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3:00 PM
So Catalan and Spanish are more similar than English and German, yes?
@MarkO'Sullivan how?
althought spanish has more german roots
and catalan has more occitan roots
for example we say formatge to the cheese, and the spanish say queso
Languages are so fascinating on many levels
queso > kaasÊ < cheese
another cool thing is both spanish and catalan have indoarabic count system
unlike french that is bizarre as fuck
(spa - cat) 1-9 are distinc numbers, 11 - 19 have a special spelling, and the rest follow the same distinct pattern
but we spell hours the brittish way, unlike the spanish. so in spanish 12:30 is "doce y treinta", but in catalan it's " dos quarts d'una" . ( two quarters to 1 / half past 12)
yo wtf stop stalking each other dudes
3:10 PM
yo @Ahmad wazzup
♪ ♫ ♬ Friday! Friday! nanananananaaafriday! ♬ ♫ ♪
3:17 PM
There's a bot command for everything ; for everything else, there's Raghav.
haha that is true ocus
@MehdiB. Command ppap learned
idk just briefly read the messages above^
I think @McAdam331 was selling Facebook IDs. But we stopped it
3:19 PM
Suffering from dyslexia and intentionally not using a spell-checker is covfefe. — Hans Passant 26 mins ago
Also, pretty sure his disease has nothing to do with downvotes
3:28 PM
what's going on WOMP
and how are the Pandas?
i'm melting D:!!
Holy shit! Log.wtf() is a thing developer.android.com/reference/android/util/…, java.lang.String)
gah...blasted formatting
pretty nice! they've got plenty of bamboo and water :3
Also, hi Womp, hi Carl
lol you didn't know that cM?
3:29 PM
hiya cM :D
why are you melting WOMP? Are you a witch that touched water?
cM doesn't get to read the docs much, forget about linking them
Management and all
Nope. And if I did I forgot. But I don't think I did or I would have used it plenty :D
so hot right now
@RaghavSood well it's hard to read docs when you don't know how to read.
3:30 PM
Raghav, I'm actually mostly out of the mgmt biz, atm, and more back into Android
I can read just fine, thank you very much. I just require a lot of pictures with little text
not that kind of hot ¬¬
panda-shame on you!
Aug 11 '16 at 20:56, by Carl Anderson
well, codeMagic, it turns out, never learned to read
3:31 PM
panda shame is the worst kind of shame
Carl, you just have a bookmarked list of "cM burns", don't you? :P
No, he just looks at the last five things you said and computes one on the spot
no, I can just search fast because I know how to type
Reading probably helps with fast searching too, I suppose
Wouldn't know obviously so just supposing
i'm just supposin'
what you're proposin'
yes i'm dancing
3:37 PM
Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.
see now he's going to mars and not taking us with him
@Graeme you happy now?
you made me fix this
wb!! :3
womp i'll need a cool api
for this sassy cool app
3:47 PM
@codeMagic yes since long
hey womp and eric
how is panda lord?
Panda Lord is happy
i'll need a pollable event calendar api
@codeMagic lol looks like he does
3:49 PM
oookay :3
yay \o/ panda
eric panda has gone insane few hours back
lockpicks cat house
that is what womp said^
give him a kit kat
gives panda a kitkat
3:54 PM
steals kitkat
gives kitkat to cat
4:16 PM
does observable get disposed after zip
when the zip's combine method gets the results?
of the 2 observables passed into the zip?
what zip are you talking about?
god dammit it does
i just read the docs
FAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! it disposes em, onComplete is called and gets disposed
i have a lot of re writing to do
but you've gained experience
@CptEric Beautiful :)
Must admit, waaaaaaaay nicer right? :)
4:39 PM
weekend time, cya Wednesday people !
Gotta love listening to network calls sites make, getting the endpoints, and using it for your own gain
4:43 PM
have a nice weekend!!! :D
dont forget her on your weekend^
!/unlearn friday
@DaveS That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: learn
4:44 PM
!/forget friday
@DaveS You are not authorized to delete the command friday
!/forget testing123
@TristanWiley Command testing123 does not exist.
!/forget Adam'sKeystore
@DaveS Command adam'skeystore does not exist.
4:45 PM
!/learn testing123
@TristanWiley Illegal /learn object; see /help learn
!/help learn
@TristanWiley learn: Teaches me a command. /learn cmdName outputPattern [inputRegex [description]]
@DaveS what is lost cannot be forgotten
Android bot said as much, "adam'skeystore does not exist."
4:47 PM
!/forget Adam to stop deleting his keystore. It still
@TristanWiley Command adam to stop deleting his keystore. it still does not exist.
I see now that we just went through that
too late to delete nwo
@Bhargav why is that problematic?
5:20 PM
Adam will you come to my graduation?
5:54 PM
daily reminder: facebook is botnet
6:16 PM
@SomdipDey Welcome. Please read the room rules before participating room-15.github.io
Hello, Android!
6:57 PM
hmm...still not 100% satisfied, but it seems better than my original draft.
strange...I wrote this commit today. But GitHub has a timestamp for 27 May.
I've been rebasing like crazy, so I wonder if that did something to the timestamp.
Did everyone go to lunch without me?
hi everyone. a warm hello from a new comer :)
7:14 PM
somdip, welcome!
7:42 PM
Did everyone go to lunch without me?
I did
but I'm back already
well, I'm hungry. Guess I'd better get lunch.
I don't know what your name being "hungry" has to do with lunch, but ok
I'm in the background of that gif!
7:55 PM
I'm playing with the Android Arch - but I have old multidex version
What multidex version matches android.support 25.3.1
I'm hitting walls too
8:04 PM
Does your car not have brakes? walls don't move
i think soon Graeme is gonna say I am tired of your shit Dave
>.< Still can't find any information about multidex versions anywhere on the internet
Sorry I'm not helpful Graeme, I develop all of my apps in one giant method so I never hit the Dex limit
I wasn't aware multidex had a version
damn i thought i use multidex but infact i didnt :(
isnt multidex multiversioned?
8:07 PM
A: compile 'com.android.support:multidex:1.0.1' happened wrong: all com android support libraries must use the exact same version

dumazyThis is probably an issue with Android Studio 2.3. There's a new inspection that checks if all dependencies of com.android.support use the same version number. However, multidex doesn't have a matching version number. You can disable the inspection via the red light bulb icon next to it as a work...

all hail google
You can thank me by starring one of my cheesy jokes at some point
That's the version I started from...
It's an inspection in Android Studio, not a real error
8:10 PM
@DaveS is that even possible?
I don't think so but if I really did it, I'd be incredibly smart and incredibly stupid at the same time.
Warning:Conflict with dependency 'com.android.support:support-media-compat'. Resolved versions for app (25.3.1) and test app (24.2.0) differ. See g.co/androidstudio/app-test-app-conflict for details.
try from command line with gradelw and you will see
Bah! What is this crap?
Why is playing with gradle always so difficult!
8:12 PM
change your unit testing dependencies
and it's just a Warning that you're not testing the same shit
Apart from I don't have seperate test dependencies >.<
AS autogenerates one for you?
Why would it auto generate an old one o.o
What does your dependencies look like?
Like a billion libraries vomited into a sack
8:14 PM
look for any testCompile lines
mine just has the junit bullshit, but it could be one in there
roboElectric, junit, mockito, assertJ, Mockwebserver,
maybe those dependencies aren't using the new stuff?
anyway it's just a warning, does it work?
Raghhh, I hate this side of programming, where your fighting against your tools.
Nope, doesn't compile
@DaveS more the latter
@Graeme oh i know that
from some idk which version of support libraries they add a entry in manifest with the support library version
8:17 PM
tools are ok, android versioning is a nightmare
Q: Android: how to use Espresso 2.2.2 with Support 25.0.0?

tjm1706How can I get this working? I read many similar strategies, alas. Using a support lib higher than 23.1.1 fails times and again. dependencies { compile 'com.android.support:design:25.0.0' compile 'com.android.support:support-v4:25.0.0' compile files('libs/slf4j-android-1.5.8.jar') androi...

so libraries using different version wont compile
similar error, you can exclude modules from certain dependency thinamajigs
because manifest conflicts
Also, this is just another reason not to put automated testing in your app and just let the users figure it out
8:18 PM
You have to add testCompile and androidTestCompile with the arch libraries to make it work. Don't know why.
8:39 PM
sorry I'm misusing chat for my threading tests LOL
Alright Tristan.
9:11 PM
and one last test
@McAdam331 Rick Astley will let you borrow any movie from his Pixar collection, except one. He's never going to give you Up.
That was Brave Carl.
9:36 PM
and one last test
Hi Ahmad, meet Sandbox. Sandbox, meet Ahmad.
but I needed active users to test this
9:47 PM
lol, yes
1 hour later…
10:52 PM
What were you testing? I don't understand
a simple flask server
Why can't I find simple damn plus/minus signs for my app. I'm sure they exist
I wanted to test how many requests it can handle
10:57 PM
Ah, I see
11:16 PM
@Ahmad that's funny because when you were talking about multithreading I almost linked this
so true tho
11:37 PM
Let's say I want to build a custom image (for example a baseball field) and have button placed in certain places on it
Should I create the image then create a custom view class with the image and add the buttons there?
Or create the whole thing in a custom class?
I'd go with the first, easier to update or make evolve each one independently of the other (if needed)
Ok, thanks. Haven't done much with that so wasn't sure of the best way to go
or if there was something I wasn't aware of. But I'm sure I can't find anything already made for what I want
To be clear, on the first I meant to create the image in an editor and add that to the drawables. Then create buttons on top of that image
Or are you saying to actually draw the image in a View class? Because the second way here seems the most scalable but possibly more difficult also

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