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2:10 AM
A piece of work
2 hours later…
4:01 AM
I added some new questions to the queue BTW
Is this a customer support question?
^Maybe POB?
@EJoshuaS I wouldn't say customer support. It looks unclear/too broad to me. I don't see it as defined enough to be POB, unless you look only at the implied question, rather than what they have actually asked.
@Makyen I'm a little confused as to whether the OP is asking how THEY did that (which we can't really answer definitively) or how he could do the same thing. I went with POB for speculation personally, but you could make a good case for unclear or too broad too (especially since it seems like it's asking multiple questions).
4:18 AM
@EJoshuaS If you're confused as to what they are asking, that's basically the definition of "unclear". Asking multiple questions which are not tightly related is too broad. Asking how each of some list of companies each implemented something is, at best, too broad, as even asking about a single one might be too broad, depending on what's being asked, but asking about multiple ones is clearly too broad.
@Makyen Reasonable point.
2 hours later…
7:01 AM
Hiya \o
7:14 AM
@FireAlarm I flagged that a suspicious. User is: 'Member for 1 year, 9 months' and has previously asked reasonable questions. Suspect a/c hacked.
I need opinions: Close this as a dupe of this?
8:01 AM
Also Missing MCVE ^
8:16 AM
Q: there is need of burninating [multiple] tag

Master Dark NightI was recently looking at the tags list and came across the multiple tag, which according to me, is not what it means and where it is used. The main reason is that it's not programming related, thus some what off-topic for the site. The tag multiple has 210 questions, 54 followers, no wiki till ...

Could it be possible that a retracted flag still be declined? I accidentally flagged an answer as rude, but retracted it and chose NAA, and in my flags I can see one declined flag (Rude) and one helpful (NAA)
8:39 AM
@ErikvonAsmuth while I agree with the sentiment, you were a bit early with posting that del-pls ;)
Is it just me, or does everyone get a 500 internal server error when they open their inbox?
@rene Can I blame timezones, and say I'm one hour ahead of yours? I guess I just want to get rid of bad tags as fast as possible, before more questions roll in and we have to do the whole burninate thing.
@ErikvonAsmuth You can blame timezones ... sigh
Must be the timezones back from 1800 or so
When Enschede and Amsterdam were an hour and 20 minutes apart or so
8:57 AM
@rene Or maybe one of you is just using a different clock (sorry for the dutch only link)
@rene Britain didn't get standardised time until the railways were built, sunset in Penzance is 25 minutes later than London
@AndréKool I could post a german link for that subject, if it helps:-) It has been solved some weeks agon by providing more energy to the power grid, hence increasing the frequency above 50Hz until the difference was eliminated.
@MichaelDodd Actually that's true for most countries. Railway were the reason a coordinated time became important. Before that, there was just no overal need (here every vilage had their own time - more or less. The exception was overseas travel which needed precise timing for navigation.
@Olaf Now we just use standardised time to figure out how late our train is going to be, if it turns up at all :)
Yeah, now you know exactly when you're train will not make it on schedule ...
9:15 AM
@MichaelDodd Oh, I just thought it is just the Bundesbahn. Until the 1980ies They were known for being reliably on schedule. Now they are reliable on not being reliable. AFAIK it was the same for the British Railway (but that latter was from Jules Verne's "In 80 days around the world", so the information about the BR might be a bit outdated).
@rene train?
@Olaf British trains have been unreliable since the 1970s. The network was privatised and split up into franchises in the early 90s with the promise of reliability, but all it did was make them more expensive
@MichaelDodd Interesting. It started here later in the 1990ies/2000s, but otherwise it was almost exactly the same. I should have know it: if there is a bad idea someone had already done and failed, German government repeats it, just to prove they can do better and - of course - fails, too.
@Olaf Are there plans for a (better) version of Brexit?
9:30 AM
@AndréKool Not until we really know it failed. Then we will show the Brits we can do it much better (failing, not Gexit ;-)
@Olaf they can fail better!
@kayess Nah, just wait. Actually with the finance politics, we already showed we can fail better by pulling other countries in the EU down. Wages here were massively lowered, so other low-wage countries like Greece, Portugal or Spain couldn't compete. The resouls are known.
In my first paragraph here can a mod confirm or deny that they see who raised a flag?
9:46 AM
Wow, that's refreshing to see. A 1 rep user closing their own reasonably-asked question as a duplicate.
9:59 AM
@MichaelDodd there is hope ...
@Pang thanks
@Pang Where's the recent activity on that one? The edit? Or is there a deleted answer?
@MichaelDodd the edit made it active
@rene Noted, cheers
10:13 AM
1 hour later…
11:25 AM
Q: Burninate the [gravity-forms-addon] and [gravityforms] tags

Daniel JamesWhilst asking a question relating to Gravity Forms (a WordPress plugin), I noticed it had three tags to choose from: gravity-forms-addon tagged to 8 questions. gravityforms tagged to 95 questions. gravity-forms-plugin tagged to 692 questions. The last one; gravity-forms-plugin seems to be bei...

12:08 PM
Decisive, make or break meeting coming up.
@Ron Combine it and make a break or break a Maker.
12:25 PM
@Ron Note that breaking bonds releases energy:)
12:44 PM
OMG, a user doing the right thing. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?
@NathanOliver Add that to one I saw earlier, I'd say end of days is coming fast
@NathanOliver No, it means you need to see a 'special doctor' about your dreams :)
12:48 PM
Just hope it happens after I go on holiday rather than before
@MartinJames lol
@MichaelDodd The psychosis is spreading...
@MartinJames "That boy needs therapy!"
@MichaelDodd Well, I guess it could be the influence of the Nibiru death-planet, (which is two days late already - probably stuck in an ISO 9000 review meeting), or possibly one of those Russian nerve-agents..
@MartinJames I was in Salisbury to buy a running watch the day before that happened. Though I must add, it wasn't me, guv ;)
12:58 PM
@MichaelDodd Where did I hear this before?
@MichaelDodd If you experience such hallucinations, eg good users with good questions, seek medical help immediately.
@MartinJames It's not so much those statements of yours wich depress me, but the fact they are true.
Whoa, SO throwing hard 404s for anyone else?
Same here
I though it was my firewall.
Looks ok to me at the moment
any example links?
Stackoverflow is down for me, :O
I get a 404 for stackoverflow.com
Now I get an IIS landing page
1:28 PM
Working fine in the UK.
@NathanOliver getting in India
IIS landing
Cloudflare or regional caching issues?
something bad happened, thats for sure ;)
1:30 PM
And it is back now
Welp, SO is now closed. Our job is done. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work
@SurajRao CricBuzz. Good man.
yeah its back
@MichaelDodd India and Cricket :p
@SurajRao I admit I've not been following the IPL much this season. County Championship is nice to have on in the background while coding though
1:33 PM
ok almost had a panic attack. :0. The site is just down. lol
@Nkosi We just stopped half the world from coding
1:37 PM
@Nkosi It's kayess's fault.
And he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those pesky kids.
Doesn't look like anything to me. :P
2:33 PM
It will be fun to see how SO/SE will implement GDPR compliance
rene then might get the chance to use SEDE more neatly with useful datas coming from these non-public rdbms tables :>
Well, it didn't break at least.
It was more on the make-ish side.
@gunr2171 I am gaining on you!
@olaf There seems to be some dissention about closure on this question
@Machavity Meh - it's got 'macros' in the title. I don't need to read any more.
Isn't any question in the form "I did X, are there any problems with this?" a bit tricky to discern?
Also to me " I'm wondering if there are any potential problems" makes it POB
2:41 PM
@Machavity It's as simpel as this: either it is unclear or asking for code review/too broad or lacks a clear problem statement. Either way, I will not discuss with that particular user; been there more than once, lead nowhere than trouble for me. Thanks anyway for the info.
Well, it's closed now
Plus it's an XY problem. OP should do it the other way 'round or use a meta-tool. Depending on the actual problem.
@Machavity Honestly: no loss. It's one of the many questions people should put a bit more thought about the actual problem before implementing. Ironically I've never seen processes or norms like MISRA preventing people to do such nonsense. And specifically MISRA was meant to avoid this …
3:28 PM
@MartinJames I did the unthinkable, let's see how it goes. :eyeroll:
4:12 PM
@E_net4 Tunisia is a bit too close to Egypt for my liking:)
@MartinJames Is this an expansion? Or just our own ad hominem overreaction? :)
@E_net4 The question was so OTT that is sounded a bit like the 'Egypt' troll we had a few weeks ago:(
@MartinJames Was there a confirmation that we were dealing with a single troll?
'Pan sharpening' sounds like some kind of kitchen equipment maintenance.
A: C++ networking simple send and receive

Ronny Brendelhttp://beej.us/guide/bgnet/ In my opinion the unchallenged best guide to socket programming.

Should something be done with that? Link-only but +6 and accepted.
4:17 PM
@E_net4 Well, the mods were convinced.
@user202729 There seems to be no recent activity on that one. So I'd say it's close worthy, but not as close worthy as other questions. :)
@MartinJames I believe they didn't like my lyrics for the Chariots of Fire. :(
@user202729 Feel free to NAA flag it. Not sure there's anything for us to do about it
@user202729 Welcome to SOCVR. Let me point you to our FAQ, specially the guidance on noisy formatting.
@MartinJames Fry and cut the steak with a single tool! Sounds like homeshopping TV.
4:27 PM
@Olaf ..'Only $9.99 with a FREE tomato-slicer worth $7.99!'
@MartinJames Buy two, get one free for your husband! (Lawyer not included)
lol, I fixed it already. My tpying is getting wrose, I suspetc that my position is bad. I must get a noo offce chair.
@MartinJames Yeah, same for me. It even made my grammar worse. I normally write prefect Oxfor Denglish.
@Olaf Your DEnglish is pretty good, on the whole.
Hmm, the EU will spend 20Bio€ for KI until 2020. I wish they would spent the same for natural intelligence (no pun intended!) first.
@MartinJames Lol, I first didn't read the w on the last word and instantly agreed. Thanks, I get along with it and permanently improving (mostly by life-edits; I would be lost with a classic typewriter). Not that I would starve in France either, but I could be punished there for butchering the language:-)
4:37 PM
@Olaf To be fair to our umm 'friends' across the channel, you would have to try quite hard to starve in France:)
@MartinJames Depends. I've met very tolerant people in shops as well as very unhelpful when I was there for a short trip. But I was surprised how much I actually understood using my English, German and Latin skills to support my rudimentary French. I had to think quite a lot to phrase a halfway understandable sentence, though. All in all, it could have been worse - I didn't read/speak/write/etc. French since school and I just passed the course with minimum points.
@Olaf I just do what I usually do, go into cafe/restaurant, point at stuff and show some Euros or a card:)
@MartinJames That works as long there is something you can point on. It's becoming problematic in small beach shops; they' won't let you go to the deep-freezer. Luckily this was the friendly shop.
But, well, if everything fails there's still dogs running on the streets and public fountains.
4:52 PM
@Olaf lol
5:14 PM
@Makyen Thanks for the heads up; I could go either way on that one; I drew mostly the same conclusions you did
1 hour later…
1 hour later…
7:39 PM
I request guidance!
the extra spaces are part of the question
do I roll back?
Yes, rollback, and probably edit to make it clearer that the user meant that that's the actual output
I instead asked on meta =w= I dun wanna start a rollback war today owo
@Compass yes that's a clear roll back
went from 0 to -7
oof, when you say something, then Makyen says something cooler =w=
8:19 PM
@Compass Sorry about that. Your comment didn't show up for me (network delays, I assume) until after I clicked "Add Comment" with my vandalism autocomment #1. Then, I figured... meh, let them have some more info.
8:54 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre you already requested that one here. Please don't repeat the same request.
sorry about that
I don't know what to think of this one. It's about a non-programming tool which doesn't work as expected. Is General Computing a fair close reason here?
@E_net4 Yes.
9:59 PM
Wow, the text for "Requires Editing" in the Triage review queue has finally been changed (1, 2, 3, 4).
6 to 8 years?
Yep. Just about that.

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