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9:00 PM
@Prætorian I refuse to do that. Lovefilm.com it is
@Prætorian error: no match for 'operator>>' in 'file >> make_pair<(& t), <expression error> >'
if (file >> std::make_pair<&t, &obj>)
@TonyTheLion They've claimed that, but it was never really intended to do anything of the sort -- there's nothing about the design of region locking that can possibly do the slightly bit of good in preventing copyright violations. The intent is clearly quite different (to protect their business of translating movies to various languages).
@TomW What, expected a fight? No, I was just doing what I felt comfortable doing. I might not give the environmental interest organizations enough credit in the process. I learn. Not saying I'll change my actual behaviour, but I'll definitely think twice next time, and watch closer on the results of said organizations/lobbies.
@Mystical because any idiot can post a link to a bad SO question, with the link text, "Hey check out my t*ts for $1" to Craigslist... — Aaron Bertrand 4 mins ago
^^ um...
@Prætorian InputReader& obj <- Note also
9:01 PM
@JerryCoffin whatever the intent may have been, it is meh
@Drise Isn't InputReader the one calling operator>>?
@sehe the noise of someone with a sound opinion is similar to the noise of a dolt who's made up their mind not to listen to anybody. I was contemplating that you might be the latter - they're common on the internet. Glad to have said something that makes sense to someone
@Mysticial Aw, damn, it's been deleted already, but this was funny:
> @Mystical you haven't seen my t*ts :-) – Aaron Bertrand 37 secs ago
@Prætorian Yea, but that >> calls another >>
9:03 PM
@TonyTheLion I'd never heard of it, Netflix competition in the UK, huh?
@Drise Ok, so what's the second >> doing? What's its signature?
Lol t*ts.
Meta people are so funny.
@sehe Yeah, I saw it... lol
@TomW I see you don't know @sehe.
@EtiennedeMartel That's perfectly fine of course ;)
@Mysticial ^ there giving due diligence to the adage "what goes on the internet, never can be taken back off"
@Drise You have another answer. I like that option
9:07 PM
I can't even form sentences. I should go to sleep.
@Prætorian yea, something like that
@CatPlusPlus Or take amphetamines.
@HaithamGad as I've argued more in-depth on the [spirit-general] list, I think in this sad case you'd have to accept that Boost Spirit is simply not supported on your platforms. Don't use it. That's business reality for you in my opinion... — sehe 13 mins ago
^ Poor guy. I think he should pack his bags, or just accept that he's going to have to do without Boost Proto/Spirit/Phoenix and other such goodies.
@CatPlusPlus tits FTFY
@thecoshman NO, REALLY?
9:10 PM
meh Lovefilm takes a while to reactivate my account :(
no movie then for me tonight
That sounds like a porn website.
In disguise.
it's not
LoveFilm is owned by Amazon it seems.
@TonyTheLion mmm. thanks for the suggestion. Never been to xhamster before
@sehe Hell, it's about time.
@sehe oh god, what have I done?
9:16 PM
@TonyTheLion Yes. In case anybody cares, the US counterpart is Amazon Instant Video.
I thought everybody in this room had at least been to x*******
seems not though
@TonyTheLion Nothing much:
Jul 15 at 0:48, by sehe
Puppy disclaimer I don't condone it. I just link to it. Though somehow I think you must ascribe to this particular verse. Now, no more spreading false rumours about my mother :)
@TonyTheLion Oh, I have my favourites :) Not hiding them either.
oh wow
@JimNorton Should that apology still be pinned? (I don't know whether you have actually request that some later time, but it seemed not to need a pin before. I'd be ready to unpin it, it will still be on the starboard proper)
not that I particularly would need to hide things on my computer, but the idea that one day someone might be on my computer (on the off chance I let someone) and then find pron links in my favorites or whatever, seems weird. So I store nothing.
9:20 PM
@sehe Yeah go ahead and un pin it. I suppose most people have seen it by now., Thanks
@TonyTheLion Well, I don't actually use any favourites. But the opera address bar has a history facility, so perhaps the mousing phenotypes might never find any evidence. My browser cache is on tmpfs anyways
@sehe there's nothing strange about owning religious texts. I know religion get's bashed and you have haters, but I don't see anything wrong with owning a Quran or Bible or whatever your belief may be
@JimNorton Done. Oh, surprise, it dropped clean off the bottom. Well, moving on :)
@sehe thnx
@sehe ah I see. There's something called Porn Mode, I'm happy to have it :)
9:22 PM
@TonyTheLion Yeah, I brought it up because the puppy objected that I linked to a page that advertised false information about UK law, in his eyes.
@sehe oh lol
@Prætorian It's in the question...
Puppy objects to a lot of things, in fact, I wouldn't something that he doesn't object to
he probably objects to himself, secretly :P
@TonyTheLion He'd object to us objecting objectively about his abject objectionism about everything object oriented or not.
@TonyTheLion That sentence not verbed right.
9:24 PM
He accidentally a verb
@JerryCoffin I knew there was something weird about it, but I couldn't put my finger on it. :) thanks for pointing it out. I don't object to that.
ok LoveFilm account activated, time to watch a movie :)
@TonyTheLion Enjoy!
Thanks :)
@TonyTheLion Just don't put your fingers on those baby electrons, or you'll get in trouble. As far as not objecting: you're obviously not a puppy...
OMG! I used <> instead of () /cc @Prætorian
9:28 PM
@TonyTheLion Hey!
@Drise Hmm...you like women bony and angular, not nicely rounded, eh?
@Drise: I came back. How's your code?
hi all
@Ell hey
9:37 PM
Why isn't there a popular breed of domesticated monkeys yet?
they need too much attention
you can't really keep them without being trained
and you need special monkey doctors near you (exotic animal vets arent good enough)
@Ell Yeah, I'd assume monkeys with doctorates are pretty rare.
haha yes :L
@Drise It's in the error you copy-pasted, I missed it too
10:06 PM
is there any good question on SO with answers describing how to implement the producer/consumer pattern in C++11? otherwise I'm tempted to write one..
This is broken. X needs to be in an non-deduced context, otherwise it could be different from T. For example your code accepts Foo<int*> x; x.valid_if_not_pointer(0);. — Johannes Schaub - litb 7 mins ago
i downvoted that answer
I think the PHP room has a much bigger drive-by question problem than we do... lol
@Mysticial It has bigger problems in general -- PHP itself being the worst one. :-)
> SO is not a crowd-sourced debugging service — tereško
I kinda like that.
Oh, and good evening, folks.
10:18 PM
@Grizly: i really doubt that you have read the spec at all. it says "T shall be a (possibly cv-qualified) integral type or enumeration but not a bool type.". you would have to be sort of really dazed or something to think that explicit inclusion of enumeration types excludes enumeration types. in conclusion, you're not just wrong, but you're inventing having looked at the spec. or maybe you looked at it but forgot to read it (it's just a few lines, so that seems quite implausible). — Cheers and hth. - Alf 1 min ago
goite evenung!
@sbi Wow... looking around that comment... they drive-by linkers are pretty damn aggressive.
@Mysticial Why do you say so?
Help! stackoverflow.com/questions/11520675/…
@ PeeHaa please follow pastebin.com/PH3QWFqQ
@ PeeHaa please help me out with this
Hello friends .... Help! stackoverflow.com/questions/11520675/…
as a few examples...
@Mysticial Well, it fits, then. I found it cited in a transcript around a flag I looked at.
10:20 PM
@Mysticial what are you asking for help with?
@Cheersandhth.-Alf way to follow the conversation :D
just help out us click-challenged folks?
@Cheersandhth.-Alf he has a problem with people who have questions
@Mysticial I think "@PeeHaa sorry my friend , I need help with that" takes the cake.
10:21 PM
hm, serious
Actually, come to think of it.
@Cheersandhth.-Alf He's not looking for help (or maybe he is, but that's not what he was discussing at the moment), but commenting on the drive-by questions in the PHP chat room.
Well, it's the PHP room. You wouldn't expect highly intelligent people there, would you? :-o
If someone attempted that in this room. The puppy would have them all binned and banned in seconds.
So it wouldn't get to 4...
@Mysticial I'd bin that, too, and so would some others.
10:23 PM
@Mysticial He's a good guard dog.
We should put up a sign.
woof woof bitches
Jul 2 at 12:03, by sbi
You are one damn nihilist puppy.
Likes languages with nil.
I'd prefer he stays away from languages with me in them.
10:24 PM
@Ell Yes. Why are you asking?
Nihilist may refer to:
a person who believes human existence has no objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value, see nihilism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nihilist
It's a good thing nobody has attempted drive-by linking between midnight - 6AM UTC...
@sbi very uncommon English word. I doubt he's heard of it. I recall hearing of it once, but had to google it
Since none of the room owners are usually on at that time...
I haven't heard of it :L
10:25 PM
@MooingDuck That's a pretty common word.
@MooingDuck It isn't an English word at all, it's a Latin one.
@nil not in my culture
Especially thanks to the Big Lebowski.
@user1515739 erm... see earlier comment? Also, this doesn't make a minimal example, see SSCCEsehe 17 secs ago
^ Oh my god. Will he ever learn?
@sbi I think English has absorbed it too
10:26 PM
Q: What does ::template mean?

Guillaume Papin Possible Duplicate: Where and why do I have to put the “template” and “typename” keywords? Since yesterday, I see C++11 code that use something like ComplexTypeOrTypedef::template, for example from the last 2 hours, from two unrelated sources I saw it: http://...

Nihilist is indeed not a strange word
^ Now closed.
Well I am a nihilist too :L
it's common enough in English.
@Cheersandhth.-Alf FAQ. No news
10:27 PM
@sehe Your fault for messing with users with prime numbers.
@MooingDuck Then so has German and many others. It's as much an English word as is Philosophy.
@R.MartinhoFernandes So, you noticed :)
In[1566]:= PrimeQ[1515739]

Out[1566]= True
@Mysticial Just factor 1515739 or pyecm 1515739 in a shell will do
Also, I am not surprised "nihilist" is a rarely used word in Merkia. :) Looks around fearfully whether Jim is here.
10:28 PM
I thought it was Merkinia.
@sehe I usually have Mathematica open.
I usually have a terminal open. More features, fewer resources
Just usually?
@R.MartinhoFernandes So you thought wrong. Today, it's Merkia.
10:30 PM
Is it weird to get sexually excited when your code works as it should?
@sbi I'm here... but I'm not going to react. :-)
@Jordan Didn't you ask that before. On P.SE
how anonymous are imgur uploads? If I upload a modified picture of some figure of authority there, how easily could it be traced back to me? Nothing too bad.
I usually have an Anime running. More resources and less productivity. :-)
10:30 PM
@sehe Maybe
@JimNorton Oh damn! And I didn't even plink you!?
@Jordan Keep trolling :)
What is P.SE?
@Jordan Try to figure it out by yourself.
@sbi Nope.... I'm making an effort here to not take anything personally, so fire away. :-)
10:31 PM
Portugal Second Edition.
Planetary Support Element
@JimNorton You're stupid.
I suck at insults.
@JimNorton You fight like a cow?
Please Stop Erring
Try "Your mom..."
@Jordan Plutonium Stabilizer Element
10:32 PM
hey wait it seems a missed a good little microflamewar?
@Jordan This chat runs on Merkian servers, so it's probably safe to say that getting sexually excited is considered weird, no matter what the state of your code is.
@Jim: Good enough for ye?
Pluto Spacecraft Emitter
@sbi Just saying sex is taboo
@JerryCoffin y u ruin fun
lol ninja
@Jordan Not here it ain't.
@sbi Well played sir.
10:33 PM
@Jordan it depends on the context.
Damn, @Jerry!
hell, the lion could never survive here if sexual topics were taboo
@DeadMG I'm an asshole.
anyone know about the imgur thing? Or should I just live life on the edge?
10:33 PM
@JerryCoffin You are one binned asshole, now.
greetings fellaz
@Ell what imgur thing?
@refp Hi refp
@R.MartinhoFernandes Y U NO REFER TO MESSAGE?
10:34 PM
@JerryCoffin And we like you regardless.
@sbi Because it's clear from context. Which message gathered many stars fast in the past minutes?
@DeadMG He said it: the imgur thing. Really. What more would we need?
@DeadMG how easily can an image be traced to me if I upload via imgur? Nothing illegal or anything, just a micky take of a figure of authority at some form of education or other public service or something maybe
@sbi I did mention it before :L
@Ell Oh god, where do you live? Iran?
@Ell Easily enough...
10:35 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Worse: England.
@Ell Eh. Realistically, unless you live in China, it ain't gonna happen.
kewl :D
However, if you put a picture of Obama with cross-hairs on his head you might catch the interest of the CIA or FBI or some other group.
You'll be famous.
NSA secret listening devices that are tapped into all internet traffic
10:37 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes missspelled GATE. It wasn't even GAIT, fyi
anyone that has posted any interesting questions lately? such as @FredOverflows question regarding implicitly converting lvalues to rvalues in return of a function; http://stackoverflow.com/q/11509757/1090079

I found that question to be very fun to think and study
@Jordan I believe NSA does largely have that capability...
@JimNorton Really. So tempted to try it
@JimNorton I am certain they do, too easy
Yeah, obvious piece of cake. Just use jquery
10:38 PM
@sehe I would try it also, just out of curiosity... but not enough curiosity to actually do it.
You're not a cat, you're immune to curiosity.
in C#, Mar 5 at 11:13, by yas4891
Female software engineers become sexually irresistible at the age of consent, and remain that way until about thirty minutes after clinical death. Longer if it's a warm day.

[Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert]
^ Look what the cat I dragged in. Don't ask what I was searching again
Rumour has it that AT&T networks have a secret closet with NSA gear in it.
So NSA doesn't realize they stole it :P
@sehe :-)
10:40 PM
@refp I'm working on a language-lawyer question; might have to wait till tomorrow though
on that note, night all
Q: Dangers of "using namespace" in C++

Cole JohnsonI have been told before that there is some dangers in using using namespace ...; in C++ as it litters the global namespace or something. Is this true and are there any real dangers?

@R.MartinhoFernandes Not being allergic is not the same as being immune.
Dammit, already fixed.
"or something". Nice.
Doesn't everyone learn c++ at first with using namespace?
That is how my school teaches it at least
10:41 PM
@ecatmur care to give me a hint? will you answer the question yourself?
Ah, I can still screenshot it.
@Jordan not us who grew up on the internet teaching c++ to ourselves
using namespace awesome; <-- leads to awesomeness, not danger
using namespace std; <-- now think about it
10:42 PM
Also of interest: (the comment threads are full of punny delight)
Q: Mysterious Butt

theChrisKentI was attempting to answer a question today on SO and include some screenshots to help illustrate what I was talking about. Everything was fine until I went to upload my fourth image. Here is what the post screen looked like before I selected to upload: Once I pressed the Image button I got t...

I'm going to make a question such as "what are the advantages of using namespace std;", just because we are all tired of those questions but I doubt that there is a duplicate of that one
I think every IDE I've ever used that had a c++ template include a using directive.
I'm so hungry I make references to food everywhere.. including in answers stackoverflow.com/a/11551248/1090079
someone, please, feed, me. (anyone in stockholm who wanna get a slice of pizza and talk.. well, anything but C++?)
if I was in Stockholm I would :(
10:48 PM
@refp You'll be promptly prompted with answers to the effect of "None."
> Thanks. Do you also have the URL of the butt image? I'm asking purely for scientific reasons. — @balpha
@R.MartinhoFernandes now I don't get it? and None made me think of nachos you bastard..
oh sorry, I thought you were replying to the message regarding food
I get it.
How can you be prompted with an answer?
rmf@so$ I don't know
10:49 PM
I have to defend the honor of an entire nation of language butchers in here.
@R.MartinhoFernandes rmf@so$ what?
It's a prompt.
ANYONE IN STOCKHOLM WHO WANNA GRAB A SLICE OF PIZZA!? (preferably at söder, or söder om söder)
Seriously, get my stupid jokes, please. QQ
Ah. Whoosh, over my head the first time :)
10:50 PM
I got it, it just totally sucked balls.
@rm I got it :D
please tell me your machine is not named so because of SO.
@Ell @rm -rf
@keith.layne ...
@sehe typing rmartinofernanded correctly is too difficult with autocorrect and whatnot
Can you flag user accounts? This user only exists to market... herpes?! --> stackoverflow.com/users/486089/user486089
@Ell Try rm -rf /
10:52 PM
@keith.layne No. That was a fake prompt.
My current machine is named amalthea.
@sehe How on earth did you find that?
And I repeat:
13 mins ago, by sehe
^ Look what the cat I dragged in. Don't ask what I was searching again
@R.MartinhoFernandes Of course I realized that right after I couldn't delete it and look like a tool. Touche, sir.
Slowduck is back!
10:54 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes did a search for "googled" and "google" first
@MooingDuck Try slowduckgo.com
@MooingDuck I think that will make you look stupid if decontextified.
No need to decontextify
@rmartinhofernandes you name your machines?
10:55 PM
figured he'd number them? :p
curses. THe password I wrote down for gravatar doesn't work. again.
@R.MartinhoFernandes you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?
Where the fuck did that come from?
@Ell Why not?
@R.MartinhoFernandes bam, slowduck. F5
C'mon, you're all over American pop culture...I'm disappointed.
Happy Gilmore.
10:56 PM
well, when So/gravatar caches catch up
I don't know. they aren't people :L althouh I suppose since you are a robot they are fellow peoples... sort of :L
@MooingDuck The duck is pink on your profile page
Can you not name your machines?
he's on a TRS-80
@Prætorian there we go
10:59 PM
well I mean, with people names
@MooingDuck lol'd
@MooingDuck I like the old, but the new is super classy.
@keith.layne I use the duck 95%, but then go on sprees where I change it every half hour for a day

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