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1:00 PM
its' a jew..velier
I think it's jab at the stereotype of people who own jewelry stores
i think i made it worse nevermind
@AdamS a person who makes jewels in Flemish
jeweller is the English word I believe.
You mean juwelier?
1:03 PM
So why did you spell it "jew-velier [if you know what I mean]"
Haha @ the image
Ah, cause mostly Jewish people are juweliers in Antwerp.
4 mins ago, by codeMagic
I think it's jab at the stereotype of people who own jewelry stores
Haha, exactly, it's a joke we have in here :)
1:05 PM
right time for lunch, a very late lunch but still
Something zigi would say
Looks at Mr. mesh suspiciously
@Mr.Meshuggah heh, yah
@codeMagic i've got the same feeling yesterday
Ahmad, where did you go in Antwerp precisely?
I'm kind of out of topic in here anyway.
1:08 PM
@AdamS There are 5 of the biggest diamond stock markets in Antwerp
I have a gold chain with diamonds, my mom gave me for my 18 birthday.
And a lot of the traders were wearing traditional orthodox jewish clothing, was quite an interesting experience
@Mr.Meshuggah It was just for one day
Haha, yes, you have caught the exact picture of Antwerp.
can't remember where we went exactly
@netpork Haha...I know, that's why I said it
1:11 PM
i.imgur.com/kYAjZBW.jpg I've got that for my birthday, it's kind of expensive, so I keep it in case of money run out, although it has a sentimental value to me.
Ahmad, you are German I see from your user info. Next time you come to Antwerp, tell me, we can go drink coffee with some Waffles, they are very good, also the Belgian frites!
oh yeah belgian fries and waffles are awesome.
See you next time.
Hey, look, there are two guys with green and blue avatars!
@codeMagic is that a bot or so?
Nope, just a guy
Btw @Mr.Meshuggah we all know it's you.
1:19 PM
What do you mean?
It's me what? Yes it's me.
People, you have strange humor in this room, I cannot understand sometimes.
yesterday, by zigi
I will use one of my other 50K profiles
You are good, zigi
I don't know if you're mocking us or something
but I don't have time to deal with that.
1:24 PM
I thought you have to go, no?
go, get stuff done, not afk
Ah, success!
To you to, to whatever you're pulling off here
I too thought that meant you were leaving
I don't really know what you are talking about and who that @zigi guy is, but I really have no comprehension of the situation right now.
1:26 PM
@Ahmad Nope. It's nice having all my stuff still work...
A: Handling inconsistent data between front-end and back-end

Mr. MeshuggahIf you really insist on using the HTML statuses than your idea is pretty good. I personally would not bother to send different HTTP statuses, but rather use 200 and just send something in the lines of {success: false, message: "reason for not succeeding"}

It's the guy you helped out here
coincidence coincidence
haha foamy
truth be told I haven't done a whole lot of straight up android dev lately
Yeah me neither :|
So busy writing my backend
that I didn't have time to actually start the app
Oh yes, yesterday, this was something I was wondering about for a long time, but I asked my university teacher, so he told me that is the best way, I saw this guy is also in here so I decided to join, seemed like an interesting thing I would ask.
With these janky devices we are working on we are using a platform that I didn't create, all of the dev work I've done has just been to try to force the devices to behave a bit better
1:28 PM
@Ahmad Android back end, or more like REST?
I feel I am being accused of something, but I try to understand right now.
yeah I remember you told something about automating your work with python and all that foamy
Here is the true test...
@Mr.Meshuggah how do you feel about yogurt?
Backend as in servers, zigi
@FoamyGuy what a strange question, how do you feel about cheese?
yeah we have a bunch of python scripts to help us set them up and configure everything
1:31 PM
I feel nothing for yougurt since it is not a person.
afk, for reals now
It's alright, but honestly I come to like it less and less as time goes on
we judge everything by yogurt over here
do you like to eat yogurt?
Not really, why?
1:31 PM
and if so in what ways do you prepare it?
What do you mean prepare, I think it is a drink, no?
Some people put it in ice.
this.yogurt = yogurt;
can't spell at all
Sorry, yogurt.
a drink?
That is what yougurt we drink.
So why is yougurt an ultimate test?
1:35 PM
is that a rhetorical question?
@netpork What?
if he isn't zigi he is definitely going to be thoroughly confused.
I already am confused, are you mixing me with someone else?
no, we are mixing you with yogurt
I am generally confused right now, seriously.
This kind of joking you make is not something I can understand.
Or is it not joking?
1:39 PM
Here...if you aren't zigi and you know you aren't then disregard any conversation about you being him. If you are zigi then keep pretending to be confused
Yogurt riots of '14 are going to be bad...
zigi is here, let's ask him
Why isn't this zigi guy speaking
he is
1:42 PM
I don't know, I'm on the fence
Hey @zigi, why are you not speaking?
How do you chat from there, isn't it splitting your butcheeks?
Mr. Meshuggah can you do quickly a screenshot of this : whatismyip.com :p
no searching for Belgian proxies
but nice idea Abdellah
1:44 PM
ah, the 'butcheeks' has tipped me to the side of him being zigi
quickly O o
Oh shit, I gave my IP :(
Can I delete?
too late to delete
we all have the image open in another tab already
Sorry, please not spam, ok?
I now remembered this saying my Tibetian teacher told me:
Every thought you create anything you say and any action you do has your signature, so be careful.
I failed him
I gave away my address, I have to suffer the consequences now.
1:49 PM
Have you used the new ExtJS framework?
It's just an IP dude, it's probably dynamic anyway
Ah, yes, I will restart my router.
Sorry, networks are not my strong part.
Hi people
@codeMagic No, played a bit with it when it was 3. They have an office in the Netherlands so I went a few years back to watch a conference.
1:50 PM
Hey, TGM
It is like 3 hours by train to there.
But those Dutch people are aweful, they only make fun of our speak.
What is that?
1:52 PM
Anyone have zigi as friend on FB ?
netpork ?
you have posted this picture a few days ago ?
@Mr.Meshuggah yogurt
Isn't that a picture of a person?
Abdellah : what you want to prove ?
I hate FedEx sooooo much
My parcel has been at the local centre for 10 days
And they refuse to ship it because it's too early for 'economy'
Guys how can I install by factory default the new Android on my phone cause they are not pushing to it anymore. I am with JellyBean still :(
TGM : The FB list showed on screenshot always contain common FB contacts
1:57 PM
You want Android L?
Unless you have a Nexus device, good luck
forum.xda-developers.com find your phone, then find a ROM
So if netpork have zigi as FB friend ... and he use yogurt person as profil picture .. so Mr. Is zigi
Let it be
2:01 PM
I really don't understand what are you guys trying to do.
What is that questions about yogurt and some yogurt guy and Zigi? What I have to do with that?
Where is this Emmanuel guy, he must be happy for the football match yesterday night.
Is he from Argentina?
He said he is born there.
2:05 PM
But he is in Spain now.
Hehe, that is so funny
Does anyone know where I can find this:
2:38 PM
so many merge conflicts
1 message moved to Trash can
this gif is distracting
Ok, excuse me, only cat gifs?
I was just amazed by it
that is why I was asking if someone knows where this is.
you can grab the first frame and do a google image search
Sorry Ahmad, I did not want to disturbe.
@petey thank you
the link is too long to put in here so, gist.github.com/petetandon/…
wow that link
2:44 PM
is it possible to start an animation at the position of a textview?
so TextView A slides in from the left, then TextView B slides down from TextView A
@petey I am grateful, thank you for the effort.
you can do animation listener red, unless you didn't want to use that
Isn't that only helpful with time though? Not position
my thinking is that after A has finished then you start B, and before that you would have them positioned how you needed them
display B as needed etc
RED, totally do able. you will want to chain these animations so they happen in the order you want via AnimationListener.onAnimationend
2:49 PM
Hmm, interesting, gotta play with that some more then
if you know where A will end at, then you can just put B right there then animate it after A's animation ends
pete has tons of gists lol awesome
hey there glitch
2:53 PM
That aired on Australia this afternoon
haha nice drawing
Haha, a dong a long.
Hey guys, look at this cool stuff, a camera drone that follows you:
That guy has the look of guilt
So I just found out that Atlassian allows workers to shift their work ours up an hour so public transport is during offpeak, and therefore really cheap. Also, sleep in time! :D
It's actually cheaper than concession rates. :D
3:05 PM
Android Device Monitor crash on Android Studio 0 o!
the animation thing I mentioned: setting android:fromYDelta="-5%p" worked, it would need changing if I adjusted margins and what not though
@Glitch I do the same at work, and I do not work for Atlassian
3:23 PM
user image
Oooh. I got a HotS invite.
HotS mean ?
3:39 PM
Stop all the yelling...you're scaring me!
Programming with more than one person doesn't seem to be my strength
merge conflict over merge conflict and he's changing the database scheme all the time!
It sounds like someone needs to set up a meeting and create some standards
tell em to do that crap in a another branch and get it right
Even better, never pull his changes
3:48 PM
this getting paid to poop gif is too silly..I'm saving this one.
@Ahmad LOL - if only all the words were spelled the same in all the languages.
if only.
lol petey and glitch
magic: open source developers don't do meetings, we just do. do something.
and hope it turns out well
you're working now Ahmad?
working as in working for money?
if you mean that, then nope
It's wikimedia stuff we are working on
but I get free food. so that's nice.
if anyone is interested free book for Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints
3:56 PM
yay free stuff
oh game dev?
Carl Ahmad is in France
I heard that Unreal Android Samples are available
yea, I got an oculus dk2 coming this month. I want to glue my leap motion to the front of it and see what I can make happen
4:10 PM
That sounds awesome petey
something called pooclock... do I risk it and open it at work?
that feeling when you turn a bunch of ugly code into neat, maintainable code
and it works the first compile time, woot!
hell yea trevor
s/works/fails silently
4:20 PM
@netpork awesome.
@trevor-e @codeMagic does that all the time - Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V !
I turned a bunch of ugly manual json parsing into using jackson's objectmapper
so much easier
I found a plugin for android studio that puts the option to auto-generate parcelable for certain fields
very handy
4:38 PM
@CarlAnderson have I told you lately how much I hate you?
@trevor-e which one/link?
4:52 PM
how is everyone?
doing jumping jacks apparently
I need to do some after that lunch. BBQ bacon whopper meal
And a hershey sundae pie but I'm saving that for a little later
4:59 PM
are those your cravings, cM? are you pregnant?
he's just so hungry all the time
The hershey sundae pies from Burger King are awesome
I've been eating better lately but obviously not today. Figured while I was putting that crap in my body I might as well enjoy a chocolate pie
Why would this return -1 ? cursor.getColumnIndex(MediaStore.Images.ImageColumns.ORIENTATION)
I dont get it either carl
returns -1 if it can't find the column
5:05 PM
you could use getColumnIndexOrThrow()
(I think that is what it was)
oh the entire line is already throwing :-P
calling cursor.getInt() on the return of that
throws an IllegalArgumentException
fortunately I'm not catching it, so it just crashes the app.
I see
@RaghavSood are you around?
posted on July 10, 2014 by Android Developers

By Ben Frenkel, Google Play Games team There was a lot of excitement at Google I/O around Google Play Games, and today we’re delighted to share that the following tools are now available: Updated Play Games cross-platform C++ SDK Updated Play Games SDK for iOS New game services alerts in the Developer Console Here's a quick look at the cool new stuff for developers. Updated Play Games

5:13 PM
I still can't fix this bloody error >_<
Error:Android Source Generator: [lux] AndroidManifest.xml file not found
Did anyone use this library before?
By All!
so...we can all stop worrying now, Argentina is in the World Cup final
@Glitch try android update project --path ./
5:23 PM
Whew! If Argentina didn't make it, I was never going to watch futbol again
I am confident that you haven't watched any of Argentina's games
Or anyone else's games for that matter
@petey My SDK is fine, it's getting this imported project working that isn't
I have watched some in the past. Just none this year
5:26 PM
My friends made a promise
if Argentina wins the World Cup, they are coming to the US to visit me
first time in 7 yrs
lol what... I ran clean a few times, and on the 5th try it now works
Are you guys sure AS is better than Eclipse?
I am not
Because Eclipse only takes 3 tries max :P
5:28 PM
intellij comm. ed. is
One error down, infinite more to go!
@Glitch absolutely
okay slowly getting through these errors
I feel that the import wizard made more work than it saved
5:45 PM
but once you start it will be better, I have less issues since I got it all set up to date
5:56 PM
20 o.o

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