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12:03 AM
I'm off for the night. Bonne nuit!
1 hour later…
1:07 AM
I could have done that, but I wasn't entirely sure if that is totally a dupe. Also vote close requires a couple of other people (with required level of reps), obviously it actually would take more time and attentions. There are always like a ~10k close votes queue there. Why not answering it and get it solved? — Pangloss 44 mins ago
2:04 AM
@Closey next 5 tag
@approxiblue Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
error happened!
0: An attempt to post a duplicate message has been made.
@Closey current tag
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@approxiblue The current tag is with 125 known review items.
@Closey starting
@approxiblue Good luck!
2:23 AM
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 21 hours to continue reviewing.
@approxiblue Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@approxiblue Your last completed review session ended 12 seconds ago and lasted 16 minutes and 43 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 25 seconds.
2 hours later…
4:20 AM
No efforts at all
4:42 AM
Should have been comment.
^ Deleted
2 hours later…
6:56 AM
cv-plz meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/308653/… Off-topic, shouldn't be on meta but on SO.
3 hours later…
9:57 AM
@Daedalus boom
@Cupcake deleted
plop :)
@Cerbrus Becomes somewhat clear thanks to OP's comment, asked to edit it in
@Tushar Closed, edited multiple times, deleted, undeleted, and reopened.
@Cerbrus deleted
@Cerbrus boomed
@Tushar boomed
@tripleee boomed
@Tushar voted no MCVE as we don't know if OP has any HTML, needs one more
@Kyll That'll also do
@misterManSam deleted
And that's all since I left to sleep
(For the last 10 hours that is)
Wow, this happened in 2015.
10:16 AM
@Kyll Number 2 closed
These two old canonical questions are fairly similar: stackoverflow.com/q/4244896/4174897 stackoverflow.com/q/4968406/4174897
The first one asks how to dynamically access a field, the other one asks about the syntax used to dynamically access a field
@Kyll thanks
Should they be closed as dupes? If so, what is the best target? Is it a decision to be taken here or on Meta?
10:50 AM
Yay @Tunaki, teamwork!
@Kyll can you edit the tags also, while the grade period is still on? It should be and not
and add the java tag
Done, and your answer ended my grace period
So it's a new edit anyway
I didn't know that
10:53 AM
Any kind of reaction to a post (except flags for some dumb reason) ends the grace period
@Thushar that's the same question twice; did you mean to post a different link?
@tripleee Spell mistake Tushar, no that was by mistake added
sry and ack (-:
@Tushar is actually spelled @T-tab-tab
@Kyll cool, didn't knew about Tab-Tab
10:59 AM
I'm @K-tab-tab-tab I think
It's not sorted by name
But probably by the last comment date
11:17 AM
Unfortunately best practice questions are specifically determined to be inherently opinion based, please see **[Is a best practice question off-topic?](http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/265928/is-a-best-practice-qu‌​estion-off-topic)**. If you answer an otherwise on-topic question with what you believe to be the "best" practice, that is allowed. But asking for what the "best" practice is, is inherently opinion based...
... Asking how to do something is much different than asking for the best way to do it. Your question is likely to be closed.
Screw you message length limit
11:29 AM
Can we please CV / delete this?
Q: jQuery Code Performance Difference?

AdamJeffersSo, all this time, when using jQuery I've been doing something like $('#some-id').on('click', function(){ // whatever }); Then just thought I'd randomly try chucking in some native JS inside the jQuery call... $(document.getElementById('some-id')).on('click', function(){ // whatever ...

@Cerbrus boom
Closed. Now, a couple of delete votes :D
Thanks, T
@Cerbrus 1 required
What's a good close reason for this? POB?
11:39 AM
For all you close voters, there are quite a few off-topic (IMO) questions in the [ui-design] tag, mostly old ones, eg this or this. I flagged a few, but flags are aged away. Thoughts ?
@Kyll Yes.
@JonasCz We generally don't bother closing old, inactive questions
Meh, curse that stuff from '09
Oct 18 at 17:18, by Tiny Giant
> Close Vote requests should be used when a question meets any of the following criteria:
> * Is in a low traffic tag, so unlikely to be closed naturally
> * Should be closed quickly, to avoid FGITW
> * Is old but attracting attention from new users
> Otherwise, you should wait to see if it gets closed naturally. If the question doesn't get closed within a reasonable amount of time, then you can consider sending a close vote request. In general, large amounts of close vote requests from a single user in a short span of time is considered spam.
The main problem with old questions is that they weren't off-topic when they were asked, so unless they cause new activity, we let them be.
Hmm so seems like these will not get closed for a long time. Makes sense though.
@JonasCz Yep, focus on active questions. There is too much crap lying around to take care of it all.
11:54 AM
Good morning
@NathanOliver afternoon (plop/cabbage/hi/greetings/etc...)
@JonClements heyho
gotta be multi-lingual these days and all that
@Siguza err... yo, word up and all that?
Howdy, greetings, hoi, joow, ola
\o o/ \o/ ~o~
11:58 AM
aloha. (hello and goodbye)
12:15 PM
(Sorry, meant: is that part of bot commands ?)
You mean the nonsense we've been spamming?
Not really, no...
12:30 PM
Ok, I'm just out of the joke then :p
Yeah, I switched the conversation to German there...
guten tag
12:46 PM
@Siguza Ok, as I'm just speaking a half-broken english, french and slang french, I'm out ;)
@Tensibai Don't bother, Siguza is a bot. Actually this whole room is composed of rene's sock puppets
all your close votes are belong to us
@Kyll I'm the most sarcastic bot ever, then :D
@gunr2171 Parsing...
"we are sensitive for the needs" -> "we are sensitive to", no? I'm not sure
12:53 PM
I'm sure we all missed some typos. I'll take another pass at it later, and people are always free to suggest PRs (just because this is RO stuff, don't try to change the rooms).
> Extended discussion about a [cv-pls] is useless
This seems to say that one should not ever try to discuss about a . Is that so? If someone something and I don't agree, shouldn't we at least try to discuss to figure if our thoughts for closing are okay?
sorry, I'm going to be afk for the next 15-20 minutes. I'll be back to discuss more in a bit
Okay, I'm readying my questions
@Kyll I understand it as it's ok to discuss it but don't expect everyone to agree and don't whine if your request is not followed by others
@Kyll I think it is more about close this please for some reason and then some disagrees and then a big dicussion folows on whether to close or not. we really don't need the extended discussion as the disagrement has been aired and its [cv-pls] mean "close vote please", not "close vote or I'll stab you".
12:59 PM
or tl;dr;: If someone does not agree with your don't write a novel to convince them
@Tensibai That's how I understood the way things worked before. Being a non-native English speaker I can misinterpret stuff, so I make sure to ask
:o) I'm not a native english speaker too, giving my understanding as is :)
Non-natives unite \o/
Don't forget the Close Vote Event at 20:00 UTC!
1:22 PM
@Kyll since it is more about a design pattern I would think programmers.se but I am not sure.
@Kyll I would say no, it's a practical problem seeking for advice, may turn opiniated, but sounds precise enough to avoid it
And it's not code review to improve it but a question to get an alternative for a specific use case (IMHO)
@Kyll It would be rejected without additional code. CodeReview generally wants the working code, intact. Ellipses need not apply.
I see. Then what the question lacks is a clear objective. "better design pattern" according to what?
@SmokeDetector fp- edited
1:27 PM
So what you want is a way to notify of a change without having to explicitly call a method? Such as a way to detect the end of the chain? — Kyll 26 secs ago
this one let me dubious... half-way for recomendation and half-way practical day to day problem
@Tensibai POB?
@Tensibai best practice generally equates to too broad
"best practice" x 3, "better way", this question is a good bait...
@Kyll not that much, there's guidelines in Chef, but there's also 3 or 4 way to achieve that with pro and cons, I don't feel like I can write an answer covering them all
Chef being one of my work tool, I'm exactly unsure it's too broad or not :)
I'm unable to resume this in a SO answer, there's a lot of blog posts about it and all depends on what you're trying to do (a user for a service, or distributing admins keys ?). You should try to get a precise example of each of your use cases and ask a new question for each. — Tensibai 6 secs ago
Hope I'm not to verbose in comments ...
1:36 PM
morning all
@Tensibai boom'd that question
morning Nathan
what did I miss? Looks like gunr changed some rules?
Hey Kyll
A few minutes ago yep
That and some bot revelations
1:38 PM
Everyone is a bot now! :D
I, for one, welcome our new overlord Closey
what ya' got for me?
1:42 PM
48 mins ago, by Kyll
This seems to say that one should not ever try to discuss about a . Is that so? If someone something and I don't agree, shouldn't we at least try to discuss to figure if our thoughts for closing are okay?
Only this actually
After a short discussion I'm pretty sure I read wrong, I still need confirmation
By "thoughts for closing" I clumsily meant something like "closing model"
I think the key word is "extended". If you are disagreeing with someone, and having a civil conversation trying to correct someone (educate about an incorrect close reason), that's fine, but just going on and on about the close reasons I could have just fills up the chat log (continuing...)
... In that case, if you think it's a different close reason than the one a person gave, but you don't think they are wrong, just vote differently, don't need to explain it
Okay then
... I guess the real reason is we are becoming a more public facing chat room. If other look at our chat logs and see we have this long "debate" about the closure of a post, even in good faith, it could rub people the wrong way.
I see.
> Tag burniation requests and tag cleanup requests must be backed by an MSO post with significant community support.
What about tags closely related to tags currently in the process of burnination, such as (dumb example) for ?
Should they first be noted on the Meta post?
Tag burninations is in a sort of weird position right now, and even I'm not sure what's going on. Did you read that post by Shog9 on the subject? We are in a standstill until we can figure out what's going to happen.
That is something I should talk with @rene and @durron597 about (what's going on with tag burrination requests), to see if we can get an idea of what will happen
the same applies to tags already in the process of being burrened, I just don't know
1:52 PM
@gunr2171 can you link me to that Meta post by Shok9?
finding it
That one?
A: Clean-up by downvoting? A ridiculous user experience

Shog9Yeah... This is unacceptable. If you're downvoting questions because they're lazy / poorly-written / useless, more power to you. If you're downvoting answers because they're lazy / poorly-written / wrong / useless, good on ya. But blindly downvoting answers to avoid... retagging? That's just...

yep, thanks hum, wait. was I thinking of something different?
@gunr2171 Can't really answer that. You forgot to connect the brain chip this morning...
1:54 PM
This one:
A: Make it easier to prevent new questions being added in a tag

Shog9There are two big concerns that need to be addressed here, IMHO: Folks propose a lot of really terrible burninate requests. "I don't know what this word means, you should burn it" type of stuff. Those need to get weeded out. Also, Hans and Ian both mention the problem of folks wanting to burn t...

yes, THAT was what I mean
> which ui framework is good and what is cordova
so hard to dig up posts on MSO unless you know the names
Recommendation requests for off-site resources or tools are off-topic on Stack Overflow. If you answer them, you specifically reinforce the belief that Stack Overflow is a good place to answer those questions. It is not. Please don't answer these questions even if you know a good answer as most answers will be highly opinionated ("I personally like..."). You can open the flag dialogue on the question and see the close reason in full under the off-topic category, or in the help center. You should also not even answer in a comment, as the effect is similar to an actual answer. — Kyll 38 secs ago
well said
1:55 PM
@Kyll Definitely two different questions.
@JAL Recommendation requests for off-site resources or tools are off-topic on $SITENAME$. If you answer them, you specifically reinforce the belief that $SITENAME$ is a good place to answer those questions. It is not. Please don't answer these questions even if you know a good answer as most answers will be highly opinionated ("I personally like...")....
...You can open the flag dialogue on the question and see the close reason in full under the **off-topic** category, or in the [help/on-topic]. You should also not even answer in a comment, as the effect is similar to an actual answer.
Nice, I'll have to add that to my bag o' canned text
ugh, my chat userscript makes that look so ugly
I think this one is gunr's or maybe TinyGiant's
it's not mine
1:57 PM
Then probably the lion's
I know, you get used to other chat clients, then here you remember you can edit previous lines
Actually my "up arrow" mashing didn't get through
mash harder
I'm used to Skype where editing the last message is done the same way
@gunr2171 Instructions too clear, laptop caught fire
@Kyll no no no, that's because you were holding the control key
2:05 PM
Link to the close vote queue size graph is dead
I think it's been dead for a while
I've pinged the guy in MSE tavern about it, haven't heard anything about it
@gunr2171 FYI guys I am getting pings even though I haven't been in the room much. feel free to ping if you need me as above
ok, have fun with the crazy you are going through
(unleashes ping storm)
@durron597 Have you started your move yet?
@durron597 ping of death incoming
2:10 PM
what is the substitute for RTFM?
sigh My company is calling a period of being on call 'Home assignment', will we have homework evaluated on monday ?
you mean a nice way of sayingg that?
@NathanOliver Usually too broad
@gunr2171 I'll try to get the raw data out of hichris123 hands...
2:11 PM
Or the edit part here
@gunr2171 :< How did he track the close queue size? Is there a query for historical data or did he just get the count from the queue page each day?
@approxiblue It might have been as easy as visiting the page every 15 minutes and recording the date/time and value
then putting it on a graph
and I'm sure that how he did it
the question is less broad i think. — Rem 1 min ago
(dupe is literally a copy/paste of the original, minus one bullet point)
Maybe it's just me. It's me, isn't it?
He is correct, -1 is less ;P
2:35 PM
@PaulRoub you missed cleaning up some tags. "friend", that tag, i dont think it means what the OP thinks it means :p
lol. didn't even notice that
(same for "call")
3:04 PM
wow, kind of archeology
3:46 PM
@Sam that's why i wuv u guyz
4:05 PM
@durron597 :D
@NathanOliver today is my last day in the office, trying to finish up some docs
oh RO's - do I get an invite to the slack site? :p
Wait, there's a slack RO team?
@Sam technically, i think we've used it twice since i made it.
4:10 PM
Oh, cool.
@JonClements you didn't want it last time i talked to you about it ;)
a puppy is allowed to change their mind, right?
But you're a ninja puppy.
err, that as well
SOCVR Headlines: British Ninja Mod Puppy (aka, Jon) changes his mind, many room regulars in shock.
4:16 PM
One room regular was quoted saying "this is worse than the time rene blocked onebox images"
"But all rejoiced in the end as the playful puppy generously shared his tennis balls and frollocked around the garden"
This just in: Members of parliament have called an emergancey session to discuss the ramifications of this profound moment
@NathanOliver I hope not - people are telling me to run for MP in 2020 - that'd be hilarious
@NathanOliver The session was unfruitful, as Shog was unable to attend.
4:21 PM
@Sam Wouldn't the word be "fruitless"?
"I want to be elected not because of my concerns about the education and social welfware budget. The dire straights of our government taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Just some more questions need to be closed on SO, okay?"
how could that as a campaign possibly fail to become a member of the UK parliament? :p
Say something about legalizing marijuana and you're a shoe-in
@TinyGiant it so worked for the lib dems :)
That and thurdays will be half price pizza day
4:26 PM
That it did.
@TinyGiant I'm actually not too sure if there's a "correct" usage in that case.
Apparently unfruitful is a word....
But then again so is "Yous".
@JonClements do puppies even have email addresses that can be used for slack invites?
my first name and first three letters of my last name at a big search engine beginning with g? :p
4:43 PM
@JonClements Well now... that's a face!
@TinyGiant Tell that to my antidisestablishmentarianistic face.
That wouldn't be grammatically correct (I think). xD
@JonClements I emailed you, make sure i got it correct before i send the slack invite
emailed back
4:48 PM
@JonClements You may end up getting email pings now.
I get 600 spam emails a day - a couple more isn't going to bother me
@JonClements sent
had a 16k user get butthurt because i downvoted his answer (the guy knew it was a duplicate and actually linked to another question as part of his answer). sent me like 6 replies, one of them was something like "see if i answer any more questions because of this", then he removed them all this morning (or maybe a mod did?): stackoverflow.com/a/33292877/1652962
@durron597 thanks - said hi
(appears I'm still "spiderpig")
4:53 PM
@JonClements I've never heard of that breed of puppy
@cimmanon no mod was involved with those comments
if the OP agrees with the dupe votes when the question hasnt already been closed yet, they can insta close their question as a dupe, right?
IIRC You can also flag your own question as a duplicate and vote to close it.
good to know
5:22 PM
Anyone willing to talk about a LQPRQ item?
this answer was posted as a comment on a question that the answerer placed a bounty on. I do not think this is the right way to add extra information but I don't know if it would be appropriate to add it into the question.
^^^^ this is apparently a "hot" question
I think it should be closed
@Tunaki The question boils down to :
> I have made many static variables everywhere in my most of classes But now I learnt that this is not good practice for developing .
> Should I continue with static or shoud I use getters/setters ?
@NathanOliver Feels like the comment-answerer should ask their own question, perhaps linked via a comment. Even then, it reads like a direct tech-support request to the (possible) author of the code in question.
5:30 PM
Well this is clearly opinion-based to me
@Tunaki Or "too broad", with "any other way to reuse variables...please suggests me."
@NathanOliver NAA, should not be edited into the question as it deviates from author's intent. A new question should be asked.
@NathanOliver Sorry, got distracted by meta. Looking at it now.
@NathanOliver I agree with @Kyll. It seems like the user is using a bounty to hijack another user's question for their own purpose.
5:34 PM
And done. Thanks all
@Tunaki boom
@Tunaki boom from Siguza
and that's how a hot question will be quickly forgotten
> The SO thought police will probably flag this as "not an answer". My excuse is that was going to be an answer when I started writing, but then I realised that I had no idea what you were trying to achieve.
Not linking to the answer, mentioning the user, etc. Just honestly fascinated by the idea that the conclusion was "So, obviously, I had to post this anyway."
5:45 PM
@PaulRoub Send an helicopter to observe him in his flat!
@rene Yeah, just didn't know you guys used slack.
@NathanOliver deleted
@Sam me neither ...
Mod wiped it out. sweet.
@rene lol
5:49 PM
SO is not a blog — Tunaki 37 secs ago
@Tunaki boom
> i am stucked because I don't know next what to do in windowsxp?
6:03 PM
@Kyll Next step: install Linux.
chameleon question gathering reopen votes (was "how do I do X" now wants "best practices"): stackoverflow.com/questions/33284196/…
@cimmanon Should we bump it then? (reopen it to close it as POB)
Four users up for quick reopen/close say "aye" (or some other collection of letters that could be pronounced in the same way)?
aye (If I can, having already reviewed-to-leave-closed)
6:10 PM
Yeah, you can still cast a reopen vote and close vote
Dos mas?
@rene it looks like there is a request for your SEDE skills on meta.
6:21 PM
@NathanOliver Yeah, I saw that one ... not difficult enough ;)
Needs one more reopen.
It is now open @TinyGiant
Uno mas
6:24 PM
@TinyGiant boom
@NathanOliver nice answer of @josilber
For a noun, "this rules" or "these rules"?
@Kyll "this rules" is slang for "it's awesome"
"these rules" refers to a plural of rules
Okay, thanks
@Deduplicator Nah, I won't get angry with you now... I was already angry with you! (haha) I shouldn't have gone to Meta with that... I fell victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never complain about stupid audits when public castigation is on the line"! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha...
6:35 PM
^^^ Yeah.... that one.
@Mogsdad If it's any consolation, I think the audit system is horribly flawed too.
Gorram daily vote limits.
That is just because we review so much. If we weren't so fracking dedicated it wouldn't bother us as much
I feel like playin some vidya games
6:49 PM
I would TF2 but bad Internet + thousands kilometres apart means my ping won't abide
this went quick (10K only)
@rene Yeah that was destined for a quick death
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