS
Admittedly, I did too, and I never have before, I guess I've never seen it written down
(except on the packet)
@NickA Maybe, don't remember that anyway.
not really
Good, I retract my statement, I didn't prove myself wrong, you can't call yourself cute :p
4:07 PM
I can still prove you wrong c:
MAR saying it doesn't count...
Yes it does
I can still prove you wrong C:
Would be a nice hashtag in Twitter
4:09 PM
@NickA Screenshots c:
@Zoe ...
Oof, someone dun goofed.
Two meta posts in the span of 10 minutes
@NickA most of it is on Discord
Unacceptable evidence!
4:13 PM
But very much real c:
@M.A.R. interesting. i dont see either of those issues on arqade atm
starts eating popcorn out of frustration
@Dragonrage I don't see them on SO...
Even bugs are elitist now.
@NickA You should come join the dark side. We have an up-to-date chat system xD
Lmao, given the opportunity I would always use discord, alas, can't at work :P
4:17 PM
@Zoe Does the dark side come with a good health insurance plan?
@M.A.R. I heard they have cookies
@M.A.R. No, but it comes with built-in support and a default setting for dark themes
There's also a light theme
4:18 PM
Which is actually good now
light == bad
I'm a bit of a light-theme girl myself c:
@NickA You're dead to me.
I want a beige theme with cyan text.
@Zoe That is the opposite of cute
Make it so. Wait, no, wrong franchise
4:18 PM
@NickA Shush
Facepalm no, still wrong franchise.
lite themes are bad
light themes are also bad
I still need to find a pinker theme for Vim, but... i.imgur.com/rqrwf2g.png
It's beautiful 😍
Lit themes are also bad.
I'm blind!
4:20 PM
Emojis on Windows, however, are not
And a bit ashy
@Zoe that would give me a headache after about 10 minutes of using
I like it
any light theme hurts my eyes and gives me a headache from the brightness
But then... I use VS for C++ so I can hardly talk
4:22 PM
@NickA i did that in college. nowadays i dont use C++
@NickA VS is awful >.>
It looks nice and it's easy! alright?! :P
You should try Vim c:
@Zoe its better than emacs
yeah, but that's mainly because of <M-x>
4:25 PM
And with VS2019 it syntax highlights everything it's great :D
@NickA Y'mean the entire RGBA spectrum flashing before your eyes? xD
@Zoe Nah just RGB, I don't like my monitor going transparent, last time that happened I had trouble getting it back
VS2017 isnt bad either
Y'all apparently haven't tried getting something to compile with MSVC :]
Admittedly, older VS had little to live for..., the newer versions are better
@Zoe Of course I have, all I had to do was spent 10hrs setting up references!
4:28 PM
@Zoe i dont work in C++ so admittedly i have less issues with it than others
Yeah... I use C# at work, so VS kinda just suits me at home
ah, now it all makes sense... ;P
But I do use it for C/C++/C# at home, I still use notepad for python though
@NickA pls tell me that you mean notepad++ and not notepad
4:35 PM
@Dragonrage Obviously
What do you think I am? a masochist?
@NickA i mean, you use C++, so, yeah?
As long as you write normal code it's fine :P
have you tried using vs code? its actually one of my favorite text editors
Electron tho
@Dragonrage No, it looks too much like atom, which I didn't like, so I avoided it
4:41 PM
hmm, never used atom
though looking at it, it looks like something for mac OS.
I had to use atom when I needed to write and validate some RAML, but try to stay away from it when I can
vscode for everything
4:57 PM
Should probably try it, but I really like N++
1 hour later…
5:58 PM
I hate that every day when I come home from work I'm presented with this......
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