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12:01 AM
@Olaf In programming, if you aren't cheating, you're often not doing it right. :-)
@Makyen You confuse that with being lazy. Good programmers are lazy. That's not bijective, though.
Re that undeleted pointer post... it hasn't stopped many dups just in . (Not all those are dups, but I've seen more than a dozen questions asking where to get old XCode.)
@Mogsdad Well, I don't see some company outsourcing their knowledge base to SO being a good reason to keep that Q&A either. It is not only off-topic, but also quite obvious how to find that stuff.
Would have been a decent blog post, somewhere. But who's going to notice one more broken window in the SO Ghetto?
@Olaf I definitely agree with the lazy part. Good programmers are a special kind of lazy. It's not that they are unwilling to do work. It's that they are willing to put out the effort to make it such that the computer will do the work for them. This preference is often a bit too exaggerated and the appropriate trade-offs not necessarily accounted for.
12:09 AM
@Mogsdad They do if it shows up in the local newspaper, aka SOCVR
@Makyen Definitively. I should accept customers wanting a quick hck and "get the final device later". Twice as much work for me means twice the payment. But that goes contrary to me being proud of doing a good job. And yes, I'm well aware this is not the way to becoming rich. But which true engineer wants that?
@Makyen The main problem with that xkcd chart is it does not account for customers/emplyers not re-using the created tools. Be it because the other devs don't understand it, don't want to get used to it, have their own stuff (which happens to be 90° different), or just don't know about your solution.
At least that's a major problem in embedded development.
Anyway, I'll head for bed. Good night!
@Olaf Yeah, I've certainly experienced that.
@Olaf night o/
@Makyen I'd just be surprised if you hadn't :-/
@Olaf Unfortunately, very true.
12:40 AM
Cya guys o/
Bye! o/
@gunr2171 xyzzy
1:00 AM
socvr.org took too long to respond.
Last few SD is just copying previous answers
2 hours later…
3:24 AM
So, apparently review audits count against your 40-item limit in the queue. I feel cheated.
3:41 AM
Any zero-effort homework dumps, spam, instances of flagrant trolling, or heated arguments in comments I can flag or vote to close?
4:48 AM
@Makyen thanks for the direction. If I ask for close votes and mention "Exact Duplicate" does it go without saying that I would also like to request that the pages be deleted as well? Should I simply not double-down with the del-pls?
@mickmackusa No, it doesn't go without saying. No type of request implies another type.
@mickmackusa To be honest, I'm not sure what you mean by "Exact Duplicate". When I see "Exact Duplicate", I expect the questions to be almost identical (such are usually from the same user, where I'd use the term "Self-duplicate" instead). I've looked at the two proposed duplicates mentioned in the comments on that question. I wouldn't consider either of them to be an "Exact" duplicate. Probably a duplicate, but I wouldn't use the term "exact".
isnt there a how to debug canonical dupe? stackoverflow.com/questions/48699001/… cant seem to find it
5:03 AM
@mickmackusa In addition, it's not clear to be why you want the question deleted, after it's closed-as-duplicate. Duplicate questions aren't, inherently, a bad thing. Once they're closed as a duplicate of another question, they serve as signposts for users to find the duplicate-target. Ideally, they would be closed-as-duplicate prior to being answered, or, at least, the OPs of good answers encouraged to move their answer to the dup-target (for good answers which don't exist on the dup-target).
5:44 AM
6:04 AM
@Makyen Specifically for the decode question: I see no value-add for SO readers (site content or searchability) by leaving the new question in existence. The titles only differ by two words ( _How to remove %20 in URL
_ versus _how to remove %20 in the url in php_ ) The sample input from both is structurally identical (no other entities to replace). The solution is the same. It is also a under-searched, RTFM question. Not trying to change your mind, just explaining my position.
My stance is more or less the same for the Check if array is empty question.
I will agree that duplicate questions with slight variations should be retained for searchability, but I don't see the need for instances with such indistinguishable differences.
@mickmackusa Hmmm... I think we're talking about different requests. I'm was talking about the one I replied to. I must admit that I hadn't noticed that the one above it also mentioned that you wanted it be del-pls too, but didn't include that as a tag. I haven't even looked at the one you've just mentioned (with "%20 in URL" in the title), so please don't take anything I've said as applying to that question/request.
6:24 AM
@Justin done
6:36 AM
@mickmackusa My (personal) opinion on duplicates is that while we can guess/estimate how good a signpost a duplicate question will be, there's really no substitute for testing over time (i.e. having the question be closed-as-duplicate for an extended time) to see the # views, which is an indicator of it's value as a signpost. Thus, generally, I'm in favor of leaving questions which are closed-as-duplicate undeleted until some point when that might be clearer.
As to what that actually means wrt. time and numbers, the only data point we really have is the requirement for the 365-day Roomba, which prevents deletion if views > 1.5 * days. That's for auto-deletion, if it also meets other criteria. Presumably, a human would be able to use judgement as to that being an appropriate cutoff point, or if some other level would be appropriate.
7:35 AM
@Makyen IIRC the guidance is for the answer to be an exact duplicate to an existing answer; this is a bug in how the duplicate functionality is labelled, really
basically, there is no way to guard against variation for variation's sake but if the answer is "quote your shell script variables" just point them to the canonical which explains this instead of reimplementing it, poorly
(sorry for the lag, catching up on the discussion here)
here's some historical context meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/283511/…
ironically, I'm imagining there is a canonical meta which these should be closed as duplicates of ...
@tripleee You appear to have expanded this discussion significantly (or at least from myPOV). The discussion wasn't getting into what's considered a "duplicate" or not. Any duplicate should be able to be answered with at least some of the answers contained on the duplicate-target. Thus, when I see "exact duplicate", I'm expecting something that's more "exact" than what would be considered a duplicate.
^ the second link above explains why there are both "exact duplicate" and "duplicate"
sorry if I missed the context here, I wasn't planning to hijack your discussion
7:50 AM
@tripleee I don't really see that as a different definition. The primary differentiation used in that Q/A is that an "exact" duplicate should be considered for merger. To be considered for merger, there need to be answers on both questions which are desirable to keep. Given that the initial request was both a cv-pls and a del-pls, that inherently means that the opinion of the person making the request is that there aren't any answers of value on the duplicate.
> We changed the close reasons a while back. All of them. Even the ones that were pretty similar to what already existed; it was just simpler that way.
baah to me no difference duplicate just an old reason... it's now called exact duplicate
8:04 AM
Morning \o
@tripleee I appreciate your bringing up the historical context. It was not something which the term "exact duplicate" triggered for me when I went to look at the question, particularly in combination with a del-pls. Evaluating for merger is something which I rarely consider. Generally, I've only considered pushing for it when there have been answers of significant value on both questions (usually well established), with the questions close enough such that the answers could be interchanged.
@Makyen under the current rules I'm unsure about the closure, as I know nothing about it, the deletion I'm still in favour, as it is just a bunch of links in all the answers, nothing more. Just go to Xcode's dev page yourself instead of through a separate site.
But with a mod having locked and wiki'd the thing there's not much for me to go around
8:35 AM
@Makyen I have never seen a successful merge, are those actually happening in reality?
@PetterFriberg no, it's the other way around
@tripleee I seem to recall rumors of them, but often only after considerable toil. :-)
@tripleee The only one(s?) that I've seen where it's been easy was where the questions really were exact duplicates (by the same OP), but where the duplicate hadn't been closed in time to prevent a decent answer, and the original also had an answer.
right, so they do happen occasionally, but that seems like a pretty constrained scenario compared to what some of the guidance suggests
what's the logo on stackoverflow.com/tags/email-spam/info and where is it defined? The tag is displayed with what looks like a small icon before the tag name
a closeup is unrevealing i.stack.imgur.com/38bXEm.png
8:53 AM
@tripleee The source URL is: i.stack.imgur.com/ObOph.png But, it's still only 18x16 pixels, with no new info, other than it was modified on 2018-01-17.
how is it being pulled in? I mean where would you go to modify or perhaps delete that?
somebody seems to have put that on a lot of other mail-related tags, too
Only found this as maybe relevant about those icons meta.stackexchange.com/questions/74874/add-an-image-to-a-tag
But not closely related
@tripleee this icon seems to be misplaced also other tags which contains the text "mail" have this icon. But this seems to be a question for meta.stackexchange.com
@tripleee It's an <img> built into the delivered HTML of the tag. You could remove it by adding some CSS: .sponsor-tag-img[src="//i.stack.imgur.com/ObOph.png"] {display: none;}, which would target that specific sponsor tag. If you want to see none of the sponsor tag images, then: .sponsor-tag-img {display: none;}.
@tripleee It might be better to be a bit more sure of only not displaying it when it's inside an actual tag, so the following might be better: .post-tag .sponsor-tag-img[src="//i.stack.imgur.com/ObOph.png"] {display: none;} or .post-tag .sponsor-tag-img {display: none;} for all sponsor tag images.
I posted a question about this meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/363174/…
9:03 AM
@tripleee ooh ok thanks, well I just also wanted to hijack and say that to me I make no difference.
@tripleee really wierd someone would sponsor a tag like that. Can never understanding marketing people sometimes
9:18 AM
@SurajRao I can understand "we want to show up where people need us" but should SO really be allowing them to ...?
to me, this is much more disturbing than some of the banner ads I see when I surf SO without logging in
$ $, to run the show you need $
agreed. Till now it was understood advertisers needed to have trademark over the tag name to have icon. This will just confuse anyone new coming to SO
I have seen it a lot, I always see ads for other report frame works when I browse jasper-reports... but yeah that's how advertising works.
in this particular instance I think they are doing the advertiser a disservice too
it's nice to be able to put a promotion at the top of the tag page where 0.1% of visitors will see it but having their logo in unrecognizable form spammed on every time is rendered is just ugly, absurd, and, I would argue, counter to their intentions or wishes
baah they are getting paid, it's the advertiser issue to have his ad in the place he like
9:22 AM
what they like and what they are able to buy are quite possibly very different things
so they live with this poor execution because they want the sponsor banner (I'm speculating) not because they want their logo to be botched in places where it's annoying
@techraf that seems like an automation question to me
though probably a duplicate
found and nominated a duplicate instead so yeah, cv-pls
@tripleee You are considering only >10K users, the add is not for them. Also you need to consider that SE needs to sell ads to cover the expenses, to do this they need to give good options to customer. While ads are always messy they are actually running the whole network
but not general computing
@PetterFriberg I am not opposed to the general idea of advertising, and I keep saying that ... I am saying this particular mechanism is flawed
Why, it's another way of selling ads, if customer likes it and pays for it so be it. I don't see it very invasive for power users nor for first users.
Morning o/
If you are ready to pay, you can have your icon on a tag, seems like a nice plan..
\o Sam
9:28 AM
@tripleee Sorry. "How do I perform silent install for program xxxx" is a general computing question for me. If not support request.
@PetterFriberg depends on how it's pitched but if I were SendGrid, I would be miffed. If I wanted my icon on a bunch of tags, it should be recognizable; if I paid to have the banner and the icon was something I could opt out from, I would if I were them -- and so I'm speculating that they can't opt out, so they have to live with the fact that they get (and pay for) something they didn't want, in order to also get to (pay for) what they actually wanted
@techraf but "how do I automate this manual thing" is inherently a programming question, and with the duplicate, you can see how it's usually done
@PetterFriberg When I win the lottery tonight - I'll ninja puppy allz the tagz! :p
LOL, that would be great, keeping thumbs crossed.
@tripleee I have no clue but sales department of ads normally let you do what ever you like as long as you are paying :D. However there seems to be a meta not allowing if not trademark... baah "Ninja puppy all tags and get us a new Ask Question interface"
9:45 AM
@tripleee Then we have a disagreement and got to live with it.
not a huge disagreement, it's cv-pls in any case
9:58 AM
@MikeM. It got an answer by one of the firebase developers (who agrees in a comment that the question is off-topic). Does answering an off-topic question for one of your own products warrent a spam flag?
@BDL I'd say probably not. I think the general consensus, in these cases, is that the problem lies with the question, so we just need to deal with that. And I wouldn't really call what Frank is doing spam, really. He's just trying help people with his particular specialty. He's a valuable contributor for Firebase, too, so I'd rather not irritate him. :-)
10:13 AM
10:34 AM
A second opinion: isn't this not about programming, and therefore off-topic? stackoverflow.com/q/48697219/1233251
I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt because dcmtk is also a library. OTOH the answer just proposes a command from the same toolkit.
socvr.org offline?
@SurajRao nope, you just got rene'd but on layer 3 level
@E_net4 I CV'ed as unclear; not sure if that is a programming or rights issue.
@kayess I am clearly missing something.. I know its not a flower....
@SurajRao it/he/she (choose your fav.) is but a special one
10:49 AM
@Olaf Yeah, one could even interpret as a networking question. I guess multiple close reasons apply here.
@E_net4 Whatever it is, seems like MS is outsourcing to SO even further, see th last part of the question text.
@SardarUsama um, no? but VTC as general computing
@Olaf Uh, I've read the question multiple times now, and I found no reference to MS.
@tripleee asked for working tutorial as well. GC is also valid
@SardarUsama right, I guess that's a valid interpretation too
10:54 AM
This is how we should handle most questions: twitter.com/twitter/statuses/961198678546395137
@E_net4 Forget it, I was completely on the wrong track. I meant this question. I really should not communicate before I had my morning tea.
@Olaf Hah, no problem. :P
11:09 AM
@techraf Isn't that a question about a dev tool? That would be on-topic, right? I'm not sure, if a question about installing a dev tool is on-topic or off-topic.
@dur No, it's the QT library. Is Windows a dev-tool or the VC++-runtimes for a game?
Is it just me, or does the "accepted answer" in the answers list on my profile missing a small part of the left line (my profile page) (what I'm seeing)
@Olaf I don't know QT. I just read the tag description: Qt is a cross-platform application development framework widely used for the development of application software and thought it is a dev tool. Sorry.
@Ferrybig looks as expected for me.. no missing pixels
11:50 AM
@dur Well, that applies to the VC runtime, too.
12:18 PM
Shortest interview ever. "Here is a binary tree..." Bye.
Hi can someone make a rollback to Rev3 at this question. stackoverflow.com/questions/12554430/recursion-homework since the OP has added the fix of the answer into his question.
@Ron LOL, Been there. I literally got up and walked out of an interview like that.
@devpuh maybe close as typo and delete :)
12:25 PM
I was like nope. forget this. No thanks
To me it seems like OP had it already in code.. "my method actually had '.' instead of "." i fixed the code here to make up for my fumbling fingers."
@Nkosi Exactly.
@devpuh I don't think his problem was ', it was only a typo posting the question...
probably it's the missing brackets on if
Oh sorry I misread my method actually had '.' instead of "." i fixed the code here to make up for my fumbling fingers
@Nkosi Whoever dreams up these interview questions has a hard time of letting go of his/her college days imho.
12:29 PM
@devpuh there is a comment suggesting the edit was actually to reflect the code they were really trying to get help with -- I only saw that after I rolled back )-:
uhhhhh, this is just not making sense
now the question is?, since the accepted answer is pointing to missing ' (even if this was not the case) is the question better with " or with '?
or should we just delete it?
it's got a net upvote count of 4 and it was protected just now
I simply won't engage any further
Well the code in this question is more broken and has more typos as i expected.
12:34 PM
it's crap stuff... generate traffic over time since the title... baah I can't find a clean close reason for it... since the actually problem was missing brackets (hardly typo)... maybe a dupe.
The best is that this question had a spam answer which lead to an homework-help-site
Yeah the title is homework recursion... that's why it got traffic..
1:01 PM
"I used teh node.js 'cos eveyone sez it's good and fast and event-driven and webscale, and now I findsz I needs teh state-engine so somebody do it for me". :(
@MartinJames You forgot "hip", "newer than C" and "used by everyone (who recommends it)".
@Olaf lol
@Olaf It's kinda like 'I used a non-blocking server with select() 'cos it's really easy and I got an echo server working real fast without any of that threading crap, but I'm having a problem now - all my TCP messages are either split up or joined, the bits all mixed up from many clients and I don't know the easy way to fix it'.
@MartinJames Well, I tried something like that with select for some serial ports in Python and it worked fine. But when I had to add an Ethernet stream module and possibly others, it just become to cumbersome to manage the dependencies, so I changed to threads, although Python threads are user-space threads, not true OS threads.
Spaghetti belong on a plate or bowl with a fine sauce, not in the computer.
@Olaf lol, too much copy-pasta :)
@MartinJames Antipasti is better than copy-pasta ;-)
But then I'm not really a friend of threaded applications either. Once more too many dependencies, potential race-conditions/deadlocks and all the annoying stuff if you have shared resources. A fine concurrent messaging framework is often best.
1:19 PM
@MartinJames Why does the rep matter there btw?
@JonClements It doesn't matter to the way I handled the Q, I was just mildly surprised, that's all.
OK, a delayed reaction, but I'm hungry now Gonna make spaghetti.. AFK
1:34 PM
@MartinJames So you are going to your old VIC64 and doing some peek&poke BASIC programming? The interesting thing is this old code was often more stable than a lot of "modern" OOP frameworks.
reopened ty
Asking to take action in a Q/A that you have taken action on is not allowed here AFAIK
Or do I remember wrong
1:49 PM
I did try to check the rules before posting but FAQ site is not loading unfortunately
no idea, for the aforementioned reason :)
@kayess That's correct. If you answered a question you can't ask us to close or reopen it
I answered after reopening
@StephenKennedy Not the same thing. You didn't have your answer before the reopen so it's fine
great. ty for your help.
Yeah the faq only says no requests if you've answered it already.
> 15. Do not request action on a post that you have asked or answered, or for an edit which you have made.
Still seems like a grey area though.
1:56 PM
I don't see anything wrong in asking for a reopen that you intend to answer. It's not like we're concerned with what happens after the reopen
@Sam baah, not sure how a rule, that you may answer in the future will work... we need to keep track of stuff we can't answer anymore...
@Machavity I agree but the grey area is that we should avoid stuff that we somehow have personal interested in...
Morning btw
However as usual the final result is most important... if we get an on-topic question with a good answer well then we are set
2:23 PM
@PetterFriberg true
2:51 PM
@HovercraftFullOfEels Oh man, who makes up these fairy-tales?
@Ron: Lord only knows
Wow... did that mean to swallow up a couple that I'm sure were there just a few seconds ago? :p
the archive script?
@JonClements scripts get hungry too ;)
@techraf is Ansible on-topic? It's not technically programming or about programming.
@NathanOliver gotta feed them cv-pls or else they'll go on strike...? :p
3:44 PM
We did it guys! We found someone who uses bing!
> Developer at Microsoft Corp.
@gunr2171 Chandler?
@PetterFriberg oh....well that explains it
I guess he is just at his job... at home he is googling
3:49 PM
He's busy googling how bing works
> I use bing.com as my search engine.
True loyal gent
4:03 PM
@gunr2171 FYI: socvr.org is down.
@Makyen nope, you just got firewalled out :P
@gunr2171 I use Bing :)
@kayess Hmmm... Interesting. This site also said it was down.
AFAIK where the server lives was having internet trouble. I thought they were supposed to have someone out there yesterday but I haven't heard the result of that.
@Nathan server was hungry... there's missing posters for a network engineer...
4:15 PM
@kayess It was mentioned that socvr.org was going to switch to a dynamic IP. If it's up for you, but not for me, and the "is it down" service I linked, then the more likely thing is that the DDNS service being used isn't propagating the updated record properly/fully.
@JonClements lol. We got so distracted with the scripts we forgot about the servers
@Makyen down for m2
Appease it before it starts eating all the scripts! :)
@Makyen I think I found the problem
@Machavity Quite possible. DDNS can take a while to propagate. Although, the indications from here are that it's been down/unreachable for, at least, hours.
4:24 PM
@Makyen yeah, I know. The place has had internet problems for a while. Still working on it. Sorry.
There's an archive of socvr.org. Please pardon our dust as we work on socvr.org.
@gunr2171 np. I just wanted to be sure you knew, just in case you didn't.
I read reading this and I was confused about why you couldn't flag things answers that were wrong, why is this the case?
@JakeSymons with enough reputation, you can vote to delete them though
@JakeSymons Because you usually flag with the intent of deleting the post. Wrong answers should be corrected (if possible) first, before considering deletion.
@JakeSymons That's left for 20K+ rep users to deal with. You can signal your dissatisfaction with an answer by down voting.
4:38 PM
And commenting. ^
@NathanOliver Okay, I will just leave that to the high rep users, I don't want to down vote because I do not want to lose rep.
@JakeSymons It's only one rep. If you feel it is bad enough that it should be deleted you should be okay with spending the 1 rep. Plus, you get that rep back once it is deleted.
@NathanOliver Well, I'll just stick to commenting, it might not be deleted and I don't want to lose any rep at all, considering how I have so little
5:01 PM
@JakeSymons have you considered answering some questions?
@TylerH I don't have that much experiencing in coding, I've only just started with coding for GCSE
It would be the place to start though
I will tell you, trying to write answers for questions is one of the best ways to learn programming!
even if you end up not submitting the answer, or if the question already has the answer
start with simple ones and work your way up the chain to the interesting and more complex ones
ok enough for today :)
@TylerH Its finding the simple ones, stuff I can actually answer. Everyone on here has a lot more experience than me and its just finding stuff I can answer :)
Thanks for the tips though, I will try and answer some more, would like my rep up now so I can use it later when getting a job.
Again, for learning's sake, don't be afraid to go look at old questions that have already been answered
you may surprise yourself and find that you can answer it in a new way, where adding a new answer to an old question is encouraged here
or you might just find you came to the same solution as the existing answer(s)... in which case, great, you have learned something and verified that it's probably a good solution since someone else already answered it that way
Even if you do that once a day for two weeks, you will probably be in good shape to start jumping into more complex questions or newer questions that don't have answers yet
6:19 PM
48 messages moved from SOCVR Request Graveyard
@Makyen Mostly some older messages which were erroneously archived. The archiver script has been updated not to move these. Also includes one recent still-active request for which I did not find a reason that it should be moved to the Graveyard.
Oh right
@Sam BTW: Welcome back. I'm looking forward to working with you. [I've been intending to say that for a while, but each time I've tried to post it in RO chat, it's been down :-( ]
@Makyen lol, thanks. Likewise, it's always nice to have a new team member. :)
6:28 PM
@Sam Oh, BTW, there's a beta version of the archiver, which you might want to try out.
@Makyen I'M SORRY!!!!
trust me, it's as annoying for me as it is for you
in fact, it's more annoying for the person living there than it is for us, because he has no internet at home at all
@gunr2171 np. These things happen. I wasn't meaning it as a dig on you. :-)
@Sam Thanks.
Prepares for chaos and hostile take over
@Makyen Yeah, I just went to check when you first mentioned the script was buggy. Didn't realise there was a new branch. lol
@gunr2171 How is the postal service? Or did he run out of stamps as well?
6:31 PM
@gunr2171 I thought the server lived with you at your own place?
@Sam Well, they had a meeting and decided they would live apart for a while
@Sam when my roommate moved out he made his own server at his place. We share the services we run. Anything that needs more bandwidth (voip, games, public websites) goes on his server. I get stuff that needs large volumes (git repos, docker repos, nuget repos, etc).
@Sam Yeah, that's my fault. I probably should have merged it into master by now. At this point, there are just some minor (rare) issues/edge cases I'm wanting to fix/adjust prior to doing so. While I plan additional functionality, that isn't something for which a merge should be put off.
@gunr2171 Ah right, ok.
@Makyen np, at least my script is up to date now.
because it's unclear if we'll have the internet fixed until Monday (we think it's a problem with the cable going into the house) I'll migrate the location of my web services tonight. We'll make a backup of the state of those services but moving them to my place is going to be difficult seeing he doesn't have internet. He'll have to upload the backups using his phone's data plan :(
6:37 PM
so we're going to pick and choose what we need to migrate
thankfully half the services don't need backups, like socvr.org. That's just a "boot up the docker image and go", no need to save data
Is that data on the same docker image the closey database was on?
closey never ran in docker
but I see the jab you're trying to make :(
plus, I've already migrated Rocket Chat from my place to the other place twice before, so this isn't a big deal.
@gunr2171 Heh, it is Friday ...
:D I know. Happy the work week is almost over.
6:48 PM
You're not living close enough to put it on a portable disk and transport that way?
@JonClements In looking through the last couple days of the Graveyard, I saw three messages which weren't something we'd normally auto-archive (i.e. that wasn't an expired/completed *-pls request; or aged/completed FireAlarm notice, SD report, or Heat Detector report): 1) a completed, implicit *-pls request, which was manually archived; 2) A message of mine which was archived as a result of an old version of the archiver script being too aggressive; and
3) A single incomplete request for which I'm uncertain why it was archived (I also agreed with the request). I've moved #3 back into SOCVR. I've also moved #2 back into SOCVR, along with the similar ones which were also moved over the last year.
@rene He's 96km (60 miles) away. I could drive down there tomorrow if I wanted to.
@JonClements However, none of those would account for you seeing some messages disappear in chat which you would have expected to remain. The ones I mentioned above were likely old enough such that they weren't in your chat display. Thus, I'd assume that what you saw was some requests which were moved because they were completed. They were just completed faster than you expected.
@gunr2171 that is some distance. I some how remembered you were a couple of blocks away.
We used to live in the same apartment, if that's what you were thinking of.
6:55 PM
But then they had a meeting...
@gunr2171 yeah, I got that. I probably never registered correctly where he moved to.
7:09 PM
@Makyen seems likely and happy for that to be the case :)
how come blender.SE seems so fun
is it because 3d modeling is subjective like art?
if your first answer gets deleted instantly like that, do you get an answer ban
this don trump guy already posted the same lemoncrap link today exact same spam answer, and he had the nerve to comment: "you noticed it hahahahahaha". Ban the IP of this bozo!
@Compass AFAIK no
7:25 PM
if he does it again we could possibly modflag?
We could. I believe they get IP banned pretty quick. I also think Mods see all the spam stuff and review it to wipe out users faster.
He got zapped.
7:42 PM
@techraf OP responded. Does it have an MCVE now?
8:15 PM
@TylerH checking...
@TylerH No, of course not. Otherwise it would turn out to be some typo.
The OP actually explicitly states that he knows that the post I mentioned violates site policy and will be deleted - is this trolling?
@techraf thanks for checking
I will not post a snarky comment.
8:19 PM
@EJoshuaS Meh, either way, It's 20k delete worthy IMO
@EJoshuaS Nah, just another syudent ass.. assembly of requirements.
@Compass Hi, when will the Tesla orbit and Earth orbit match up with Mars orbit? I want to know when they will all be in the same spot
Question: are "this works for me" answers VLQ?
Technically, I suppose they are answers.
@EJoshuaS if that's all that's included, yes, and also NAA
if they actually include the code or solution that worked for them, then no
8:24 PM
@MartinJames Yeah, no point in bugging the moderators about that one I guess... it's obnoxious but not blatant enough of trolling to flag it.
@TylerH In a few months probably.
@EJoshuaS Yeah - just some deadbeat trying it on.. delved it.
I might have sent C++14 working draft instead of my resume. They sit in the same folder.
It's actually quite a refreshing change to see'here's my bad Q and I'm hoping for an asnwer anyway 'cos bar is open abd I'm thirsty', instead of the more usual 'I found' or 'I stumbled across' [this code while reading my homework assignment but I'm trying to hide that].
@Ron lol - at least they know you're not a bot.
Lol, indeed.
8:28 PM
@Ron Now: "The job's yours if you want it. All the others were hopeless, we need someone now and I didn't have time left to actually read your CV, so you can start on Monday anyway".
@MartinJames Haha, that would be refreshing.
Good thing they counter the global developer shortage with nonsense technical interviews. Does wonders for the company.
@MartinJames There was talk to replace that first book from the C++ books list with the "C++ Programming Language 4th edition". I was given a green light to do so but got cold feet. If anyone feels like it - go for it.
@SotiriosDelimanolis I feel your pain. And upvoted duplicates, all the time...
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Java-8 has become a code only answer hub, pretty much anyone can ask for a solution using streams and a cool lambda and people will fgitw all day
python is a bit like that sometimes. But still manageable :)
8:41 PM
there are 4-5 committed "mods" for java, but none for java-8
at least duplicates don't get as many votes. Well, maybe except that one: stackoverflow.com/questions/48706777/…
i'll randomly come across a few from time to time
you should make a list like I used to
I make a list, then I post del requests here in the evenings :)
ping me directly if you're missing vote
will do. I generally get the backup I need because dupes I'm reporting are blatant and answered by 200k hirep cucumbers
8:43 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Fine - I always feel like I've failed if I don't use up all my delvs:)
yeah Martin, I was thinking about you.
@SotiriosDelimanolis duplicate of what? I don't even see a close vote. Are you out ? :)
ah damn, linked wrong
@MartinJames Scratch that, looks like it already has been edited.
damn that was quick :)
Just the time for me to comment on a duplicate answer, and question gone... leave me some next time :)
Are you saying we should increase vote requirement to 4?
8:47 PM
0.4 maybe
@SotiriosDelimanolis Or at least, I assumed you wanted it removed per this comment.
thank you
Can I flag those? Do you get the flag or mods do?
@SotiriosDelimanolis No, don't flag. Flags go to mods. Ping an RO if you want something moved.
8:55 PM
ROs read your mind
@Jean-FrançoisFabre and Sanitize your posts :)
mostly my posts, when I find another way to go out of line each time I'm visiting here :)
@FireAlarm I beat a bot :) Not that I'm competitive or anything
9:30 PM
where's Olaf BTW?
@Jean-FrançoisFabre My heart says he's gone out for a few beers, my head says suspended:)
suspended? not from SO at least.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Ah.. heart wins!
9:47 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Are you asking about very recently? Olaf was in SOCVR chat about 8 hours ago. Looking at their activity graph, historically, they are not that active at this time of day, but still present from time to time.
@Makyen Last seen less then 1m ago as well, so their about somewhere.
@JakeSymons Yep. Thanks. I should have mentioned that too.
9:59 PM
I love when you find some inexplicable bug in your data and can't figure out how it happened, only to finally realize it was caused by something you did in the past that you thought would never have any ramifications in the future
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