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2:00 PM
If you don't want to change what the original was, no need to do anything.
And that's really about the only situation where you are allowed to return a T&& - if you pass back a passed-in argument.
Makes sense. Thanks
@Xeo You could also std::move a member variable
the other is when you move-return something from a location that will persist the function call
@DeadMG Was just typing that
although you'd have to be fairly insane to not just return by value
2:01 PM
@Xeo Alt+0172.
some_class&& Foo::move_my_member(){
  return std::move(my_member);
can't do that, violates const correctness
I think that they changed that
@DeadMG Oh, right
I hate that you can't overload operators for primitive types :P
Would have to be Foo const&& which would be useless
2:02 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes ¦:O
@DeadMG Sometimes, yeah.
@DeadMG std::string operator+(int, int) { return "fuck you"; }
I need to implement type coercion on the LHS
@cat ¬_¬ zzZZ old news man
2:04 PM
get with the times
I went to bed at 17 yesterday, got up at 12 today.
Are there any html templates for documentation?
Here's another take on the "method" thing. In C++, it would be gratuitous naming. The language is complex enough as it is, so being systematic with terminology is very important. We already have member objects, member types and member templates, so member functions are only natural. On the other hand, in C# terms like "method" and "properties" are perfectly fitting, for that language.
Q: buy smart: the frame-based expert system for financial shares

user1085758I just want to ask that why this technique is best for the financial shares and the reason behind that and the why the others are not and the reason behind that?

Not sure if ad or not
2:07 PM
@KerrekSB You're a language dictator! Like Big Brother!
@RMartinhoFernandes More like Herbert Hoover :-)
How can I know this Herbert Hoover even existed? You're Big Brother!
Isn't there an actual game like that? Tetris with physics or something
2:10 PM
@RM you've got a real Orwellian fixation today
@sbi Archive binging xkcd?
@keithlayne I'm thematic.
Yesterday I was obsessed with the word "racy".
@Pubby firstpersontetris.com - way worse.
Also, first google hit for "first person" -> "first person tetris"
are we posting xkcd again ¬_¬
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
2:12 PM
- practise for the future
@Xeo I was hoping it would be first-person from the blocks' perspective.
@keithlayne It is - kinda.
And it can be at night mode!
@Pubby Yeah. NotTetris.
I can't remember if there's a sensible way to empty out a stringstream?
I don't really see anything in it's function set
2:16 PM
maybe flush()?
@TonyTheLion You may need to clear the flags too.
There's a question somewhere.
2:16 PM
@CatPlusPlus That's it!
@RMartinhoFernandes yea and it was asked by "the one who shall not be named' LOL
Q: How to clear stringstream?

There is nothing we can dostringstream parser; short top = 0; parser << 5; parser >> top; parser.str("");//HERE I'M RESETTING parser parser << 6; //DOESN'T PUT 6 INTO parser short bottom = 0; parser >> bottom; Why doesn't it work?

remember him?
There's a new one now.
@TonyTheLion Yeah, unfortunately I do. Good that downvoting questions is for free nowadays.
@RMartinhoFernandes who?
@sbi hahah :P
3 hours ago, by Kerrek SB
I seem to have attracted a stalker :-(
2:25 PM
oh that guy
Hehe, I got an answer unaccepted because the OP isn't "content" with the conclusions. It's a shame we can't always fit our data to your theory :-S
if I want to fit an int into a char array, the array needs to be min 4 long right?
@TonyTheLion It needs to be at least sizeof(int) elements long
@RMartinhoFernandes dam your fast _
2:33 PM
If sizeof(int) == sizeof(char), then... one char suffices.
You could claim in general that "4 chars suffice", but I doubt you'd win a prize for that.
huh *_*
that's better ¬_¬ stupid auto steal my *
Oh, that was an italic underscore?
@thecoshman He's a robot.
I didn't notice.
@RMartinhoFernandes yeah :(
@KerrekSB I'm not sure such an implementation would be legal.
interestingly _*_* ... do they look difrent?
"(...) like you've got chainsaws for testicles". I'm going to use this one.
huh.. it also seems like stylistic things like the italics carry over from messages...
and now I am not sure If I am in italic mode or not... *
I'm so confused :'(
2:38 PM
It doesn't carry over.
You're browser might be bugged.
@sbi Why not? There are no upper bounds on the permissible ranges of types
@KerrekSB Are there no lower bounds?
Yay, it works.
@KerrekSB For example, while, as usual, I can't quote the standard, I'm pretty sure that sizeof(short) < sizeof(long) is a requirement in the C standard.
@sbi I am sure of this as well, at least for c++
@RMartinhoFernandes How did you do this?
2:43 PM
@sbi a blank message? could have used alt code for a space...
non-breaking invisible connector thingy?
Wow, it works better than I expected.
@thecoshman Man, the real magic is his name on the starboard!
@sbi no kidding
2:44 PM
I wasn't expecting the empty message.
I thought sizeof(int) >= 2 and sizeof(long) >= 4 and sizeof(long long) >= 8 ??
you broke chat dude
@sbi Nope, only less-than-or-equal
@sbi I.e. long mustn't be strictly shorter than short.
stop it, your up setting the kiddies
@sbi Unicode madness.
2:45 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Of course there are -- you know that, don't you?
@sbi You could feasibly make all your integral types 128 bit long and live in a happy world.
‮Woo, right to left override.
Every type would just be called t. Or maybe _t.
@KerrekSB That's true for sizeof(short) <= sizeof(int) <= sizeof(long). I thought, however, sizeof(short) < sizeof(long) is an additional requirement.
@CatPlusPlus old hat now, really
@keithlayne He explained it already.
2:46 PM
@sbi I am sure that sizeof(char) == sizeof(long) is allowed to be true
@RM my typo somehow made it a question
@sbi None I've heard of, but I'm happy to learn :-)
@sbi None I've heard of, but I'm happy to learn :-)
@KerrekSB It don't work that way with me. I never read the standard. (Can't stand its meter.) From me you'll always only have hearsay. If you want a standard quote, you will have to ask someone else.
2:48 PM
Omagad, I've slept for over 16 hours and I'm still sleepy.
@sbi I can't find it.
your sleepy because you slept for 16 hours
How the hell does that work.
@RMartinhoFernandes You got the C standard.
2:49 PM
gets you into an overly relaxed state
Q: C++ and system exceptions

AbyxWhy standard C++ doesn't respect system (foreign or hardware) exceptions? E.g. when null pointer dereference occurs, stack isn't unwound, destructors aren't called, and RAII doesn't work. The common advice is "to use system API". But on certain systems, specifically Win32, this doesn't work. ...

And I also have the last public C99 draft and the latest C1X draft.
@CatPlusPlus too much sleep can also make you sleepy, I've found
there's a balance
my little netbook occasionally has a kernel panic due to overheating because the little fan sucks. I occasionally have to slap the shit out of it (literally) and the fan grinds to a start. And I say, "know your role, bitch."
2:50 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes I think the sizes of the built-in arithmetic types is one of the things C++ inherits from the C standard.
@sbi Ah, wait, it may be a direct consequence from the minimum values of INT_MAX and such.
no problem, just use half-bits
@RMartinhoFernandes I know little of this, but I remember that the minimum size of char (8bit) is only implied by the C standard, rather than explicitly spelled out. (That would be C89, not C99. The latter could have changed this.)
2:53 PM
@sbi Well, the minimal numeric range is mandated by the standard.
@thecoshman short must be able to hold -32767 to 32767. long must hold from -2147483647 to 2147483647.
You can't halve a bit.
There's no guarantee it's strictly larger.
@tony you probably didn't get the memo about my sarcasm. Apologies.
@cat you must be really tired
@sbi yeah, I am sure it says something like it has to be big enough to hold some sort of data, but that data in theory could be any size
2:54 PM
@keithlayne I see you changed your avatar. Is that your kid?
one of them
Seems like he doesn't like pictures.
He was just reading the chat transcript.
@CatPlusPlus Why not? You might end up with only zeros, or only ones.
in his Halloween ninja outfit. He's actually pretty excited about the prospect of candy.
2:55 PM
@sbi In C++11 the minimum size of char is now explicitly spelled out.
@sbi, it's C++ related stuff
@RMartinhoFernandes Taking the picture was alright, but he had to be next to daddy for this, and that freaked him out.
@Abyx You might want to actually read what I linked to.
@KerrekSB Well, both 1/2 and 0/2 are 0.
2:56 PM
@CatPlusPlus What about a half-truth, true / 2?
@sbi now I'm hurt
@keithlayne Have you told your doctor?
@KerrekSB meh
@sbi that's next week
Really, has no one ever told you about putting up personal pictures on the Internet?
2:57 PM
@sbi I thought you did the same?
That's a gorilla mask.
@keithlayne You mean my gorilla avatar?
Sbi is the worlds smartest gorilla
sbi = smart bonobo's incorporated
2:58 PM
@sbi you never stop flinging poo at me, it just fit
Well played.
If you are hurt by this little, you would have had a snowball in hell's chance to survive what I have heard here about my avatar. But then, I was smart enough to not to use something I value for an avatar.
yeah, I'm Mr. Sensitive
then you have no place on the internetz
it's a rough and wild sea out there
full of cats and more cats
2:59 PM
Now we have 100% Unicode files. Sweet.

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