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2:00 AM
why do you think it's crap @cimmanon ?
@Qcom what would you think of a framework or library where they cast all of the integers to strings?
I thought you hadn't looked through the source :)
why do they do that?
@Qcom no, i havent looked through te source of Polymer
@Qcom i have no idea why they are doing it or why they would decide to continue doing it knowing full well that it is bad
ahh, misread
3 hours later…
5:04 AM
posted on October 08, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

1 hour later…
6:17 AM
I create a simple web page with html and css.
I have persian language text in page. when excute this page in browser , persian text not shows correct.
how can design web page that support utf-8?
2 hours later…
8:04 AM
I don't get this.. could someone explain it to me?
zero index...
8:19 AM
@Neil var apples = ['apple', 'apple', 'apple', 'apple']. Get me the last apple from the array
(hint: it's apples[3])
9:15 AM
Yeah but the array.length is 4
@StephanMuller If the text wrote like, "you know you're a programmer when you grab the 0th apple to eat" or something like that, then maybe..
Let's count together
0 apple
1 apple
2 apple
3 apple
the index is a label, not a count
you count the index, and get a off by one error
i get it, I just think that joke wasn't written by a programmer
it's acceptable when you have a whole bunch of apples :)
9:22 AM
hi, guys.. i have a doubt..
how can we include php code inside CSS Background property?? any ideas??
@Neil yeah I agree it's a bad joke
I get what they mean but it wasn't very good
@santho this sounds like an x/y problem. What do you want to achieve in the end?
What do you think of sites with this kind of structure:
I don't know if it's necessarily bad, just wondering
@crl Seems like photoshop generated stuff.
it's done with a sort of CMS, don't know if they use PS for that, don't think so
@crl table in a table is almost certainly bad
Not going to say it is impossible to find yourself in a legitimate circumstance, but difficult, yes
9:34 AM
@stephen i have a image in wordpress widget, i need to make it as background of a particular section.. <?php if (function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && dynamic_sidebar('image_area')) : else : ?>

<?php endif; ?>
in css?? how can i insert this code in css background:"" property? is there any way?
@Neil ok, I'm not really good in frontend, do you know a good example/practice for a site with lots of content, and complex layout
@crl Here, in particular point 3
try to use tags which are as specific as possible for what you're after
it's easier to lump everything in a table or div, but that doesn't mean you should
@crl This is actually very very old school, could say obsolete. Can also become a nightmare to manipulate, even in CSS
to make it responsive and else
@RedBreast hehe thanks, interesting point because they say (this CMS) they are responsive (example histoires-de-jardins-31.com/…, it's quite responsive, but I agree that this structure is shitty)
2 hours later…
11:30 AM
guys, where's Mike?
@GNi33 On slack
I have told him you're lookin' for him :)
now I have to look for that slack link
wooooow. webplatformdaily.org now requires monthly subscriptions fee of $6... How dumb is that
that's so steep
bitch to Sime
he's been around in the chat some time
I know
someone could subscribe then re-host all the content them self :P
11:53 AM
@crl are you trolling?
12:23 PM
@tereško not at all
working for a company that builds cms
my condolences
that's a fun thing though, designing the DB, and the app
@Neil maybe it was written by an apple programmer
@crl in general, if you nest more than 10 tags, you are doing something wrong
@Abe yes :)
@Abe Boo
12:35 PM
hm, subscribing to a mailing list actually paid off. i was subscribed to the dungeon defenders 2 list and got a free key :D (they are still in the paid alpha stage, but it is supposed to go f2p)
now the real question is: can my poor laptop play the game D:
12:50 PM
@cimmanon nothing worse than owning a game that you can't play
1:16 PM
well, it is a little choppy, but seems to at least run
1:39 PM
@BoltClock & @cimmanon It was HTML / CSS / Web Design originally; Stephan Muller changed it to Web Development on August 19th. I don't know why.
@TylerH That's how I remembered it
Magnetic Resonance Angiography sounds a lot like blood bending
I was gonna say the main reason is because half the regulars don't really give a shit about the particulars of HTML/CSS but are mainly web developers.
But as the regulars have all taken shelter elsewhere now it's not really an issue to return it to HTML/CSS only :D
yeah, but using "web development" opened us up to a lot of questions that had nothing to do with what [most of us] actually do. java, server configuration, etc.
1:56 PM
If you ask me, that's the fault of the person asking the dumb question :P
Broad topics of web development, a lot of people in here could answer. Probably.
Asking the best way to build a web service in Ruby is probably a stupid question for this room.
Q: No matter what I do, I can't get the table elements to touch

Jacob JohnsonSo I'm designing an org chart based on the table element and I have a problem. I'm using <hr> elements to create the connectors; however, I can't get the dead space inbetween elements to go away. I've spent the last hour trying to figure out how the hell to get it to work and I just can't seem to...

This topic title makes me think of that Mike Tyson meme
1 hour later…
@Abe I heard the new Walking Dead show sucks
Fear the walking dead or w/e it's called
3:31 PM
I liked it
Like with TWD the last EP was the best of course
3:46 PM
i didn't watch the last ep yet
honestly i kinda already gave up with it
Wubba lubba DUB DUB!
"When the screen size is small, the side bar is not visible. Can we put a horizontal scroll bar on the window so the content does not disappear."
Mind you. we're using Bootstrap.
@Plummer Haha, I watched 6 episodes of Rick and Morty today!
@SomeGuy watch 7
Or 8
Or whatever
I don't give a shit.
Fair enough
Y-y-you think you're cool? Just because you watch Rick and Morty?
Do you? Do you @SomeGuy
Think you're cool?
Because let me tell you something, @SomeGuy
You might think you're cooler than a snow man's dick
But you're not, ok?
You're not.
You're about as cool as the left size of a frozen
About as cool as the left side of a broken Microwave @SomeGuy
3:53 PM
A broken microware that your step-dad bought at a thrift store with the save up change from his night stand
Tha-that's how cool you are @SomeGuy
Not cool at all.
Little bitch.
1 hour later…
5:13 PM
perhaps not the most fortunate colors choice jsfiddle.net/hecwr591
5:36 PM
@Abe doesn't look unfortunate to me
So, page transitions. Y/n?
i have a list of fonts under the same family that i need to implement to my app, i am wondering how select one over the other (so for instance use font1 for H1 and font2 for H2)
@Abe I find this sexy.
@Alundrathedreamwalker font-family, bro.
h1 {
so here my mixin
@mixin Eisnerbrand-style($font,$style,$size,$leading,$kerning,$color)
font-family: $font;
font-style: $style;
font-size: $size;
line-height: $leading;
letter-spacing: $kerning;
color: $color;
android ques allowed here ?
5:45 PM
not sure what is the code formatting shortcut
so how to use font1 instead of font2
h1 {
@include Eisnerbrand-style('theFontName', bold, 3em, etc...)
Assuming my SASS doesn't suck
should i use something like: font-family : fontfamilyname, font1?
@developer What makes you think they would be?
All less for the last 6 months
5:47 PM
@AlundrathedreamwalkerIt's whatever you designated that @font-face as
Hold on
I have to pee
You'd declare the @font-face or include the google font or whatever
Then you'd just call that font in your mixin
Which is a stupid nameing convention
They should have just called them functions
Like every other god damn syntax.
@BoltClock y
so long as they're done correctly
@ZachSaucier expected no less from you
I want the web to continue to develop as a platform
that's one of the ways I think it can/should/will
Still trying to get my head around things like compat and perf. Obviously JS performs poorly but brings animations to more browsers. I'm guessing use as fallback when appropriate
@BoltClock I guess it's too much to hope that you're talking about novalistic?
5:55 PM
@TylerH no
@BoltClock JS animations are wayyyy better than they used to be
@BoltClock It's not too much to hope?
@TylerH correct
All of Zach's socks are green
noscripted browsers be damned
5:56 PM
That's a terrible reference
but it's the best I could think of
@BoltClock If another standardized, distributed, free way of doing what the internet does came to be that had a better structure for doing next-generation interaction came to be I wouldn't put up a fight. But we work with what we have to make the best experience possible
@ZachSaucier I'm still a bit iffy about using JS exclusively for animations
Most the time I end up just turning animations on with JS and using CSS animations
I rarely need JS animation libraries
but there are definitely cases where I do and I am happy to use what I need
@ZachSaucier turning animations on...?
6:02 PM
adding a class or something to initialize a transition
Ah, yeah
So e.g. on click adds a class to some element and it starts its fade animation
including more complex animations like fadeInUp and such
Q: Is it bad practice to add a tag to a post to get points to a tag badge even if the tag is relevant?

Caleb KleveterI haven't seen this done, but let’s say I want to get the iOS bronze badge. I answer a question, and it gets up voted. Then I think "Hey, I could give that post the iOS badge and get some points to the tag badge. And the tag is totally relevant!". Is it okay if I add the tag to the post, or is th...

This keeps coming back on the community bulletin
@Plummer so here's my problem , i have a list of fonts under the same family but i need to pick one each time for multiple selectors unsee.cc/pinagote
@Alundrathedreamwalker i have no idea what you are asking, your question doesnt make any sense
6:11 PM
How to add multiple font files for the same font?
why would you have multiple font files for the same font?
the client sent us a list of fonts under the same family and he wants to implement them
so instead of we have font-normal , font-bold, font-semibold .....
all under the same family-name
have you looked at the documentation for font-face? developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web/CSS/@font-face
@ZachSaucier Got any resources on UI animations / page transitions with CSS, specifically? Not all that interested in the fancy stuff on CodePen ;)
Not sure what you mean
zachsaucier.com/blog/blog/2015/02/19/an-intro-to-web-animation this is probably the closest to what I think you're asking about
6:16 PM
Scratch that. I have no idea what I'm asking either
@StephanMuller ya, I was bad at server stuff to start out and now I know how to fix it but don't know how to fix redirects so that goes to what I want :P
a simple htaccess rule could do the trick
0 experience in that area
6:18 PM
@StephanMuller "yo dawg..."
i heard you like a blog in your blog?
it has to do with how octopress sets itself up as well
it assumes it's on the main domain
so since I have it in it's own directory it creates its own /blog
that's why zachsaucier.com/blog goes to the right place but articles have a second /blog
I have to give up the blog subdomain on my site because history API doesn't support navigating from a domain to a subdomain :'(
6:42 PM
@BoltClock On?
Wait HTML5 history API?
Yeah that one
Oh very dear.
That seems like a fairly big oversight?
Is there a good reason it doesn't support subdomains?
cross-origin bs
(not a good reason ofc)
Q: The Power of Teams: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

HynesTL;DR: We're proposing a new area called Teams. The goal is to allow groups (of varying sizes) to publicly share about themselves (who they are and what they build) on Stack Overflow. Content can include information about The Team (Overview, Meta Information), a member roster, projects, communit...

> put on hold as off-topic by markus, HaveNoDisplayName, David Grinberg, Discord, JonH 1 min ago
7:02 PM
I don't like this move at first glance
I understand why they want to
but I feel like SO isn't appropriate for it
It should be re-opened because it's a discussion about an employee-proposed site feature, but I agree that it's not a good proposal
I don't see how it solves a real problem that the site has
And I see lots of potential noise/problems

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