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3:01 PM
For international address forms what do you guys do? Make a vague form and hope for the best judgement by the user in lieu of form validation?
seems like firefox doesn't check any mousedown handlers at all when right clicking
event firing custom mouse event during the contextmenu event doesn't work -.-
@IvoWetzel preventDefault the contextmenu, handle the mouseup and mousedown as usual. That should set it straight. Or maybe it was another browser. I forget.
@Zirak That works fine in chrome, but in Firefox there's no chance -.-
What a female fox.
okay another try, just to keep my sanity I disabled ALL addons
Okay, some addon author is going to die now.
Because now it works
3:08 PM
grabs the popcorn which addons you got?
The only one which might be a suspect is all in one gestures
adblock ofc
and yep, that's it
All in One Gestures is messing around with the mouse events
Oh wow there's more (might take a while to load...) and yes, except for some basic controls and THREE.js skeleton there's not much to be seen right now (although the room server / client stuff is already finished)
3:12 PM
@IvoWetzel :-/
what is this @IvoWetzel?
and why did the yellow square move?
@Vader RTS prototype
@BenjaminGruenbaum Why is it 55 minutes long why are you doing these things
3:13 PM
@Vader yes, real time strategy game thingy
@Zirak it's not a loop - it just goes on for 55 minutes
set in space, with tons of ships and lasers (and maybe kittens?)
@IvoWetzel open source ?
looks like you have a lot of works ahead of you
3:14 PM
@darkyen00 sure thing, although only the client / server stuff is currently up on github github.com/BonsaiDen/cobalt
@IvoWetzel tell me more about the plot :-)
@BenjaminGruenbaum I've got a strange feeling there's a healthy amount of sexual harassment passed around
how do I move the yellow square?
For sure
oh RMB
RMB is also move though
3:15 PM
@Vader Yes, but you need to hold it down in order to pan (unless you got some broken Addons like I have in Firefox which mess with the mouse events...)
nope, it works
@IvoWetzel doesnt work in chrome
and i have no addons
does too
@darkyen00 what version? It works on mine here
also on chrome
3:16 PM
@IvoWetzel mac + latest
@BenjaminGruenbaum It's actually more than one song!!
@darkyen00 hmmm, maybe it has a different button / which value on mac
3:18 PM
@Zirak now upgrade to psy
3:33 PM
@FlorianMargaine wow
can anyone help me manifest?
@Sim believe in yourself, don't let the haters put you down.
@Sim Only a select few may plug in
i have never used manifest i'm trying to see if it could be useful my question is can mp4 saved though manifest?
WTF are you talking about
3:45 PM
"Appmanifest" I think
@Sim Anything can be saved
erm, and you probably meant "appcache"
yes appcache sorry
I'm doing the elevator game like a metro, but I'm doing it certainly wrong, it works though
read the API
good idea :)
it's well documented
or do what I did, and hardcode it evertime
3:56 PM
chrome for android seems be unlimited but what about iOS?
I just used the optimal algorithm for the elevator problem - it's NPC though
The elevator algorithm (also SCAN) is a disk scheduling algorithm to determine the motion of the disk's arm and head in servicing read and write requests. This algorithm is named after the behavior of a building elevator, where the elevator continues to travel in its current direction (up or down) until empty, stopping only to let individuals off or to pick up new individuals heading in the same direction. From an implementation perspective, the drive maintains a buffer of pending read/write requests, along with the associated cylinder number of the request. Lower cylinder numbers indicate that...
Wait, wrong one
Come to think of it - disk scheduling algorithms might solve the same problem.
@Sim wat are you talking about?
@BenjaminGruenbaum appcache
4:16 PM
@darkyen00 ?
@FlorianMargaine The tolerance
just wow
of what?
the video, french people
more wow on ... you really need to "dress specially" in paris
posted on January 24, 2015

var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3727700-1"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {} POW!

didn't watch the video
4:18 PM
Two American (actors) being loud and outarageous in public
in paris. French people started having fun and didn't bother for a long while
no way I'm watching the whole 20 minutes
yeah neither did i
just watching 1 minute
of course if you go to rich quarters people will look at you if you're wearing mofo clothes...
it's the same everywhere...
4:21 PM
in the end american's were to speak against. rather then French
crazy as fuck ^
@FlorianMargaine One of Those Days 2
Loving the title.
@FlorianMargaine would be so much more fun with VR headsets and 3d
one of those gopro hater
hahaha that is pretty sick
@FlorianMargaine thats awesome
I try to create function on dynamic buttons create.
every button is of the class btnClass.
I want to add a function with jquery to all the buttons. my problem is that if I do
$('.btnClass').click(function(){}). it's only relevent to the button that already on the screen. How can I make it work for all the future buttons?
i was watching a movie on entflix i was like what the hell what is the sound doing in the youtube video lol
4:55 PM
Anyone can tell me how I can make the ship always take the shortest turn instead of doing a full turn?
Math.min ?
from the absolute values
@dievardump that wont work
hes using transitions
Not for the rotation
there is no way it would rotate like that
it's capped at 5deg per animationframe
in fact, it rotates either 5deg or not at all per frame -.-
Gonna fix that code
5:05 PM
@Jonathan \o/
why the hell do you show us a fiddle to integrate your website in the iframe
are you sure it doesn't work with a simple += ?
This is my version of sick as fuck... youtu.be/L6IT43b1H_8
when modifying in the css direct it turns correctly
5:08 PM
can anyone explain to me why here sometimes the circles are flickering? What's strange is that just some are flickering, not all at once... I really don't get it
of course you would lol
@towc Guess: You are generating the color (or some other property) on the fly, and sometimes it's invalid
@HatterisMad lol
if I have an HTML element , How can I know it's scope?
for example <div id="123"><li></li></div><div id="133"><li></li></div>
and I have one of the <li> as an element I want to know in which div the li is found How can I do this?
5:10 PM
@Zirak I'm pretty sure I'm not giving any bad input, since I never change the colors... any way to fix it?
@Qantas94Heavy Hi... I don't think this is a dup. There is a difference.
@towc Do the colours change between renderings?
@Zirak no
Sorry, not just colours, any attribute but position
I'm only changing the shadowBlur property, and using clearRect, if it makes a difference.
other than that I'm just creating and filling arc paths
5:13 PM
Wait, you're calling splice
Do you account for the changed array length?
I think so
I'm using a for loop which at every run it checks the length of the array
5:14 PM
More importantly, why is the particle in charge of removing itself from the collection?
line 65
@Zirak mainly because I'm lazy
In other words, your array mutates mid-loop and you don't account for it
but it should work anyway
See the problem?
yeah, just tested on my console before you sent the link
ok, thanks!
my solution would be to just add:
if(i < array.length) break;
but it doesn't seem to be working...
5:18 PM
You don't understand the problem
Run it a few times, log the current index and the element matching that index before and after the update
You'll see the mutation
wait... the thing waits for the loop to finish before it completely removes the spliced stuff? Or am I still not getting it?
Why on earth would that happen?
I have no idea
Stop guessing, start collecting evidence
ran out of ideas....
5:26 PM
6 mins ago, by Zirak
Run it a few times, log the current index and the element matching that index before and after the update
See my linked example for what I mean
@SomeKittens Mornin
@zirak if you splice the last item of the array, the rest of the loop will still be going... is that what you're trying to tell me?
otherwise I don't see any non-expected thing
5:33 PM
// before
i = 1;
arr = [0, 1, 2];
arr[i] = 1;
// after
i = 1;
arr = [0, 2];
arr[i] = 2;
Do you not see how that fucks you up?
not really
Think about the next iteration...
oh wait...
// before
i = 1;
arr = [0, 1, 2];
arr[i] = 1;
// after
i = 2;
arr = [0, 2];
arr[i] = undefined;
you probably meant that
How stupid of me
5:36 PM
ok, I think I get it now
yay! no flickeriness! codepen.io/MateiGCopot/pen/bNRoXq
I first had to handover the deletion to the loop, so that I could access i and deminish it if the deletion happened... and it works! Thank you
with a small amount of particle, making two loops is probabky better. (that is completly subjective)
And handling deletion before updating the rendering
So you don't render something that can't be seen
with a small amount of particles I don't have rendering issues :P
with your blurry things etc... my laptop decided to put the fan on
5:42 PM
Has anyone looked into my problem?
@dievardump having 1 less render every 8 frames shouldn't make much of a difference
> The fact we link to the developer tools documentation in a semi-daily basis in the JS chat room in SO indicates the number is not very high - but everyone knows the console :) ~ @BenjaminGruenbaum
@Zirak yup, I stand behind that statement
5:46 PM
The feelz
Also, there seems to be no way to link directly to a specific comment
Google+ is great
I like twiiter
Who doesn't like twiiter
5:51 PM
"Google+ is great"
"No, I like twiitter."
Nobody likes fecebook
I prefer fb to g+ and twitter
FB: Great for chats (especially group chats)
TW: Great for keeping up with news that I select
G+: Great for not going to `plussizepornstars.porn` when I accidentally type `p-l` into the browser.
is tempted to check
5:55 PM
Facenook is good for freinds oreinted people.
Twiiter for news oriented
G+ for .....??????
Then again, I spend most of my "social" time on the internet in Slack, IRC and here
@ShaU For those that have neither friends nor news? :P
> Hi moderator, kindly upvote my answers bcoz they are good...
lol @BoltClock that's hilarious
6:04 PM
people should not ask like this
they should not beg for upvotes
@BenjaminGruenbaum Dont upvote anybody
I like it when they beg
@Zirak just curious, is that retaining in this context or breaking out for its own context?
6:07 PM
sigh I guess we won't go to Jade today
thats what i thought
@BenjaminGruenbaum ok, I've tried it today - and it's not especially good :-/
@Zirak why, o why, does fecesbook.com redirect to an automotive e-store?
(for the record - that's preferable to what it could have been)
@KamilTomšík tried what?
Oh- Meteor guy, I remember you :)
6:20 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum sorry for that, hello again :-)
@KamilTomšík how've you been?
@BenjaminGruenbaum busy doing work :-) but I had time today to play with meteor so that's good no matter the result - at least I've saved myself some worries in future :-)
read the last answer
@BenjaminGruenbaum btw: I'm open to any new ideas, what might be good alternative to meteor? (also probably something featuring RDBMS instead of mongo)
6:27 PM
@KamilTomšík haha, to be fair I was deliberately argumentative - I think meteor is fine for a PoC level (kind of like how Parse is)
@KamilTomšík roll your own backend (with node if you want to share code like in meteor) with PostgreSQL or another RDBMS - it's super simple. If stuff like flow control worries you you can use promises and coroutines to reduce nesting and patterns like disposer to take care of connections
@BenjaminGruenbaum I'd rather not try to re-invent everything :-) for example I don't especially like RoR because of magic and its size (it's really big framework) but I really love the way it does REST & persistence
@KamilTomšík I hate ActiveRecord :P I think it's a bad abstraction coupling objects and their storage - I'd much rather use something like EF that uses a more repository like approach. Express for example is not the best framework but it's pretty basic and barebones compared to most practical alternatives and you'll probably enjoy it.
app.get("/books/:id", function(req, resp){
    db.query("SELECT Name, Description from users where id = $0", req.params.id).then(function(user){
Or something like that, generally.
There are also automatic CRUD things
@BenjaminGruenbaum I do, and I'm not solely bought on AR, I just love they have everything solved - their guide is really awesome (one of the best docs I've ever read)
Yeah, their guide is pretty nice I just don't like the approach - it is very problematic at times compared to their alternatives.
@BenjaminGruenbaum the libs in node usually do very little (that's a good thing for the most of time) and I'd like something solid to do persistence, if you know what I mean
6:35 PM
@KamilTomšík There are ORMs like Bookshelf and Knex
And sequelize
Sorry, Knex is part of Bookshelf my bad: bookshelfjs.org
ok, thx - never heard about them so I'll definitely have a look
They're ORMs - they abstract SQL from you - they have their pros and cons. For simple CRUD they work.
In other news, I still haven't fixed that N+1 antipattern
Has somebody faced sudden drop in internet speed when using wireless lan??
@SomeKittens Linkies?
6:49 PM
Q: What is the n+1 selects issue?

Lars A. BrekkenThe problem is often mentioned in object-relation mapping discussions, and I understand that it has something do to with having to make a lot of database queries for something that seems simple in the object world. Does anybody have a more detailed--but simple--explanation of the problem?

It was one of those "Write it one way, that didn't work, rewrite half of it, now it sorta works" deals.
problem was I could have just JOINed but I wasn't thinking about the other half.
you need sql help?
No, I know what to do, it's just not priority
(just a daily cron)
oh my. I never caught "dwerving on the highway" before.
Rebecca Black, you clever lyricists, you.
6:57 PM
Hola amigos, can you kindly recommend me a good wordpress SECURITY plugin?
Not using Wordpress.
What's a security plugin?
@zirak like wordfence
which secure your website, recently one of my website got hacked somehow
That's an example, not an explanation
rm -rf /path/to/wordpress
6:59 PM
which made me really amazed how cause i didnot use any uploading thing into that and i wonder how it got compromised
cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-2337/… <-- because WordPress is hacker paradise
in jade (as I have learnt so far today)I have to write the html head title body .. for each of my template, is there a way I could do it like handlebars where the content is replaced inside {{{content}}} ? (i am using expressjs and node)
it's pretty simple
ew, its like inheritance and overriding :P
TIL: In devtools editor, C-m to go to matching brace.
7:04 PM
I'm just going to plug everything into one big monolithic controller and extract when needed.
Still looking for good links on architecting Angular apps, by the way (something other than the typical "Here's how your directory structure should be!")
@SomeKittens unfortunately, I don't believe there's any good architecture with Angular, but I can find some to make it less bad.
browserify for starters
Right, you believe that large frameworks are an antipattern?
not positive about that, but certainly the way Angular did it.
The module system needs to die.
A: What can I start doing today to prepare for Angular 2.0?

Benjamin GruenbaumThe Angular team was asked this. Their answer was to write the clearest, most maintainable Angular 1.x code you can today. Quoting Michael Bromley's blog: With so much talk and excitement surrounding Angular 2.0, developers are understandably concerned about whether it is worth investing tim...

that + browserify ^
7:47 PM
@Loktar ping (or go on facebook)
davidwalsh.name/fix-javascript-errors the internet confuses me
I... don't get the point of this article
@FlorianMargaine Hmm, a cv pls request with 8 stars
I wonder what it could be
8:02 PM
A link to a question which needs to be closed, obviously
afternoon gents
8:24 PM
Q: How to prevent object from rotating 360deg when reaching full circle?

JonathanI have a image which always points in the direction of the mouse. At some point the angle goes from 180deg to -180deg, how do I get the image to take the short angle instead of doing full circle? // Find ship angle (Math.atan2(y2 - y1, x2 - x1) * 180 / Math.PI;). var mouseAngle = getAngle(FIREFL...

How can I active a function after someone finished to edit a label ? (finish is after he press enter or another label is onfocus).
width: 100%
height: calc(width * 1.5)
So that doesn't work. Is there a way to make this work?
kind off
padding-top: 150%;
remember padding and margin consider the width for measurements ?
That doesn't work at all
I want the image to have a variable width but the height to be 150% of the width
actually, wait, the height be 75%
there we go
8:48 PM
What we need is an aspect ratio css declaration
That way we can dynamically scale things and maintain an aspect ratio without having to calculate stuff on each step
9:09 PM
@SomeGuy Prepare your brain's rectum!
9:35 PM
Folks, I'm reading this answer.
What do the selectors $(':file') and $(':button') mean?
Does it mean "select every control where type='file' and type='button'"?
The only time that I have come across selectors with a colon in the past was a:visited.
@Zirak @Firedrake969 Thanks! Those are the sort of references I was lacking.
No problem
9:44 PM
quick question which method is right?
Hello there..
How can I know if in label the enter button pressed??
editable label
select the label then use onkeyup
@A_l What's an "editable" label?
capture the e argument and use e.which to access the keycode (enter = 13)
9:49 PM
Are you referring to an input?

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