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12:41 AM
@TinyGiant I'll add boundaries for VB.NET, although we didn't have them before. There are 5.6K VBox posts and 67K VBA, so avoiding them is worthwhile.
1:20 AM
@Closey starting
@approxiblue Good luck!
passed android audit
passed c++ audit
@TinyGiant Done, see update. (Didn't up-version, sorry.)
The question in this audit is so vague
passed java audit
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing.
1:39 AM
@approxiblue Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@approxiblue Your last completed review session ended 12 seconds ago and lasted 18 minutes and 58 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 28 seconds.
@Closey audit stats
@approxiblue Stats of all tracked audits by tag:
 | Tag Name   | %     | Count |
 | c++        | 28.57 | 4     |
 | php        | 21.43 | 3     |
 | javascript | 14.29 | 2     |
 | java       | 14.29 | 2     |
 | android    | 14.29 | 2     |
 | mysql      | 7.14  | 1     |
@Deduplicator I'm not quite at 20K yet.
1:49 AM
Damn. Somehow I thought you already had that. Oh well, hope soon...
2:27 AM
"Can I get some code?" Well, at least you're honest.
@SmokeDetector why?
@Mogsdad There is no why data for that post (anymore).
@TinyGiant - Take a look at this when you can; part 1 of reorganizing edit reasons.
3:12 AM
@Mogsdad for reason: we can just use an array like ['spelling','grammar']. then when we apply the reason we do the lookup in the consts object.
If that's what you were already thinking then ignore me.
4:10 AM
Says Code this for me
3 hours later…
6:48 AM
Attracting many LQ answers,
3 hours later…
10:11 AM
Mind blown, I am seeing a one-line question that actually makes sense and I think isn't too broad or unclear
@tripleee You're voting to close but still giving OP what he wants, he'll come back and ask the same kind of questions...
@Kyll Fairy nuff, comment deleted, thanks for feedback (-:
@tripleee Can I steal your first two words?
I like them =p
Be my guest (-:
2 hours later…
11:46 AM
Dealing with help vamp's:
Here's an idea: Instead of arguing about how this code won't work, try running it so that you can see that it does. — Quentin 3 mins ago
running code? How do I do that?
There was a guy who was asking what the output of some simple JS functions was, stuff that did two loops and console.log the result
When everyone asked, "why don't you run it and see for yourself?" he said he didn't have the compiler
Wait people actually expect me to test the code that they post in answers to my questions?
Good morning
And good morning
11:54 AM
Can this room chime in on this meta question for this closure
@rene Well, we closed it it seems
Ah yes I remember it now
@Tunaki if you're around can you look into the above mentioned meta post and your cv-pls request?
11:58 AM
@rene Before Tunaki comes in, as I am one of the close-voter, can I explain the situation in a comment?
Well, I guess Tunaki is the best one to talk about it
@rene My opinion FWIW-> The question would be somewhat better phrased like this: I'm looking to add some build steps to our build that allow us to track the build time, (...) I'm using the following bash script as a pre build step (...) and this as the post build step (...) to gather timestamps, but I can't figure out how to modify this to break down the times for the individual build tasks.
@Kyll feel free to do so
I've announced on the post that we are aware of it
12:20 PM
@Kyll I cast 0 of the Close Votes, and that didn't stop me. Better to explain your own first-person rationale, anyway -- if someone writes that "we" did something, that gives the OP license to shake a fist at the dreaded, terrible, malicious "they".
tnx Paul, that is good advice
Writing an answer, give me a few minutes
@rene I am writing an answer to the question right now, not sure if I will post it yet. Thanks for the info
@Tunaki tnx for taking the time, appreciated.
> Anyone here can give me a game using GUI drag and drop? I need in my project for Finals. TIA.
oh, thanks in advance
@gunr2171 tanks in advance
As in the close tanks should advance and blow his question to smithereens.
Photoshop has drag and drop. I consider that a game. — gunr2171 7 secs ago
and closed
12:52 PM
@Arc676 We're not a forum. Gelobel, you need to hit the help center. — Kyll 9 secs ago
@gunr2171 Photoshop probably isn't Java though, so you'd need to make a program in Java to launch Photoshop — phflack 53 secs ago
I don't think he got the joke
lol. Photoshop is actually written in C++. There was a cool talk by one of the developers who showed how the undo feature works where you can undo almost anything and almost no additional storage is used for it. Talk
@rene answer posted
@rene me too, looking for dem feedbacks
@Tunaki Typo,
> the anwer is definitely not unique.
-> answer*
thanks edited
1:03 PM
@Kyll I can be wrong of course (I often am) I would get rid of the I often am as it will call into question most of what you do on the site.
@NathanOliver Oh. Edited.
I tried being clear and open about what happened in chat
I wonder if I should delete my answer, Tunaki pretty much covers it all
That is up to you.
Meh, I'll see in a couple hours
@rene Top close reviewer?
Almost... I'm again more than 40 apart with number 3
1:18 PM
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver Body - Position 4507-4521: Service Number
@Mogsdad Maybe top is misunderstood I realize. I meant great ....
@rene Ah, bien!
pas de problème
@Kyll Question edited, still closable
1:44 PM
^ boomed
A: Elastic search - need fields value based on their ID attribute

rajnikantYour Answer Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research! But avoid … Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or perso...

^ Um.
... stackbot.
@PaulRoub That was... strange.
@PaulRoub </pounds head on desk>
@Mogsdad Seems like a user to pre-emptively add to the SmokeDetector blacklist, no?
1:51 PM
@PaulRoub I'm gonna go on a limb and say this was posted by sumer.
Morning all
@Sam Who or what is sumer?
cue backstory
1:53 PM
@PaulRoub User blacklisted (5501729 on stackoverflow.com).
So I found this bounty question this morning, really tempted to mod flag to close it: stackoverflow.com/q/33184943/2415822
too broad or tool rec
not sure
@PaulRoub Basically Sumer Kolcak is a long known spammer of SE. He's thrown a few waves of spambot attacks a while ago, with that format of post (the one you linked) being the latest.
Can anyone screenshot that answer? I missed it
Interesting approach.
2:01 PM
Here's a Pham report on the same kind of post, back from last year.
@JAL based on this comment I would say this a tool req.
Yup, lol.
Thanks @NathanOliver for both, flagged accordingly
> The suspension period ends on Jun 9 '24 at 2:02.
Holy crap 2024?
2:03 PM
And... 1 2 3 other accounts. One is suspended until 2027!
how do they let that guy have dupe accounts?
How would "they" know?
As long as each is registered with a different email, they are "unique".
well you found all three
2:14 PM
@JAL consider they could also be a member of tor.se ...
Based on this comment (stackoverflow.com/questions/33184943/…), it seems like you're looking for a tool recommendation. Those kinds of questions are off-topic for StackOverflow. — JAL 12 mins ago
@JAL I'm looking for a solution, which is on-topic for StackOverflow. — Jochen 26 secs ago
dammit I forgot the space again
@JAL I found 4 with the same user name, and I made an assumption. However... They might be the same person. They might be different people with the same name. The bad guy might have dozens of generic accounts. We really have no way to know.
@Servy, I am actually one of those people sometimes. If I see that a question I can answer that might be closed/deleted before I have time to press the submit button, I press the submit button prematurely to make sure I am able to submit it. Once submitted, I can then edit my answer afterwards (even if the question is put on hold). And don't get me wrong, I don't do this all the time. 99% of the time, I usually agree with a close reason, and I won't attempt to answer it. — Stephan Branczyk 15 hours ago
@StephanBranczyk That's very disappointing to hear. — Servy 15 hours ago
2:49 PM
> NOTE : if you can't understand what I am asking.. stay away instead of marking as unclear question..
^ some reopen reviews are easier than others
@cimmanon Boom (delete request if you still can!)
too old ><
@Cerbrus its closed and now deleted
@Cerbrus boomed by one of my favourite cartoon character
And deleted by author
2:58 PM
That went quickly
@Sam, have you used dynamic in c#?
What's the guidance on "Translate this code from language x to language y" questions?
@gunr2171 Yeah
@theB Too broad, no MCVE
Quite a bit actually.
3:06 PM
I have an auto-comment for that...
ok, I've got code like this:
@theB too broad
dynamic result;
result.Success = false;
result.ErrorMessage = "The user ...";
@Kyll - that was my gut instinct, but I wanted to make sure
@NathanOliver - Thanks to you too
@theB $SITENAME$ is a Question and Answer site, not a code translation service. Try to translate the code yourself first, then come to us when you are stuck, making sure to show us [what you have tried](http://$SITEURL$/help/mcve).
3:07 PM
what do I need to set result equal to so it doesn't blow up?
a new object?
right now it's an "unassigned variable"
@gunr2171 You still need an object that has the Success and ErrorMessage properties
@DavidG but in that case I would just make a class, not deal with dynamic
@theB there are a few meta topics on that: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/296119/…
@gunr2171 I'd use ExpandoObject
oh....Let's try that out
3:10 PM
@gunr2171 dynamic is not there so you don't need to have a class backing the object. You really just use it to avoid compile time type checking. As Sam suggests, ExpandoObject would work
@gunr2171 But if you want compile time type checking, make a class.
@DavidG for the record, all I'm doing is gathering up some values into a common object and passing that back with ajax
public JsonResult RecordVote(string username, bool? newValidation)
    //not worth making a new class over this.
    dynamic result = new ExpandoObject();

    //first, a sanity check to ensure this user can vote
    var userCanVote = db.IsUserAllowedToVote(User.Identity.Name);

    if (!userCanVote)
        result.Success = false;
        result.ErrorMessage = "The user {0} is not allowed to vote.".FormatSafely(User.Identity.Name);
something like that
@gunr2171 Then perhaps an anonymous object would be preferable.
@cimmanon - I knew I'd seen one somewhere on meta, but I couldn't find it.
@DavidG I would agree. Wouldn't I have to create the anon. object at the very end?
which is fine though
@Kyll Auto comment stolen.
3:13 PM
@theB I stole it too =D
@gunr2171 Something like this: return new { Success = false, ErrorMessage = "OMG something broke" };
yep, I just can't make the object at the start and fill it in as I go.
And now we have a new "ring" auto comment theft ring
Well you could make it at the start, anonymous object still create real classes, you just don't know what they are called.
@NathanOliver Auto-comment sharers enthusiasts*
3:15 PM
Breaking: SOCVR to rebrand as SO Auto-comment Sharer Enthusiasts
@DavidG Uh, I don't know what you mean. As far as I know you need to assign values to the members you create in an anon. object so that a) you know what the members are called, and b) you know what those types are. Do you mean something like this?
var a = new { };
a.Sucess = true;
(which is something I would like to do)
You still need to create the properties when you create it, just create them as empty strings.
that can work
Or maybe not
It might be readonly....
3:19 PM
yep, readonly
back to plan b
well there's nothing stopping you creating it at the end:
bool Success = false;
string ErrorMessage = "...";
var x = new { Success, ErrorMessage };
yep, I think I'll go with that. Thanks
Will we be using the test branch at this evening's event?
oh boy...
Maybe I should be more confident. great plan!
3:27 PM
beta testing rocks
Please keep your hands and feet inside the room at all times, thank you.
@NathanOliver try { } catch { throw new rock(); }
^ Should make a PR on the room rules
@gunr2171 Why not just try {} catch { // ignore } and go get a beer?
Mmmm beer
3:36 PM
Now I want beer.
@rene, if you got a second for slack?
@NathanOliver It's 5 o'clock somewhere...
thank you internet
@theB because try {} catch { // ignore } doesn't compile, it comments the last }
@gunr2171 there is no way in heck that I am pronouncing those words.
try {} catch { /* ignore */ }
3:47 PM
@NathanOliver Ditto
try {} catch { /* magic */ }
Hello :)
3:52 PM
How's everyone today?
Is it sad that I've already reached my daily vote limits on meta today?
@TinyGiant Fine, thanks. Still a chatbot last I looked. You?
@TinyGiant Yes, Well thank you. Yourself?
@Sam Pretty good, pretty good. Still making other chatbots in your mission to take over the world and hook all of us humans up to machines to be used as a power source while being immersed in a virtual reality simulation without our knowledge?
This guy knows too much.
3:58 PM
@TinyGiant I'm not sure for everyone but I have been pretty unproductive, in my job and here on SO.
@NathanOliver Good... couldn't think of another good one.
@rene Why so?
Too much distractions I guess?
Quick, unonebox it before rene sees.
@rene I know what you mean.
4:00 PM
@Sam whoahahahahahha
you can just add text after the URL rather than deleting it...
that way others can still view the message
@TylerH It wasn't really that funny.
@Kyll important question tho tbh
That was a cool game when it came out.
There is an updated version that came out not that long ago on steam
4:10 PM
@theB me thinks I might have a game purchase this weekend
There were five games in that series
which is a lot of a niche puzzle game
@NathanOliver Have fun in the maze. I always got lost
My parents played a lot of Myst, they even had a notebook full of notes for the puzzles in the game
I had one for Riven, but I didn't get that far
my childhood, on sale
oh hell yes
i had that on CD ROM
There was a remake of that game as well apparently en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoombinis#Zoombinis_.282015.29
that pizza level though
Brøderbund Software made a ton of awesome learning games: Carmen Sandiego, Gizmos & Gadgets
4:19 PM
One of my first pc games was Lords of the Realm II
^ a quality Sierra game
@JAL they also made good programs too
I had PrintMaster growing up, super useful
I don't remember that. Was it different than Print Shop?
cant believe they're still selling it: broderbund.com/c-32-printmaster.aspx
@TylerH The design software? I played with that
One developer I really miss is Impressions Games
Caesar III, Pharoah, Zeus... such fun games
@TylerH I can't tell you how many hours of Ceasar III I played
I always loved Looking Glass games, Thief*, SystemShock
GOG released a remastered version of System Shock recently I think
looks great
@NathanOliver same
My dad got into it as well
it was so fun
4:25 PM
remember Age of Empires?
I bought him Caesar IV for Christmas a year or two ago but he couldn't get it to work, or something
@NathanOliver lol
who doesn't remember AoE?
played so much AoE gold
oh yeah
I think I also had a Wine port of AoE II but I always liked the original better
what were the cheats?
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_Building_%28series%29 basically my childhood, along with StarCraft
4:27 PM
furious monkey boy or something
AoE was awesome. I wasted so much of my life on that game.
and how do you turn this thing on
gave you the Cobra
Any play the Sim City games? The old ones
Not in years
@NathanOliver I did. Been a while though.
4:28 PM
Again, so much of my life wasted on those games.
Same. Used to play other Sim games though, like Sim Theme Park
@NathanOliver I played Sim City 2000
the best one
@TylerH agreed
@NathanOliver dupe
noo it's a dupe
4:35 PM
@TylerH What about the tags?
what about them?
Your dupe is for C++
so is this one you're posting
We don't know if OP asks for C, C++, or C#
@TylerH I don't think that is the right dupe. he is talking about going backward vs going forward.
4:36 PM
Needs more language tags. Maybe you were looking for java or javascript as well? — JAL 6 secs ago
nice one
well its closed now
You know, if that guy put the tag, he probably would have received at least one upvote
And an answer
...using jQuery
From @TinyGiant =p
4:38 PM
@NathanOliver it is about going backward vs forward but also about using < vs <=
or in this case > vs <=
wow that's like my second most upvoted comment now
@Kyll And it would actually work
@TylerH Using it as a signpost would be an insult to the canonical question
I disagree but also closing it as one would also not be
Drama is over, next question please...
4:40 PM
and I only slightly intended to make that syntax confusing
Time for lunch! Gotta fight the hangry
@TylerH Maybe we should have target it with: stackoverflow.com/questions/1340589/…
This dupe was found. Do you guys want to reopen it and close it as a dupe of that? I have a gold badge so I can close it myself.
nvm. OP deleted
@NathanOliver be aware that bringing your gold-badge power into play this way might be frowned upon by the community...
just saying
I mean, we are already that evil room ...
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