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2:58 AM
apologies if this is basic, this code is giving me the result nextWindow referenced before assignment, yet I assign it before referencing...
def pageIterate():
nextWindow = browser.find_element_by_css_selector('#VALUE')
while (nextWindow == True):
poor formatting but the formatting is ok in pycharm. The next window dissapears when it's on the last page
the nextWindow button disappears*
@Bonstark use the code formatting. Enter your code, highlight, hit ctrl-k
Thanks, I'll try again
def pageIterate():
    nextWindow = browser.find_element_by_css_selector('#VALUE')
    while (nextWindow == True):
1) Do you have references to nextWindow anywhere else in your code? 2) while (nextWindow == True): is a little unusual, most objects aren't equal to True even if they have a boolean value of True. I don't know what object .find_element_by_css_selector is returning, so it's not impossible, but I'm a little surprised that while loop is ever entered.
DSM thanks, pycharm wasn't updating the function as I was using console. I'm still learning what I can and can't do with it.
2 is true it isn't entering the while loop
should I use not Null?
I'm confused. Are you saying that you sorted out the error, and it was just that you weren't using the function you thought you were?
3:12 AM
I no longer get the error, the while loop isn't entered
random question. how does pycharm compare with spyder? i.e. what is pycharm good for?
I'm really not a fan of pycharm. This is my first project with it. I'll try spyder on my next one. I use Atom for HTML/CSS/Javascript
what don't you like about pycharm
@Bonstark: I don't know what you're trying to do, or how your objects behave, so it's hard to know what to recommend. If find_element returns None if it can't find anything, then while nextWindow: would skip the loop if it's falselike and enter it if it's true, but again I'd be surprised if nextWindow.click() suddenly made it falselike, so I'm not sure how you'd expect to get out of the loop.
@idjaw, this is my first real python project beyond one script practice. With that in mind, I probably don't know how to use it well enough. Organizing my project, copying it and running console commands always seems to be a hassle or give errors.
@DSM I'm trying to run a while loop taking information, as long as there are available pages. If I try to find it when I'm on the last page I get the error:
File "C:\Users\Louis\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\lib\site-packages\selenium\webdriver\remote\errorhandler.py", line 237, in check_response
raise exception_class(message, screen, stacktrace)
selenium.common.exceptions.NoSuchElementException: Message: Unable to locate element: td.font10:nth-child(8) > a:nth-child(1)
3:24 AM
So either look before you leap (if your library offers a way to get a present/not present result), or wrap the offending call in try/except. But again, the code you posted looks to me like it'll keep clicking forever, so there's probably something I'm missing in the #DO SOMETHING part you suppressed.
Thank you I didn't know about present/not present, I will try:
Boolean isPresent = driver.find_element_by_css_selector('td.font10:nth-child(8) > a:nth-child(1)') > 0
That doesn't look much like Python. :-)
facepalm, that's java. I'll try something more pythony
Also remember that unless find_element returns a number (and based on your code it doesn't), comparing it to 0 isn't likely to work.
You can run your python scripts in PyCharm. There is little need for console commands when you use it.
3:42 AM
Third quarter has picked up, so evening rhubarb for all.
4:37 AM
If anyone has worked with SparseDataFrame objects, I'd like to know if it is possible to idiomatically change the fill value in sparse dfs.
Hmm... I'm starting to get the bad feeling this was homework... stackoverflow.com/q/48161305/4909087
5:28 AM
ok, done with dev survey
I fundamentally disagree with the "order these 11 things" type questionnaires
they should have used pairwise comparison or "rank these 3"
@AnttiHaapala Can you please do something about the ugly code dump above?
 cur.execute("Select * from home_reportcreationdata where query_name = " + queryname)
psycopg2.ProgrammingError: column "query1" does not exist
LINE 1: ...ect * from home_reportcreationdata where query_name = query1
cur.execute("Select * from home_reportcreationdata where query_name = %s", [queryname])
@HiteshRoy there's the three-line code example and a one-liner as the answer
google for placeholders
@AnttiHaapala thanks
@AnttiHaapala more than half of the choices I could care less about.
but as someone commented on meta, there seems to be a Spinal Tap reference in there.
it didn't ask for freeform comments about what sucks :(
also, programming website, and most of the frameworks were drupal, wordpress and alike
5:36 AM
I don't recall that specific question
Hmm what frameworks do you use regularly
And django, spring were there but drupal, wordpress too
I use Django
5:56 AM
I have a string as 25-AUG-2008 DD-MMM-YYYY and I need to convert it to YYYYMMDD like 20080825
I know i can split by - and map AUG to 08 and put it in YYYYMMDD format but it is not a good way
trying something like datetime.strptime("28-AUG-2008",'%D-%M-%Y') is a better way
I tried doing
%b lowercase is for months
datetime.strptime("28-AUG-2008", '%d-%b-%y').strftime('%Y%m%d')
Working for me datetime.strptime("28-AUG-2008", '%d-%b-%Y').strftime('%Y%m%d')
thanks guys
6:23 AM
@cᴏʟᴅsᴘᴇᴇᴅ the Ajax1234 user seems to be only in high-school. He has an impressive amount of knowledge at such a young age.
7:12 AM
7:36 AM
8:18 AM
8:40 AM
Hey guys, quick python question.
I realize that if you type array[...] it means
':' as needed.
But happens if it is
array[..., 1]
and array[..., 0]
i don't quite understand the intuition here.
are we talking about numpy arrays here?
or more list...?
numpy arrays
Well, I just loaded in an image
I assume it loads it as an numpy array.
numpy isn't my area of expertise, sorry
well, for lists, how would you interpret it?
8:54 AM
It means ": for every other dimension"
For an image you need img[:,0] if it's grayscale (2d array) or arr[:,:,0] if it's rgb (3d array) and arr[...,0] works for both (even if it doesn't make any sense in this example)
@Jonathan ^
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10:35 AM
Can anyone suggest me any good residential IP proxy suppliers.Need to buy
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11:56 AM
12:49 PM
> I came across your profile and I would like to offer you a flexible part-time online job.
> As a Web Search Evaluator, […]
nope nope nope nope nope
1:35 PM
@Jonathan I am a beginner at data science, and are currently studying that subject. It means that you select all the item at index 0 in all "dimenions" or lists.
lst = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]
lst[..., 0] # outputs -> 1,4,7
In data science we like to call the lists inside the numpy array for dimensions.
- Could someone tell me why "off-topic" questions isn't deleted? (the question only got one answer)
A: How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion?

jjnguyHow can a post be deleted? By a user: The author can typically delete their own posts at will; for exceptions, see When can’t I delete my own post? below. To delete a post, just use the delete link below it. Moderators can delete any post instantly. Users with reputation ≥ 2k (more precisely, ...

2:15 PM
\o cbg
@poke one day I want to reach that position where people will just ask me if I want their job lol
why their job? This is a normal recruiter spam
I never get recruitment spam :( correction, I've only gotten it twice, one is where I'm currently at, the second came 1 week after I took this position
enjoy that time
I'm assuming all the good jobs aren't going to come to you ?
I would imagine that's how job hunting works. kinda like a stork bringing a baby, there's a email bringing you a job :D
btw Poke, off topic, If I visit Germany, will they be offended or displeased if I don't drink their beer, and only go for the food and scenery? (do you know?)
I'm not German, but I think theyd be fine with it.
You know, it's cool when someone want to visits your country for whatever reason, they don't have to try/taste everything :)
2:31 PM
@MooingRawr nobody will care what do you drink/eat
Are you asking what their reaction will be if they ask you to try their beer and you turn them down?
There is a more than 700 type of beer in Germany
@Rawing more like if i order say a meal and it comes with a beer without me knowing, and I dont drink it, is that offensive/rude to em ?
@Rawing some country has unspoken rules on how to eat their meals and what not. Take Japan, they offer different sizes for the same price, however if you don't finish all your food, that's disrespectful for the chef of the place. So was just wondering if German has any unspoken rules
cbg AD
2:39 PM
@MooingRawr no free beer
It should not be an issue, Germans tend to be explicit when it comes to expectations
I don't think any nation can be so smug to be offended if you don't eat/drink anything they offer you in particular, unless you frown and say something along the lines of "sorry, I hate <your nation's> food and you disgust me"
60 year old me wants to travel the world and just eat different food. current me thinks it might be a little hard with the current economy.
If you go into a "Brauhaus" (brewing hall) and don't order beer, waiters might raise an eyebrow.
you can go with acquaintances and not drink beer, I've done that multiple times
2:42 PM
I imagine most of them will simply assume that you don't drink, and won't bat an eye
it's actually the other way around: don't go to Germany if you're offended by beer :P
@MooingRawr Do whatever you want. (I don’t drink alcohol btw)
plot twist: "we don't consider beer to be alcohol" ;)
3:16 PM
@wim good thing you told me you couldn't reproduce that import issue, I can't reproduce it either on Py 2.7 or 3.6 with Flask stable or master.
and the test they added to the PR passes without the fix
good work? ;)
Morning cabbage.
Stack Overflow is a site on the Stack Exchange network. Stack Exchange network sites are for asking questions and getting answers. I feel unfairly targeted as a site that all of these annoying projects get applied to Stack Overflow and not the network as a whole; it's like we can't have the site we want, which is an SE network site about programming, because you guys keep messing with it because it is "special". There's nothing special about it, it's just the biggest. Stop applying all your company initiatives to one site please. — TylerH 12 mins ago
Very true.
3:25 PM
Isn't there something in that import direction though? I seem to remember that there are things you can do, or at least there used to be, which resulted in you getting a broken module in sys.modules or something. This is very handwavy, but that's all I can remember.
cbg, DSM
Yeah, I vaguely remember it too, and Armin seems to think it's a thing, which is why I don't want to just dismiss the issue.
@poke his comment above that seems rather interesting. I remember last year's survey had a lot more "about programmer" questions than this year
so time to try and break python imports?
@MooingRawr Yeah, I had the same feeling.
3:28 PM
I miss the Tab/4 spaces questions, and I wanted to see how that evolved this year....
StackOverflow generates all the revenue though, right? So it kind of deserves a special status from a business point of view.
@AndrasDeak, @poke: I'm trying to arrange a room general meeting on Monday, 5 Feb. When's a good time of day for you European types? (I'm not sure we'll find a time which works across the planet, but most of us are NorthAm or Europe.)
I don't sleep ever
But really, anything that might interfere will be a last-minute event; no planned unavailability. Thanks for asking :)
Kinda true (on you not sleeping AD), I remember lurking in one day at random times from home, and I still see AD in convos :\
one would say you are like a robot built by Kevin or something
I'm often "in the room" when I'm not actually in the room. I often just don't bother to log out, just walk away.
3:36 PM
@DSM I was reading that message, and in my head I was asking you “is that a monday?” *facepalm*
Anyway, I’m probably here ~11am – 6pm UTC
(wtf head, today is a terrible day.)
hehe :D
@ArneRecknagel All sites in the network have ads. It’s just that SO also has jobs which happens to generate extra money.
I think he also meant the sheer volume of SO traffic
Morning cabbage
3:40 PM
Anyone else with AoC withdrawal checking out Battle Code?
Not that it's really comparable, just a fun coding competition that I stumbled over some time ago
Which happens to have kicked off yesterday
If we go for 4 PM UST that should work for most people except it'll be a little tough on NorthAm west coasters.. @davidism
oh right, I was going to badger @Antti and @davidism to finish AoC
@Arne you need two part 2s yourself
I'm also missing the last few days I think.
ah, correct
It started taking too long. :-( I had to do work work and Flask work, then was visiting family.
3:42 PM
@ArneRecknagel When I have AoC withdrawals, I attempt to finish AoC
With bugs A.1 through A.42 out of the way, I'm finally able to execute my program on the known bad input file and see the error that the user is reporting... Theoretically. The program now runs with no error at all.
case closed \o/
Lucky Kevin, he gets to take the rest of the week off now!
Would anyone mind trying to reproduce this bug so we can get another data point: github.com/pallets/flask/pull/2588
Historically when I put 16 hours into a task and then say that there's nothing I can do, management asks uncomfortable questions
Since they're skeptical of the idea that any of my labor involves things other than adding new bytes to source control
3:45 PM
@Kevin Null bytes are also bytes.
@AndrasDeak Fair enough. Guess I have to clean that up :p
Well, maybe that's an uncharitable framing. But that's how it feels sometimes.
@davidism uuuh are those "set" things just envvars? Do those go in the terminal?
Yeah, it's the windows version of export.
and does flask work like python3 -m flask?
3:47 PM
It should, or you can just use flask.
yup, it does
I don't have a flask, that's why I asked :)
I installed with --user because I'm lazy
Actually, set is the equivalent of just assigning environment variables
Well, you still have flask somewhere, it's just not on your path.
so the MCVE works for me with no errors
I get a runtime warning for flask.cli
@davidism oh, duh
You added a syntax error, then fixed it and reloaded and didn't get an error?
the runtime thing is unrelated
3:48 PM
uuuuh let me get back to you :D
removed the closing quote from the string; refresh gives SyntaxError; undo and webpage reload fixes it again
yep, that's exactly what I did
I tried putting an extra erroneous line at the end, same thing
also: it seems as if flask made it easy to create webpages
that's not a bug, that's a feature
I like lurking here, because you often get to laugh to the monitor.
3:54 PM
And I created a new page for localhost:5000/hi. Welp, I guess I know how to web dev now.
this is great
rhubarb for now
I can't even get the reloading to work at the moment. I think I'm flask-failing.
If you set the FLASK_DEBUG=1 env var, flask run should automatically enable the reloader.
Ah, I found an answer of yours, it's just that the text I was expecting to see wasn't there (stat vs. inotify reloader.)
That answer is surprisingly popular.
The message isn't particularly explanatory..
4:00 PM
187 possible lines where a null reference exception could occur, take one down, pass it around, 186 possible lines where a null reference exception could occur...
It's tricky, because we could add a longer explanation but we don't want to dump a ton of text on users when they start the server.
I'm on 3.5 and debian if it matters
yah! The Internet is broken
kindda hard to do any work without the Internet when all you do is build webapps all day.
@Kevin *cough*
Unless that answer contains the secret of extracting precise line numbers from an environment that has all debug information disabled, I don't know if it's going to be helpful. "Try not to do foo.bar when foo is null" is indeed solid advice, but I have 500 lines worth of foo.bars here.
4:09 PM
Billion dollar idea: put some debug information back in.
“all debug information disabled” – No stacktrace, no nothing?
@davidism: was able to modify, break, and reload without issues, 3.6 / flask 0.12.2 / werkzeug 0.14.1 / watchdog 0.8.3.
I have a stack trace, yes.
at HelperLibrary.Processor.WidgetProcessor.FiveHundredLineLongFunction(Widget w)
at HelperLibrary.Processor.WidgetProcessor.ProcessFromFile(FileInfo file)
at HelperLibrary.Processor.WidgetProcessor.Start()
at MyProject.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\Projects\MyProject\Program.cs:line 16
@DSM Windows?
@davidism: nope, nix. Could try windows as well.
4:11 PM
Yeah, would you mind?
The op was on Windows too, maybe that's it?
@DSM I imagine a toolbelt, made out of a Python, with a Flask and some Werkzeug on it, and being followed by a watch dog.
@Kevin I think I found your problem! FiveHundredLineLongFunction
I've already sent an envelope full of glitter to the original developer, don't worry about that
Also, try commenting out line 16 in Program.cs. Then you should not get any errors.
@davidism: same versions on Windows. Hello, World! / SyntaxError / Hello, World!.
@DSM what about without watchdog?
@MartijnPieters have you heard of circumstances where an error during import leads to an empty module in sys.modules? We're trying to reproduce this bug: github.com/pallets/flask/pull/2588
4:19 PM
windowsapi reloader -> stat, still works.
@davidism not that I can recall, sorry.
@davidism: as the reporter states, this must be something added to their Python stack somewhere.
The normal import machinery is pretty careful about removing the module object for a failed import from sys.modules.
For starters, a SyntaxError in the module itself will guarantee that it is never added in the first place.
Maybe it was something strange about a circular import? I'm convinced I'm not dreaming up this idea that it was possible to get yourself into trouble when importing broken modules once upon a time.
4:44 PM
Ok, refactored the big function into something less insane. Now to twiddle my thumbs till the next push to production.
I've become a professional thumb twiddler.
4:57 PM
@davidism vote to close no MCVE ;)
Yeah, I closed it for now, no one could reproduce it.
I just did hot pot with some friends, and they were about to throw out all the leftover cabbage. I felt as though it was my duty to take it.
Good on you Kevin :D Was the cabbage cooked or uncooked?
uncooked, but I'll do something with it. Throw it in a pot of chicken stock with some kale and a metric ton of garlic.
uncooked cbg to one and all
5:09 PM
I like to just ginger, cabbage, and salt. cutting the cabbage into strips.
It's been raining intermittently here for the last 2 days
I don't dislike the rain? But... it can be annoying when you're trying to get to class
Progress meeting.
Me: I haven't nailed down the problem yet, but I've refactored and added logging which should help diagnose the issue after our next push.
Coworker: Oh, the widget processor error? I think I know what's causing that. Could probably knock it out in ten minutes. Didn't I mention that last week?
Me: [twitch]
To twist the knife further, he probably did mention that, and I just wasn't listening all the way.
There should be a book of common feelings for coders. this is one of those feeling that should be in that book :\
@poke *Werkzeugbelt
5:25 PM
@MooingRawr It can sit right next to the Little Book of Calm (for coders).
@cᴏʟᴅsᴘᴇᴇᴅ #SoCalProblems
Now if you were talking about how there is a mandatory evacuation order due to potential mudslides after the fires in the west hills where this Friday's party is supposed to be, I'd be more sympathetic. Or how you were late for class because your car window was broken after you parked west of campus...
Nature tries fire, someone complains. Nature tries water, someone complains. There's no pleasing you people
Hah! I live a block away from my class building. Exercise!
Well, not much exercise if you're walking a block down, but yeah
5:33 PM
Yep... one block north.
Just realised that giving my address might not be the smartest thing to do, when anyone can read transcripts o.o
lol, I was trying to keep it fairly vague for you... but oh well (-:
If I remember correctly, those were shiny and new last I was down there 7 or 8 years ago.
And the Star Wars premiere must have been a mad house!
5:48 PM
Coworker: This is an easy fix. See, the problem is that the Widget object has a reference to the sprocket property, which is set to null by default. But the database has a `NOT NULL` constraint on that column, so it crashes when you try to save.
Me: Ok, so why does the stack trace point to ProcessWidget(), rather than SaveInitialWidget(), which seemingly runs without issue five lines earlier?
Coworker: uhhh. Let me get back to you on this one.
Time for that well-deserved rest-of-the-week-off
He's probably got an important point there, but it isn't the whole picture. Wish he would check his Ps and Qs before telling management that we'll fix this in ten minutes
Co-worker is probably a smart capable person but fallible. The most obvious fallibility being insecurity where by they attempt to look smart by stating how quickly they could solve the problem. We've all likely been guilty of the same crime once or twice.
He's 100% an incurable optimist.
Well then... tell me where to bring my pitchfork
5:56 PM
always be optimistic at your own account
^ I am confident that this will not overdraw my account #thinkPositive
My local db doesn't have that constraint... I'll try adding it.
*Cause:    an alter table enable constraint failed because the table
           contains values that do not satisfy the constraint.
*Action:   Obvious
Why must you sass me, Oracle -_-
s/at/on/ probably, but too late to edit
Because if you're using oracle, you're probably used to abuse
I wonder how bad it would be to truncate this whole table...
There's a solid 60% chance that it only exists for logging purposes in which case I can clear it out with impunity
6:04 PM
@Kevin does the documentation assume whether the reader is Dutch?
Oracle assumes whatever pleases it at the moment
doesn't sound very oracley to me
It was designed by huffing methane fumes from a crack in the earth
Ah, that kind of oracle. Makes sense.
Which is the one that makes you concerned about global climate change? Oh right, Al Goracle.
6:08 PM
Turns out Delphi was in fact named after Oracle. Another pun ruined.
If that constraint is really in the prod db as {coworker} claims, then this function should not work on any input, and it should never have worked at any point in the past. And yet it's been running properly 99.99% of the time since April.
I wish I could understand these production related woes
maybe it's for the best I don't
The best kind of programs are the ones that only need to run on your specific computer and no-one else's
Then it doesn't really matter if you used backslashes instead of slashes for your file paths, or whatever.
In a perfect world, the production environment would be configured identically to my dev environment. But one might gather from my previous workplace stories, that I'm not in a perfect world
6:33 PM
My prod environment looks so different compare to my dev. Sometimes you just gotta test in prod :\
A few months ago I instructed the student in our group that writing maintainable code is important, since one often forgets that "other people reading your code" also includes yourself in a few months. Today he told me that he dusted off a few older scripts and he had a hard time figuring out a few details. I told him that I had told him so :P
"All places have a dev environment. Some are even lucky enough to have a prod environment."
I've had a few teams where debugging in production was a thing
@AndrasDeak It's amazing how often the person in, "Always code as if the person maintaining your code is a homicidal psychopath who knows where you live" turns out to be future you.
7:05 PM
@Kevin: I've been at meetings for two hours. What's the current status of the hunt?
Coworker says "it definitely used to work, but then something happened in the production database, and now it doesn't work at all". I was incorrect in assuming that it's been 99.99% functional since April; it's been 0% functional but it wasn't important enough to work on until now
I asked "do you think the NOT NULL constraint was added to production, and that's what made it break?" and got a very noncommittal response
Ten minutes is longer south of the border, it seems. ;-)
is slack down?
Then he started talking about the TineCollection attribute of the Widget object, which AFAICT has nothing to do with the column with the new-ish constraint, nor with the null reference error that I'm ostensibly trying to fix
@AndrasDeak Looks like it.
7:19 PM
@AndrasDeak: Slack server errors here, both my work and play.
You have N problems. You say "I know, I'll ask {coworker}". Now you have N+1 problems.
no work and no play makes DSM a dull boy
Does Stackoverflow have a "main" chatroom?
it's all about code and there's no "the code" room :)
there's The Tavern on the Meta on chat.SE, but that's SE-scoped
7:24 PM
That's probably the closest.
I see
Unrelated. Today while trying to solve puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/58907/…;, I constructed a table showing the difference between 2*k and reverse_digits(k) for all integer values of k between 10 and a million. There are many values with a difference of 1 or 2 or 3, etc. But I found only one with a difference of 7: |38*2 - reverse_digits(38)|. I'm curious if there are any other numbers with a difference of 7, beyond the range of a million.
sounds like another Project Euler
@davidism by the way, I looked at the issue linked to that syntaxerror PR, and there seems to be another guy who could repro 6 months ago. Perhaps those two users should cross-correlate their installations...
@Kevin interesting plagiarism discussion in the comment section :)
Other categories with only one member: 10, 20, 28, 30, 31, 34. I'd be interested if there was some underlying pattern to which categories have one member, and which have more than one, and which ones have an infinite number of members.
1 certainly has infinite members, all of the form |3<some number of nines>7 * 2 - 7<same number of nines>3|
6 has an interesting sequence of [(489, 984), (4629, 9264), (46029, 92064), (460029, 920064)]. The initial 8s kind of break up into 6 and 2, and drift apart.
7:40 PM
@Kevin reminds me of a conjecture
Puerile math best math
8:40 PM
You know what’s really odd? Numbers that aren't divisible by two.
I begrudgingly admit that I laureled
Where's davidism when we need him?
He's off training. We're in the filler episodes between arcs right now.
Wow, I just got a text message saying "You Have Been Forwarded An Email Money Transfer And Is Now Available For Deposit"! My lucky day.
8:53 PM
Questions seen today about raw strings that would not have been asked if the OP really grokked that 255 and 0xFF are the same value: 3
Why do people hit "reply-all" for an email that was sent to 1k people :(
At least 0.1% of people are not good at email.
Early rhubarb for all!
rbrb DSM :D
@Kevin I still remember there was an announcement email, and there was this one person who hit reply all stating about an issue they are having... I was like ..... huh? does the whole company need to know you have having an issue? the lead project manager who shot that email was furious at that one person :\
9:07 PM
long time no see Marcus, how are things with you?
same old same old, you?
pretty good, back to the grind
airport lounge cbg
still not home Antti ?
9:13 PM
@MooingRawr, @AnttiHaapala is home
my second home :D
Antti has his own airport at home
So fancy :P
9:18 PM
Hi all, probably a bit of a long shot - anyone used Cuda with Amazon Web Services before?
well, if you're the first one, then you should tell about your experiences
Story time?
"Foreignkey" seems popular today: stackoverflow.com/questions/48163717/…
Antti's point is don't ask if we've used something before if you have a question about it, just ask your question. If your question in itself is if anyone has used it then I'm pretty sure someone has ..
well, frankly, my point was that I haven't used it :D
would be nice to learn something new instead of just fixing everyone else's bugs.
9:20 PM
I don't have a particular question about it - I just wanted to know if anyone had used it. If someone answered yes, I was going to ask of their experience :)
Interesting... well I personally haven't used AWS for that purpose.
my experience is that I'd wanted to know if the AWS cuda could be used for some opengl rendering
I haven't used AWS at all xD
well, I have used it...
am using it every day
expensive but flexible
9:27 PM
Sorry, language is a little too strong for only 5 messages in
Do you not think the situation deserves such potty mouth?
Guess not
This language is not allowed on Stack Exchange (meta.stackexchange.com/questions/22232/…) and in this room in particular
Apologies :)
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