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12:02 AM
can java guys check my comment here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/339329/…?
@rene proxy is really a thing?!
12:22 AM
Hi all. o/
proxy is clean for me
sup nuggets?
@TinyGiant Porst
@BaummitAugen Porost [ˈpɔrɔst] (German Porst) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Bobolice, within Koszalin County, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in north-western Poland.[1] It lies approximately 6 kilometres (4 mi) south-east of Bobolice, 42 km (26 mi) south-east of Koszalin, and 148 km (92 mi) north-east of the regional capital Szczecin?
12:38 AM
More like some variant of "prost" here.
But unclear for this audience I would agree. XD
Not referring to any villages here. =D
> Is that the exact error? Yes. Ok, here's some relevant info. Oh but the error also goes on to say X. facepalm
5 hours later…
@PranavCBalan Use this script to generate a template report github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/UserScripts/blob/master/…
@Enzokie : how can Install ?
You need to download Tampermonkey in Chrome or Moz
@Enzokie : thanks ;)
6:44 AM
The NAA queue has gone to 3 pages. Lots of work
@BhargavRao Do mods have delete limits?
@AndrewLi nope
6:59 AM
@AndrewLi Yep. It's equal to the number of posts on Stack Overflow
delete thz queztionzs
@BhargavRao i must say that is a very big limit
@BhargavRao Lucky :(
@AndrewLi well became a mod then mountain
in SOBotics, 1 min ago, by NATOBot
Feeds @Kyll
BR is this still there^
7:07 AM
Bah. I told someone to comment instead of answering if they don't have an answer to the problem (they had a nitpick and acknowledged that it didn't fix the issue) and I was called pretentious
if not i am going to answer him^
@ColdFire Close it.
@ColdFire I've seen many questions like that : Dupe
Don't answer no-effort questions
7:13 AM
well i found a dupe
RIP my rep :(
7:27 AM
Incredible amount of subpar questions at night...
7:42 AM
@FOX9000 that should've been approved...
or rejected for a different reason
@Braiam it appears so, yes. It could be the pattern?
why surprise at being a tag?
it's a common tool for web browsing, no doubt there are a thousand questions about it a year
'how to make a proxy' 'list of proxies' 'how to access a proxy when its blocked'
'are proxies secure'
'cant access proxy on the network' etc.
yeah, but in that context it is more suited for SU
well, yeah, they're mostly off-topic
but that's because it's such a common thing
any topic that's common is bound to have a lot of off-topic questions about it
@PranavCBalan what is :uc?
you just posted that
what is :u
7:50 AM
Hmm, that was unclear for us
question seems clear to me and to you since you gave some answers in the comments
most likely a dupe of at least a dozen questions
8:10 AM
Just VLQ for me.
1 shot delete :(
Mods don't even get the confirmation dialog.
Just one click poof.
with thz power , comes more thz powerz
@BhargavRao don't click the Stack Overflow logo though. Then the whole sites goes poof ... without a confirmation dialog ...
@rene dont worry we will still have meta to complain about mods abusing thz powerz
8:17 AM
@ColdFire that would be the ultimate meta post ;)
And the answer from BR: the flower told me not to click the logo, but I tried anyway
a new mod just poofed the site
@rene makes sense
possibly a bug report also
yeah, but tagged
8:21 AM
also another answer from BR: i just tested to see if this feature works, and it works, yay!
9:05 AM
@cricket_007 a cv-pls from yesterday is brought up on meta. @Braiam already left a comment that can go as an answer. Can you provide an proper answer there?
9:37 AM
^ still no MCVE, expect typo
9:52 AM
Do you have any opinions about this edit? It's pretty good, but my concerns are the random case changes and the bizarre whitespace in the pseudo-identifier at the end.
@NisseEngström it is an indentation style, not one I would use but it seems OK or at least improved enough to me
@Yam improved but still unclear, maybe one of the JS guys here can have a look?
10:42 AM
@rene I edited the odd bits. According to the MySQL documentation, table names are often case sensitive.
OK, didn't realize the case-sensitivity of MySql for tables
And the same user changes the case in the question as well...
11:25 AM
@rene Done
12:00 PM
@cricket_007 thanks
Guys, is this rude? stackoverflow.com/questions/41061325/… Possibly I was pissed off too.
Though surely the rhoomba vil get it?
It has answers, so I doubt.
12:06 PM
1 deleted answer
Can't delete the req,
Just make sure you're not just because you're mad at the OP :)
@PraveenKumar yes, it is, even by my standards
@rene :o
12:11 PM
Okay, will remove it now.
and the del-pls gets roomba-ed anyway so I ditched that one
12:27 PM
atracted a lq answer ^
Hi all
Hiya @tuna and @baum
12:59 PM
@rene Even if it has a deleted answer?
1:35 PM
@PraveenKumar deleted answers don't count, i think
2:13 PM
2:46 PM
Day 10 done!
@Tunaki day 10 of what?
of that
!!/test つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ
!!/test ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つAsk Les༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ
@Undo SD didn't catch this stackoverflow.com/a/41076766/4099593 even though !!/test detects it.
3:26 PM
@BhargavRao did the socket just glitch at that time?
Ah, Socks are always troublesome.
Be it sock puppets or web sockets
and when one from a pair mysteriously vanishes even though you could swear you put it in the washing machine :)
Where can I find the Enhanced Review userscript? The link on Stack Apps is dead.
@BhargavRao could you give the markdown of the post? <10k users can't see anything
@AshishAhuja ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つAsk Les༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ
3:37 PM
!!/test-a ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つAsk Les༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ
> Mostly non-latin answer
Post - Text contains 12 non-Latin characters out of 18
Sometimes, the results of !!/test and !!/test-a differ, but not in this case.
What's test-a?
test ashish? test again?
sorry, I went afk for a bit to get water. I'm back
@BhargavRao test answer
@BhargavRao test answer, see the commands.
3:39 PM
ugg, wrong guess
With !!/test you test a title of a question.
does editing in grace period bump on the realtime page?
its possible that it would have been different in the grace period, and apparently after the edit in the grace period, it didn't get bumped and checked by smokey.
you modz can't see a grace period error, can you?
@AshishAhuja nobody can
huh, then my theory is possible.
Yes, you make sense ;)
3:42 PM
I know the sopy team had a bot one that watched the web sockets for new posts that recorded edits made in the grace period and kept 'em... can't remember what we did with that now...
I'm afk now, had just popped for a quick visit.
4:07 PM
fp, but a rather dubious username. Should I mod-flag that?
@Glorfindel well... I've reset it anyway... I'm sure it's probably a valid name somewhere... but well... just seems too much a coincidence...
@Glorfindel It seems that a mod already handled that.
@JonClements OK, thanks.
5:03 PM
@Glorfindel moved it out of our transcript....
@rene sorry - wasn't sure if I should have removed it myself or left it as part of something the ROs should do
would you have preferred I deleted it?
meh, you're OK ...
Have a scooby snack
5:21 PM
de-leet all teh tings!
@TinyGiant did you just say "delete all the tinies"? umm... okay :p
I would say too broad... ^^^
Oh hi @Jon o/
scooby snacks for jon
@PraveenKumar what's wrong with that exactly? It's closed - fine. But that answer seems valid?
5:27 PM
@JonClements LoL. Jon, that is not even an answer for the current question.
Read both the question and answer. And see my answer, which could be a starting point.
sighs - I'll leave it to the community then
this is beautiful... look at that imposing search box
@SmokeDetector cv-pls
5:54 PM
@JonClements lol
Put the search bar on a new line. Make it the entire width. Make the font size large. Change the search button to say "Ask". Move the ask question button to the bottom of the search page with a banner saying: "Didn't find what you were looking for? Ask a new question". This would force the user to have to look at search results for their question before asking a new question. It might also benefit from a better search algorithm(s) — Tiny Giant 1 hour ago
Stack needs to focus on serving answers that already exist to people before they go and ask a new question.
@Yam one of the answer was edited right now. Weird coincidence.
@TinyGiant Big red blinking bars? Improving the possibly asked popup when a question is written? (Red Alert Sound played additionally maybe :P)
Nah, just synonymize searching with asking. If the user has to first type their question into a search bar, then read at least one page of search results before being shown the ask question button, then they are much more likely to actually search for their question before asking. Though, the search algorithm definitely needs improvement.
6:09 PM
@TinyGiant they should gather a group of volunteers, who regularly browse new questions, see if they have been asked before, and close them as duplicates. That's much easier (for them).
@TinyGiant "Though, the search algorithm definitely needs improvement." I have to admit that is true. They should ask @Petter.
@Glorfindel isn't that status quo?
@TinyGiant What if we literally smack them in the face with the search results dialog? As in, print it out on their printer, roll up and swing?
@JanDvorak sorry, forgot to add </sarcasm> there.
@JanDvorak It needs improvement.
6:11 PM
</sarcasm> I think labeling a search box "ask" goes too far. Although...
I'd still support that.
But then again it won't pass because it would reduce SE's ad revenue.
would it?
Something like incorporating the google search engine and using a database of key phrases might help to improve the popup. That google search is what serves me best in finding appropriate dupes. Can't see why a bot couldn't do such.
A crappy question = question + 5 closers = 6 ad impressions. An unasked question = 1 ad impression, maybe. Just guessing, though.
@JanDvorak A good bunch of crappy questions make answerers happy: they are easy to answer
The more ad impressions
6:23 PM
that question is from a bot
or from a troll
SE is incredible, you can post gargabe, and be sure someone is going to edit and try to put it into shape
Guys, In for a bit. manga named account is trolling us from yesterday. Just take care and don't feed the trolls.
Ciao, Gotta leave.
@BhargavRao would flagging as abusive be warranted?
Depends totally on the post.
Hm. That one was nuked from flags.
6:35 PM
@BhargavRao =/
But anyway, cya o/ :)
Screwed up some stuff in a project, So need to tend to that. I'll be online, Ping me if the need be.
needs locking
and d6es
@Tunaki those answers are weird. Commented on one of them since that one literally says "This is not exactly the answer", and the other two are plain code dumps
BR locked the post, so that's that taken care of. Thanks BR!
6:54 PM
@Machavity roomba will take care of it
@Machavity there's an edit to reject
@Adriaan well, the answer says more than that.
@Tunaki I'm not sure if giving the +2 to later remove them will do any good?
@Braiam it won't. The edit is a waste of time for everyone
well, unless you do a reject & edit, it will waste the same amount of time as approving it
7:05 PM
Plus the reopen queue
do any edit push into the queue? There was a cut off, no?
cut off?
I don't think so
amount of characters edited to be eligible?
I'm not aware of that.
@Braiam but if we approve it we'll give the author +2, so they'll make more edits like that and waste more time
7:09 PM
@NobodyNada I feel that if you want someone to stop doing something, it has to hurt... what hurts more than obtaining something to being later stripped?
@JanDvorak Start a new mail-a-smack service. "We'll show up at the person's door and smack them with whatever you want us to."
@Braiam An edit ban?
@Braiam Any edit once the question has been closed, regardless of the size and nature of the edit, will push the post into the reopen queue. This only happens once. So if it is a trivial meaningless edit, they are actually robbing the OP of the best chance to get their question reopened
@Braiam A kick in the bum with a frozen boot?
7:12 PM
next FR: the edit to reopen mechanism should ignore whitespace only edits
@Braiam What if the question was closed because of code lost in formatting?
should ignore edits that are less than ~50 characters
@JanDvorak I doubt that would ever happen
but it would surely be easily reopened even without hitting the queue
@JanDvorak that would be an edge case I would be happy to see happen ;)
not "tagged" code is not a closable offense
@TylerH It has actually happened. HTML code is stripped out if it is not properly indented
7:14 PM
@TinyGiant the close-reopen thing?
No, the close because code is invisible thing
When the OP includes an mcve, but fails to indent the code so it is stripped out of the displayed version
(I need to watch html questions) btw, there seems to be no more html pure questions
@TinyGiant yeah, that's the one exception where it could happen since it is escaped
You know what would be smart? Instead of stripping it out, just display it as text.
7:15 PM
Technically speaking the HTML is still present as HTML
@TinyGiant <noscript>?
@Braiam ?
@TinyGiant wait, how would you prevent the browser from trying to interpret the html?
@Braiam &lt;noscript&gt;
7:17 PM
that sounds more complex than what it's worth
It's just one command
The tricky part is choosing what to escape
@JanDvorak my point
I prefer the "it seems that you have unformatted code" warning
if you ignore it, it's at your own peril
@JanDvorak The system already chooses what to eswcape when it strips it out.
Instead of string.replace(/fancy regex/, '') it would be string.replace(/fancy regex/, encodeHTMLEntities)
not exactly, but you get the idea
7:24 PM
@Braiam There are lots of times where that will not show up.
coulda been 18 but my request is only at 4 votes nobody loves me boohoohoo wahahahaha
oh, I'm just hungry. Brb eating a Snickers
ugh, and now that typo question has an answer because it's not closed yet
Lots. And lots. Of spam requests. I need help weedwacking. stackoverflow.com/documentation/javascript?tab=requestedtopics
@AndrewLi case in point @TinyGiant :-P See my edit
@StephenLeppik "an error" occurred :-(
do I need a badge in JS or something?
Error occurred...
@TylerH I think that means it's already been dismissed or something.
7:50 PM
oh, it is being dismissed but it's not live updating
we need a mod
a CM actually
@StephenLeppik Anyway to get a mod and nuke the user?
And dismiss em all?
let me hop in the doc beta chatroom
> Is It Correct To Use .... , inside ?
@AndrewLi Nuking the user apparently doesn't nuke their topic requests apparently…
@AndrewLi different users, too
it's already posted above, Praveen :-)
Andrew Li's last cv-pls
7:54 PM
@StephenLeppik tragic
@TylerH dang
@StephenLeppik Oh god
We need more than people here
We need a bot dismissing the 28 PAGES
815 spam topic requests? dafaq?
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