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3:00 PM
@ZachSaucier that ll make it closer to sublime and ease the transition
you can still use your mouse and such or just stick to vim defaults
but vim is a way of life not a tool for everyone
You need to include the extension in the file name as well.
@mikedidthis Haha, yep - I know which drop down you were referring to and yes I am choosing the right extension
3:00 PM
mouse and vim?
filthy windows users
Ok, that;s where I was going wrong
@Kitler Awesome, but I have to use Vim on the school's server xD
not everyone can just dive into vim
sure you can
3:01 PM
ahh that's fine
I was choosing the correct 'Save as type' but not adding the extension to the file name
I'll open it, you figure out how to close it
I know how to use vim :P
3:01 PM
took a week or so to get used to the commands
The closing for newbies is sooo hard XD
@mikedidthis That works, cheers.
constantly re-reading the docs
just saying not everyone has 6 months to learn how to get the same productivity with previous editors
Knew I was doing something amateur!
3:01 PM
i love it when you set up git and it just default to vim and people cant close there commit message
@James no problem. If it makes you feel better, I miss the extension some times :|
Haha, not sure why it doesn't add it when you choose the type - would be logical.
No idea, other apps do it fine.
contrary to popular belief @mikedidthis does make misstakes we have proof
I make mistakes all the time
3:07 PM
@Kitler hahaha Why am I even friends with you people
@Persijn Mike is the king of mistakes
just look at all the wrong decisions he made in life to be where he is :P
whoa mike you have a lot of followers on twitter.. are you a porn star?
hides behind a tree - shots fired - just kidding @mikedidthis - much love sir
@KeyboardWarrior yep, I keep making mistakes with your mom.
@mikedidthis TOO OLD FOR MOM JOKES MIKE!!!
how many more damn times do I need to tell you this
@Phreak @someguy has a heck more.
@KeyboardWarrior but not too old for your mom.
I am getting RSI from typing that phrase.
3:10 PM
@mikedidthis hahahaha go fuck yourself <3
no more mom jokes
@mikedidthis Hahaha, you have a better ratio, though
@KeyboardWarrior <3
lets get off mom jokes... cuz i just got off yours!
@mikedidthis You know a mom joke is just a sentence away :P
grabs popcorn
3:11 PM
@KeyboardWarrior how difficult is it to tell mom jokes when you were breastfed by your father?
so many tech mettups meetup.com/cities/us/il/chicago
i'm looking for hiking !
oh its the first one
oooo nice
I'll be using that
@rlemon ya traveling somewhere?
no, I never know about meetups in my city
3:21 PM
ah i see
3:31 PM
@joshhunt Thank you for helping with the flex-box canvas problem yesterday. For your reference, here is a link to the bug I submitted: bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1154758
@mikedidthis on what OS? You shouldn't need to if you specify a type in the save as type dropdown, that's what the dropdown is for
oh god
the new profiles hit Stack Overflow today
they suck
TylerH, United States
5.7k 4 15 41
they no longer show age
I am not happy
@TylerH windows 7 / 8
> ~1.2m
3:35 PM
still has the birthday field "only used for displaying age"
@mikedidthis yea, I touch a lot of people
got a problem?
What should be done with questions like this one
Q: Ember-cli build failed: no such file or directory

user2674239I migrate my grunt project to ember-cli project, after resolving all JSHint errors, I run "ember build", but got the following error output: version: 0.2.3 BuildingBuilding.Building..Building...BuildingBuilding.Building..Building...Build failed. ENOENT, no such file or directory 'D:\work\mi\...

I loved our new profile page
I like it as well
a little annoying that it's split into two, but only a little
3:43 PM
since when do people add the bounty amount to titles stackoverflow.com/posts/29494452/revisions
there's lots of new useful info
@Kitler lol desperation? ignorance of how it works?
@TylerH way to steal my question
@rlemon I begrudgingly accept my role in society
he's assertive @rlemon
You just whine :D
@rlemon question edited :-D
people are being lame and pointing me to MSE
moving the Question there as an Answer
1 message moved to Trash
A: New profile pages are out - bugs and feedback master list

TylerHAge is no longer listed in our Profile view We can still enter our birth date in our profile, and it's listed under "Public Information": However, our age is no longer visible anywhere on the new Profile page: I believe this is a bug. Thanks to rlemon for pointing it out.

3:55 PM
A small thing, but I get really annoyed when, if you have content that goes below the fold, the scrollbar appears and it makes it look as everything as jolted slightly across the page. Is there anyway to compensate for this?
@James you're probably using bad values for your element widths
@TylerH Should have looked before moaning - this is the issue I meant:
Q: How to compensate for Vertical Scrollbar when it is not yet present

H. FerrenceMaybe this is an easy fix, but it has been driving me crazy for a long time so I finally decided to see if a solution exists. Simply put, I center most of my web pages within wide view-ports. Example, a view-port might be capable of 1028px and I want my page width to only be 960px. So my css l...

Not a nice solution, but it'll do for now.
you can prevent reflow by using overflow-x: hidden, but that prevents you from seeing your content sometimes, too
@TylerH yeah thanks, that's what I've just now and works much better
posted on April 15, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by SynxS */

4:03 PM
you can fix the problem of not seeing your content by giving a margin-right: 17px; on your body
I think all the browser scrollbars are 17px thick
but you might want to check that
seems legit
@Kitler she has an urgent matter
you mustn't delay
linked in is such a shit platform
but hey, now they own lynda.com
when in doubt, acquire somebody
doesn't matter if it makes sense
4:21 PM
does anyone know why this is always dodger blue - even when I change my resolution?
@web-tiki Always satisfying to catch people plagiarizing your own answers
haha yeah although I wish it had been done better, it didn't even answer the question...
thx for taking care of it @BoltClock
Many plagiarized answers don't do a good job of answering the question
I guess they would be answering duplicate questions anyway
to have a slight zoom effect would i increase the width

check the effect after mouse enter https://jsfiddle.net/4xr42388/
4:35 PM
does anyone know how to get correct media queries? I am only getting the last rule: jsfiddle.net/t1s2j7uh/1
@Phreak is there a reason you are doing this with JS? CSS can do that easily
it seems to work if I change all max-widths to min-widths
@web-tiki well would i have to use css3?
well with css :hover increase width right?
you could do it with transition
what browsers do you need to support? IE8-?
ie8 :((
so an increase in width would make it look like a zoom?
4:42 PM
yes but you'll have to remove the height if you don't want to alter the aspect ratio of the image
ohh wektiki in chat thats rare
remove the height from the js?
yes and set height:auto; on the image in the CSS
Dat gold [pseudo-element] badge tho...
Not even halfway there
.net is even worse, I already have the total score needed
But pseudo-element is, like, such a niche tag
4:52 PM
@web-tiki thanks
5:09 PM
np @Phreak btw this is how I would do it jsfiddle.net/fb54mzj0 as a hover effect shouldn't affect the functionality of the site. IE8 user would see no change on hover and IE9 users would see the scale without transition (if you add the prefixes)
5:19 PM
Yea that's deff easier/better thanks i'll see how it works on the diff browsers and probs implement it. Thanks for your help.
@ZachSaucier Did you see that CodePen is being redesigned
no, but thank goodness
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
The Ugly RJ45 Duckling
Whoah, CodePen re-picked my building images pen
never seen them do that before
was wondering why it was getting so much attention
I have, my holiday themed pens get "repicked" every year
5:23 PM
@Phreak don't forget vendor prefixes though
@TylerH why the semicolon? It makes no sense to use it here. Seriously man you're embarrassing yourself. — mpoplin 55 mins ago
Can't tell if troll or just dumb
@ZachSaucier codepen.seesparkbox.com more details here
5:40 PM
Nice, @CarrieKendall used for one of the examples in [blog.stackoverflow.com/2015/04/… new blog post)
the last image
also how did I mess that link up
oh probably because of the lack of http
I hate that browsers hide that now
that's the last image in the post
you linked the wrong one, fool :P
I linked the same link you just did
I just didn't include the http:// prefix
because Firefox hides that by default
5:47 PM
> Meanwhile, still no chat support for the mobile app. Good job on the profile re-design.
tyler is salty as fuck
Anything to get back at Joel who said "chat is stupid"
you should like him to my, "Why I still contribute to SO" article :D
I doubt I'll ever have a conversation with him :-P But if I do, I will link that
5:54 PM
was there drama! gosh why wasn't i here!
@Phreak no there was no drama
go back to your hole :-P
goes back to asshole
i mean hole*
6:06 PM
Hey guys, can I see some of your portfolios? I want to create a professional portfolio, and I really wanna know how you guys maintain one.
portfolios for what?
work portfolios
plural because he's referring to all of us, mos tlikely
@HassanAlthaf I don't have one, but most people probably just point to their website or their github page
Can we see your portfolio?
its empty @Phreak
6:11 PM
I am studying everyones portfolios. Like how they present information.
I have one under work.
mine sucks 0o
I like that '.network' in my domain. :D
"I code valid code considering the best practices as well" rofl
@HassanAlthaf why you are using .network?
personal portfolios usually go with .me
For the fun of it, it is sorta my sandbox site.
6:12 PM
@ZachSaucier o/
My personal portfolio is: hassanalthaf.com
I don't like the idea of using bootstrap for a personal portfolio
@Mr.Alien \o I rarely see you around
Why not? It gets your site responsive. :P
If you are a front-end dev you should show your chops/make a responsive site from scratch not using a framework.
6:13 PM
@ZachSaucier work + study... day ends. but I do randomly visit the room at office hours
your portfolio site isn't/wont be that big
@HassanAlthaf I hate your "MY SKILLS" section. WTF do those progress bars tell me? That you don't know them well because none are complete. Terrible way of visualizing skillsets
@Mr.Alien same
Oh, should I remove them?
@ZachSaucier not contributing much to codepen and stuff, kinda hardly get time
I saw most people doing it, so I decided, why not? :P
6:14 PM
@HassanAlthaf same :P
But, sure, I will remove em.
the best thing your site can do is point to your work
show why the work is good
let it speak for itself
@HassanAlthaf progress bars are a bad way to show experience with a skill
real life knowledge doesn't translate well with game mechanics like progress bars
I don't care about you talking about yourself, I want to know you can build me awesome stuff if I'm going to hire you
Show examples of stuff done in various languages, that's what people care about
6:15 PM
not code directly (usually) - can link to github and show an image of the final product instead
Hey Zach.
Well guys, let me show you my portfolio section
@HassanAlthaf why do what others do?
Man, what a bittersweet project
Wait, refresh guys, if the page is messed up.
6:22 PM
I get to make this site responsive, but it's a SharePoint 2010 site
Had to turn on Development mode on CloudFlare to disable caching.
@TylerH lol eek
@HassanAlthaf I would suggest slightly more professional word choices for the text overlays of each image ;-)
!!tell HassanAlthaf google good developer portfolios
6:23 PM
@TylerH dont worry on the captions on each image, those are just dummy stuff.
Thanks Zach.
@HassanAlthaf Also, it helps to have an easily identifiable color scheme
don't have too many colors
Your site doesn't suffer too badly from that, but there are already lots of different colors (I'm not talking about the images in the gallery), black text on a white background, blue background with white text, dark grey footer with white text
For example, check out Zach's blog; he has three colors: a grey background with a darkgrey/orange graphic. The text for the blog is the same color as the darkgrey in the graphic, and the hover text is the same color as the orange in the graphic
with meta text being a lighter grey
@TylerH I need to redesign that, at least the type and some of the coloring xD
@ZachSaucier yeah, orange isn't in season anymore :-P
thank goodness it's written in SCSS, lol
I will completely redesign my website.
Guys, do you know any good article which tells how to design proper websites?
Thanks a lot
@HassanAlthaf if you're a glutton for punishment, you can spend tons of time reading Google's new flat design documents as well
Do any one of you know some good web designer?
I sorta wanna get my portfolio designed cuz I am a fail in design.
Oh, I've read 'em.
they call it "Material Design", and it will be in effect on all Google products in the future, so it will become pretty popular
@HassanAlthaf are you willing to pay?
I could get one on freelancer, but I don't have a credit card, it requires a credit card to pay via PayPal. I pay via PayPal balance.
Cuz, I am just 15 and i dont have a credit card. lol
6:42 PM
I don't think you should pay someone for a portfolio design this early, then
you won't be gaining/losing that much business because of the design at that age
C'mon, I want a website which I won't feel shy to share.
you can get that without paying for it though
at 15 you have plenty of time to practice yourself and find one that looks professional
I wish I did.
But, I am a bookworm. :P
I sorta care a lot about my exams, and I should be.
6:44 PM
Step 1: create a wireframe/template/drawing of how you want the portfolio to look
@Sippy no he's mostly sitting next to me when @KeyboardWarrior starts talking to me, and then he's all like "oh oh let me answer!!"
Step 2: build it in black and white
Step 3: pick a meaningful color palette
Aright, I will do it.
But, I really suck at doing graphics.
Like, for example,
you don't need graphics
If you goto the index of the link
Dont they loook horrible: prntscr.com/6u57f9
Alright, I will work on my website.
6:56 PM
@HassanAlthaf looks kewl
Lol, does it?
those images aren't great
but you don't need them
and you also don't need to make them yourself
there are tons of icon packs out there that are free to use
You don't think all those social media share icons on every site are custom made every time, do you?
I don't.
7:17 PM
Morning room
A while back somebody shared a link with free to use high quality photos. Anybody has the link for me?
@ZachSaucier Doesn't understand there is a back button in browsers -1
As usual <3 @DarkAshelin
@PeeHaa the animation showing the post is the great part
it helps user flow by creating a better 3d model of the site in user's minds
@ZachSaucier Doesn't work for me. I think I might not be smart enough to see it :P
when it becomes more common you'll see the benefit more I believe
in a good implementation pressing the back button would show the animation in reverse
7:23 PM
Maybe. I am know for being old and grumpy conservative
I actually use the technique as part of my speech, so you'll get to hear about it next month :P
Ah right. That is also coming up. Totally forgot about it
@ZachSaucier and the url would update
@DarkAshelin yep
7:25 PM
Yeah also that @DarkAshelin
@PeeHaa u can add all that with js
I know :)
hopefully it'll be more native eventually, but I'm always too hopeful
Holy cow those are alotta images @DarkAshelin :)
7:27 PM
that's why I saved the site
@HassanAlthaf It's not hard to reproduce that rough layout. Just iterate over its design until you're happy
keep a base template and then make modifications to that as you find new layouts or implementations that you like
@TylerH i made a beast layout.
7:46 PM
your monitor is too big
but it looks good
@HassanAlthaf doesn't show that much yet. I'll be able to give a better opinion once u can get some more content in there
Its all lel
My monitor is just 13"
But I got this beast Apple display bruv. :P
@HassanAlthaf are you British?
oh Sri Lankan
Only kind of people I've heard say "bruv" are Cockney-speaking Brits
1 hour later…
9:24 PM
@CarrieKendall: Honestly, this is the sort of thing that really doesn't need much explaining. There's a pattern for how things should be done and there are things that are fairly acceptable. But then there's things that are inadvisable. We don't need to explain every insignificant detail. — Jeff Mercado 4 mins ago
i think he got salty over my request for more information :(
why SharePoint whyyy do you have three sets of scrollbars
they have secret investments in a lot of scrolling mouse companies
obviously a huge market
@CarrieKendall wtf? yeah thats an odd comment on his end
I commented as well.
> Just do what I say.
thats how I read it unless I am misinterpreting
lol yeah
i feel like he got intimidated for no reason
was i harsh?
no not at all
you were asking for answer clarification
which I think is valid.
9:29 PM
@tylerh did you see that sick profile they used in the latest blog post ;)
lets be honest though, most fall in the 25% range :p
this is a fancy ice cream shop
I guess you could treat it like capital gains
since icecream is such a treat
I posted that answer in the JS chat as well, seeing if anyone can shed some light on it
/me heads home
9:33 PM
@Loktar \o
@CarrieKendall yes, did you see that sick message I posted here about it earlier? ;-)
@TylerH no, link or gtfo
4 hours ago, by TylerH
Nice, @CarrieKendall used for one of the examples in [http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2015/04/two-new-user-pages-one-new-stat-this-ones‌​-big/](the new blog post)
huh, i didnt get the notification
I don't think you get one if you haven't been in the chatroom recently
which is dumb
9:35 PM
@rlemon this made me bust out laughing
You get one in a comment on an answer you've never seen before
@CarrieKendall rlemon is afk: goodbye cruel world.
oh, that's probably it then
it's been a minute
time for me to head home
9:50 PM
@CarrieKendall :D

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