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2:00 AM
I'm making it community wiki. Take that.
find . -name "*\.cpp" | xargs cat >> all_sources.cpp ; g++ -o test all_sources.cpp
I should try this.
That won't compile.
2:02 AM
What a mess.
@StackedCrooked That's not really a good idea.
You're throwing away parallelisation. It's unoptimisation.
And GCC can do LTO now, too, so it has no advantages whatsoever.
Also, you're appending, so that command is not reentrant.
@RMartinhoFernandes I don't really understand what you mean?
2:07 AM
If you run that twice, you'll get your source code twice in that file.
I doubt that will compile.
Should be just > instead of >>.
That's fixable.
If I use > then it will only contain the last file.
xargs cat will do what cat does: concatenate all the things.
Oh, wait, xargs invokes the command repeatedly?
xargs is invoked for each line
in Linux, how do I get out of a man page?
back to the console
find . -name "*\.cpp" -print0 | xargs -0 cat > sources.cpp
2:13 AM
What's the print0?
Or something.
@TonyTheLion q?
Like -print only separates with NULs instead of newlines.
Why use xargs cat?
find can run a command for each file.
But you want to run it once
It works now. But it's better to manually create a file containing a list of files to be compiled depending on your target/platform.
But it should work without NULs, anyway.
It's better to not do it in any way.
2:18 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes I prefer to pipe than to remember the advanced options of each tool.
$ man!
$ find . -name "*\.cpp" -exec cat {} + | g++ -o test?
See, piping :P
At a previous job we once got a third-party library that contained all headers and one obfuscated .cpp file containing all code.
You work for the Devil or something?
You get code from Hell.
2:20 AM
It was a library that implemented layer5 protocols.
The .cpp code was obfuscated because they wanted to keep it private I suppose.
And releasing a .cpp file ai probably more portable than releasing binaries.
Dunno. If you haven't tested it in that platform, how can you know it works?
If you can test it, you can provide binaries.
I assume they have tested it. It was distributed as a DVD btw.
I tried it out and it compiled fine. Didn't run it because we didn
need it immediately.
And then I left that company so I don't know if they actually used it.
I was working on this product.
In a team of 5 people.
What's preflighting?
Preflighting is originally a term from aviation. It means a checklist of things that need to be checked before the plane takes off.
So, you do the preflighting, and then you can print the PDF and make a paper airplane out of it? ;)
2:27 AM
In the graphical industry it means a checklist before you produce a million prints of somethings.
Seems like something that gets forgotten sometimes.
So it must check if the printer supports the fonts used in the documents. If the margins are respected. I don't remember, but there were probably over a 100 checks performed.
It was a good-selling product.
Q: In which Windows version did Windows ANSI first (cp 1252) appear?

Alf P. SteinbachI would like as definitive a reference as possible for which version of Windows introduced the Windows ANSI Western character encoding. My prime suspects are Windows 1.0 (common sense) and Windows 3.1. Windows 3.1 was claimed by implication by a Microsoft book available on MSDN. It states that ...

Lol there are even youtube movies about it. I used to work on the action list editor :D
Wow, that's very specific.
2:30 AM
I fear it will strike the chords of some close-voters.
Dunno. Doesn't have code, it's hard to answer. You know how the close-voters are these days.
I don't see why. Specific questions are the least subjective.
No, you're trying to make sense.
That's not how they work.
2:32 AM
@AlfPSteinbach I think you should post this on a Windows mailing list.
@StackedCrooked thx for suggestion, [done](news:j78736$9dl$1@dont-email.me)
It's a NNTP link.
Mind if I ask why you need to know that?
2:37 AM
For a quiz perhaps?
he he, it doesn't work with WarmFox/LoudNoiseBird. WarmFox fires up LoudNoiseBird all right, but birdie doesn't go to specified message.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I assume Firefox extension + newsreader application.
Is this code speak?
i can understand not supporting gopher protocol, but news should be supported by the relevant apps, IHMO
2:40 AM
I never liked Usenet.
Neither did I, but before SO came along it was the best place to get answers to C++ questions.
what you disliked about usenet?
I never learned C++ before SO.
I managed to get by using Google.
The comp.lang.c++.moderated mailing list was supposed to be high-quality, but looking back now I think that SO give much better quality answers.
2:44 AM
I like "misliked": something you once liked but now realised it sucks and you don't like it anymore.
I once posted this question on the mailing list and didn't get much good feedback. The last answer by Greg is even plainly wrong (he claims that using dynamic cast doesn't work when downcast from a non-template class to a template class). Nobody responded to that.
Later I asked the same question on SO and got much better feedback.
@StackedCrooked greg's observation is correct, but it seems you don't understand what he's saying. he's not talking about templating at all. he's talking about a non-polymorphic class.
At the mailing list the complained that I wasn't using boost. When I told them that I wasn't allowed to use boost at work they told me to sneak it in :D
@AlfPSteinbach but I don't do anything like that in the code I posted.
@AlfPSteinbach OK so what he's saying is correct, but irrelevant.
namespace totally_not_boost = boost;
@CatPlusPlus Yeah. Did I mention that we had to let the code be reviewed before commiting. The commit message even had to start with the intials of the committer and the reviewer.
2:52 AM
@StackedCrooked I think you're referring to this answer:
Is there anyone at your work that thinks Boost won't work on all those

If so (and if you can't change their minds):

Download Boost to your machine, find the source code to Boost::Any
and/or Boost::Variant, copy it into your own header file(s).
Examine the code for anything that won't work on Windows, Mac, Linux
and AIX (you probably won't find any). Assuming all is well,
change the namespace, then change the comments to say that you
"cloned" the code from Boost in 2005, instead of saying that it is
Before committing?
@RMartinhoFernandes Yeah.
@AlfPSteinbach Yeah.
it was an ungood answer
> A good trick is to sneak in a boost-copy into your source
repository, let every platform team pound on it to make
it work in all your settings, and send back the changes
to the boost maintainers. This sounds like a lot of work,
but if you do it right, you've delegated maintainance of
the functionality from your team to the boost maintainers
(overlap allowed!). The alternative is to code up your
own (very likely very buggy) clones of boost libraries
and maintain them forever yourself.
he should just have directed readers to look at boost::any and boost::variant code.
2:54 AM
@AlfPSteinbach It's all about the choice of words :)
Does the boost license even all me to copy parts of their code into my own codebase?
yes. you had the creator of Boost, Dave Abrahams, chiming in there
I should do this! According to my team lead, boost is too complicated
it's like having an answer from Bjarne, almost
he would have told you if the license conflicted
However, funny thing is that due to the company being merged with another company the code bases where also merged. And the other company did use boost, so in the end we also had it. (Although we could only use it for the View Layer code).
the boost license was for long time not accepted as officially open source license, but it is now
2:57 AM
Hell, even if I write those bloody migrations, half of the codebase is still wrong.
Fuck everything about this.
It was funny that my boss was also subscribed to that mailing list. As I walked by his desk he told me he had seen something interesting...
Wrong as in "doesn't work" or wrong as in "crappy unmaintainable code"?
Wrong as in both.
2:58 AM
There will be exceptions everywhere
Now I could really use static typing.
This coffee is awful.
@CatPlusPlus You mean like the code says ++ where it should have been --. Minor errors like that?
No, relying on a old version of model, which was completely broken.
@CatPlusPlus this sounds so much like my current work
Apparently Word had image_url for some reason.
I try to come up with a reason.
And it wasn't even in the database, it's some silly cache play.
Like, what the hell.
cosplay? no cache play.
@CatPlusPlus Wow you're still working on this at 5 AM? That's inhuman..
Do you have to get up early tomorrow?
3:02 AM
I guess he's not sleeping.
I have a class in two hours.
I don't have to work tomorrow so I can linger here. But you guys...
@CatPlusPlus can you skip it?
Do you need to be only physically present, or does it require mental stuff?
There will be a lot of fussing about in work. I try hard to care.
3:03 AM
How well are you able to function after pulling an all-nighter?
Dunno. It's a Logic class. I think there are some math nerds in the group, so they should take care of being active.
Pretty well for half a day or so.
Should be enough for classes, and I care less and less about what happens next.
Alright. At work we have a daily scrum meeting in the morning. It's sometimes hard to mask my lack of sleep the night before there.
@AlfPSteinbach I once got a reply from Koenig‌​.
This is ridiculous. Look at the Related sidebar on this question: stackoverflow.com/q/7761844/46642
It's so strange that people prefer the write a new question before bothering to google it first. Isn't the latter much quicker and take less effort?
I'm tempted to just commit this half-broken stuff, to show it's not a fucking trivial feature.
3:13 AM
"You have less than 10 seconds remaning to edit your message.". That always make me feel like I'm dismantling a bomb.
Someone has a funny notion that I can bend time.
You can't?
I can bend it a little but it jumps right back when I let go.
I worked on this for 3 weeks, managing to get about 1/5th of full-time, and they shorten the deadline by a week so that I finish earlier.
It just now occurs to me how ridiculous that is.
Bit late for that, no?
3:16 AM
@CatPlusPlus This happens all the time.
I think I'll just tell the boss I can't work and study at the same time, as hard as I tried to.
I once accepted a very bad job. The manager sold stuff that didn't exist and then put pressure on the developers to make his vision come true. I only worked there for 5 stressful months. But I got so fed up by it that today I don't hesitate to tell when I think something can't be done in a certain time span.
It's still 3 months of work experience I can show off later.
@CatPlusPlus I guess that's a rational thing to do.
And then I'll finally have time for fun projects.
Only upsides to that.
3:19 AM
What about studying?
I remember one colleague who had to implement a program to process a batch of video files into another format. So it was implemented. But then this manager said it had to have a sexy GUI or else he wouldn't be able to demo it to the customer.
That, too.
@StackedCrooked Google for "babes".
But right now two days of work week I spent on that job, it'd be +2 free days.
@RMartinhoFernandes First hit
3:22 AM
Q: Vector, Matrix, Algebra class Design

user994652I am in the process of designing a math library. I want to start with a simple vector 4 and a matrix 4x4 and i'll extend it with the needs. I am trying to pro and cons of several design I have seen so that i can choose. I find it frustrating I searched alot, I found alot but almost no answer we...

Are math libraries new hello world?
@CatPlusPlus I can tell that you're good without ever having seen your work experience.
Everyone's doing bloody vectors.
I implemented a vector class to experiment with expression templates.
It would be nice if you could define a matrix at compile time (like Matrix<3, 4>) and then perform transformations on it at compile time.
Lol, he wants to start with designing a 4x4 matrix.
If he can do that then he's ready for the 5x5 I guess.
For some purposes you don't need 5x5s.
3:27 AM
I have that feeling this is a misguided NIH effort, not educational or fun stuff.
Or maybe it's the coffee.
Coffee is never misguided.
Coffee usually does not invoke a emotion of futileness.
Oh, right, that's Borg.
Now I'm 100% positive that the entire database will be a mess once new parts of the codebase are live.
3:50 AM
At least you're being positive.
> Once we got an eviscerated woman at the E.R. Turns out she had a c-section the day before and read in some magazine that a celebrity started working out the day after she gave birth, so naturally she went to a pilates class, her sutures gave in and her guts came out. Now THAT is awkward.
That's not awkward, that's ewww.
This too:
4:08 AM
I've committed. Let the doom begin.
Doom won't begin when everyone is sleeping.
I've deployed to test instance, and it didn't even start.
I forgot something, but I'm too tired to spend another minute on this crap.
I wonder where should I look for a job. Gamedev might be fun, but it probably means even more of not sleeping.
Webdev I'm thoroughly sick of by now.
Try an insurance company
I hear they do all the latest cobol work
Maybe knitting.
Oh well, maybe I'll manage to write something glorious in the next 4 years, and I'll be rich and won't have to work ever again.
4:26 AM
The only game dev company in Belgium is at walking distance from where I live..
I won't pass through Google interviewing.
And It turns out one of my classmates from the Japanese classes works there.
Besides, I don't know if they even have coding jobs in here.
@CatPlusPlus Don't underestimate yourself. And they definitely have coding jobs.
Well, at least in Ireland, not sure about Zurich.
No openings in my city.
4:29 AM
Where do you live? Poznan?
I'm randomly guessing Poznan because I've been there once.
Is there a lot of software development work there?
I think there should be a few.
Maybe I'll work on my teaching skills and try an uni position.
Same here, just a few interesting ones.
Uni would be nice I think.
Bah, I'll worry about that later.
I think I'll concentrate on the degree now.
Okay, time for boring class. See ya.
4:35 AM
4:48 AM
Q: Dennis Ritchie goes into the night without a quote on Stack Overflow?

tzupAlas, Dennis Ritchie is no longer with us. But I don't see a Dennis Ritchie quote on Stack Overflow. Why is this so? I think he deserves it. Out of 100 programmers (Stack Overflow's audience last time I checked), I expect all of them to know. Not a rant, just an opinion.

Nice going, Joel
5:14 AM
@NullUserExceptionఠ_ఠ "sidebar ad mix" what? where?
@AlfPSteinbach. I think he means the spot where you see ads for other SE sites.
throw DumbUserException;
5:30 AM
@AlfPSteinbach yes.
It appears that I am the dumb one.
#ifndef FOO
#define FOO
^ Is it a coincidence that ifndef and define are of equal length? It makes the declarations line up neatly.
@AlfPSteinbach There are ads on the side
@NullUserExceptionఠ_ఠ oh, i never see them. thx!
A: In which Windows version did Windows ANSI Western (cp 1252) first appear?

Alf P. SteinbachThe Windows ANSI Western encoding was introduced already with Windows 1.0, according to Charles Petzold in chapter 2 of “Programming Windows” 5th edition. In Windows 1.0 (released in November 1985), Microsoft didn't entirely abandon the IBM extended character set, but it was releg...

^ it says i must wait 2 days before accepting my own answer. argh!
100 million people really cried?
@NullUserException Seriously. Why in the world is everyone ignoring dmr's death? Except me of course...
I asked Joel, who put the stupid Steve Jobs banner up:
"Joel, you put a banner for Steve Jobs, but show no love for Ritchie? The man whose shoulders Jobs stood on?"
And he replied:
"not gonna have a "who deserves a banner more" contest. It's petty. If you want a tribute to Ritchie write a nice one on meta.so"
Wow, really?
Here is Joel's "tribute" to Ritchie
Q: In what way did Dennis Ritchie influence you?

Joel SpolskyHow did the work of Dennis Ritchie (1941-2011) influence you as a programmer? Of course, there are the obvious things (C, Unix). For me, the biggest thing (other than coding in C, on Unix, for years) was the writing style in The C Programming Language ("K&R"), which was remarkably terse and y...

_Such is the human race, often it seems a pity that Noah... didn't miss the boat. _ ~Mark Twain
6:12 AM
@AlfPSteinbach Hmmm...IMO, accepting your own question is highly...questionable. The answer you found doesn't really fit the question you originally asked, so you've edited the question to fit the answer. If I were a mother instead of a father, I'd say something about being ashamed of yourself.
^ Photo n frontpage of Norway's 2nd largest newspaper, caption "Here Kurt is reading a sex story about himself and a female fan". The article offers a video (presumably of Kurt reading). Sad to say is not extreme in Norwegian news today.
@JerryCoffin huh, wtf?
i mean, petzold is authority enough. in addition he provides a figure from windows 1.0 programmer's reference.
@JerryCoffin and wtf is that about editing the question?
A: Sizeof Pointer to Array

Johannes Schaub - litbIf you add 0 to a, then a is first converted to a pointer value of type int(*)[2] (pointing to the first element of an array of type int[3][2]). Then 0 is added to that, which adds 0 * sizeof(int[2]) bytes to the address represented by that pointer value. Since that multiplication yields 0, it wi...

posted a silly comment
6:49 AM
7:28 AM
@jerry: i think it's a loss to readers to delete your answer. i wouldn't have upvoted it if it wasn't helpful.
8:01 AM
I would expect the compiler to complain here: virtual ~my_exception() throw() { throw; }
But it doesn't.
Is it possible to print non-ascii characters on the Terminal prompt ?
@vivek you want to print foreign language characters, or simply the character values?
You can always simply print them to the console, but the results will be weird.
not the values
@StackedCrooked yes I get some grey boxes
Hm. I don't know.
$ cat main.cpp
#include <iostream>
int main() {
    std::cout << " ä" << std::endl;
$ g++ -o test main.cpp && ./test
^ Works on my Mac.
@vivek if this is Windows, yes
8:13 AM
@AlfPSteinbach How can I do that ?
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <io.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {
    _setmode(_fileno(stdout), _O_U16TEXT);
    wprintf(L"\x043a\x043e\x0448\x043a\x0430 \x65e5\x672c\x56fd\n");
    return 0;
But if you don't want to use such undocumented features of the runtime library, then you can always use Windows API WriteConsole
@AlfPSteinbach okay .. thank you
you're welcome
@AlfPSteinbach : About this question
Q: Is there analog in C++ for Python's file.read(2)?

ghostmansdI'm currently trying to make analog of Python's function: def read_two_symbols(fdescr): return(file.read(2)) myfile = open('mytext.txt', 'rb') two_symbols = read_two_symbols(myfile) print(two_symbols) Is there any way to do it in C++? That's what I've tried: #include <iostream> #inclu...

Nim's answer uses std::copy
isn't that making things too complicated
but since he's a high rep user , he must have thought of something
It probably depends on whether the source file has been stored in a format that supports unicode. But this works perfectly for me:
#include <iostream>
int main() { std::cout << "いいてんきですよ!" << std::endl; }
8:24 AM
@StackedCrooked man, you are in mac. I can't have one
@vivek he's just using std::copy to output the values as text. and, a user's rep, divided by time on SO, basically says how active that user has been.
Unless that user is a moderator, at which point reputation growth approaches zero rapidly
@vivek You'd probably want the code to be portable anyway.
@StackedCrooked but I dont think I can make such code portable even between linux and windows
@TimPost why is that so?
Well, for a couple of reasons. The first being that you get quite busy with flags and community things, so you don't have as much time. The second (or from what I noticed) is that the diamond next to your name changes things. I once posted a comment along the lines of "I don't think that will work" under an answer, and the author profusely apologized and promised to do better. It's kind of hard to be just a user sometimes.
I still answer a few questions if I see the opportunity, but not nearly as much as I did.
8:32 AM
@TimPost "With great power comes great responsibility."
8:47 AM
Being a moderator isn't particularly a great power.
Indeed, it's more responsibility than power. We do have some tools, but not a whole lot beyond what normal high reputation users have.
I was thinking about editing the [c] tag wiki with a quote from Ritchie , might be nice to do the same on the [c++] tag wiki
It's rather obvious that not much else is going to be done at this point
9:26 AM
what, a quote from DMR on the C++ tag wiki?
that's a tad excessive
You can use set_terminate to override the terminate call. What would happen if you were naughty and tried to resume the application in the terminate call? For example by starting a new message loop.
I believe it's UB for terminate() to return
or maybe it's just defined to always end the program when the terminate handler returns
The message loop will prevent a return from the function.
but your application would be in an inconsistent state
you might have heap corruption, etc etc
You're probably right. It will lead to funny results.
But it seems like a fun game to see how long you can keep the program alive.
9:32 AM
you'd just be blowing more and more stack every time
Probably from that point on the program may still be in stack unwinding state. So any exception would have to trigger terminate again.
I probably can't save myself by calling fork().
An opportunity to write your program to work backwards.
Can you allocate memory and move the stack to it?
no, I don't believe so
the OS can allocate special pages and behaviour for the stack
What special pages?
9:37 AM
I love the pretense of innocence in this question.
__asm { mov esp, foo }
But that'll probably blow up anyway at some point.
guard pages
also, that code will die as soon as it tries to find the return address
You can allocate guard pages if you want.
here's a question
why on earth would the locale make a difference as to whether two Unicode strings are equal?
surely they are only equal if they are, well, binary equal
9:52 AM
I have an even better question: why does std::locale(""); crash on Mac?
because the Mac Runtime Library blows?
Because Apple dogma: If something doesn't work the way you expect it to then it means that something is wrong with you.
in Soviet Apple, you make bugs in the provided runtime!
#include <iostream>
int main() {
$ g++ -o test main.cpp && ./test

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid
Abort trap
In Unicode, there can be different ways to represent the same character. For example, é can be represented in (at least) two ways:

who came up with this? that's insanity
9:58 AM
@DeadMG I think you don't need locale for comparing unicode text. AFAIK std::locale is used to localize the formatting of time, money etc..
nah, I was looking at a Windows function to do it
I might be forced to just fall back to the WinAPI functions which do Unicode if things are really so insane
@DeadMG Official standards are often weird. At my job I got a course in DOCSIS (physical layer protocol for cable internet). It's the weirdest stuff ever.
still, gotta run
As statistically improbable phrases go, I think "iostreams are actually cute and cuddly" is pretty good.
A: Is there analog in C++ for Python's file.read(2)?

HostileFork@vivek has pointed out that you can't pass an fstream "by value". Passing things by value makes copies of them (or rather, runs their copy constructor, which may or may not actually make a "deep" copy of them). Once you fix that, iostreams are actually cute and cuddly. They can detect the type...

@StackedCrooked nice groove but it would put me to sleep, I've been mind in a box on a loop: youtube.com/watch?v=K4gpmJ1lhe4
@HostileFork it starts only around 9-10 mins
SoundCloud seems interesting, I haven't looked into their deal but they host a lot of Tom Cosm's music, a guy who has an "all my music is free" philosophy that I follow: soundcloud.com/tomcosm
Everything I've heard on there is techno, I don't know if that's coincidence or not
10:32 AM
Last week I was gaming on my Windows. And suddenly the game close and the computer rebooted. Automatic updater decided to take some initiative. It apparently didn't care about the fact that I was actually using my computer...
@HostileFork I don't listen that often to techno lately. Only when I'm severely sleep deprived.
I was writing a criticism of Steve Jobs on Google+ on my Windows 7 netbook. In the midst of doing so right around when I was going to push post, it began to blip and went all crazy...the screen shut off and came back on, it locked up, I got the Windows 7 pinwheel (which is like, a ring with illuminated light?)
"After his administrators became aware of his programming abilities, Gates wrote the school's computer program to schedule students in classes. He modified the code so that he was placed in classes with mostly female students." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Gates#Early_life
I should say spinning beach ball of death, perhaps. thexlab.com/faqs/sbbod.html
@HostileFork That's awesome!
IMO Bill Gates > Steve Jobs.
Well, they were similar up to a point, but Bill Gates did eventually grow up and realize the world was bigger than he was.
10:40 AM
@HostileFork I know the beach ball of death on Mac. Haven't encountered the Windows 7 equivalent yet. (Although I'm using Windows 7 right now.)
As most who would visit a room like this probably are aware, Dennis Ritchie is now dead. :(
Bill Gates had already proven himself and was able to move on. I think Steve Jobs only really came into the spotlight in the 2000s.
(Stolen from a Reddit comment.)
I actually have an interesting amount in common with Jobs, as someone who has a technical background and also cares about design a lot...
A lot of technologists aren't psychotic about whether all the cable lengths on their desk are exactly right. I have a rackmount UPS under my monitor and all my cables are retractable set to be exactly the right size. It's really OCD.
And my insight into his dual perception makes me only the more critical of him, for spending so long in the industry and still--as Stallman says--leaving his legacy as the computer as "the jail made cool"
He was super smart, but I guess he had a chip on his shoulder
No pun intended
I think there are many people that are similar to him in that respect. The key difference is that he realized stuff, which is the real rare attribute.
Well, we can't rewind time and play "what if" games. Bill and Microsoft weren't all roses and swans either. But I really loathe Apple right now.
10:47 AM
Arrgs, I habitually using mac keyboard shortcuts on Windows. It's horrible mess.
It's like Apple's motto is to be evil.
Apple's motto is to make profit. If that requires being evil they'll do it, and if it requires doing good they'll do it.
Yeah, but they're not really trying to hide it.
I hate to admit that after looking around for solutions to a problem, I actually bought an Apple bluetooth keyboard because nothing else fit the bill. It was exactly what I wanted and it was not very expensive.
But Apple has never--NEVER--made a mouse I could stand
@HostileFork I love the Mac keyboard. I have the wired version.
On bad days, I think "Who cares, this world is a dead end, buy an iPad, write apps for it and take people's money...everyone is doing it..."
10:54 AM
@HostileFork Same here, using an old Logitech currently :D
@HostileFork I wish I could, but I simply am lacking inspiration. A friend and previous colleage has independently released an app (called SkiMaps).
@StackedCrooked As I recall, for comparing Unicode text there is a locale dependency for some silly Turkish character.

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