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5:00 PM
With the English layout, I use _
@CatPlusPlus thanks... I'll play it some day... maybe
@JerryCoffin do you use it on Windows?
@Xeo Interesting. I know underscores are supposed to work, but (virtually?) never use them.
@Abyx Yes.
@JerryCoffin From what I've read, they're supposed to be interchangeable
@JerryCoffin, in "file comparison" it asks for two files. what should I do if I have only one file?
5:07 PM
@Abyx Hmm...I was at least thinking it had some way to open a pre-existing diff file. Let me look.
@Abyx Hmm...glancing through things, I'm not seeing that capability at all. Not sure what I was thinking of...
Why do you have a file with conflict markers outside of a merge op anyway
you definitely can use it with git mergetool but it's not exactly what I want. because I actually want to merge such files without git
5:15 PM
@CatPlusPlus well I have files on a remote server, and I wanted to merge them locally, with a GUI tool.
but why
Are you one of those terrible people that edit deployed files on the remote
Then suffer
I also build stuff there. it's a remote linux server
I don't have a local linux machine, where else should I work with those files?
5:18 PM
I know about vagrant.
Q: Asterisk and underscore behave differently with markdown in chat and comments

XeoFrom the formatting help (on the site and on the chat), it seems like * and _ should be interchangeable (in pairs) wrt emphasis (bold and italic). However, as this (correct) and this (incorrect) link show, backticks stop working when using underscores for emphasis. Can haz fix?

@CatPlusPlus but it's a VM. it's slow. and I have to build a lot of code and I wanna build it fast. so I use that remote one, which is quite fast.
whatever the fucking fuck "bumrushing" means
@Abyx VMs aren't inherently all that slow.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Otherwise they wouldn't have shot him, silly.
btw it's actually funny how I have @LightnessRacesinOrbit plonked on PC but can see his messages on laptop
5:22 PM
Darude - Sandstorm — Lightness Races in Orbit 1 min ago
loungecppdotnet build servers are both VMs
ok. there are fast VMs
ooh how good that I plonked that bitch
unplonk now.
Yeah, I just googled.
If you're going to comment you could've at least upvoted the question!
Didn't really want to, no offence
haha, the edit suggestion
Fine have an upvote
5:35 PM
oh my, SftpNetDriveFree is so slow comparing to win-sshfs. like 10 times slow
auto v = std::vector<int>{1, 2, 3, 4, 5};
auto sub = v <from> 2 <to> 4;
@chris please don't add it to boost
@Abyx Don't worry. I just submitted a standard C++ proposal instead.
Tbh with existing things, a more sensible version would be v | sub(2, 4), or whatever you want to name that
lol, new Borderlands will have playable Claptrap.
5:39 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if Boost has that in some form. Probably skipping followed by taking
Dude, trigger warning or whatchamacallit.
Interesting board game, maybe (warning, Kickstarter)
@R.MartinhoFernandes you might be interested, but I think you have some fear of that place.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Oh my.
5:44 PM
Is it bad to give the same answer to many questions?
@JohanLarsson Yes. Consider whether the questions are duplicates and VTC instead.
6:03 PM
Q: How decrypt it? [Javascript]

Daniel SoaresHelp-me please! Code obfuscated http://notepad.cc/share/cvgklEDQjC

> decrypt
@LightnessRacesinOrbit What the hell happened? I'm afraid to click on it.
@Mysticial It's pretty much all there in the onebox.
I meant the link in the question.
6:08 PM
Oh; just an eval exploit pasted into a pastebin
Safe, if pointless, to click on.
6:27 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit fucking swear properly!
6:39 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit sign-in only fail
posted on August 20, 2014 by Scott Meyers

Effective Modern C++ is moving closer and closer to reality. This post contains: Information about availability of an almost-final draft of the book.The current (and probably final) table of contents.A link to the I-hope-I-got-it-right-this-time version of my Item on noexcept.  Draft Book Availability A revised and nearly-final manuscript is now available through O'Reilly's Early Release P

Are there important people in the ##C++ channel?
@Jefffrey Define "Important"
@Jefffrey No
@JerryCoffin Herb, Scott, Bjarne, Andrei, etc...
6:47 PM
I'm not there so no
Also I think I'm in love with Erik Meijer's life style
Colorful t-shirts, doesn't give a crap about C++, loves functional programming
just noticed that you can't do something like using operator== := somemod.operator==;.
I remember a Q/A between few C++ people and the crowd, and Erik was moderating it, passing the mic around and shit. He totally looked serene and couldn't give less of a fuck about that "low level stuff". Every once in a while he would go about "Oh well, in functional programming you don't have such problems..." and just keep going.
@Jefffrey If you're going to heroize somebody, go for Bartosz Milewski--doesn't care much about C++, loves Haskell and looks like Weird Al Yankovic. A truly unbeatable combination!
@Puppy just connect it to FB
6:54 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit You assume that I have a FB. Does that sound like the kind of thing I would do?
@JerryCoffin No colorful t-shirts though. That's a huge loss. :)
@Puppy To be fair, I doubt you've ever even heard of Facebook.
I have indeed heard rumours of it
not something I really trouble myself with though
Facebook became boring really fast. I deleted it and rejoined only to access the university group that actually contains useful stuff.
6:57 PM
@Jefffrey The implication is that your friends became boring, not Facebook.
OR maybe you have no friends; that would also explain the boredom.
Or just that I couldn't give less of a fuck about food photos, farmville's scores and "look at me I'm happy LOOK AT ME FFS" pics.
I hate photos in general. That might also be it.
farmville is so 2009
It's been few years since I've deleted that account.
@Jefffrey A Google Search turns up some fairly colorful results.
7:02 PM
@Jefffrey My feed looks nothing like that so, yes, it's your friends.
on my feed I mostly see PC Gamer, ACM, IEEE and RuneScape
I have unfollowed most of my friends
Programming in the nutshell nedroid.com/2013/08/problem-solved
7:19 PM
grumble grumble have a star grumble grumble
life signal - keepalive
How come robot gets 51 votes for 'No!' and I get -2 votes for 'Yes......................................'? :)
> I accidently came across ur profile page at the dating website and I was impressed with the way you look. And I decided to write to you.)
Seems legit.
if you have something like, I dunno, type t { using operator= := f; }, should that count as overriding operator= for the purposes of determining which special members are defaulted
@EtiennedeMartel I recognize that ending ")".
@MartinJames No exclamation mark.
7:44 PM
@MartinJames Location, location and location
@sehe synack? :)
Snack would be nice
@EtiennedeMartel Absolutely. You're also due to receive 20 billion dollars from Nigeria as soon as you get around to making that 500 dollar deposit in the prince's account to help him get out of the country...
Do you know what is worse than a non-descriptive error message? An error message that leads you in the wrong direction.
7:53 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Oh dear.
that's not gonna end well.
What's interesting is that no major gaming publication wants to talk about that.
I'm not saying it's necessarily true, but it's a least newsworthy.
well it's certainly true that if those allegations are true, then shit.
Some heads are gonna roll, that's for sure.
8:06 PM
haha games journalism
I'm trying to create two totally different features.
I should simply use a different syntax for them so that I can easily tell them apart and treat them correctly.
@Puppy You need to tell one of the voices to shut up
So how did Android get so many apps? How come it didn't face the user vs developer problem that Windows Phone now faces, since the iPhone was already out when Android came?
@CatPlusPlus Nah, I need to implement both the features at some point.
@DemCodeLines Because Google played the right cards
8:08 PM
@CatPlusPlus Elaborate
Open-source and p sure it was unlicensed in the beginning too
How does that help the app problem?
Don't remember how the market thing looked like at the start
Android didn't have the user problem because Apple only sold the very highest end phones.
they could sell Android phones for cheap and attract users even with few apps.
They made it accessible and they brought a lot of phone people on board
Also people trusted Google more back then
8:11 PM
So that's why WP can't get users? Because high end ones are on iOS and Android took the low-end ones?
Because it's Microsoft, because the development is locked to Win8 for no good reason, because p much only dying Nokia is producing WP phones
WP is up to ~10% share in Europe, I believe.
I have a WP
WP <8.1 sucked hard and that's why they couldn't get users.
but WP8.1 is fairly competitive with iOS and Android as software.
Nokia are offering some good budget phones with competitive hardware prices to Android.
I heard WP updates slowly because the team is not large enough to have lots of good developers. I don't understand why Windows Phone team is not being expanded Microsoft the way the Windows team is. You would think they would give more importance to the WP team given the whole "mobile first, cloud first" strategy.
WP is a lot like Xbox One
in theory Microsoft could offer some compelling integration with desktop
but they just don't seem to be doing it.
@DemCodeLines Because some random dude said it, therefore it must be true.
They're busy bleeding money all over Surface
8:17 PM
@Puppy You're saying that's not true and WP division has enough people working on the OS?
That's why it took four years to get a decent background image working?
well, you gotta remember that half their dev work or more is actually done by the Windows team and not the WP team at all.
the WP team just has to build some apps to target ARM.
Wait, then who develops the Windows Phone OS? The Windows team or the "Windows Phone" team?
the kernel is developed by the Windows team.
they have a unified codebase across ARM, Xbox One, and PC.
most of the user-facing elements are done by the WP team, I think.
but a lot of the other support stuff is handled by other Microsoft teams- for example, DevDiv will handle implementing .NET and runtimes.
Well in terms of features, wp is way behind
action center is very unpolished
WP8.1 is pretty competitive with Android and iOS's current incarnations.
8:20 PM
stuck to white or black background behind tiles
yeah, but you don't really need a different-coloured background since the tiles themselves are 100% transparent apart from the icons.
Depends on the app
I have a photo as my background right now and it's clearly visible.
there are many apps without transparent tiles :<
@Xeo Yeah, the KeePass app isn't transparent, which is unfortunate.
8:23 PM
@DemCodeLines Yea, I wish they allowed a) more than 4 and b) had the most important thing there - toggling data options
@Puppy Neither is Weather or the Nokia cam app
they're improving major parts of ux too slowly imo
@Xeo What do you mean about data options? I've set up mine to have Wifi on there.
hm, the 620 is 3G only, so I wouldn't know.
I mean enabling / disabling 3G (or LTE, whatever you have)
not toggling between them
8:26 PM
flight mode does that.
there's no shortcut for it, you have to go to settings -> mobile+sim
@Puppy Doesn't that also kill WiFi?
doesn't look like it.
not just that... it also kills simple network connection, so you don't get calls
> This feature turns off mobile, WiFi, FM radio, Bluetooth and NFC sharing.
Plane mode kills all comms
Another annoying thing: you can enable WiFi with a long touch, but not disable it the same way
8:29 PM
I have no idea what a long touch is
exactly what it sounds like - touching something for an extended period of time
@StackedCrooked coliru is down
I have wifi on my action center, and a simple tap turns it on or off
@Puppy He probably died from a heart attack after his Mac screamed at him about Coliru being down
one can only wish if everything on that list got fixed/improved
@Puppy Eh. A simple tap only gets me the wifi options when it's enabled
8:31 PM
I was sure that it just turns it off, but you're right, it goes to the wifi options.
Fuck VS and its tendency to do heavy work on the rendering thread.
I don't think it's a big difference though since it's only 1 tap more to disable.
and you don't have to swipe up to get the action center off the screen.
although you would have to tap to get back to the home screen.
I remove that with the back key
so tap/tap vs swipe up
@Xeo it just started screaming
8:33 PM
didn't realize you could do that.
But puppy screamed first
There are some pretty intelligent animals on here (cat ++ and puppy) i didnt know animals could code
@StackedCrooked It was down for a short while before I mentioned it, I just thought it was the mobile browser misbehaving.
Nobody has ever done that joke before
strangely enough, the Wide website actually works OK on a mobile browser, except the navbar which is a little fucked.
8:34 PM
@StackedCrooked What's crashing?
it detected a coliru crash
I mean in Coliru
You can't expect to keep this up forever :v
This time it was the webserver (ruby) process crashed.
Add a supervisor to restart that, also debug the cause
MS has better apps on competing platforms than on WP...
OneNote and Skype are better on iOS and Android than they are on WP. sigh
8:36 PM
Could it be that a compile job requires so much memory that the kernel decides to kill of some other process (like the webserver)?
OOM killer leaves notes in the syslog
Or dmesg rather
You should turn overcommitting off
And set a hard limit on the memory for compilers to kill them before they bring down everything else
Oh I see what happened. At least partially.
dozens of compile jobs were being queued
Also possibly buy a better server that costs the same as that crappy VPS :v
which means that one of them didn't finish and timeout mechanism failed somehow
and now also the scheduled reboot fails
8:43 PM
this is a curse
You should be maximizing uptime, not minimizing it :v
I didn't even touch that code.
@CatPlusPlus yeah yeah
@CatPlusPlus This is stress-testing. The server is stress-testing him.
8:44 PM
I used to have uptimes of multiple days. Now it's averaging 40 minutes.
Fast lane to the mental asylum
Esp with that loud-speaking monitoring thing
Spawn all compilers inside the same cgroup that has a memory hard limit
And CPU maybe
I don't really spawn compilers. I just run the command provided by the command line text field in the web page. So compiling and running is not a sep step.
Whatever, spawn that entire thing in the cgroup
This is ran by a uid that has a few restrictions.
And it runs under a sep pgid.
So I can kill process tree in case of fork bombs etc.
Well then limits are too high if it kills the system
8:51 PM
Didn't you have coliru's repo on github?
I have never heard of cgroups though.
It's one of the building blocks of LXC
Urgh the hardened VM hangs when I add Virtio RNG device
I bet it's grsec's fault
@CatPlusPlus Why would you maximum uptime? It's a premature optimization. :D:D:D
9:08 PM
bitten by default-construction of boost::variant.
That thing is only default constructible if the first type in it is, right?
@Puppy Can't help thinking that "variant construction of boost::default" sounds almost as plausible.
@Xeo Not sure what the conditions are, but it shouldn't be default constructible ever.
it has the "never-empty" guarantee
Ahahaha Ubuntu 14.04 cloud images fetch initial seed from remote server
9:11 PM
and the docs explicitly say that if the first item is default ctorable, the variant is too, IIRC
Ubuntu is so terrible
@Xeo Yes, they do document this broken behaviour.
@CatPlusPlus Newbientu
@JerryCoffin I prefer Noobuntu myself.
@Puppy Fair enough.
9:12 PM
or perhaps Newbuntu is better.
depends on how exactly you pronounce Ubuntu.
@Puppy You don't (at least ideally).
@Puppy Dunno, I don't really consider this broken
@Puppy I pronounce it "Nubuntu"
@Xeo Which thing is in the variant is a pretty key part of the variant's state. Just randomly assuming that the first one is the right one to pick is a pretty arbitrary selection given that you have absolutely no idea what situation the user is going to use it in.
on a somewhat related note, boost::get really annoys me here.
I wish they would just separate it out into boost::try_get and boost::get, say.
I keep trying to do boost::get<T*>(variant) instead of boost::get<T>(&variant).
9:22 PM
@CatPlusPlus What if it kills syslogd!
It's dmesg
It's a nice evening.
I finally realized that I don't have to rebuild the test runner every time I want to run a different test.
Got rid of grsec and RNG suddenly works
Like literally nobody tests this shit
> Blizzard on World of Warcraft's subscriber count: "we really don't know if it will grow again"
no shit
9:32 PM
@Puppy err, why don't you just use visitors?
because they're awkward as shit to write.
there's no such thing as a visitor lambda, although I could make a helper for it I guess.
besides, sometimes I don't actually want to do anything for some potential contents of the variant.
or I want to perform local control flow
visitors are kewl imho
@EtiennedeMartel Yup. I already knew about it. Pretty funny.
@Rapptz Figured you did, but I shared it just in case.
Why is like all of my source code present within the executable?
9:43 PM
to allow reflection? debug symbols?
If you remove NULs, you get actual code
IL is a high-level bytecode and trivially decompilable (since it's more-or-less kept at feature parity with C#)
Also that's probably just debug stuff
Probably. It's not IL for sure
Also serves you right for trying to hide the source :smugdog:
Nah, I was just surprised grep matched something in here
So I looked. I guess I've never checked out a .NET executable
9:47 PM
oh. clang.llvm.org/doxygen/structCXCursor.html this is disappointing :S
Doxygen docs usually are
Why am I waiting for GCC rebuild on one server to configure Exim on another
the void* is bad >.<
They must've read that autotools book
better to use the C++ API
I was trying to use it to help me with the python api but I'm just reading the source instead now

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