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8:00 PM
I was surprised as hell because I imagine thousands of tiny children were calling lol
Did she hand it off to you, because she's not 18, or what?
she even used the old school house phone and dialed it manually!
@Loktar surely the size of the child does not effect the call xD
@NickDugger yea she was like "Someones on the phone!! They need to talk to you!"
I was like wth?!
8:00 PM
I couldnt believe it lol
@Loktar coolstuff
her brothers kept giving her crap too
@Loktar that's awesome haha is it going in her room?
> Why do you even bother?
> you wont win
it was so awesome when she did they were mad
I guess she won't be sharing it then, lol
8:01 PM
@SterlingArcher maybe idk, I want it to, her mom doesnt
My mom didn't let me have a TV in my room growing up
Mine neither. Unless we were really sick
At least you had a room
same here :?
Mine neither
8:02 PM
My room was smaller than a jail cell
I was allowed to have my commodore monitor though so that was cool
I had no door until I was 18
I was moved to the basement because I was literally taller than my longest wall
my first TV was a giant black and white one I got from a garage sale for .50 when I was 15 or so
And shared the room lol. 10 kids :O
8:02 PM
@SterlingArcher LOL
I remember when I broke my leg for the first time, when I got back from the hospital, my father had gone out and bought a handful of new N64 games, so I got that, which was pretty cool
Yeah, in the basement haha
I slept in the living room very often so I could watch tv when I liked to
hah nice, I bought my own n64 and had my c64 monitor so I could use it to play
the picture was so amazing on it
I had a big gateway CRT with the fold out control panel thing
8:04 PM
I'm young...
yeah CRT's were the thing when I was growing up flatscreen were for the rich
but you.. that is surprising lol
but crt's are pennies now at goodwill (when you can even find them)
In like 2003? eh
No one will take CRTs now lol they cost money to get rid of
ah idk crt's were still pretty common in 03 I guess
we didnt get our first lcd until 09 I think
and yeah most of our thrift stores have signs on the front "NO CRT's!"
Damn. We always did rear projection from Sony. That was affordable and high quality earlier on
8:06 PM
you can literally see his jaw drop xD
We got a 46" in like 2006. It broke in 2008 and they upgraded us to a 55" that was 1080p. It broke a year and a half ago and they gave them a 55" 3D LED one that's like an inch thick but weighs ~200lbs haha
@Luggage What do you mean? Create form elements or send it serialized?
how can I update all my package.json devDependencies to latest?
Oh and kept the 55" projection one and put a new logic board in it for $120 and now it's like new
OOh yeah I forgot about those
we never got one, I hated them
the quality was meh for rear projection
8:09 PM
Someone should collect all the CRTs and get the photon guns out of them and make a death ray
Did you know of this Jack Vale guy's pranks? youtube.com/user/jackvalefilms
He's hilarious. He even went to Egypt and farted on the people there xD
I just overheard my boss say, "Girl, you don't even know me"
@Loktar Eh. Sony had stuff that was just as nice as everything else. The viewing angles were perfect too from all directions.
I got 72 likes on FB for that "you can hear the c" quote @Retsam shared from this guy's twitter :D
Only like 3 of my facebook friends would get that joke
8:13 PM
@NickDugger Yeah that's what I was about to say :/
And 2 of them would be from this very room haha
@SterlingArcher bitch, bitch, bitch...
cool story brah
Aint nobody gone talk bout mah man like that!
@Shoe Are you submitting a form using the built-in browser submit (like a button or myform.submit())?
8:15 PM
@SterlingArcher I gotchu bae
thats whats up
omfg it's a heart bro
8:16 PM
Come on Jordan let's be gay together
how did i miss that
@Luggage Ideally I'd like to use just a submit button. But I think I need to use submit()
Everyone star that message
I would, but I'm not attracted to penis D:
Me neither....
8:17 PM
Would be so much easier to date a bro than a girl
"Bro, make me a sandwich and bring me home a woman?" "Gotchu bro" :Best marriage ever:
No not really
Hahahahaha oh and keeping women in the picture too? Yeah I guess that could pan out good
@Shoe Then just serialize into a hidden field before you submit. e.g.: <input type="hidden" id="extraData" />
8:18 PM
It would be for sheer tax purposes
I'll marry you for the tax benefits, but itt'l be 2 separate bedrooms, and we will constantly be eachother's wingmen. Itt'l be fantastic.
@shoe you might be able to get fancy with a multi-part form but if you need both traditional form post and some serialized data (JSON?) then that's the most straightforward.
beware of large blobs of data
Hey there bro, I dig your benefits. Wanna get hitched?
@Luggage Yeah I'm trying to avoid sending large amounts of data to the server. I have a paged table that allows for row selection. Since it manipulates the dom I have to programmatically grab all the rows that were selected and post them to the server.
8:20 PM
lmao damn you see the fine ass healthcare on that girl?
She must be well employed mmmhmmmhmmmm
Hey girl, nice dental insurance. Can I have your number?
@Shoe Ah. You could use checkboxes with the same name. that'll post as a list of the values.
8:23 PM
God you're like the little engine that did too much.
@SterlingArcher dude vacation doesn't look promising. Nobody has any money to go with. You get that new place and offer me a couch and I'd probably take you up on that visit
this thing is really annoying :|
@Jhawins ha ok man no worries. I'll be moving in november methinks
I very recently got a couch. I had to go buy a drill to put the feet on, though. It was interesting.
<input type="checkbox" name="selectedRows" value="3213231" />
<input type="checkbox" name="selectedRows" value="7894654" />
8:24 PM
Hi anyone knows how to create taginput and I can store it's values to database? in javascript
Nice nice. If it doesn't work out before winter I'll be sure to swing by once I finish this contract and get into my unemployment
That'll come over as a single field with a comma separated list of ids
It's <10 hours to DC from here and I like road trips
@Luggage It's a complex type as well. So each row in addition to being able to be selected can have some other property on it
You'd like DC
8:25 PM
My best bro ever is stationed over there still too!
so in requirejs, if you're in a function and instantiate another type, does it get the dependencies of the first function?
@Shoe ok.. well.. I assume you know how to get the data you want into a JS object? Either serializze that into a form field or just serialize all your form fields into a JSON blob and send that.
@Luggage Yeah I actually tried it out with split() in jquery but I want to know how when I press space it will change it's design just like in facebook
@DustinScott Huh?
@Luggage What I have right now grabs all the form elements from the paged table and appends them to the form.
8:27 PM
@NickDugger lol it didn't come with holes?
@Luggage Oh sorry I though you replied to me before
@Shoe let's back up. Decide what you want to send over the wire.
@Luggage I have it working I am just wondering if there is a recommendation to serialize it versus creating form elements
@Jhawins nope
@shoe that depends heavily on what you do in the rest of your app and if you are trying to shoot for an all-json API or some-such.
8:31 PM
@Luggage Not really. I'd like to minify the amount of JS I have to maintain though
I prefer JSON blobs for everything myself but there is nothing 'wrong' with a good ol' fashioned application/x-www-form-urlencoded
I feel we're getting into a 'how might a make this more maintainable' takl, which I'd love, but it'd require me seeing more code
which I dont' have time for right now. sorry.
Well the real issue is that my paging table removes form data from the dom. Don't think I can get around that easily though
stackoverflow.com/questions/25169723/… how did he post a fiddle link without code? It doesn't let you do that
JSFiddle broke as hell right now
Is that only for answers, or question posts as well? I dunno, either way
This isn't a jsfiddle thing methinks
So fluid
TypeError: AppView is not a constructor what does that even mean?
Much can't believe that many p tags can be dealt with so fast
Oh you're talking about SE not Jsfiddle
8:40 PM
si sir
Wait... jsfiddle that is empty and also asks you to join a collaborative session? Weird. I didn;t even know jsfiddle had that feature
Questions don't require code so it would be weird to suddenly require code if you post a jsfiddle?
Questions with jsfiddle links require code
It's a broken jsFiddle link anyways
not broken, collaberative fiddle
8:42 PM
but even then, it's empty
Perhaps it fills in if you agree to join?
Nope, I tried it
It's because links to http://jsfiddle.net dont trigger the code requirement
only when it links to a specific fiddle
I think attacking JSFiddle might be the most crippling thing to ever happen to StackOverflow answers
Think of how many answers are suddenly useless if JSFiddle breaks
As much as I love jsfiddle, it could be better. Like support a recent version of coffeescript, at least.
8:45 PM
!!> new {}
@phenomnomnominal "TypeError: ({}) is not a constructor"
@SterlingArcher After seeing the actual jsfiddle (that he just edited in), I'm pretty sure this user has asked this same question multiple times before.
maybe not, after looking at his question history
It just looks identical to other people's questions.
@Luggage that is kind of sad, we don't see kids being happy holding books anymore
How much support is there for preserving input states on a page refresh?
@Loktar How do you have space to work from all those things on your desk?
8:49 PM
you could localStorage it, and refill it in upon page load.
anybody can help with sql , nobody is at the sql chat
Can some one PLEASE tell me is there a way to use unbind() ( off() ) in jQuery for a time interval and the continie with .on()
Ask away, user.
JS is the last place to ask SQL questions, but you can try.
Yeah I could, but leveraging inputs is easier
8:50 PM
@IGRACH huh?
its really have to do with syntax case query
SELECT employeedept,
case when rating5> 0 then(
(ROUND(AVG(case when rating1>0 THEN CAST(rating1 AS FLOAT) ELSE 0 END), 2) +
ROUND(AVG(case when rating2>0 THEN CAST(rating2 AS FLOAT) ELSE 0 END), 2) +
ROUND(AVG(case when rating3>0 THEN CAST(rating3 AS FLOAT) ELSE 0 END), 2) +
ROUND(AVG(case when rating4>0 THEN CAST(rating4 AS FLOAT) ELSE 0 END), 2) +
ROUND(AVG(case when rating5>0 THEN CAST(rating5 AS FLOAT) ELSE 0 END), 2)) /5 as AG)end,

FROM CSEReduxResponses
Where YEAR(approveddate) =2014

and execoffice_status=1
@SterlingArcher IGRACH means player in Bulgarian
i get Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 7
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'as'.
needs to be outside the parens
I would like to disable clicking on element for a time interval and after interval ends to return ability to click on it
8:51 PM
@user3591637 what is that monstrosity of functionallity in the SQL statement
In Serbian -)
Ah, I see
Serbian, Bulgarian, same language
what element is it?
Yes ...
8:52 PM
@IGRACH oh, yeah just remove and re-add the event listener
No mather
But when I add it fires the on() method on it
@Igrach remove the listener setTimeout the time and on the callback set the listener again
This is another reason why jQuery is bad -- it confuses js newbies.
Tried by it fires the on method
when I return it
I can't believe I've sent 33K messages in this chat room.
8:53 PM
@user3591637 as AG after the end. And there is no 'else' in that case block, i don't see.
END the case, then alias it (as).
i.stack.imgur.com/dnDqf.png // Basically every month. Mobile chat doesn't register as visited and I only come from mobile on the weekends.
!!afk home time
ROUND(AVG(case when rating5>0 THEN CAST(rating5 AS FLOAT) ELSE 0 END), 2)) /5) end as AG
Edited, droped the comma at the end of that line
This is a picture from PicoPix px2055
9:02 PM
Whats the picture
YEAH i forgot the else
@user3591637 That worked?
Great. I'm missing out on girls in bikinis at my apartment pool because work
9:03 PM
help me with clues adding the else too
It is this nice beamer I got on saturday
no else is the same as else NULL
i know but i actually want to use else too
Send checks payable to Luggage..
9:16 PM
Happy to know that there are still many Israelis who see the reality of things instead of government fed bs, kudos!
@BenjaminGruenbaum @Loktar @Florian and others - Thanks for the help! jsfmt and jshint together are going to solve our code formatting problem, and also bestow upon me some very nice error checking!
With SublimeLinter-jshint for Sublime Text 3, I am now madly in love with my #JavaScript editor! http://t.co/oJEFuA7v9Z
man. Nothing I install on NPM ever works
are you installing it globally?
npm forever was being a bitch until I did sudo npm install forever -g
or was it nodemon?
I did that. npm install -g bower. Then I do which bower and it has a path. Then I do bower [any command] and just... nothing happens
did you npm update?
Q: How much commentary is permitted in answers?

staticxI recently came across this answer while approving suggested edits. The suggested edit changed 'girls' to 'assistants'. That's too minor really so I improved the answer by removing the tangent. OP has restored the tangent, which I rolled back again. Without getting into a further edit war, what i...

yay sexist debates
9:31 PM
that didn't do anything
> All I'm saying is there's two types of countries: Those that use metric and those that put a fucking man on the moon.
hmm, sorry man that's all i know about npm :(
@FlorianMargaine LMAO
Found it on reddit, thought you guys would love it :p
9:41 PM
This Baby is saying Hello ^^
Q: How can I force an array of scripts to load in sequential order?

M MillerI am building a single-page web application and each "widget" may require one or more JavaScript or jQuery libraries. Some of those scripts may depend on other scripts, but if I just create a series of $.getScript calls, they may load out of order. How can I force that the scripts are loaded in o...

Nobody is replying to a baby. Sniff! Sniff! T_T
@SterlingArcher Assistants be crazy
10:03 PM
he is mb trolling -)
!!urban mb
@monners MB MB: (Medium Boto)- Someone who evolved from “SB” (Small Boto) to “MB” . A “MB” has more than 1 chic and wants to lose their v-card to any girl, but no one wants to fck him .
10:23 PM
@corvid Update your npm. Many "unable to find dependency" issues have been fixed by just being on the latest version.
@corvid not 'npm update' but actually install the latest version of it. If you are on windows, the instructions saying 'npm update -g npm' are wrong. use the installer.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Aww man, you have much cooler facebook friends than I do.
yes just install over existing installation of node
and close and reopen your command prompt after installing npm so that you get the right %path%
so that running 'bower' should work.
you dont need to do that after installing any npm package, just npm itself
10:50 PM
Hi everyone,
@user3117671 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
ok cool, here is my question: stackoverflow.com/questions/20847767/…
@user3117671 that's incorrect JS
that is snap svg actually, sorry
@somekittens-ux2666. Thank you for mentioning that I just corrected it.
11:04 PM
hello all
quick question does anybody know of a quick and easy way to get user generated map markers on a google map?
any opensource project around that i can nab?
@all scotch or bourbon?
Scotch, but Bourbon is fine too
I need to try more scotch
I've had a lot of bourbon the last few weeks
11:10 PM
vodka is good for shots
I could use some bourbon about now
pickle infused vodka is a tasty shot
@Shmiddty pickleback is wonderful.
vodka is good for cleaning pipes
A pickleback is a type of shot wherein a shot of whiskey is chased by a shot of pickle brine. The pickle brine works to neutralize both the taste of the whiskey and the burn of the alcohol. The Pickleback is sometimes also called a Piskey. == History == While the origins of a pickle brine chaser are unknown, the term "Pickleback" was introduced to the patrons of The Bushwick Country Club bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Reggie Cunningham in 2006. Also the name of a Facebook petition to see if a Pickleback could gain more fans than Nickelback. === International Reach === The "pickleback"...
11:12 PM
I can't think of a situation where I would drink vodka on the rocks
ummm in russia?
@Shmiddty my brother does vodka and soda often.
that's mixed
to mix a good bourbon or scotch would be tragic
a single malt scotch is pretty intense for a lot of people. cutting it with a cube or two of ice is not a bad idea. pouring it over the rocks is a bit much, but if you're paying for it, drink it how you like it
cheaper blended scotch is not bad with soda water
What's a good mid-level scotch?
11:16 PM
how do you define mid-level?
around $50 a bottle
Johnnie Walker Red?
well I guess that's cheap
I've had that
As someone whose purchases are primarily games, the prices of everything astounds me.
like $28/1.75L here
11:18 PM
$50 for a single drink is beyond me.
@KendallFrey that's for a bottle.
it's actually $40/1.75L here - taxes :)
I guess black label is mid range blended?
Spend the extra $10 and get yourself a decent bottle of scotch
you could expect to pay $10-$20 for a shot of good whiskey
@monners the only single malt scotch whiskies I like are >$200... therefore I don't drink scotch :)
!!google glenrothes
11:20 PM
glenmorangie 10 year is usually my go-to at a bar.
I swear, that's Scotland's best kept secret.
Yeah, glen Morangie's a good one. McCallan's the standard though. Jura's also really nice (if you're into peaty scotches)
I like peaty charcoaly scotch
Give Jura a go
11:21 PM
I like boobs
Are my tastes too low?
why are so many scotches glen-something?
I don't actually drink a ton of liquor
@monners I like cats (source)
@monners Jura is ~$90/bottle here
11:22 PM
@Pheonixblade9 Because they're named after the region and family they come from. Distilleries in Scotland are almost always by a glen (body of water)
glenfiddich, glenrothes, glenmorangie...
what does the glen signify?
glenlivet ;)
I didn't know there are other glens besides Watkins.
!!wiki glen
11:23 PM
A glen is a valley, typically one that is long, deep, and often glacially U-shaped, or one with a watercourse running through it. Whittow defines it as a "Scottish term for a deep valley in the Highlands" that is "narrower than a strath." The word is Goidelic: gleann in Scottish and Irish Gaelic, glion in Manx. In Manx, glan is also to be found meaning glen. It is cognate with Welsh glyn. The word is sometimes found in tautological placenames where its meaning was opaque to a new linguistic community, an example perhaps being Glendale (literally "valley valley") which is a combination of Norse...
Another reason for the location of these distilleries comes from the Scottish prohibition era, when they needed to remain hidden. So they sprang up in glens to avoid being seen.
the history of alcohol is the only history that matters to me
haha if you can remember it
Fun Fact: Scotch was actually discovered accidentally. They made so much bootleg hootch that they needed to store it in Sherry casks. One day they cracked open a cask that'd been sat there for about five years and BAM! Magic.
If you're toying with the idea of going to Scotland, do it! It's fucking fantastic.
3 Pounds for a dram of some really top shelf stuff.
@monners going to new zealand
basically the same thing right?
11:41 PM
Although I'm half-Scottish, but still.
New Zealand can't into relevancy
I've never been outside of the country. Except for Canada, but that doesn't count
@SomeKittensUx2666 Is that even a sentence?

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