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Q: HTML <body onload=""> doesn't stop

user521180I've got the following <body onload="document.myform.submit()"> and it doesnt stop submitting the form. I think everytime it submits the form the page loads again and it submits it again and so on. how do i stop it? edit: my form is an empty form im submiting it just to involke my acti...

From the state of the answers, I voted NARQ.
I wish SO had a "lol" button sometimes, just near the "+1/-1"
Q: Integrate Third Party tool with vb.net

JohnDear Friend How can integrate particular Third party tool with my vb.net application Plz help thanx in advance

@AndyE Same here
Q: Integrate Third Party tool with vb.net

JohnDear Friend How can integrate particular Third party tool with my vb.net application Plz help thanx in advance

@TomGullen lol
> A question usually requires a question ;-) – ILMV
4:05 PM
> edit: my form is an empty form im submiting it just to involke my action class into putting data in request for the page to display it, so i want it to submit as soon as the page loads
from the onload question
First off, I'm having a really hard time understanding him. And second, I don't think he knows that he can "output" "data" for GET requests
This is one of my favorite original questions
Q: '$ is not defined' in code following jQuery include

toiletseatI'm getting the familiar '$ is not defined' error in my JavaScript for the following line in one of my javascript files... $(document).ready(function() { … } Normally this is because I've forgotten to include jQuery, but not this time! I have included it, and it is the first include in the pag...

"It's not workings! (and no I don't show you any real html/code)"
At least he has a good username
4:13 PM
function submitOnEnter() {
    if (browserName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")
dang, that's some awesome browser detection
Q: submit form on 'enter' in IE "web browser"

c14kaaHi all, having a problem with the number one browser for downloading another browser...IE IE8 fails to submit when you hit enter in a form. here is what i use: function submitOnEnter() { if (browserName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer") { var key; if (window.event){ ...

the comment is the best part
I mean, how else would we know that this code inside the if is IE specific
4:27 PM
Q: Javascript Math Functions For JQUERY

Eray AlakeseHow can i use this javascript math functions with JQUERY ? Can you give an example with a few functions ? Thank you .

I'm crying
Highly appropriate. We should let kitten have a copy of this.
:kitten jquery
it has :P
Ah, nice
4:30 PM
was that real
nah it was shopped :-p
@ClemDesm [feature-request] x presses of the "lol" button results in your gravatar changing to a picture of a muppet.
:kitten rchern
4:35 PM
@ClemDesm: sorry, just saw your starred comment :-p
I want that button NAO
@CodingKitten You want it to? rait?
@IvoWetzel that's help support my new proposal good! can you define a "tag" too, because it works just a test of master, git pull is
lol, didn't see it was starred :p
we could make a userscript...
A lol button would certainly be a good addition
4:37 PM
set up a DB somewhere..
and then we hook it up to the kitten and it :kitten lol outputs one of those
:kitten cheer me up
when a certain number of lol clicks is achieved
We need a wtfso.com
@CodingKitten: Do some good, Leave here, and find a cure for all sickness.
@ircmaxell Because I've not read up about on the train to it :)
4:40 PM
not bad
lol that almost made sense
the post will get a [LOL] [ROFL] [ROFLMAO] [ROFLCOPTER] [ROTFLMAOWPIMP] appended to its title
I can envision an awesome chrome plugin, a "lol" button, sort of like stumbleupon but for lols only
Anyone used jstree.js ?
4:46 PM
Q: Adding a "lol" button.

ShikiryuSo, we were talking in the JS chatroom and we came linking the noobiest questions possible, questions you can't really answer... For example : Javascript Math Functions HTML doesn't stop how to change this code What does document.form mean in javascript? Because sometimes, we need it, a "lo...

Because I'm crazy.
(never used the Meta before)
-1/+2 +3 lol for now.
Ouch, nested if/else are difficult to read. if/try/catch/else are harder =_= I hate my collegues.
Do you guys ever feel sorry for some question askers? Like that guy who asked about Jquery maths, I made fun a bit, but ended up feeling sorry for him so I tried to help, when people make fun and the users respond with a smiley face such as "I know english not good I misunderstand :)" that always gets me, that smiley face, makes me feel bad for them
Happens to me too. Problem is that most of the time, they want their thing to work and don't care to understand.
Thanks for the edit @YiJiang
$("#foo").data("bar") is merely a getter right?
@Raynos Yup
5:01 PM
Alright, people adding ideas :)
@ircmaxell Yes, that's the point.
posted an answer, while not directly promoting the "lol" I'm for some additional markings
for dumb, dead easy, googlable questions
You're not lol at all.
Q: jQuery: Multiply a number with 7.5

Kenneth BHi guys I'm about to design a webshop, build upon the Big Cartel webshop system. The nearest currency they use is Euro, but I want Danish Kroner (DKK), which is 7.5 of Euro. How can I multiply the number within a div.price? I've found "jQuery Calculate"-plugin, but I can't figure out how it wo...

5:16 PM
just earned a badge thanks to the "lol" button
+5/-3 -> +3 lol
Alright, time to go
so indeed
10k+ seems to increase the chance of getting accepted
especially if the questioner is low rep
5:32 PM
yes it does
Yeah sometimes I spend ages on an answer and some 10k+ douche posts a 1 liner and gets more rep
Hi! :)
I don't conciously upvote based upon rep. I do downvote based on it though
Up vote the answer that explains it, I hardly ever up vote pure code answers
if someone posts a boarderline bad answer (should have been a comment, etc) I'll be more likely to downvote higher rep people than lower rep ones (since the higher should know better by now)
5:35 PM
or stuff like "use X instead"
Poaching easy questions with 1 liners is definitely the most +EV way to gain rep though
I refuse. I'd rather be 2nd and get less rep and acutally explain than be first and get the rep
5:53 PM
Anyone there?
I'm not here
Twitter seems to have a problem with their e-mail notifications
They already sent me 4 mails for the same guy who started following me
I've got a new computer, and I'm wondering why do I have both an x86 and an x64 Internet Explorer? Hmm?
6:29 PM
boredom results in spending 15 minutes seeing how long it takes to write a lights out clone in JS. jsfiddle.net/jQrBB
have fun
A: My first script works! - except for IE and Safari - please help.

mdaguerreTry to use jquery for DOM manipulation, is much easier and prevents some mistakes.

huge sigh
6:57 PM
@AndyE Why did what got 3 downvotes? Anyway, +1 for that!!
A picture paints a thousand... words..
poor user.
maybe just trolling
7:26 PM
Sup guys
@RobertPitt hi
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
I accidentally got git to 'merge' the gh-pages branch with the master one
Ah yes repo is fine
two ways to fix it
1. revert the stuff .…. uh
2. rm -r and clone the repo from github
Does anybody know how to get this piece of DOJO "dojo.query('#main [ title $= thud ]')" to work where "thud" is a variable?
'#main [ title $= ' + thud + ' ]'
dojo.query('#main [ title $= ' + thud + ' ]') Not working for me, but I am taking a closer look at my code.
This was my first thought too.
Ah, missing the last ]. Duh
8:51 PM
Check out the thread in the comments of this question :) stackoverflow.com/questions/4717168/…
9:04 PM
... the answer and comments by Anonymous are also noteworthy.
9:15 PM
@Nathan Anonymous is exaggerating. There are hundreds of corporations that are way more dangerous than those 6 jQuery geeks :)
@ŠimeVidas by "noteworthy" I meant "crazy", sorry
9:45 PM
Why are Mozilla wasting time inventing new ways of writing functions? Surely they've got real work to do?
9:56 PM
Just wondering has anyone seen a javascript/ajax timesheet anywhere?
Just looking for inspiration
Cool... pre war javascript is the best
(c) 1998-1999 baybee
Wow back when javascript was like a dirty whore
I was a little freaked out whenever I got JS to actually do anything
and if you think javascript sucks in IE 6, you should remember IE 3 :D
10:41 PM
Hi! I'm writing that from my new notebook :)
I was like 4 years old
> Please only answer this question if you have direct experience successfully doing this yourself -- or trying everything and giving up.
Q: JavaScript - Detecting Scrollbars in a Cross-Domain Iframe?

PatriciaI'm loading a cross-domain page (that I have no control over) into an iframe. I want to know if this results in a scrollbar appearing in the iframe on my page or not. I'm getting the impression that this just cannot be done (in Firefox at least), through any kind of direct detection or clever d...

please someone link me SEChatModifications
I like the new Chrome settings page... except for one thing. Where can I set the primary language??
thanks @RebeccaChernoff
10:48 PM
@JeremyChild makes me feel old
11:10 PM
Happy Birthday for me! :)
Happy birthday.
So you do not remember a time before Wikipedia?
happy birthday nyuszika7H
Nope, I'm just 12...
here are some multicoloured sperm things shooting lasers at each other: jsfiddle.net/rDfzq/embedded/result
pew pew pew
11:18 PM
i was going to make it interactive, so you could build shit
but i think i'll abandon it and start using three.js
trying to code all the 3d projection and stuff starts to hurt my head ><
is that code minified or are you editing it like that?
do the flocks grow when they destroy a rival flock? Does the red indicate damage or pregnancy?
it's compiled with closure
part of the reason i wrote that was to see if i could make something that passes jslint, and compiles with closure on advanced optimisations
red indicates damage :) they used to heal, but it meant that large flocks were pretty much invincible
the only way for more to spawn is from the pyramid things
I thought one flock I was watching increased in size.
it may have joined with another of the same colour
oh yes, I saw two just do that
11:25 PM
Oh my god
the web is going to be amazing
In 10 years...
thought it already was?
Well. Its not.
Once we kill PHP and ViewState
It will be
without PHP ...
But ViewState... shudder
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