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12:00 AM
@Closey starting
@KevinGuan May the Vote be with you!
@SmokeDetector That's not phone number :)
12:20 AM
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 23 hours to continue reviewing.
@KevinGuan Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@KevinGuan Your last completed review session ended 10 seconds ago and lasted 20 minutes and 25 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 30 seconds.
@Closey audit stats
@KevinGuan I don't have any of your audits on record, so I can't produce any stats for you.
12:21 AM
@Closey start event
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
8,571 need review
51 reviews today
2,914,277 reviews all-time
The tags to work on are: , , .
Okay, thanks @Closey. I'll go to review other queues.
@KevinGuan Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
Yeah, I know :P
There is some link-only answers in this question, what do you think?
@KevinGuan They all look okay except for stackoverflow.com/a/3790183/1849664
A: Java: Equivalent of Python's range(int, int)?

kindallNothing built-in, but Googling reveals ways to add it. Here are a couple (a serious bug is noted in the first one, however)

My rule is to read it without the links, and see if it tells me anything useful
12:30 AM
@Undo Looks like that's a broken link.
@KevinGuan That doesn't help either
@Undo Yeah, I found it when I'm reviewing Low Quality Posts, here: stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/10175053
huh, not reviewable
@Undo Really? I've just reviewed it 5 mins ago.
Oh, probably because I already flagged it
So many little intricacies in the system
12:33 AM
@Undo Oh, maybe that is.
A low quality post from 77.4k rep, well...
Great, very close:
This one should be an edit, not an answer right?
@KevinGuan I would say so
@Undo Okay, Recommend Deletetion.
@Undo This is a StackOverflow question. I'd suggest andrewle vote to close this question as duplicate instead of post another answer. — Kevin Guan 2 mins ago
@KevinGuan You're probably right, but when I looked at it I decided that it isn't my area of expertise.
I'm really not comfortable making duplicate calls on things I don't know about
12:49 AM
@Undo Ah, right. Actually I also don't know anything about ruby. Just telling andrewle that next time use flag or close vote instead of a new answer.
@KevinGuan Absolutely
Maybe that review comment could be changed to detect whether a link to another SO post is there, and automatically change to suggest voting to close as a duplicate.
@Undo That's a good idea. However I agree.
Is this answer spam?
@KevinGuan It's an audit
Wait, nevermind
It's a real thing
I wouldn't call it spam
His other answer isn't promoting the same thing
I agree. I don't think it's a particularly helpful answer, but probably not spam.
@Undo Well, that's okay. But that answer isn't a answer right?
Also, is that question about general computing hardware and software(I mean visual-studio-2013) and not about programming?
Hey @gunr2171 :)
1:01 AM
hello, I'm in for a bit
I'm on the fence for this one... I think it was a legitimate attempt at answering the question, and the question lends itself to tool answers even though it isn't an explicit request
@KevinGuan Questions about tools commonly used for programming are on-topic here
And I wouldn't call the question off-topic either
@Undo Ah, got it.
If it's a legitimate attempt as answering the question, we shouldn't delete it from review.
1:03 AM
@Undo Well, should I choose Looks OK?
I would
It's not a gem, but it's not completely crap either
@Undo Ah, there is other 2 Looks OK and none of Recommend Deletion...except yours. Sorry for that I manufactured confused.
@KevinGuan Mine was because I assumed it was an audit
I opened the user page and had the tab set to 'questions', and of course I didn't see anything.
@Undo Yeah, there is only 2 answers.
Should we flag code-only answers as low-quality? Sometimes these maybe very helpful.
Review finished, I think I need a cup of !!/tea
1:19 AM
@KevinGuan brews a cup of earl grey tea for @KevinGuan
@SmokeDetector Ah, thanks :)
2:11 AM
@Closey starting
@Mogsdad Good luck!
passed c++11 audit
passed c++ audit
inb4 passed c audit
passed scala audit
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 21 hours to continue reviewing.
@Mogsdad Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
2:21 AM
@Closey last session stats
@Mogsdad Your last completed review session ended 11 seconds ago and lasted 9 minutes and 44 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 14 seconds.
@closey audit stats
@Mogsdad Stats of all tracked audits by tag:
 | Tag Name      | %     | Count |
 | javascript    | 19.44 | 7     |
 | c++           | 19.44 | 7     |
 | php           | 8.33  | 3     |
 | r             | 8.33  | 3     |
 | c#            | 8.33  | 3     |
 | android       | 5.56  | 2     |
 | java          | 5.56  | 2     |
 | scala         | 2.78  | 1     |
 | fortran       | 2.78  | 1     |
 | c++11         | 2.78  | 1     |
 | angularjs     | 2.78  | 1     |
 | sql           | 2.78  | 1     |
 | architecture  | 2.78  | 1     |
@Mogsdad Well, why does when I run command audit stats, Closey always says that I don't have any of your audits on record, so I can't produce any stats for you.? He has tracking me two days.
The "passed" messages aren't bragging!
2:24 AM
@Mogsdad Ah, understand.
@Mogsdad orly? :p
Be careful not to "quote" them with >. I'd been doing that, and learned that Closey misses them.
@Mogsdad Seen that, what does it do? When should I tell Closey that?
@cimmanon Hiya. I've been doing my daily after dinner lately, when the girls settle in for whatever is on TLC.
@KevinGuan You never have to. My thought had been that it made the messages stand out less in the transcript, so people would skim them.
> because quotes look quieter.
@Mogsdad would that be "storage wars houston" or "storage wars austin"? :p
2:28 AM
@cimmanon More like My Big Fat Wonderful Food Truck of Little People Hoarding Wives
@Mogsdad Oh, thanks :P
@Mogsdad husband says, "id watch it, you should apply for a job as programming director of TLC"
@cimmanon A new career path! Yay!
My cable bill makes me sick - all that money every month, and nothing worth watching.
we dont even own a tv anymore. the only time i miss it is when i am reminded that i have good console games that have been packed away
@Mogsdad wow, thats like the question that everyone forgot. no upvotes or anything
@cimmanon It just popped up in the suggested edit queue because someone wanted to edit 1 tag out of it.
Hmm. Irshad is busy removing from multiple posts.
2:36 AM
same user has another similar quality question
@Mogsdad Yeah, I also seen him when I'm reviewing.
What's wrong with these users or ?
@cimmanon Yeah... but he's not replacing the tag, he's just removing it. I just rejected an edit on a question that was about Android app styles, but would have been left tagged with only . Besides, the auto-editor found 11 spelling and grammar mistakes as well.
NO sub-2K user should be doing piles of tag removals.
@Mogsdad So what can we do?
2:42 AM
@KevinGuan The most recent suggestion (from Shog9, IIRC) is to flag one of the user's posts with a custom flag, report the inappropriate edits, and leave it to a mod to edu-ma-cate them. I'm on it.
@Mogsdad Got it :)
Also too broad, all tags are language tag.
@KevinGuan For reference, here's what I flagged with. We'll see what happens.
This <2K user has been making many unsubstantial edits just removing the tag from questions. Such as this, this, this(rejected), this, and more. The edits should be more substantial, and would be better left to >2K rep users.
DANG IT! My puppy just came in with another Owl Pellet. I hope she hasn't eaten any of it...
@Mogsdad Hmm...I approved this one because I think the title edit is fine, isn't it?
2:57 AM
@KevinGuan On it's own, it appears so. But the question has substantial things wrong with it that a tag & title edit won't fix. Therefore, it should not be edited. (I voted to close, no MCVE.)
@Mogsdad last two should be nucked from orbit
I've invited Irshad here, as the tag removals continue. Hopefully he drops in to chat.
@Mogsdad Ah, forget that. However that edit has been ejected. So what'll happens?
@Mogsdad meh, a downvote has the same effect and it is faster!
@KevinGuan Nothing. Edit suggestion rejected means the question remains as it was prior to the suggestion. The close votes survive.
@Braiam Also good.
3:03 AM
@Mogsdad Oops, looks like I forget vote to close it...done. :)
Hi Irshad - Welcome to Stack Overflow. When you have a chance, please read this. You're invited to chat about it in the SOCVR Chat Room - we love improving the content on the site! — Mogsdad 25 secs ago
Just so you all know, and in case I'm not here if/when Irshad drops in, this is a note I added to one of their questions. At issue is some 45 edits today that were predominately tag-only, wrt .
@Mogsdad Good job, should I say this to all of editor who remove tag?
@KevinGuan Ideally, these sort of cleanups should be done by a community of users; we have coordinated tag burnination here in past. As long as the effort is community-backed, with a Meta post explaining it, and with Shog's approval, then the edits are fine. (That's what alludes to, btw... the proposed policy of waiting for his go-ahead has sidetracked our burnination for almost two months now.)
But when reviewing edits, if you see tag removals you should check them. If no more relevant tag replaces the removed tag, consider rejecting the edit.
@Mogsdad Another question: What does Shog mean?
@Mogsdad Okay :)
@KevinGuan You'd have to ask Shog9 yourself what that means... I think it means "don't ask"!
Shog9 is a SO employee / dev / community manager / standard setter / demi-god / lawn-bowler. He/She drops by here once in a while to offer guidance. You'll find the name on many of the Meta FAQs.
3:17 AM
@Mogsdad Wow...understand now.
someone removed styles tag from my question. And it felt strange to me. So i took a look at styles tag. And i found that it doesn't have a specific meaning and it need not to be used. So, I started removing those from the older questions.
Hey @Irshad, but that doesn't help people. Actually that will increase Suggested Edits review queue size...@Mogsdad Am I right?
Hi Irshad - thanks for coming!
Yeah, Kevin, that's one affect.
@KevinGuan okay i won't do that now. and @Mogsdad its okay
Appreciate that - but wait!
3:25 AM
no problem
It's great that you care about quality - that's why all the regulars in this chat room are here.
Rather than stopping, we'd love to help channel your enthusiasm!
Edits that REPLACE the with another relevant tag would be good - and ideally they should also address all other issues in the question.
For instance - one of the suggested edits I rejected... (give me a sec...)
The question would have been left with just 1 tag, android. But there is an android-styles tag that is less vague than just styles.
Also, if a question has lots of issues and can not be fixed, please flag/vote to close it.
You can see the full edit here: stackoverflow.com/posts/11856036/revisions
do we have a meta post somewhere that shows all the changes one should make? removing "fluff", etc.
@KevinGuan Yep - the goal is to really improve what we can, and help remove what can't be brought up to standards. That's all!
Any questions, @Irshad?
You're welcome to drop by any time you want, to ask questions about editing, voting, whatever!
3:30 AM
nope. Got it. (Y)
Okay thank you @Mogsdad
No problem. FYI, I've deleted the comments I left for you.
@Mogsdad Great, I'll add this into my profile :P # kidding but maybe it's really a good idea.
Kevin, are you using the auto-edit script?
3:34 AM
i think ive solved my query problem :D
@Mogsdad Which one? I'm just using auto-comment.
@KevinGuan Love that script - but this is for when you're editing posts, your own or other people's. The most recent version was announced here.
Just view the source of editor.user.js raw, and monkey should pick it up.
@Mogsdad Let me check that.
When reviewing suggested edits, I like to see if I can improve good edits with it. It catches thousands of common spelling & grammar mistakes.
Installed. Actually my Chrome can check if there is spelling mistakes, any difference between them?
Ah, I understand the difference. This one can auto change them and show what's changed, so good :)
What about this question?
Q: Unity DLL File Load Error .. T^T

COwli'm Korean Client Programer. um.. i'm not speak English! please Help me! My Question is.. Excute Project -> Load Dll -> if(Setup Visual Studio) -> Success but Excute Project -> Load Dll -> if(Not Setup Visual Studio) -> Fail Why.. ?? please Answer Me !

Maybe little unclear?
> You may cast up to 50 close votes per day.
Does anyone think that we don't have enough close votes? I always spend 30-40 close votes when review, then I don't have enough close votes to close other low quality questions.
3:58 AM
@KevinGuan I hit that in the queue, too. Edited it.
@KevinGuan A lot of what it fixes isn't picked up by Chrome's spell check, unless you add lots of techie terms to the dictionary. However the spell check does highlight normal words that aren't commonly wrong on SO. If there are less than say 1000 examples of a word mis-spelled here, I don't bother autocorrecting it. If you find any, though, you can let me know or create a new issue on GitHub.
@KevinGuan Yes! this, this, this, this, this, etc., etc., etc.
@Mogsdad Yeah I realize that. Is there any other good scripts recommend? However I've installed some SOCVR user scripts, and Desktop Notifications for Stack Exchange app.
@Mogsdad Okay.....
@KevinGuan See our user script page: github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/UserScripts
@Mogsdad Well I said that I checked it :)
I maintain the Tag List portion of the Burninator ToolKit. It's handy when you're dealing with lists of posts, because you can quickly open many of them, and keep track of what you've already touched.
@Mogsdad Looks good :)
@Mogsdad Please note, the tag burninator script requires 10k rep to use. Sorry, noobs!, really?
4:12 AM
@KevinGuan Not the tag list, just the retagger (which I don't use).
The retagger relies on inline tagging privileges.
But when retagging, we've found that it's essential to leave comments on every edit, pointing to the Meta post.
So inline tagging is not a bulk-edit activity.
@Mogsdad Ah, understand.
I use the list tool to edit posts with egregious spelling mistakes, like "javscript" for example. Just query a set, then hit the pink bar to start opening posts to edit.
@Mogsdad Wow, just tested, very good.
Also, the auto-edit script can auto remove "thanks"...love it.
@Mogsdad it's actually "janitor", ya know?
This is odd... I have 15 close votes remaining, but I did 40 in the review queue.
4:21 AM
@Braiam hehe
And sometimes "cat herder"
@Mogsdad Well, now I only have 10 close votes remaining.
@KevinGuan 40 + 10 = 50, that makes sense.
But where am I getting extra votes? Not that I'm complaining...
@Mogsdad Maybe...post deleted?
@KevinGuan I guess that could be, if the OP decided to end the downvote parade.
Uhoh... forgot to walk the dog. Gotta go! G'Nite folks!
4:26 AM
@Mogsdad bye
4:50 AM
@SmokeDetector Deleted
2 hours later…
6:47 AM
@SmokeDetector Deleted
@Mogsdad That auto-edit script is excellent. But is there an auto add new lines script?
7:10 AM
@SmokeDetector Closed
@Am_I_Helpful Wow, I've voted on this question yesterday.
What about this question?
Q: Augmented reality with swift (something like Flightradar24)

pavel_sI'm creating an app, that could spot people using iBeacon technology. So now i want to create a feature to show people that are near me using iPhone camera. Basically it should look like FlightRadar24 app function, that draw airplane names above video. What should i use to draw something(for exam...

Hm, so that women in programming meta got closed and re-opened again...
And has 3 cv's again...
@Cerbrus Page Not Found
Whoops, fixed
Well, asked yesterday, 99 upvotes and 45 downvotes...And three close votes.
What? Whose idea to ask a question like this? Looks like off-topic here.
After being closed twice, reopened by users once, and reopened by a mod that has an answer on there once more
Also, upvotes =/= good question.
> 1. FACT: This is a discussion, not an answerable question; I threw out questions to stimulate a discussion
From the OP. She herself stated multiple times that the question is off-topic for SO.
7:25 AM
Okay...I'm reading that question(or discussion), very long...
See ya in 2 hours xD
Okay, bye :)
7:40 AM
@SmokeDetector Deleted
Morning o/
Morning :)
@SmokeDetector Deleted
I just realized... The more women hide their gender on SO, the less there appear to be right? So, the minority appears smaller, "forcing" more women into hiding...
@Cerbrus Since I'm not a woman...why?
Meta discussion about that stuff
Apparently some women feel the need to hide their gender on SO
7:48 AM
@Cerbrus So what do you think about that question?
It's off-topic on SO. SO already deals with harassment very well.
The fact that there are so few women in the programming world, isn't something SO can solve
I think the problem is that a minority of the women on SO think it's a big deal what gender someone is, while it really isn't.
@Cerbrus I'm back, I think this question is important, but as you said, this question SO can't solve, also off-topic on SO.
if you want to be treated like everyone else, stop trying to be special
privileges are another form of discrimination
This ^
oh and this.‌​..
7:57 AM
A: Diminishing Numbers of Women in Programming and the SO Experience

CerbrusI just realized this... A portion of the female users on SE feel, for one reason or another, uncomfortable to identify as "female" in their accounts. So, what already is a minority appears to consist of even less users. From this, I'd conclude that hiding one's gender really is counter-product...

@poke Or maybe Counter here?
@KevinGuan Target question includes that as the second answer
Just noticed this blog post that was written yesterday. Maybe it was written because of the meta post?
@poke Great, seen that. And voted.
@Thaillie Possibly
8:01 AM
@Unihedron I'd vote to close it as POB.
@KevinGuan I'd nuke it but I need a diamond
@Unihedron :D
Performance is not opinion based. It should be on code-review, or too broad.
Heh, addition to that meta answer I just posted:
Oh, and before anyone replies with "You're a guy, you don't know how women feel being the minority!": Among other significant minorities, I'm a guy that rides horses. — Cerbrus 25 secs ago
@Cerbrus Well, I voted to close it as POB because my choose is POB :P. However OP asked Fastest 3d flood fill....
Hey, as long as it's got the close-vote
8:17 AM
@Cerbrus Well, however I closed it. This question really off-topic here. Also little POB.
Let's see if it holds this time
8:34 AM
What to do with this question? stackoverflow.com/questions/33667115/…
@Thaillie Maybe too broad?
8:52 AM
@Thaillie offtopic -> reccomandation/how to
@Undo Hey, when I'm looking for an auto-comment, I find this:
> Link Only same site
> Please don't post link only answers to other Stack Overflow questions. Instead, vote/flag to close as duplicate, or, if the question is not a duplicate, tailor the answer to this specific question.
@SmokeDetector Deleted
Lol, third time this meta question was closed :p
@Thaillie Yeah, the last close vote was mine :)
And it has 3 re-open votes again
@Cerbrus Ah, I don't think this is interesting...
9:05 AM
well, voted to reopen. I agree it is opinion-based but it's interesting to read other people's opinion on this question. And with 11 answers, I guess people are also happy to give their opinion
Hi good morning
@Tunaki As I said, it also off-topic.
@TimCastelijns Good morning Tim :)
@Tunaki Answers and upvotes don't make a question on-topic.
And "opinions" is all that thread is.
Let's put it this way: What does SO gain by re-opening that question, @Tunaki?
"Which language is the best" will likely also produce interesting to read answers
9:08 AM
Lol, about this image:
Technically, the last 3 are a species
@Cerbrus :D
Morning all!
9:10 AM
@TimCastelijns not so sure about that "which language is the best" is generally more about rants (and opinioned-rants are the worst)
Good Morning :)
@Tunaki You don't need to look that hard to find rants in the meta post
@Tunaki I imagine several people posting about their own fav language, leaving out any ranting. But that is too much to ask for I suppose :P
@TimCastelijns We actually had a post like that from back in the day
I'm not saying I want that post, but if it existed, that is how I'd imagine it
9:12 AM
But I believe that got closed recently
First, he answers with the default placeholder text
and then he edits with the placeholder text of edits!
Chinese and pointless edit comment.
What does the fact poster is Chinese have to do with it?
@Tunaki while we are there anyway, is that question too broad?
@TimCastelijns I don't know Facebook API that well, but MCVE would be a start
9:22 AM
In the sense that OP should have tried himself, and posted an MCVE of how it was not working?
See, I said that there's no enough close votes. Now I haven't any close votes.
Maybe the CV should be revamped from Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?") must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest code necessary to reproduce it in the question itself. to Questions seeking help must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest code necessary to reproduce it in the question itself.
9:34 AM
I hate that I have no more close votes...
Well since your question is too broad - answers anyway and doesn't VTC
@TimCastelijns Yes, agree.
How should we flag that answer?
@TimCastelijns Not?
On closer inspection, it may be a link only answer, since he points to a list on another site
9:38 AM
@TimCastelijns Hmm...yes it's.
What I meant earlier was that it's not forbidden to answer a bad question. If the answer was good, it would have been fine
@TimCastelijns Well, but that answer isn't good right?
It needs improvement that is for sure
I asked him to extend his answer with some "obvious choices"
@TimCastelijns Oh, see that :)
9:53 AM
@TimCastelijns Looks like that answer's OP didn't see your comment and got one upvote.
He did edit his answer
@TimCastelijns But just added more links, right?
Basically he added "the best one is jekyll"
@TimCastelijns Sound like little POB.
9:58 AM
@Tunaki Sure
@KevinGuan the question itself is POB because it asks what is the best language to do X
@TimCastelijns Ah, I wish that question be closed or improved immediately.

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