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5:10 AM
posted on October 06, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:27 AM
Q: Adding exceptions in blur event

Tushar ShuklaI'm making a simple Multiple Choice Question form. I want to put validation that if a user CLICKS on Question <textarea> and clicks somewhere else on page while not entering value in <input type="text" name="q1_option1"> of options of the question, then the user should get an alert("Wait, you for...

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7:57 AM
Are there grunt-users here?
Depends, develop.
8:26 AM
@NullPoiиteя I thought they already bought half USA :P
9:01 AM
with current rate it will really take centuries to pay debt back
or some countries need freedom
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10:36 AM
!!codepen or jsbin or jsfiddle or jsbin or jsbin or jsbin or jsbin or jsbin or jsbin or jsbin or jsbin or jsbin?
@crl jsbin
!!a or a or a or a or a or a or `?
@NullPoiиteя Sounds like you have already decided
@NullPoiиteя I know just one thing, and that is that I'm a lumberjack
@NullPoiиteя a
Someone please :/, why the containers with a square inside are below the empty ones codepen.io/anon/pen/Qjvvxy? can't figure this (this is a drag-n-drop thing)
sass related query , anybody ?
10:40 AM
@crl most of regulars moved to that
angular gives me the sads
First line, div { to body > div.
11:05 AM
hi every one
Q: how to add custom attribute like in magento to display in FrontEnd

Prakash Madhakin my magneto store how i can create attribute. like below image . please suggest the step or idea to do my work.

have a query
please if any one have ans then tell me :)
@RedBreast thanks!
11:23 AM
@SomeGuy this coursera course just started, trying to take this one on time :D
@GNi33 Neat! I was thinking about it, but we're learning all of that in college anyway
So I'd rather spend my time on other courses
I'll try doing the Machine Learning one too, but I'm already behind schedule there, so I'll focus on this one
Fair enough
One thing that worked really well for me was to set apart a fixed slot of time every day
8-9pm every day is for me to learn. It could be me learning anything, as long as I do something
Get a few textbooks and some courses, and you'll never be bored
yeah, that's a really good approach for pretty much anything
You can just switch them up if you get bored
11:28 AM
Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday -> 1,5 - 2 hours gym
Everyday at least 15 min of Italian before bed
Everyday at least 30 min of guitar after work
those are my slots as of now
need to find some time for my learning slot, definitely. 1 hour min per day sounds good
I really want to take this course too: coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn/home/welcome
@GNi33 Hahaha I've been enrolled in that one for 2 months :P
did you get to do anything of it?
Nope, barely watched any of the videos
To be fair, I did finish my other courses
11:47 AM
What does it mean when the css property is between square brackets? first time I see this
also I've completed 2 coursera courses, ml and computational-finance, I don't regret it
a css property between square brackets? can you share a example?
I guess the [prop]{ ...} is for html element with attributes prop
yeah, it is
that's not a css property, that's a selector though
@Abe *git commit -m 'notime'
else you'll be prompted for a message
12:32 PM
@TylerH As you said: set an absolute size for your document then refer to it with ems and rems. This works, but by using rems because ems has compounding problem.
hi guys
when your working with wordpress if you put a shortcode on the page template instead of the actual page should it work?
@crl @'relemon Hory Sheet! (source)
nice bug
@crl @'relemon Hory Sheet! (source)
@crl @Crysis Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask you're question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. (source)
12:37 PM
Cap is substituting on rooms/17
@crl Yes, substitution is DOM based, so only works in room 17
1:00 PM
oh ok
1:43 PM
@GNi33 1 hour per day? How about lion taming :-P
what? I should learn lion taming?
I dunno if 1 hour a day would suffice though
not sure. I probably lack the prerequesites too
like.... a lion
aim for the stars!
1:45 PM
you can practice with anything of similar temperament
say, a sibling
a cat should technically work too, right?
a cat would definitely work
it's just a low performance version of the lion
but I heard they come with terrible firmware
get it hyped up on some catnip to substitute unpredictability for danger
2:05 PM
stackoverflow.com/users/4751173/glorfindel this guy gets a mention in The Martian movie
it's a hilarious scene
@TylerH that particular user or the character from lord of the rings?
the character from LOTR
sigh i have to redesign my database again.
model database after game -> game changes the rules in a way that invalidates the database
could be worse i guess, could be working with mysql :p
2:27 PM
you laugh, but just wait until you end up stuck with a database that contains dates like April 31 :p
mysql logic: April 30 < April 31 < May 1
Does anyone know what the spec says about the accesskey attribute on invisible (display: none) elements? Should it still capture the keyboard input?
@StephanMuller haha
@rlemon have you messed with any JS microcontrollers? I'm looking to get one or two
3:02 PM
the tessle or w/e?
There are others, I am curious what your experience with them is
3:14 PM
From what I can tell, Espruino (Arduino guys) is more for people like us who have some hardware experience and is more standard. The Tessle seems to be for more intro-level but comes with some nice built in things like wifi
Both are cheaper than I imagined
I'm leaning towards Tessel
oooh, the module prices are steep though
I wonder if the Tessel can interface with the components I use with my Arduino on a breadboard
have any idea @rlemon?
I would think so
honestly. just use an arduino
But I want to use JS :P
4:01 PM
Know of any good website benchmarking tools?
Worth noting I'm benchmarking pages which aren't web facing
4:14 PM
@MadaraUchiha Used Evernote for a moment, get bored. But it's been a while. Dunno about the new tools
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5:51 PM
hey guys i am trying to ssh to a server and i am getting the following console error can someone give me some ideas on what i can check

debug3: sign_and_send_pubkey: RSA SHA256:NgrwFFR7xcWbi2sQsoaS4L3p2XyX5+ZnD4JgstTckDc
debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply
Connection closed by
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
Before timestamp 0
6:15 PM
@devdar sounds like the server is not responding, it might be down
@TylerH the ssh service is running
@Feeds omg, TIL you can drag the commitstrip comic left or right with your mouse to go to the next/previous one
@TylerH i am actually using one machine as both client and server
@TylerH i have been spending days on this without success
There may be a better chatroom on serverfault for this question
or even existing questions that answer the problem
like this: serverfault.com/questions/310941/… except this one's about permission
7:15 PM
Anyone found any good web blogs / inspiration sites lately?
My current list:
Smashing Magazine
Nielsen Normal Group
Hacker News
Open Web Platform Daily Digest
UI Movement
@joshhunt not web, but i found this comic to be inspirational (plus theres other illustrations to check out): thepropertyofhate.com/TPoH/The%20Hook/1
thanks, checking it out now
yeah I guess I spelt dribbble wrong
this is rather late in the series, but i love the way it has an optical illusion: thepropertyofhate.com/TPoH/Pitch/185
Surely this isn't a relevant question? stackoverflow.com/questions/32960387/…
7:32 PM
@joshhunt nope
didn't think so, how much rep do you need for a close vote? I flagged it yesterday but doesn't look like anything happened
3k, it should be closed shortly. the close vote room is active :p
thanks, i have 500 rep to go :D
then you can be one of those evil close voters that always ends up on meta :p
I thought for sure you had at least 4k rep already josh
7:39 PM
nah I don't answer that many questions and the ones I do are usually small cases so I don't get much rep from them
my jquery skill sare currently 9/10 plz hire me for a help jsfiddle.net/4bxzk64m
Part 2 of my front-end web development crash course is now up! This time we cover HTML & CSS basics http://zachsaucier.com/blog/blog/2015/10/05/starting-html-and-css/
8:05 PM
@TylerH what's it for?
@joshhunt I was just bored
what is .show() for?
I stopped halfway
lol :D
were they so impressed that you got hired asap?
8:27 PM
@joshhunt yes, with retroactive pay to apologize for not hiring me sooner
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10:59 PM

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